The New Civilization - OT Convention 88

Lecture by Capt. W.B. Robertson

5 Nov. 1988, Atlantis Parkhotel

Logical Planning for 1992

This is your next four years.

We are very lucky to know approximately what to expect in the next four years on this planet. I will not go into the case data and the reasons we know this from earlier games that Thetans have played and so on and current scenarios they are playing, but I will just give you what to expect in the next four years so you can be ready for it and we will survive very well. I'm mapping that time and it would be '88 on this side, '92 on that side, '90 in the middle and we see '89 and '91. Just four years. OK? (See Chart #1)

Now, first let's look at the fact of one scenario that is finished. That was the one that was activated in the 60s and 70s to re-introduce the fear of the atomic catastrophe of 75 million years ago. I draw an atomic blast there and that is ended. That was the one LRH was concerned about and he wrote about it in many Policy Letters. He was afraid that the planet might start dramatizing it and actually do an atomic war again. As you can see now from the news stories and in life that is becoming an ever decreasing possibility. So I don't have to advise you to build a fallout shelter.

Now it is just "fallout" from pollution.

But, that scenario was just to throw everyone into fear - plus all these terrorist scenarios and economic scenarios - to prepare the world for the One-World-Government plan which was to annex Earth to Marcab as their 8th planet. And that was going on behind the atomic scenario and was to occur in 1992. So we have a high possibility here of the One-World plan to be finished. That was their One-World plan as originally planned. I drew up here on the chart the One-World plan of Marcab plus the Implanters that was supposed to be greater than the rest of the game. And that was supposed to be finished in 1992.

However in 1986 and 1987 we did a lot of Excalibur work and we managed to create with the help of the Galactic Patrol and others from off-planet a political "split" as you will find in the Sector 9 book "Latest News from Sector 9". And that made the Marcabians and Implanters basically go apart in their plan.

Now instead of one planetary take-over group there are at least two - maybe more. The main ones are the two branches of this - the Marcabians who are now loyal to Marcab and are abiding by or following the Non-Interference-Decree and the Free Zone-Decree and just trying to do an administrative control and an economic control, which is permissible.

It's not including atomic-biological-chemical warfare so that is not permissible and they are working it not on the whole planet (because they are not all together now), only on Europe including Russia and the satellite countries of Russia and extending that throughout the world. So we have the One-Europe plan now - in exchange for the One-World plan - the One-Europe plan for 1992. And that is going on right now on this continent. I drew up there (on the chart) an arrow to 1992 showing One-Europe plus Russia and Comecon. And you can now see - we saw this two years ago but now the people of the world are being informed of it in the newspapers - seeing all this close cooperation between Russia and Gorbachev and Bonn and England and everybody, trading agreements, training agreements, aiding agreements, drugs coming back and forth, trade relations are better and all that atomic weapons being taken away. All happening just like we saw it was going to happen in 1986 and when we said it then everybody said: "It will never happen", "We might have a war any day". Now they see. So that is one thing to prepare for definitely. We are going to have that in it.

The next vector is what happened to this group - the Implanters. They are mostly controlling the "behind the scenes" government of America and they have some operatives in other countries such as France and Canada and they have operatives in the Far East countries. All of them. Japan is mostly aligned with this although you have to watch them because they are playing their own game. It's another thing. Japan is playing in between these tho. They have one foot in each camp right now, sort of like England is trying to do.

So they are all following - what plan are they following? Hey, guess what? - they are following the original plan which was laid out by Xenu as Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century. And they are also trying - they are trying for the One-World-Economic-Blackmail-Implanting-Mindcontrol-Plan with the help of every technology the Implanters know to get control of the world that way. So we have another vector here from the Implanters and we don't know exactly their target day, but they are trying to do it to keep these guys, the Marcabians, from coming before them to that point. So, let;s say, their target day is also 1992, at least for the part of their plan involving Europe. Put their "One-World-Plan USA plus it's dependencies" (see chart) because they are trying to make their relations dependent on them for oil and various banking scenarios and so on, but that's not the overall planetary scenario - OK?

Now we've isolated another vector in this and the other vector - surprisingly enough or not surprisingly enough - is the Third World. When this split happened the control over the Third World became less. And the Third World now has a sort of a vector of it's own and they are somewhere in between these two plans. And also the Free Zone are here so we put the Third World also going along here in a sort of a wavy line because they are not right now sure what they are going to do because they are not really having an off-planetary scenario but as the Third World they do go PTS to the forces. And this includes the bigger and smaller countries of the Third World that are in debt to these guys or pressured by these guys with atomic weapons and all that and are just sick and tired with the whole thing. It's a wavering line.

