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1950s (attacks on Dianetics)

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1953, 6 January

Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard born. (The Roots of Scientology)

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    Alaska Mental Health Act, introduced in the U.S. Congress in 1955. (Wikipedia)

    As an unabashed circumvention of the American Bill of Rights, this measure was without precedent in the legislative history of that country. Under its terms, anyone at any time is subject to seizure and involuntary commitment to a mental institution without recourse to due process guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    A prominent Los Angeles jurist, Superior Court judge Joseph M. Call, who made a careful study of the act from the legal stand-point, characterized it as "totalitarian government at its best".

    "Under this section [104(b)], any health, welfare or police officer who has reason to believe that an individual is mentally ill and therefore likely to injure himself or others if not immediately restrained pending examination and certification by a licensed physician, may take the individual into physical custody and transport him to a mental asylum. This section, in effect, practically nullifies every constitutional safeguard to be found in the Federal Constitution for the protection of the individual. It is the police state working at its best.

    1. It permits no examination of any type.
    2. No statement of probable cause need be filed under oath to support the issuance of a warrant of arrest or apprehension.
    3. No judge or magistrate need issue a warrant of arrest.
    4. No examination is permitted of the patient by the patient's own physician.
    5. No examination is provided for by any physician.
    6. No trial is permitted by a judge.
    7. No trial is permitted by a jury.

    "This section under these conditions permits the patient to be held in custody and without bail up to a period of 5 days under rules and regulations to be prescribed by the head of the hospital. By the end of 5 days the head of the hospital is authorized to designate an examiner to make an examination, and upon the certification of the examiner that in his opinion the patient (1) is mentally ill or (2) is likely to injure himself or others if allowed at liberty, he is forthwith committed to further confinement and custody under this certificate. (O. Garrison, Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 97...)

    Hubbard called the measure the Siberia Bill because, be said, under its provisions any man, woman, or child could be seized and transferred without trial to an Alaskan Siberia being set up under authorization of the Act. There, the allegedly mentally ill person, deprived of all human and civil rights, could be detained forever. A cleverly legalized way of railroading political enemies, personal opponents and other "undesirables" into permanent oblivion à la USSR. (O. Garrison, Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 101)

    LRH: The rest of their apparent program (talking about the secret influence groups in RJ76) was to use mental health - which is to say, psychiatric electric shock and prefrontal lobotomy - to remove from their path any political dissenters. They were the people behind the Siberia bill, which almost passed the House of Representatives in the United States, and did pass, if I remember rightly, the Senate, which gave the power to any governor in -- of any state in the United States simply to pick up anyone on the street and send him to Alaska. We defeated this Siberia bill and many other mental health quote-unquote "acts" of this character, but never really before knew from whom they were coming. (Ron's Journal 67)

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1956-1971 and later

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