This is a piece of my track in the Sea Org. I was in it for 9 years. I had big wins from Lrh's tech and policy and I want to thank him for what he gave us as well as I want to thank all the hard working and dedicated staff in the Sea Org for what they are doing. I also want to thank those Scientologists who are true Scientologists, and accept only 100% standard application of the tech and policy of LRH and stand up for it, like the people in the FZ, as an example.

However, I have to admit that there are those in the Sea Org, as you are going to see in this write up, that alter Lrh's tech and policy, apply force and harsh ethics, harass staff members who dare speak about it, and make sure that a covert operation of infiltration of Scientology and perversion of its principles, as laid out by the Founder, is going on.

I hope this write up contributes to putting ethics in and shedding more light in an area that some chose to not look at, saying nothing is wrong, and on the other hand others are trying like mad to get YOU not to look. Well, my answer is: keep looking; the process is continued. Here is some data and thoughts for you to help you evaluate a situation, by providing some material for you to look closer:

There is an issue, which needs to be brought to light for all the Scientologists to view and have the data on it.

I have been in the Sea Org for about 9 years. From April 1991 to July 2000. For the last 5 years I have been working in the translations in LA and in Europe in the CLO EU.

In summer of 1999 I was appointed director of the translations unit in Europe. The translations have been moving slow for many years and so with my wife we looked for what LRH had to say on the translations. You can see the whole track of the story in "Issue 1".

In a few words, LRH has two HCOBs (HCOB 20 Nov 1971 Course Tape Translation and HCOB 21 Nov 1971 Dianetics and Scientology in other languages) explaining exactly how the translations should be done and these HCOBs are not applied for many years now. Despite my efforts to put them in it has not only been impossible to put that line in but I have been given verbal and false data against these HCOBs by specific Int Management executives. The whole story, with full details can be read in "Issue 1".

This is a very alarming statement to say it like that but since I have made a whole report on that in "Issue 1", I am not going to go into details on this here but I would like to point out something which is even more interesting as it can affect more areas within Scientology.

The point is that, of course, the HCOBs apply as per HCO PL 12 August 1972 Seniority of Orders. Subsequently, the fact that they don't go in, raises questions as to how loyal to LRH are the people who are opposing their going in, namely the executives I am mentioning in "Issue 1".

And here we have a major problem within the church, which can affect all Scientologists:

Even if there would be some "reason" for which the HCOBs should not be applied (I don't know what that reason could be except if there would be another HCOB canceling them or reviewing them as LRH says in HCO PL 12 August 1972 Seniority of Orders), the fact that such matters cannot be discussed or brought up by a Sea Org member or a Scientologist to a formal body of officials of Scientology so that they can be examined and order put in, is a major threat for KSW and the whole of Scientology technology.

I am very sorry to say that Scientology does not have any mechanism alive enough today to provide a firm ground of a trustable and powerful enough body of people within the organization or even outside of it (an organized body of public Scientologists) who could examine any decent and ethical disagreements of any Scientologist in regards to the application of the tech. Such disagreements as I have experienced it in my case (and mine is just one of the many as I now see) and I and the witnesses there are, can attest to this, are not at all disagreements with the policy of LRH but are actually efforts to do 7, 8, 9 and 10 of KSW series #1. However, for various reasons, best known to those who have special interests within the church, the people with such "disagreements" are being fought without examination of their validity and, even worse, they are represented as "enemies of the group", "disaffected" and many other wild things, when the only thing they are doing is 7, 8, 9 and 10 of KSW series #1.

Scientology should, however, have within it such a mechanism and body of officials and such matters should be brought immediately to that body which would deal with them again on an immediate basis.

RTC is not operating as such an organization. I did not have any protection from RTC in the case of the HCOBs on translations (see Issue 1). Actually, as I found out later, I was being persecuted by the RTC representative in EU in a very covert way, when on the other hand I was getting from her just promises and irrelevant data on the application of the HCOBs. No HCOBs went in. I went out of the Sea Org, of course, as under such conditions you feel like a robot and a traitor to LRH because you are enforced to condone out-KSW. I had to choose. I had to choose to move out of that game because it was not the game I signed my Sea Org contract for. The terms have been altered. So there was not only no protection from RTC but RTC is also persecuting those who dare fight about KSW. No wonder so many things are being written against RTC in the Internet. At least some people are doing 7, 8, 9 and 10 no matter how unpleasant or unsocial this may be. The fact that nothing can be said about it within the church, of course, drives people out of it, as they feel betrayed by the church, whereas it is RTC who is instigating and forwarding such betrayals and disagreements by not following LRH tech to the letter.

