CAPT. W. B. Robertson RA, Sector 9


John Caban of Sector 11

May, 1982


Hello John,

This is Captain Bill.

I've decided to send you a tape in a sort of a whole debrief of all the stuff that occurred since 1966 up to P.T. in 1982, to try and give you the data in case you may need it. Because, as you can see, anybody, that tries to get this data applied, gets shot pretty bad, but if you don't know the data even worse can happen to you.

So this is sort of a background to all the stuff that we talked about and that you see in the States. And this is what's happening and what's behind it and as long as the Church carries on like this they are going to end up in the arms of the Government. And unless these guys get together and get over their fears and get over their Q & A, it will happen and we won't be able to pull off Ron's Plan for this Planet.

So I want the big Thetans, the guys that can do things, the guys that can get things done, the OTs to really understand what's happening.

So I'll start off and give you the sequence of events. Actually you can go back to 1950 if you want and listen to what the boss has to say about the...it's in the Tech Volumes, it's in the Tech, it's in the Policy Letters: about the various Government Agencies, and Psychiatry and the Doctor Organizations and your Special Interest Groups and your World Bankers and all of that. But the real story where I got into it actually starts around when I went to Saint Hill in '65.

I was doing the Briefing Course there and it was all going along fine. LRH was visible, living there at Saint Hill. His family was with him. They were all very happy. The kids would play out in the yard every day and Mary Sue was visible, living right there at Saint Hill. And it was one beautiful place to be, and we were all very happy on the Briefing Course.

LRH was lecturing once a week and giving the lectures to the Briefing Course in person. He was also playing little OT games and putting different-colored energy fields around his body. And everybody was quite pleased and very anticipatory of the OT levels so that they could also share in these beautiful manifestations and abilities. So, it was all a very pro-survival and on-purpose activity.

So, when I finished the Briefing Course, I decided to become a Class VII; stay there at Saint Hill and become a Class VII, which I did. And in 1966, while I was doing that, I was also helping him design some of the foundations of the Castle and that was my first taste of what happens when Special Interest Groups get into power, and try to cover up something.

The foundation job, that I was on, was for the new Castle wings and I'd found out the guy who had - named Ron Bonwick, who used to be LRH's chauffeur and general know-it-all handyman, (who was actually a plant from the East Grinstead Newspaper and sold them stories about LRH and Saint Hill, as I was told by LRH later) - he had designed this foundation with bricks and rubble and everything, it was designed so that it had no reinforcement, and the Castle would slide down the field if it was built that way and there would be cracks in the walls and everything. I put a reinforced foundation design in, and started building that while LRH was in Rhodesia.

This was around '66, in the summer. And I was working happily away and the next thing you know, there was a Comm-Ev called.

It had something to do with a telex they received from LRH to investigate Saint Hill and find out what was happening on the finance lines because their stats were down. Now, that was the org stats. It had nothing to do with Estates, because Estates stats were up. We had been completing all of the LRH orders one by one. But the Comm-Ev wasn't even aimed at Estates, because the people who were actually causing the stats to go down were people like Ron Bonwick, Reg Sharpe and a couple of other people on the Exec Council that didn't actually know their ass from a hole in the ground.

And, as LRH was away, they were just sort of running things into the ground. I think Otto Roos was one of these people at the time or he was just Qual Sec at the time. Anyway, this Comm-Ev shot me and my Org Officer and we went through our A to E and came back, you know, and wrote up our overts and all that stuff. We sort of didn't know what to do, we were just declared one day and that was it. We didn't ever have a chance to have a review or say anything in our defense.

Now, there was a couple of committee meetings, where they assured us that everything was alright and there was nothing wrong, so we didn't have anything to defend, you know? But then the order came out and they just shot us. So I had a bad experience with that and when I came back I went back into interning.