Now, to see that you aren't getting overwhelmed - alright - we also have a vector in this. And our vector is essentially to bring the New Civilization awareness to the planet and to present to them the rules of the Free-Zone Decree which means that everyone must be brought up to the point where they can decide for themselves on which way the planet goes. Free Zone Decree and the New Civilization Idea with it are both in that flow. Because the Free Zone Decree applies to all of these. The Free Zone Decree applies to all. IF you read it in Sector 9 you see it does apply to the whole planet. But, the idea we are implementing it with is the idea of a New Civilization, because the old one didn't work very well.

Now there are things you can be certain of, totally absolutely 100%! One, two, three, four. (Pointing to the chart) Already you are in possession of more certainty than anyone else on the whole planet for the next four years. Now, the question now, is how you apply your certainty about these things and that will depend on where you live on the planet. That's No 2 (of chart # 3). Alright, I've written up there your handling and it depends on where you are located on the planet. I wrote 'your location' because if you are in Europe the stable data over here that will work may not be the same as if you live in America. Because a different group is trying to "take over" over there, you understand? It will depend - now we are looking at, again, the economic side of it - it will depend also on your business, your profession, your "Geschaft", ok? So it will depend on what you are - shall we say - doing for exchange. What product, what service are you making? I wrote "your product, your service, your job". IT depends on that quite a bit, because if you are in the wrong business that whole business may go "pfffft", bankrupt, out of sight, you know? For instance, if you're producing hypnotic sleep tapes in Europe you might go out of business within the next two years. (No 2 of chart # 3). But, if you're producing them in California you may become a millionaire! And, if you are producing them in the Third World you may be killed. They think you are the CIA! Understand - this is all very well evaluated - very true.

No 3 (of chart # 3). It depends on your - ok - viability. Your viability, all right? I'll explain that. The viability is the ability to live or to continue living. To a player it's the ability to continue playing a game and having fun. Having fun, Ok? Continue to live, living, of surviving, of fun, of play - viable, all right? So where you are located, your product, service. Now the other one is because you have a product and where your are located and so on - your viability will depend to a great deal on your communication lines and your exchange factors. In other words, how can you sell your product? How can you get exchange for it? So we could separate out the comm lines and exchange. (No 4 of chart # 3). All right, so let's look at it like that. And the other thing is of course the stability of value in that area. In other words what is valuable in that area? I just call it the value units or the stability of value in the area, it could be money, it could be gold, anything. Or antiques, anything, stamps, coins, whatever. This is so you can get an exchange, you have that "something valuable" and that is so you can then go and buy food with it or pay the rent. (No 5 of chart # 3).

Now, I can't tell all of you what to do about this because you have to evaluate it yourself. But I gave some examples on locations and of course for your product or service or job you better look at something that will still be valuable in 1992. I can make a plug here for the Tech that will still be valuable in 1992, even more valuable probably than yesterday. Ok, but outside of that, what would be valuable? We know that people all over the world need to eat, they need to have shelter, they need transportation, they need exchange, they need all these things of a New Civilization, so any New Civilization Project that improves the quality and viability of life, especially on the 5th and 6th Dynamics - meaning Lambda and Phi, meaning life forms and matter, energy, space and time - any product that improves that quality will become more valuable. That's another evaluation from data, from case data, but it's true. All right? So one group of products, or products and services, that will be valuable are Tech - spiritual Tech - and 5th and 6th Dynamic products. And that includes services like even gardening. You can still be a gardener in 1992, there will be a place for you. Have you noticed the environmental concern that's coming up even more and more amongst all political parties and even in the press.

That is the 5th and 6th Dynamic unhandled case problem that is coming up to the fore, mainly because we are "waking up" a lot of life that has been formerly suppressed and we are bringing it to demand a handling from the rest of the players in the game. And that - 5th and 6th Dynamic - are going to help you. And they are going to demand a handling from all the other players, because you are the ones that are helping them, and you are waking them up, and you are bringing them to life. The other people are going to be forced into compliance with that by their own bodies, by their own environment. That's coming from the Free Zone vector up there. Now the viability LRH defines - we are looking at a minimum viability - is to be in possession of enough reserves, value or energy or goods or whatever you need as a reserve, to survive for a minimum of two years without any further income or inflow. That's viability, Ok?