The IAS could be very well such a balancing body within the Church. However, it is only a collecting money organization and promoting "freedom crusades" for Scientology and against "outside enemies" (which I now doubt how real they are in every case) but is unable to protect its members from the off policy and off tech happening inside the church.

There has not been really any real convention of the International Association of Scientologists where the people could speak up freely. This is a very bad indicator for a group of people who have such a powerful tech in their hands. It is dangerous to not allow such opposition at least to be expressed, even if wrong. This is not what is causing disaffection. Disaffection is caused by deceptive methods, supposedly "keeping Scientology working", when in fact the goal is to "keep people working" and ignorant of what is happening and IT IS happening and IT IS gross in many instances.

If you decide to look closer as a Scientologist and if you do not invalidate your own perceptions and thoughts you will see clearer.

In every nation, in every great civilization there have been charts, declarations, Constitutions upon which actual freedoms and actual rights were based and which put there the foundation for a strong civilization.

Evidently it has been the right of a nation or of a people to separate themselves from any bands of whatever ground, when transgressions of the very basic rights of a people were being perpetuated by the other part or by the government.

Lrh's intention was not to build up an empire of the rich or of the powerful but to put there the most complete and effective system to free up people. But it is not going to be effective to the degree that it is not applied.

And when outright and brutal transgressions of the rules, which constitute the very essence of this system (the policy and the tech), are committed or condoned by the group members, there follows a degradation of this perfect system. Hence, we have KSW. We have no right to allow such a degradation of Scientology. Nothing is perfect unless kept and protected by a vigilant eye.

Is the eye of a Scientologist such an eye?

Yes, it is. No doubt about it.

But only if one can observe what he observes and say what he has observed without fear of punishment. Fear of punishment is a method of the weak to hold down the strong ones. We know this as Scientologists. We know that the only fear there is, IS to lose this chance we now have, but which we might not have for long, unless we act seriously on it, not like the ignorant and the blind wogs who know not of the tech, policy and ethics. This is a very important thing. LRH goes to such an extreme as to say: win or die in the attempt. Think of it for a moment. It is win or die in the attempt. Do you think this is a figure of speech? Thats right, it isn't. So, do not fear for your neck, as LRH didn't for his, either.

It is a matter of ethics. It is a matter of survival for you, your family, your friends and the whole world. It is a matter of Eternity. Think for a moment. What is the importance of you and me being alive in a world without LRH tech or where the tech is altered and you cannot do anything about it? Would you want that? No.

Do you believe that it is happening and that there are enough Knowledge Reports by Scientologists on the Network (a last resort for those who crashed their heads on steel walls) and within the church or in any channels that may be? Even if you wouldn't believe (because we are not here to believe) you should look and find out. Well, today this is not the case within the church. Looking is way up there on the Tone Scale so that people who can look are not welcome, as they will find things out, obviously. Why would one not want someone else to look at something or even at them? We know why. They have something to hide.

And you should be allowed to look as this is part of the rights of a thetan. LRH says in the PDC, the first right of a thetan is the right to his own sanity.

I will tell you a trick that the implanters are using within the church and of course outside of it where they can do it more easily upon people who don't know Scientology and cannot really look. It goes like this:

You see something, which needs correction.

Of course there is no willingness on the implanters™ part to correct it. They want chaos.

You know that you must correct it, as it is an overt of omission on many dynamics if you leave it like that. Even a little suspicion or disaffection between fellow Scientologists, if left unclear, can be an overt of omission. It must be cleared up. We are a team. You know that. Now, if we are talking about policy and about HCOBs you can understand that the thetan instinctively goes to apathy if he cannot do anything on those, as he has the duty to disseminate and protect this tech, not withhold it or change it at all. LRH knew that, so he put there KSW. He put it there for our protection and for our sanity. You not only have a right to do something about out-KSW situations, you have a duty, as a Scientologist, to do so.

