1983, January 

1983, 6 January 

1983, 31.1.

1983, February 

3 Feburary 1983: 

1983, 14.2. 

    David Mayo left the church. (David Mayo, 8.12.83)

    The next few months were spent recovering my physical health and taking precautions to handle various threats against me and my friends.

    Having accomplished these two things, I am very pleased to let you know that I am again fully available to help and to serve.

    My very real concern is for the purity and the standardness of the tech. And I know how important it is to all of you, and to the future.

    There have been an increasing number of reported instances of out-tech today; even what appears to be a deliberate corruption of the tech. I know that this is of great concern to you, too.

    Thus, I am offering my services, internationally, and I am fortunate to have the support and help of a group of very fine Scientologists.

    I am convinced that we can avoid the enormous errors of the past. Indeed, we must. We do have the extraordinary advantage of several points of guidance:

    1. Your open, unsuppressed communication,
    2. the tech itself, unyielding and senior to any and all political turmoil, and
    3. a viewpoint of understanding as to what is behind us, and to what surely lies ahead. (David Mayo, Open Letter)

1983, March 

1983, 24 April 

1983, 5 May 

1983, 15 May

1983, 12.6.

1983, 16 June 

1983, July 

    David and Julie Mayo are involved in a reform movement which resulted in the forming of the Church of the New Civilization. The Church of the New Civilization started an Advanced Ability Center, wherein they delivered the tech. David Miscavige gets infuriated and orders Mayo's group destroyed by any means possible.

    RTC got Bob Mithoff to infiltrate Mayos' group. RTC got Mayo's mailing list and RTC exec Gary Klinger mailed disparaging information to and contacted members of AAC and intimidated and harassed them. Gary Klinger rented the office above AAC and conducting electronic surveillance from there, and reported daily to Miscavige what they overheard. 

    Black operations against Mayo's group included each time Mayo took a trip abroad, they had him detained by customs on the false data he was smuggling drugs. Mithoff also broke into where the materials were locked up and stole a copy of Mayo's rewritten NOTs materials and it was later used for a lawsuit against him.

    At the bi-weekly ASI meetings David Miscavige would ask Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince what they were going to do to put an end to Mayo. A copyright suit was suggested and so Miscavige brought in LRH Personal Secretary Pat Brice to get a briefing on copyright filings. He was disappointed to find that no one was responsible for copyright filings since the Guardian's Office had been re-organized by him. 

    Jesse Prince is at another ASI meeting. David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock, Vicki Aznaran, Patricia Brice and Edith Buchele are present. The meeting was about the fact that the copyrights had not been registered and thousands of pages of LRH materials were now public domain. (Note: By law, once in the public domain, it stays there. You can't get it back.) 

    David Miscavige orders Pat Brice (LRH personal secretary and ASI employee) to begin the process of mass copyright registration for all LRH materials. Pat says it is too late and Miscavige says to do it anyway.

    Then Jesse saw Pat Brice come and say ‘we can't do this, per the law, we can 't even do this. There's a lot of this stuff we cannot do anything with it because it went into the public domain. We have no rights on these things.

    DM jumped up and screamed at her. I don't care what you have to do, just do it.

    In mid 1983 a massive program to register LRH material began. This is the reason most copyright filings have a date of 1983 forward. They knew it was not copyright-able and DM told her to do it anyway. She then proceeded to file 1000s of false copyright applications. After that Pat Brice left the church. 

    Note: Here's a tip for you – they tried to get around this by putting LRH HCOBs into tech volumes and then getting a copyright to cover the whole book. But, if you look at the individual HCOBs in the tech volumes, the copyright is missing on each individual one. Know why that is? Because they don't own the copyright on it anymore, it's in the public domain! And it is there to stay, as a judge has already told them in a copyright case you will read about later on this time track. 

    Jesse says common practice is to take an issue that has fallen into the public domain, change a few lines of it, then get a copyright on their revised edition.

    Note: By law the only part that is copyrighted is their change. The part that was in the public domain remains in the public domain and is not copyrighted.

    And that is the only part we are interested in using anyway. We don't want their re-written parts, they can have them.

    Furthermore, by copyright law, they do not own the ideas expressed in the issues. Once published, those are as free as the air and they belong to anybody who wants to use them. 

    Note: When Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health was released, the idea was for people to read the book and co-audit, towards the goal of clearing the planet. Was there any concern about using copyright law to stop them?

    No. The purpose was to get lots of people co-auditing towards the goal of clearing the planet. Some people audited well and got good results, some didn't. So what? Any auditing is better than no auditing.

    Groups formed to teach people to audit better and people who got good results went to improve their auditing skills and people who did not get good results also went to improve their auditing skills. Either way, you got them all coming to you by offering a group they could go to, to learn how to audit better.

    One has to wonder – what is their big compulsion to own copyrights on the technology?

    It really is not a problem towards the goal of clearing the planet, if that is your goal.

    So what if anyone could then open up shop and deliver the tech? That is all towards the goal of clearing the planet.

    Altering LRH issues was the wrong solution to this. The correct solution was to get more on source thereby earning the reputation of being the place to go for the best results because you are totally 100% standard in applying pure on-source LRH technology.

    You can't say they want the copyrights to prevent squirreling. They don't care about that. They alter the tech and squirrel all day long every day. 

    They have used copyrights to try and close down splinter groups. Splinter groups are not squirrel groups. This shows their true intentions and why they want copyrights.

    They want copyrights on the technology so that they have a monopoly, giving people only one place to go. The benefits to them for people having only one place to go are:

    1. Money - they can maximize profits. They can charge as much as they want & people have to pay it because they have nowhere else to go.
    2. Extortion. They can make people do what they say by threatening to deny them services if they don't comply – because they have nowhere else to go. 
    3. Abuses. They can make people put up with all manner of abuses – because they have nowhere else to go.
    4. Control. By having a monopoly on delivering the technology they have control over whether or not the planet gets cleared.

    Most important, control over whether anyone makes it to OT.

    And the last one, control over whether anyone makes it to OT, is the real reason why all this is happening - to prevent it. Want proof? Look at their statistics on making OTs.(Criminal Track)

1983, summer

1983, Aug.

1983, Summer 

1983, 2 July 

1983, 29 July 

1983, 20.8.

1983, 8 September 

1983, 15.9.

1983, 29.9.

1983, Oct.

1983, 2.10. 

1983 - PT

1983, Nov.

1983, 10 November 

1983, 12.-13.11.

1983, 29.11.

1983, December 

1983, 9.12.

1983 (end)


1984 (meetings with IRS)

1984, 2.1.

1984, January

1984, 1 March 

1984, 12.3.

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1984, May

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1984, 19.5.

1984, May and later


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1984, June 

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1984, 24.9.

1984, 7.10.

1984, 12.10.

1984, late

1984, 8 November 

1984, 29 November 

1984, December 

1984, 4.12.


1985, May/June

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1985, 23.10.

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1985, 31.12.

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