I am sure that a lot of Scientologists are aware of what is happening these days between the Israelis and the Palestinians. If the issue is political it is also a humanistic one especially when one knows that the only tech that can ultimately help this planet is not applied and not disseminated exactly as LRH has laid out in HCOBs. This story is known now BUT the fact that I was declared after that and the fact that this tech is not applied still and now seeing what is happening in Israel and Palestine I can only say that valuable time has been lost and I cannot stay a spectator to all that because I have been there and I lived there for 3 months and I have the best of memories and when I see these atrocities happening there and knowing that the politicians are not the ones who are going to solve the matter, what at least I can do is see this crisis between these people from a different perspective, the perspective from which everybody wins and how it could be applied in this case.

So, when I see what is happening in Israel today it grieves me a lot to see places where I used to walk at night with my wife in peace and serenity, now hear that there might be victims of bombs and violence right there.

I used to walk in the streets of Tel Aviv when I was on mission as a Sea Org member there with my wife 3 years ago when I was still in the Sea Org. We stayed there for 3 months and I was wondering how come people said that this was an area of problems and no safe at all. I have a completely different picture of Tel Aviv and its wonderful people than what I see now on TV and newspapers. It was all peaceful and calm. It was summer and we used to return home late at night after the day's production at the local org. The people of the org, the people of Israel were so friendly with us. They would tell us how much they loved Greek music and various Greek artists and they were so up tone and friendly and at the same time so dedicated to Scientology and what they were doing in the org as staff or public. We helped them set up the Translations Unit of Tel Aviv and it was amazing to see how fast things would progress with the help of the staff and the public volunteering at that tremendous effort. Going home at night, my wife and me, had a feeling of satisfaction and completion within from the day's production.

And I am telling you the people in the org would care for Arabic translations as well. As a matter of fact they had a separate unit trying to put in Arabic translations for the Scientology and Dianetics materials. They really wanted it and they would take responsibility for their Arab fellow men and cared to give them that technology as fast as possible.

After such a wonderful and rewarding experience and having made a lot of friends there, seeing now, after 3 years, international suppression to have, once again, raised its ugly head over the peoples of Israel and Palestine, through its minions, I am deeply grieved. I have to stand up on my feet again and speak up to a, sometimes I am wondering, deaf and blind world. It is death sneaking from the back door. It is poison injected little by little down one's veins. In Scientology we call it unconsciouness or lessening of the awareness. It's called the game of the reactive mind and those SPs know how to steer it up and steer it up they do to keep us apart with no Understandings of this or any other important situation while drawing the carpet

under our feet by hundreds of methods of daily propaganda as to why we should remain silent and be good boys and girls in this world. Be a good boy. Be a good girl, is their silent motto imposed on us by the terror show they are putting up with innocent victims all over the planet. So, be silent, they are telling us, "you might be the one who is going to be punished next time". It's Israel now and Palestine, it was Afghanistan a few days ago (and still is, there is not so much TV coverage now and international attention), and it was even America, New York (a very obscure thing, indeed, that happened there) a few months ago. So, be a good boy, be a good girl, we won't bother you then.

And having taken a stand on KSW and the application of the HCO Bulletins on Translations, which are not applied for years now resulting in the very slow expansion of Scientology and Dianetics around the planet, I am now overtly standing on the other side of those executives of Scientology who tried to shut me up in my attempt to find out why those HCOBs would not be applied (most Scientologists who do not visit this or some other sites do not know the real reason me and my wife were declared, the real reason being that we chose to whisper it to our sons and to our grandsons that the tech was free and we should keep it so). Now I see those same executives and leaders of Scientology unable to influence the crazy spin this planet has taken on terrorism and counter-terrorism. Counter-terrorism being all those military activities, which in the name of peace and "anti-terrorism" are attempting to throw the whole planet into global fear and apathy with their attacks, brutal wars, modern bombs and planned actions to strangle individuals rights and freedoms. No one would dare stand up against them and question the results of such "measures" and whether such attacks and killings of innocent people (no matter their citizenship) are justified and effective, much less question their intentions in doing that.

