Chronology of (some) Policies, Guardian Orders, etc, relating to the attacks on Scientology


1961, 13 April 

    HCO Information Letter of April 13, 1961


    I was alerted into an analysis of why we’re fought by comments from an organization executive.

    An analysis shows there may have beenmany reasons but a further look makes them invalid.

    A piercing scream against Dianetics arose before the first book was published in 1950. Press was hot against it before the first foundation was formed.

    For seven months before there was personnel or personal troubles publicized, the bulk of articles against Dianetics had already appeared. At one time three national magazines were simultaneously on the stands screaming in lead articles about Dianetics and myself – and this was five months before and "divorce" publicity. And amongst the hundreds of reporters and commentators who screamed only one ever talked to me, and, from various evidences, none had read the book or knew anything about the subject.

    Until May, 1950 I received only favorable publicity – on expeditions or comings or goings. In May 1950 there was a concerted shriek from people who (a) had not read the books and (b) who knew nothing bad about me.

    These howls came from both conservative and liberal groups alike – the AMA – The Commies, The Socialists, the Roman Catholics.

    Thus we can rule the following facts out of all the protests and "bad publicity" of the past eleven years:

  1. That it stems from any knowledge of the subject;
  2. That it is a concerted effort by any one group; and
  3. That it is based on any knowledge of myself
  4. Now if we look further we also find these facts:

  5. In the past eleven years some thousends of texts have been written on the subject of philosophy, Man, the mind in various universities;
  6. In the past eleven years thousands of men, not connected with universities or groups have originated and forwarded philosophies about Man;
  7. Thus, with all these targets no protest has been made by groups or press against (my?) philosophies.

    And now let us look further:

  8. Many truly dangerous practices have risen up amongst man such as a new Indian version of whirling dervishism now rampant in England;
  9. Brainwashing was introduced in the past eleven years by the Russians;
  10. A dozen violent and harmful psychiatric treatments have been developed.

    And no sustained protest has continued to be made in the press against these. Indeed the U.S. Government adopted brainwashing calmly and the British Government and people of the U.S. have accepted new psychiatric treatments, organizations and propaganda without real protest.

    Looking at all of these things, then it would seem that protests against Dianetics and Scientology do not stem from a knowledge of myself, they do not stem from a knowledge of the substance of the work, they do not stem from conservative or liberal groups, and they are not a protest against philosophy, philosophers, or evil practices, and they are not an effort to protect the public.

    If you look this over with cold dispassion, examine it thoroughly from the light of the facts, only one explanation seems to remain.

    They are terrified of our postulates!

    This analysis places a fantastic dissemination weapon in our hands. The terror in the protest is obvious since it is misemotional and is not based on confronted facts.

    To any attack by anyone, we can reply, "Why are you terrified of Scientology?"

    For plainly this is the case. People don’t even know we reach for withholds - at terror! Protest! Scream!

    Now I’ll admit to having plied philosophy before within the whole track memory of Earth dwellers. Harm did not result. But evil was destroyed. And I'll admit that evil men sense the germs of their own destruction.

    There may be unconscious recognition in this. Maybe its the Fourth Dynamic and that yells back.

    But, of this we are certain. We inspire terror in some men. "Why are you terrified of Scientology?" is the best answer. It as-ises the condition.

    I think we ought to use it.

    L. Ron Hubbard

1961, 8 May 

1962, 27 October 

1962, 9 November 

1963, 8 January 

1963, 14 August

1963, 24 November 

1965, 7 April 

1965, 6 October 

1965, 3 November

1966, 11 February 

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1966, 25 February 

1966, 1 March 

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1966, 28 November 

1968, 25 April 

1968, 26 May 

1968, 16 October 

1968, 3 November 

1968, 4 November 

1968, 24 November 

1968, 29 November 

1968, 6 December 

    Despatch from Peter Hollon to Mo Budlong, 6 December 1968 

    Re: Intelligence

    The following are possibilities for collecting data.

    1. Infiltration.
    2. Bribery.
    3. Buying information.
    4. Robbery.
    5. Blackmail.

    The last two are, of course illegal.

1968, 12 December 

    Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 12 December 1968 

    Re Life Article And Letter

    It is interesting that "Life" Magazine in the US has been a violent foe of Dianetics and Scn for 18 years.

    In England the heads of the largest newspaper chain are also members of the UK World Federation of Mental Health confederate board of directors.

    This is an old intelligence trick – to own or control a press chain in an enemy country.