But the implanters do not allow such and such HCOB to go in, for example. Or they alter certain things and say verbally "it is LRH".

Now, here is the interesting mechanism that goes on:

Per the tech dictionary one of the definitions of insanity is: "Must reach - can’t reach. Must withdraw - can’t withdraw."

You see, you know you must apply the tech and you must apply it correctly. But no matter how hard you tried or because you feared to speak up, it doesn’t go in. In any case you see it’s out and it must be applied.

On one hand, you must apply it, but on the other can’t apply it.

Same thing. This IS insanity. You start spinning. Try it and see. You start spinning more because you see that everybody else around you is NOT saying anything and you are the only person speaking up. This makes you doubt yourself and hits in the very essence of the heart of a thetan: his Certainty. The Certainty of his observations and the Certainty of his Universe. He gets a big invalidation out of it.

Of course, the implanters having people in key posts are pushing all kinds of crazy and false data onto the Scientologists and the staff as to, for example, "why the HCOBs (in my case) DO NOT apply" ("old tapes", "we are in the year 2000 now", "they were OPs", "the blind have been leading the blind" etc. Not in a straightforward way, as they would reveal themselves but with covert and quite bold in some cases actions.

You could say, "Oh, really? Where does LRH say that, mister?" And there will be no logical answer. But there will be force, force, force.

Then the show begins as we know it. Black PR, injustice and duress under the name of "justice", squirrel Comm Evs against the person who dares speak up.

The justice system of Scientology has been squirreled as so many other areas and it is being squirreled constantly. But just because we are talking about such a restimulative subject, as justice, people do not easily look into it and thus the suppressives can do whatever they want into it in the name of "justice" but actually with sheer force.

I will tell you one simple thing that is not being applied. The people who get the facts (the member of the Comm Ev) are to propose something to the convening authority. The Convening authority cannot change that. It can do only three things. Either, they can accept the findings of the Comm Ev, or reduce the penalty or, last, find the person non-guilty and absolve him of any penalties. The Convening authority cannot change the findings if the person is found to be non-guilty. But there are the heaviest interventions happening from Dir I&Rs in the name of "justice" and HCO staff who, sorry to say, know nothing of any justice even of this wog system that this planet has. This judiciary system on this planet didn't last just because it was full of bad things. There must have been some good elements in it, also. First of all the magisterial body (the judges) is a separate authority from the administrative authority (the government), which, again, is separate from the legislative authority (parliament). Or at least they are supposed to be. There is a reason for this and the reason is so that they don't intermingle and try to affect each other. (It is a joke of course as they do affect each other and we know, as LRH says, that you can’t trust man with justice.) However, it was built like that for the protection of the people. A judge is supposed to be free. Well, we know a lot aren't, but quite some are, thanks to this system of keeping separate these three domains of power.

Now, what do you have within the church? No separation. On the contrary you have blatant intervention on justice. This is unheard of even in a wog world. At least they try to do it covertly in the wog world for fear of a scandal. LRH put it in such a way that the Committee of Evidence members would be protected but the squirreling has managed to destroy the judiciary system of Scientology. Again this is because of ignorance of basics and no freedom to speak. I am not going to speak about the speed of justice, as this is a joke within the church, I am sorry to say and it is again violating basic LRH policy about swift justice.

So, the show against you begins, but you feel you still must reach, but now you find more opposition and you certainly can’t do much. You are alone after all. NO one else is speaking up. It is a hell of a situation. If you are a "good boy" (anyway Scientologists aren't) you will forget about it or you will put there an invented false datum to explain the many outpoints, as otherwise you will go crazy. Well, you can only go crazy as long as you donut look for the situation behind the outpoints. Because, if you know the Data Series you would know that this is the tech of how to stay sane and how to figure out things logically. You cannot go crazy. The worst that can happen to you is that you will find out a Sherman Tank. So what? They are long gone and gone are going to be any other ones that try to get in Scientology's way.

