It is usually not a matter of what you believe.
    It is the ability to suspend your disbelief; that is important.

    You cannot learn that which you do not already know.
    You cannot hear that which you have already heard.

    “It is impossible”, is only valid, if you add data already decided as being unalterable.

    Never confuse an organization with its product.
    They are on a different time space continuum.

    Add to Truth and you have taken something from it.

    without it there is no

    Trying to be human is difficult.
    Your very nature cries out against it - must you forget so much?

    An exercise in Futility:
    Worshipping that which you fully understand.
    Second exercise: Understand fully that which you worship.
    One of these has to go ... it's your choice.

    Of course a creation can be greater than its creator.
    How else can a creator grow?

    It will be said that ‘all roads lead to Rome’. What will not be said is that the same roads lead away from it.

    All things are as real as you have previously agreed that they exist.

    There is little value in studying one's God and the Heavenly Hosts while remaining ignorant of one's fellow man.

    In the physical Universe there can be no predictability.
    If the particles are not set up as random then sooner or later a totally fixed pattern will develop and all things would stop.
    You of course can predict this since you are not of the physical Universe

    Never fear tomorrow. You haven't finished messing up today, yet.

    A Little knowledge may be dangerous, but a little belief is devastating.

    The time factor between cause and effect frustrates the being who has just found out that he is.

    Truth is the many faceted jewel. Seek first the whole jewel.

    If Ethics implies penalties (or rewards), then it is not ethics - it has degenerated to Morals, and thus is only one step above the Law.

    Complexity is merely many simplicities in juxtaposition. Complicatedness requires at least one simplicity to be unnoticed.

    Truth is Original.
    Thus there can be no original writings about Truth.

    A problem can only exist...
    …because the solution was first created.

    Whatever you do.
    YOU do it.
    There are always alternatives.
    They depend upon your grasp of time and space.

    Belief is below faith, in the scale of things.
    And neither allow for observation.

    The Plaint of the Spirit "it shouldn't have happened that way."
    The answer is ... Why Not?

    Other people are in your universe only and solely
    because you allow them to be so.
    Why then complain of other people?

    You can create the future
    you can create the past
    because you have created the now.

    The harder thing to do is to observe the obvious.
    Since it requires that you actually look.

    Time is not necessarily consecutive moments.
    It could be alternative moments.

    Basic beliefs are the building blocks of reality.

    How dare you pretend that you are not immortal?
    What insufferable egoism you have.

    If you are looking at it, it is real.
    It may not be TRUE but it is real (to you).

    Reality is.
    (But it doesn’t have to be)

    Observe a small baby.
    He recently lost all he had.
    His wife, his family, and his fame and possessions.
    And above all he now has to figure out how to operate his new body.

    TO BE or NOT to be...
    Just make up your mind, and proceed.
    What if none of us are human?

    If reality is impossible to understand
    maybe it is because there never was any
    understanding in the first place.

    You cannot judge a subject by its practitioners or by its organization.
    They are simply not the same.
    The subject is the senior.

    If it’s unknowable then it cannot affect you.
    If it is knowable, then you can affect it.

    The only problems you have are those that you are not having.
    Do you have a problem, or does it have you?
    If you are reading this you haven’t learned it yet.

    The motto of technology:
    I can’t do it – but I can build a machine that can.

    What would you get for a cup of water from a desert traveler?
    What would you get for the same cup of water from a drowning man?
    And why would you ask anything from either?

    Never study a Philosophy, unless you are willing to create one.

    It is better to remember than to learn.
    Of course, it is best to know,
    and to unknow.

    Consider this:
    How Big is Now?
    How big could it be?
    When are you?

    Help, to be valid, may only be that which enables another
    to re-create his now
    his past
    and his future.
    All else is interference.

    Don't ever give a child
    a small toy...
    or you'll create a small mind.

    Be true to your own Goals.
    But first be certain that they are,
    in truth,
    YOUR goals.

    Faith is a substitute for Certainty.
    Have faith by all means.
    But beyond that is being certain.

    Of all the Attributes of upset.
    Protest is the most damaging.
    It pre-supposes importance,
    and continues a condition
    already decreed unwanted.

    The Planet Earth has been
    an experiment
    a rest home
    a park, a zoo and
    a penal colony....
    What next?