Intergalactic Decree

Recd: 9 May 90

Galaxy 0, Galaxy 1
Decree 01

Resolved and agreed at a meeting of Council Authorized Representatives of Galaxy 0 and Galaxy 1. Venue - at a point between the two galaxies concerned. Subject - Rights and Privileges, Rules and Restrictions, of citizens traveling between, visiting, or  tracking up residence in Galaxy 0 or 1, also exile, extradition, and citizenship regulations.

  1. Right of travel, access, and hospitality is guaranteed by both Galaxy 0  & 1 to their citizens and strangers provided that peaceful intent is shown.
  2. Exile and extradition are possible; to be used in cases of proven crimes  against civilization or implanting of citizens of either galaxy or strangers.
  3. entral, Sector, and local rules and regulations apply to all visitors,  travelers, and residence-seekers in Galaxy 0 and Galaxy 1, whether from the  other galaxy or a stranger.
  4. Strangers are defined as those individuals from an area or space outside  the control of Galaxy 0 or Galaxy 1 Central Councils.
  5. Citizenship of Galaxy 0 or Galaxy 1 is defined as residence therein  without having notified the representatives of the central governing council  that their presence is of diplomatic, touristic, or commercial nature only.
  6. These individuals or groups with non-peaceful, anti-civilization,  terroristic or implanter intent are liable for revocation of citizenship,  liberty and protection under this decree.
  7. Authorized ethical, technical, and administrative projects to improve the  quality of life and civilization in either Galaxy or in the Universe are  protected by this decree and by the Central Councils and representatives of both  Galaxy 0 and Galaxy 1.
  8. There shall be joint co-operations between the Councils of Galaxy 0 and  Galaxy 1 to enforce this decree and its relevant points on citizens and  strangers alike, to which end an exchange of authorized representatives has bee  made at this meeting.

Galaxy 0
Central Council Representative
For all members
("Andromeda M-31")

Galaxy 1
Central Council Representative
For all members
Sector 0 - Central

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