I was only out for a couple of weeks, but I came back and they needed auditors. They saw I was on my Class VII Course. At that same time, however, they had also invalidated my foundation design and they left the reinforcement out of it and when the guys who took over built the thing, they left the reinforcement out and walls did crack and for many years it was believed that it was my fault. Until I finally talked to Mary Sue one time and told her the story and she said, "Oh, my goodness!", and "Everybody was blaming you and really you were the guy who had tried to make it right," and I said, "That's right." And she said, "Then it was these other guys that didn't listen to you, that were the people responsible for that thing cracking later." I said, "That's right". I am a trained Civil Engineer and I know what the hell I'm doing with these things.

And one of the guys that didn't listen was a guy named Herbie Parkhouse. And although he was a good Scientologist he just won't listen sometimes. He has his own ideas about things and he didn't know anything about Estates. He used to come and ask me things, but then he wouldn't listen to me, really. And he would just listen to what he thought. But if he didn't know something, he would come and ask and try and carry on. He was trying to oversee the Estates stuff after I was back into auditing.

Anyway, that's the story about how that Castle thing happened. I just wanted to clear that because there's an example of Special Interest Groups and people that think they know best, causing something that is a bad effect.

Anyway, when LRH came back from Rhodesia, he straightened it out and got a Comm-Ev on the right people. And he also gave a debrief of his Rhodesia trip on a tape, that you can hear. It's in 1966, I think, around August, and he tells about the Special Interest Groups down there that failed to renew his passport when he was getting a little too much political power going down there and was trying to get Rhodesia going into one man - one vote, so that blacks could have a vote. And that wasn't obtained since they knocked him out of there.

It was finally obtained though. His postulate did come out on that, and now it's called Zimbabwe, and they do have one man - one vote. And they have all black rule. So it only took 10 or 12 years. Yes, his postulate came true. He always makes sure those postulates come true and they will come true one way or the other.

Now, right after that Rhodesia trip, he realized something about OTs, and he wrote that famous one about OTs work well together and can't do it alone. And he started the Sea Project in 1966, October.

I joined - as being on the Clearing Course, it was by invitation only - and I got invited to it and he went off again, in the fall/winter of 1966 to research OT III.

And for that he went to Africa and later met us in Las Palmas, when I was put into active service on the 'Enchanter', January 1st, 1967. So, in 1967, I started on the Sea Project and I've sailed as Chief Engineer on the 'Enchanter' all the way from Hull, England down through, stopping at Oporto and Gibraltar and Agadir and ending up in Las Palmas.

And when I got there, as Virginia Downsborough and I were riding around doing some shopping, we decided to stop by the post office and see if there was any mail for the 'Enchanter' or anything. And we found a telegram in there from LRH and it said "Please meet the plane". It was addressed to the crew of the 'Enchanter', you know, and it said "please meet the plane" arriving on a certain day from Tangier, at a certain time; "I will be on it". And it happened to be that day, and it happened to be one hour from the time the plane was arriving.

So we jumped in a cab and went out to the airport and we met LRH coming with his full OT III research materials and we welcomed him, he welcomed us and we got him a place to stay and we set up right away into production getting the ships ready for sea and OT missions. He wanted to set up an OT Base to get OT III run.

At that time it was thought it had to be run in a special warm environment with medical service available and he later discovered easier ways to do it, but his research notes were approximately 3 feet high and handwritten and those had to be copied and sent into safekeeping back at St. Hill .

It had all the points of the catastrophe that happened on this planet 75 million years ago with, and including, Ethics Orders on those responsible for that catastrophe. And as you probably know from your OT study, beings don't really die and some of them are still around this area.

So anyway, we helped the Boss, and were totally on purpose and just working 16, 17, 18 hours a day. Got the ships ready. His main things were to set up OT Bases and do the researches into various plans for planetary control. I won't go into those right now, because they are confidential. And take over the various organizations that were the main, shall we say, suppressive control groups on the planet, which we all lumped under the name of SMERSH, but which included the infamous World Federation for Mental Health, and a few other World-type of organizations, that were all headquartered in Switzerland.