But lets say you don't want to forget the matter and still you don't find the real situation behind it, which is always an ethics situation if the tech won't go in. We know that. Someone is stopping things. What happens is you are going to get stuck with this thing. The game is over for you, as you will find that you now must withdraw - (but you) can't withdraw. (second part of the definition of insanity: Must withdraw - can't withdraw). You are stuck in that part of the game. You become obsessed by your own very creation because there is a steel wall in front of you. So, you are stuck with it. The only way out of this insanity is to communicate. To find the situation per the Data Series, have a good grasp of it, and then, knowing what you are up against to, make your move. You've got to move. You've got to. You can't stay still and not be hurt. You know too much of truth at that point.

So, I hope this helps.

I would like to tell you that I am moving. And I am moving more freely than ever before. Because I am a Scientologist and a Scientologist is a free man. And a free man is not a title or a status, an identity that is, but is one who can see and think and say what he sees and thinks and acts in a way to help the dynamics. This is part of the sanity of a thetan. If you cannot do that you are nothing in the eyes of others no matter how high you can be in any hierarchy of any organization.

And I can tell you that to those Scientologists and Sea Org members that I have talked about the HCOBs nobody had anything to say against that and against me. I never got any Knowledge reports from fellow Sea Org members after I started bringing home to them that the HCOBs not being applied is a scandal and a big outpoint and should be investigated to avoid further surprises. In my country they say: "where there is smoke there is a fire." Simple datum. At least check it out. Do not assume. In the beginning fellow Sea Org members couldn't have this big of an outpoint as the situation was too illogical. Nobody could understand it. And it cannot be understood as it is just an outpoint. It is just an illogical thing. It is a false datum entered in a situation and it makes the whole thing illogical. This is all you have to understand about it and then proceed with the help of the data series to find the actual situation and the why to solve it. Even the Security Chief of CLO EU who wrote one report on me, despite the fact that he very well knew that there is something wrong here, understood that there is something wrong and the fact that he not-ised it shows just no confront on his part. But he got the point, as before he was trying to justify the non application of those HCOBs by saying "there are many HCOBs and HCO PLs that are not being applied at this moment, so these are two more in that series, and it was not something disastrous or so" and trying to convince me that I should not raise hell as I was doing. Ohhhh, I would like to know where LRH says this in KSW series # 1. "Be nice". Even if you see your own religion being torn to pieces in front of your eyes by the low IQ people or the implanters. Nice implant: be nice!

So, do move. DO not be afraid to talk and express in any possible way your point. If you meet inexplicable opposition find out the WHO and then if you can the WHY. But do not stop communicating.

I do communicate and this is why I am right now where I am. The only two crimes in this universe are: being there and communicating. But in Scientology it shouldn't be like that. We know that. Well, if this is not the case, then, realize someone is not doing Scientology here. Find WHO is this someone. Write reports on them. Don't hold back.

If the church currently is under a yoke of "imposed silence" do not take part in this implant. It is an implant and it is a very simple mechanism used by the implanters to keep people under control. Disagree with it. Disagree is outflow. Do your outflow in any possible way. And you will have your inflow. You will win and we will win as well as everybody else. The implanters will lose. But if you keep silent, if you obey the "imposed silence implant" we will lose time in this game and though we don't have time to deal with some dogs barking at the fire-brigade when it's running to put out the fire, if they ever think of driving the fire brigade, just kick them in the teeth. No dogs ever learned to drive. Especially, drive fire brigades. All that dogs know of is barking and making a dog's breakfast out of things. And if you look at the present situation of the church, despite the apparencies, you will see that Clinton and Scientology have nothing in common but a lot in contrast, that the American government that is rewarded with the KSW award is the most suppressive government in the world, that the orgs are trying to survive with little materials and a lot of economic fetters and with not enough trained personnel, that the staff are completely underpaid and no one can survive decently under such conditions so they moonlight, that "the blind who had been leading the blind" could not be blind as they were Scientologists and they only needed to be corrected, not to invent new technologies to "train" them. Do not pay attention to the apparency. Trust yourself and other Scientologists who see things. Let's put out the fire. Using Scientology as LRH gave it to us exactly per the HCOBs and HCOPLs.

Thank you very much.

Theo Sismanides

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