We live in an era where we are confronted with a well organized attack against man's freedom. We daily experience in our private lives the strangling of our freedoms and rights and all that in the name of "world peace" and "security". I have lived in America, in one of its most wild areas, Los Angeles, and I can tell you, all the security in that city could not bring about one day of peace. There were constant conflicts and crime and everything. It was like a civil war if not on a much smaller scale but the gangs were fighting against the police, and the blacks against the police when the riots started in the trial of that black guy O.J. Simson, I think it was his name if I remember it well. And despite all security nothing could get that violence under control. So, such "measures" are not effective. Punishment never achieved much in the long run.

The connection with the version of Scientology those fake leaders of the church have been presenting to the Scientologists for the last 20 years or so, in a cunning and tricky way is inevitable to today's world scene. The reason for that is that true Scientology (not their altered version) is a powerful tool that can be used by every man, woman and child on the planet to help them move up the spiritual path to total freedom. If this tool is misused then all that inherent power will act as a boomerang on those who have usurped its control and are for the moment at its helm, as it would be like someone having flasks of water in the middle of the desert and not giving any water to those around him who were dying from lack of it. One can imagine what would be the end of that man. And this will be the end of those people who are doing exactly this with Scientology now. That they look powerful, and pious and very wise and knowing and have forcefully imposed their own policy on us instead of that of

LRH, is not going to avert that kind of end, which is awaiting them as surely as the sun rises each morning on this planet. And it is true. Scientology is the universal solvent and one cannot keep it in any bucket, either called "covert alter-is", or "suppression" or anything the suppressives might want to use to alter its effectiveness. It will dissolve anything, especially anything that is so stupid to resist it by standing in its way. The way to Freedom. Even if that anything is so stupid as to think it can substitute Source on a mad planet where anything goes.

So, Tel Aviv and all the chaos that is being created there once again. So Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism and the covert alter-is of Scientology, which cannot respond to all that, much less effectively handle the problem of suppression on the planet. It might sound like a weird scenario but the only ogre that can make us fail is our inability to apply the tech. Now on another front that I know well, for years Athens mission has been struggling to become an org. To no avail. Many times we had been promised by high executives in Scientology "now you are going to do the Academy and that will be that". To no avail. All the time there would be something else in the way, that had to be translated before any Academy levels. We had been trying to stay on the Academy translations but again to no avail. New orders, new releases, other than the Academy. So Athens has remained a mission. And much worse being a Scientologist in local TV is a curse.

But that is Athens. And fortunately there is no war in Athens and we might be able to pull it off somehow someday. But in Tel Aviv? Well, though an org, they didn't have the Academy levels translated either. So, no translated Academy there either. They had many other things. We did in our mission the What is Scientology book and the Ethics book. But no Academy levels existed in Tel Aviv. But we did those first. In HCOB 21 Nov 1971, Dianetics and Scientology in other languages, LRH says exactly what is the sequence of the materials to be translated for an org to survive and make it. This sequence is being constantly ignored and alter-ised and never followed intentionally so that people cannot train fast on this planet. And do not refer me to the Golden Age of Tech because there is a reference of LRH on that, too, that put an end to the Golden Age of Tech right there. So LRH in those HCOBs also explains what method you use to do the translations fast and economically and he says that you find a high calibre translator (a professional of the calibre of those employed in the U.N.) and you retain them, retaining meaning that you pay them in advance as you would pay a lawyer. I am repeating that because this is key for the fast progress of Scientology on this planet.