And we did missions to find out more about those, who was in them, who the bad guys were, who the good guys were, all that kind of thing, and the English started attacking in the press when we started doing this stuff around the last part of 1967. You'll see some - if you research the newspapers of those times - you'll find some really heavy-duty attacks on the Sea Project and so on like that and especially when we went up to get the 'Royal Scotsman' in December of '67 - no, late in November. And he also made Ron's Journal '67 that year. That's all covered in RJ67 actually, what I'm going over now, but it lets you know this is not just your friendly little planet where everybody's just sort of "aberrated". There's actually some very evil intentions going on here.

So now we go into 1968. 1968. That was a big year. By this time, it was the Sea Org, and we set up the first AO that delivered OT III in Valencia on the ship, on the Flagship. Sorry. It wasn't the Flagship yet. It was the 'Royal Scotsman' at that time. The Flagship was the 'Athena' or the old 'Avon River' at the time, and I was the Tech Sec, the first one there, and it was quite good. We had a big flow of people coming in from all over the world.

Now, at the same time, LRH took the 'Athena' and did "Mission Into Time", from which that book was written. That same year we also had AO Alicante, AO Edinburgh, AOLA. That's interesting because, right at that time, I'd been the CO of each of those Orgs, and I'd gotten Power stats at each of them, and also got promoted to Captain at this time 'cause I'd done my navigation hat.

I knew how to sail ships and run ships. Motor ships, sailing ships and so on, and also had been in Power on three missions on AOs, so I got my Captain's awarded, and there was only, and still is, only two. There's Mary Sue and myself.

We had the famous 'Liability Cruise' that year before the AO, or in between the AO on the ship and the AO at Alicante. While that was going on we had that 'Liability Cruise' and Mary Sue was the captain of the ship, to get into shape to be the Flagship and to straighten it all up.

I told you, I think, once, that story about how the life boats got blown ashore in the wind when we were doing drills one day and the Spanish government arrested everybody and threw them in jail, and thought we were a Russian spy-ship. And came out finally, and Mary Sue handled the guys very well and offered the guys with the machine-guns tea and everything, so that they had to take the tea-cups and drop their machine-guns.

And the officer that came out believed that she was a Russian at first and then she handled him and told him the truth, that she was an American and this ship was merely doing a cruise and we were actually now in the process of making a movie and that's why everybody was, - so you know - they had handcuffs on their wrists and things like that - it was part of a movie, right? So anyway, that was the 'Liability Cruise'.

Well, we got the ship in shape and refitted in Alicante and got it up to Marseilles and the Boss christened it the Flagship and came aboard again from the 'Athena'.

At that time, also that year, we did the Pubs Mission. I did that one myself to Pubs in Edinburgh, and we found there that "plants" were put in by the World Federation of Mental Health and that they were in the Shipping Department, which were mis-addressing all the books being sent out and causing their stats to go down. I traced the guys back to the pharmacy shop where they were getting drugs, and to the owner, who was in phone communication with a guy named Dr. Carstairs who worked in the Medical School of Edinburgh and was the President of the World Federation of Mental Health.

So, these little investigations always ended up - wherever you had downstats and you had a lot of enturbulation, (which they did have at Pubs at that time) - you can always trace it back and it goes right into the arms of the enemy.

That year also, (we had done one earlier), in 1967, we did the World Wide missions, a series of missions that showed we had to take over the responsibility from Management as well, because the WW Exec Council and so on just could not run Orgs properly. And we were starting to do lots of missions.

So, the Sea Org went into management, sort of "off" its first purpose "to get OT Bases together from which OTs could be trained or processed, and sent out on OT-type projects, which were designed to get good control back on this planet". It went into more of a Management - "Let's get Scientology going and make sure it works because otherwise Orgs don't survive and we don't have any product to really give to the population of the planet and they'll all remain aberrated".