    It was done by German agents, for instance, to keep Spain out of the war.

    Earlier the "Saturday Evening Post" published an article full of quotes never made. It has gone downhill as a magazine over the years. WFMH connected publishers often do.

    So some of the US magazine and newspaper chains are controlled by the WFMH.

    The Intelligence, espionage pattern is very plain here. In the "Life" article a psychotic is pushed into the org to get no case gain, his identity secret, to get discreditable data and he then writes an article. But he is already a mental patient.

    Local Agents WFMH has confederates in every country and many states with sub-chapters in most US cities. They are always named "National" and have "Mental Health" in their name at nation or state level.

    There is a National Institute of Mental Health in Washington DC that is US Government. The only one in the world really connected to a government. It does WFMH printing for it at US expense!

    All the rest of the "National" groups are phonies. They are only private groups. Following orders from overseas.

    These groups secretly shoot down chiropractors, churches, any Western culture or advance or healing action. Their standard propaganda line is:

    1. everyone is insane.
    2. psychiatrists should be next to every world leader treating them weekly.
    3. anyone should be subject to seizure as insane without process as law
      • (Siberian bill they seek to get passed and once almost did pass through Congress).
    4. Scientology breaks up families.
    5. Scientology prevents people from coming to their psychiatrist to seek real help.
    6. There are not enough psychiatrists or "facilities".
    7. All boundaries should be destroyed.
    8. All constitutions should be destroyed.
    9. Any current campaign they may have to get something destroyed for a big Western take over.

    A conspiracy formed at the WFMH Congress in London in August 1968 resulted in simultaneous identical political channel attacks on Scn in several countries. The "Life" article was crudely timed to be part of this.

    And every branch of every rightest group would be delighted to know these US "mental health" groups are controlled by a foreign group which has Communists on its board of directors.

    The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association and such are members of the main world group and are just pawns.

    They are called "Mental Healing" but their literature talks only about world domination and seldom about any cases.

    They were founded by a psychotic named Clifford Beers and carry on the tradition.

    It is interesting that WFMH says publicly there is "no difference between right and wrong" and "psychiatrists are the only enlightened people who know this". By traditional law, sanity is defined as the "ability to tell right from wrong."

1968, 13 December 

1968, 20 December 

1969, 16 February 

1969, 17 February 

1969, 16 March 

1969, 4 April 

1969, 2 November 

1969, 6 November 

1969, 12 November 

1969, 2 December 

1969, 10 December 

1969, December 15



    Transcript here

    We now know that the main line of attack on Scientology has been undertaken by the people or groups directly associated with WFMH. We do not know if there is any person or group behind the WFMH which directs them in their actions or in their policies toward us.


    To keep ourselves fully informed with regard to the WFMH, persons connected to it and the groups and persons connected to these groups, to the end result that their actions against us can be exposed fully.


    1. This action is to be done by the Asst. Guardian or D/A/Guardian for Intelligence, if held separately from the Asst. Guardian.
    2. To establish, add to and keep up-to-date files containing all information gathered.


    1. To keep the Asst. Guardian and the Guardian WW advised as to the results of such information and to present it in evaluated, digested form.
    2. To provide other Guardian Office personnel with data they can use in their actions.


    1. To locate and investigate any member or group of the WFMH in your area. 
    2. To collect all data with regard to all such members or groups in your area. 
    3. To infiltrate any such groups in your area. 
    4. To do everything to obtain documentary evidence of their attacks upon us. 
    5. To obtain advance information with regard to any actions or intentions directed against us. 
    6. To keep all information and data collected in files, carefully cross filed. 
    7. To do everything possible in the collection of such data. 
    8. To do everything possible to inhibit or stop any actions directed against us. 
    9. To discover any third-party or dead-agent-type activities which they may be conducting against us so that it can be corrected and handled at once. 
    10. To immediately investigate any attack against us in your area to find if any person or persons so attacking are connected in any way to persons or groups connected to the WFMH and to obtain evidence and documents to reveal such connections. 
    11. To make and send reports on same to the D/Guardians for Intelligence. 


    This is a continuing programme. A lot of work has been done thus far; however, some areas have done little or nothing [missing words] should immediately do so. 

    Mary Sue Hubbard

1970, ca.

1970, 9 March 

1970, 10 March 

1970, 16 July 

1971, 6 May 

GO 060571 LRH - Secret - Working Theory

1971, 7 May 

1971, 7 October 

1972, 20 February 

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1974, 2 December 

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