Now, at this point - I realized that I was going to have to say this to be truthful with you and you probably will say "Well, why didn't you call this convention last year so we could get ready, because we don't have two years worth of reserves sitting there now and we are on the start of confusion? Well, how much longer do we have before it starts?"

It starts this month, for sure. If will start November/December this year. Those four things will become very big. They are only "behind the surface" now, but they are pretty, pretty, much in the news, but nothing to what they are going to be in the next two months. The confusion, the instability, and all that. Instability, confusion and conflicting data. So excuse me. I know I had to give it to you before it started, but I also gave you a terrific steep gradient of: "Say, you know, how I am going to do it in the next two weeks - get two years of reserves piled up?"

Well, the good news is that it doesn't have to be in money. Ok? It isn't only money. In fact, some of the currency is going to fluctuate rather rapidly in the next months and years. You have to look at it simply. If you want a non-fluctuating currency just look at this: "Is the country that issues that currency - are they basically what you call and "exporting over importing" nation?” In other words, do they have a balance of payments positive or negative? If they have a positive balance of payments the currency will probably be good. That means they can pay their debts, and they are not going bankrupt. Also if the currency is based on gold it would be good, but there are not many like that, I think the Swiss currency is based on it. And Germany does have a positive balance of payments, and so does Japan, and so does Saudi-Arabia, and so do a few other places like that. Ok?

Now, how valuable will gold be? Because gold is an old ancient method of exchange, gold will remain as an old method of exchange and, as in ancient days all the way up to present time, 1 ounce of gold will buy you one cow. It has never changed in 2000 years. No matter what they say about the price and everything like that, all that they are telling you is "the price of a cow is going up or down" in whoever's currency they are giving you the price of gold! The gold ounce. I think it's 2 gold ounces for a camel or whatever. It was that and has been stable for 2000 years. 1 gold ounce for a cow, 2 gold ounces for a camel. And you can do that anywhere in the world. So that is for your reserves. It is good to have a part of it in gold, because - you know - even if your currency fails and even if your country gets to where there are no more jobs there and all - if you have a few pieces of gold you can go to any country in the world and they will accept them, even in India they would accept that gold right now, you bet! So it is good to have a bit of your reserves in gold - just as a stable datum. Because remember: "a stable datum aligns confusion".

But the currency you choose on your product exchange should also be the one to have in your "reserves for these two years" to build up over these next four years - you build up the two year reserve in your four years. We're hoping you can do that by that time. If you can all do that you will be the only really surviving people on the planet. The other people will waste all their money and think, "I buy it now before the inflation eats all my money up and all that", or "I'll use my credit card until they throw me in jail" - and they will.

Ok, but I just say it's not only a bit of gold, a bit of currency, but you also need a profession that will survive and you can always get value with that profession for the next four years. As I said, training is one, and whatever area you live in you can evaluate what is going to be valuable there. And 5th and 6th Dynamic products, you know? Maybe you can sell simple machines that prevent people from being implanted, maybe you can sell accounting machines that help people figure out how the Marcabians are cheating them - I mean - like, you know the trick: How much money does the bank make when they delay your check for two weeks? And how many people's checks are delayed for two weeks and how much does that make them?

Ok. The last point I want to make is: I wanted to give you this data because stable data will align a confusion. You can survive and you could be very viable by the end of four years.

Your comm lines and exchange will also be best with other groups and people you know are going to survive the next four years. So I wrote there, "groups and people that will survive the next four years". (Adds to No 4 of chart # 3) Your comm lines and exchange. You know, what your public whoever you are doing business with - like the people in this room would be very good, of the best probably, public you could have for the next four years. And probably all the other people that are connected with Ron's Org and so on, these people will survive, no doubt about that. The next groups you have to look at are: Which groups are pushing a vector that will survive or have positive purposes, all right? If that group - if they are pushing a positive vector - then you probably could exchange with them and invest in them and help them and they will survive.

If you know the data in the Sector 9 Book and you know this data about who is fighting for control of the planet, and you know the location on which sides these guys are on, then you can pick it up very easily what to do with your investments or your time or your services or your products.

Does that answer the question of what and how to plan for the next four years? You do the rest. These are just the basics of what to evaluate with. If we do it right, all of our vectors and all the vectors of all the beings we are auditing will push the surviving vector of the Free Zone further and further and further ahead and whoever is supporting that vector will survive and be more viable, and more viable, and more viable as the four years go on and we will reach 1992 and be in much better position than anyone else on the whole planet - case wise, financial wise, viability wise and having fun at the same time!

Ok, that's the end of this lecture

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