And then the professional translator, with the help of a Tech or Admin expert (depending on the kind of text you are translating) records the translation onto tape, nothing to do with any written form of material, i.e. a book or something printed. LRH says that later on the tapes will be transcribed but this is for later on. The main production line that exists for translations of Scientology and Dianetics materials is the translations on tape. By high calibre translators. And those tapes are sold cheaply to orgs (this he says in a briefing he made to a mission going to Europe once to put in that line of tape translations) and the public go to the org to do their tape courses (ever wondered why there is a bulletin on tape recorders in the Student Hat?) and those tapes do not go out of the Academy. They study them in the Academy and take notes. Now, a lot of money is being spent in Scientology for lawyers chasing up squirrels around the woods but no money can be spent for professionals to do a fine job with

the dissemination of the tech and most importantly so as to follow the exact line laid out by LRH. Ain't that weird? So what COB said on the Maiden voyage video (the one named "Going global") that we don't have the money to apply that HCOB is a hypocrisy. A lot of people, good Scientologists would donate money for that major purpose of disseminating the tech. Now, that I see the face of Tel Aviv once again terrified by the dogs of war and the games of Terrorism and Antiterrorism I am pushing myself to keep going and push this goal (the application of those HCOBs finally) to an end even if very few from those who heard the story really believed it much less wanted to do anything about it. So these are difficult times. This is a tough universe. Only the tigers survive and even they have a hard time. Here we are talking about LRH giving us a straight (but very narrow) path as to how the translations should be done. This is LRH telling us since 1971 that this tech can be most effectively and economically disseminated through the use of Tape Translations. Here we are in the year 2002 and Tel Aviv amidst all this chaos and massacres cannot turn out auditors in volume. This is Suppression. You understand it when it's too late sometimes. But it has been there all the time creeping up to the planet's throat little by little and suddenly it hits hard and deadly. That's not the time to catch it. It should be caught much earlier. But we might still have a chance here. Still we might apply the tech to the letter and we might get by all this.

You think I am saying this? It is not me. Tel Aviv and the Middle East and Any Middle East is not the responsibility of governments.

The ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It's our possible failure to retain and practise our technology.

This is what LRH says in KSW. Well, it applies NOW more than ever. We know of issues altering the tech and you think these issues do not affect the 4th dynamic? This is what they affect the most. The 4th dynamic because that is a very vulnerable one and it takes real team work and sweat and guts to bring it back to order.

And what does LRH say in the next sentence?

An instructor or Supervisor or Executive must challenge with ferocity instances of "unworkability".

And you know what the CO CLO EU Walter Kotric told me when I told him about the tapes? "Oh, these were OPs (=overt products) so we don’t use them any more". But he and many other executives studied those tapes and learnt from them. But this is another issue. The issue here is the "unworkability" the CO CLO EU was trying to shove down my throat. You know what they did and "it didn't work?" They misapplied the translations HCOBs. Where LRH said hire professionals they got bilingual staff who spoke good English to translate!! So this is the primary failure to apply the tech. This is the real unworkability and it hits now hard, after more than 30 years that LRH has issued those HCOBs on this planet which is going down the drain big time. So, challenge with ferocity instances of "unworkability". Because the planet is at stake here. And we can see it once again in the Middle East.

This is the time for each one to stand tall against the Suppression against Scientology. If Tel Aviv after more than 30 years that standard tech has existed on the dissemination of the materials of Dianetics and Scientology in other languages cannot

have that technology and train auditors in volume and administrators who would be on the comm lines of the world and effectively handle things to calm down the scene and organize things and not let them go out of control and expose the real SPs by investigations tech. And if no more missions and groups can be opened up (and don't be fooled, I know what it takes to have one mission approved by RTC, I have been in the suppressed CLO EU trying to open up a mission and CSWs would come back rejecting the mission holder because he might have some out qual like he hadn't paid all his income tax) because the dissemination of the full and actual technology of Scientology and Dianetics is stopped in a very covert but sure way by the SPs, then this I call a disgrace for all of us Scientologists who are being right now SPECTATORS in front of the new arena of the world Colloseum through our TV sets. You see it everyday or you select to ignore it. But it's happening. You have no choice even if you select to close your eyes to it.

