Sector Operations Bulletin No. 6

The RTS Film

030582-01 1200 GMT

The RTS (Revolt in the Stars) film is designed to make several things occur on planet earth. Firstly, it will re-create the events surrounding a 4th Dynamic engram which affected this Sector circa 75 million years ago. However, it will present the data in a way which releases charge and brings up awareness and confront.

No one has really confronted the original incident and survived - until the research I did in 1966-1967.

Secondly, it will contain several symbols of the time, many still existing in PT on or off planet, which will create a familiarity and positioning of these symbols for our use - the good guys wear the white hats, bad guys the black hats, etc. - as per early Hollywood symbolism.

A wide field of PR activities will at once open up and present itself for use based on the symbols in the film and the results of surveys afterwards. We should be prepared for this. Proper positioning tech would be used in any cover business, corporation, etc., to increase alignment with the mental and spiritual vectors thus developed.

Thirdly, the film itself is to be viable, allowing a wide range of follow-up items and literature and a thrust from the public to be developed which can be channeled toward the orgs.

Most importantly, since the events portrayed are true, there will be a degree of as-isness of the interlocking bank structure on the planet, thus making our job a bit easier.

Any OT project being developed or in progress is to be made aware of these points in regard to RTS.

L.Ron Hubbard

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