Sector Operations Bulletin No. 5

OT Projects

300482-02 1215 GMT

A briefing pack for all OTs engaged in or newly joining Special OT projects is to be made up by 2nd Deputy Commodore, Captain Bill Robertson and checked out on each project member by him or a person he assigns.

The pack is to consist of:

  1. OT Project PLs in Volume 7 OEC.
  2. Sector Ops Bulletins as issued.
  3. RJs issued in '80, '81, '82 on R B'day.
  4. RJ '67 tape.
  5. A security briefing pack to be selected from 50 issues by Capt. Bill.
  6. Relevant issues of Policy, PR Tech, etc., as pertaining to the member's job in the project.
  7. Basics of Mission Tech.
  8. Target Series.
  9. Basic Data Series PLs
  10. Any other relevant issues as may be needed from time to time.

Mship relay by order of

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