We have been turned into SPECTATORS. I am not excluding myself though tonight I feel I managed to raise my head once again and utter something against the global suppression and the suppression of Scientology and the atrocities that are happening in Tel Aviv and its people as well as the Palestinians, who I loved. And it feels good to be doing something about it. But we have been turned into SPECTATORS. I am sorry to say this but this is what our agreement with the alter-is of the fake leaders of an alter-ised Scientology have turned us into: SPECTATORS to the world Colloseum. Do not wonder who are the modern victims of that world arena. You think certainly it is not you. You, after all, are sitting comfortably (or not that comfortably because you are a higher toned being and you care) in your sofa and are watching this. Who are the immediate victims? Children, women, innocent people who happened to be there at a bad time. But Now, it is Tel Aviv and Palestine. Yesterday it was New York and Afghanistan. They are both victims of the same suppression, one and the same game, the same gang behind them all. Tomorrow I don't know who it's going to be. But it could certainly be us if it hasn't been already if you examine why a Golden Age of Tech when there is an HCO PL forbidding any other drill except those LRH mentions in that one (It's called DRILLS ALLOWED, volume 5 I think, or maybe 4, just read it), why the HCOBs on translations are not applied, why ED Int came out in 1996 and ordered by Flag Order (!!) that any married couples in the Sea Org who are going to have children from now on they are going to be leaving the Sea Org? Why, why, why... I am sure you have your whys. If not start looking why you are not moving so fast up the Bridge.

Coming back to Tel Aviv? How come Scientology didn't make it to alter conditions in that area? How come the outpoint of missing auditors in an area where auditors are needed the most? How come the HCOBs are not applied even now that those high executives see that they are not making it by applying their own ideas of how translations should be done instead of applying what LRH says exactly?

I will not remain silent in front of the suppression of the technology of translations. I will not sit back and relax with such an overt of magnitude and such a motivator of magnitude to be declared by an SP clique in Scientology (if they declared us when they will be thrown out the people will know us for what we were, because having been declared by them is a feather on our hat), I will not shut my eyes, ears and mouth in front of the bold and suppressive no compliance to LRH HCOBs and HCO PLs while watching Tel Aviv today being torn apart. Seeing it being used in the world

chess to advance the purposes of evil intentioned beings and leaders who choose massacres and violence to advance their purposes and to inject fear in the peoples of Earth instead of applying peaceful means (after all the previous American government was awarded with a KSW award, they should know better than throwing bombs to Afghanistan and Iraq killing children in retaliation for New York and Bin Laden. And on the other side having the fake leaders of an alter-ised Scientology not just condoning that and not daring speak up and declare the real suppressives on this planet, but also trying to effectively stop the dissemination of the very technology that is going to help the people of Earth and declaring those very people who had the ethics altitude to stand besides LRH in an all out fight to back him up in Keeping Scientology Working when others were just spectators though it was their duty to act, too. So, I refuse to do that and my old friends in Tel Aviv know me and my wife better than being the ones who would compromise their reality on something that important as KSW. Those HCOBs on translations will be applied and the culprit(s) no matter how high he/she (they) are on the Org Board will be severely punished for High Crimes committed. This is as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow morning. But now, our issue is Tel Aviv and the Palestinian people and how we can help them overcome the problem they are facing. Let's give them all the tech exactly as LRH says we should do, not just agree with any alter-is, no matter how unpleasant and unsocial (and may I add, "how unbelievable") it might seem to stand up and fight against that suppression coming from within. You have the tech. Above case gain is competence. We are not kidding now. We don’t need LRH around to keep telling us why we accepted the alter-is in the first place. It is our ethics, it is our planet, it is our Tel Aviv and our Palestine. Let's help them as we know best. By challenging instances of "unworkability" of LRH tech and thus exposing the covert alter-is that is happening in front of our eyes.

Much Love,

Theo Sismanides

Athens, Greece

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