So, that went on, and we did a couple of missions also to Switzerland, to make sure that we continued in our operations to take over some of those fraudulent Mental Health Groups and so on, and part of the purpose then (after the English newspaper attacks), that LRH gave to the GO, was to take over the entire field of Mental Health.

I also did a mission for Mary Sue and it's wonderful working with both of them. I mean, they are just fantastic beings. And as we go into '68 - also, I must tell you, that during the summer of '68 is when the ban came in England, and that was a direct attack by the enemy on Scientology.

It was banning all foreign Scientologists from England. It was not a law. It was just an instruction sent down from a guy named Kenneth Robinson, the Home Secretary. He just issued an order on instructions from the head bankers in England, who were getting their instructions from the head "honchos" in Switzerland, which are the guys at the top of the ladder, as you will find out on RJ67. And there's one guy that actually is the chief of those, and we know who that is - a guy named Strasbourg, J. Strasbourg, Herr J, Mr. J. He's the guy behind the scene that tells the bankers what to do and they tell the various government officials who owe them money. (Not the government officials, but the government owes them money.)

So, those scenarios now, are very sophisticated and they're all programmed on computers and so on like that, so that the governments are totally under the control of these bankers. Whenever you find a country in debt, you'll find these control lines in it, very heavily, including the United States.

Especially the United States, the politicians under control, the newspapers under control, the medical services, the psychiatric services, the military, all under control. Not by their own elected representatives, but by these bankers.

Now, those were the things we were finding out then, that the world was not really running just randomly, it was running under a nice suppressive plan to keep everyone enturbulated, so they couldn't look and see what it was.

So anyway, this "hit" against the Church with the banning of foreign Scientologists into England. We thought it was going to knock us out, and I took it upon myself at the time (at the AO) to try and get the ban revoked and cause an English strike all over England so that the trains would stop and the mail would stop because they "might" be carrying a Scientology book or letter or something. You know, just make it ridiculous, until everybody stopped doing what they were doing and noticed that the Church was being attacked, or religion was being attacked by some asshole named Kenneth Robinson.

But the GO stopped me from doing that. They said 'they would handle it'. I did an ethics trip for that. I was still Q'ing & A'ing in those days, you see, and finally I got an order from the Boss and he cancelled any ethics conditions on me, and he said ' take your Americans (because we'd been given two weeks to leave the country) and go over to the United States and set up another AO over there, an AOLA. And at the same time he was sending out another mission to set up one in Europe, in Copenhagen.

At that time, I think the ship was in Greece, being that they were going to also set one up in Greece, but then there was an "American Embassy to the British Embassy to the Greek Embassy report" which said that we were some kind of drug addicts and we were drug smugglers and all that shit. And a lot of bad PR happened and the ship had to leave Greece. Naval vessels in the Greek ports were being told 'don't associate with those Scientologists, you know they are all bad, they have drugs and they're hippies and they're this and that'. And the commanders of ships were being advised by the psychiatrists aboard.

We found all this out from our intelligence operations then. However, all during this time, reporters were being sent down to interview the Boss, and they weren't being allowed in, of course, and also people were trying to be planted aboard to kill him, and so on, and we caught every one of them.

Still, Mary Sue, LRH and the family were perfectly safe, perfectly happy and they carried on. It was just like the old days of fighting the enemy while you got your job done.

So we were quite willing to do this move and we jumped over to LA with all our OT materials. Got them through Customs without anyone looking at them. Set up the AOLA and sent back Flag about 1/4 million dollars in about 10 or 12 weeks.

Kept expanding like crazy until a couple of, shall we say, suppressively-inclined, fixed, and special interest groups in the United States got onto our lines.

One of them was the Julia Salmen clique in LA, who said that we were "assigning too much auditing to people on SOLO" (for crying out loud), and that she "couldn't audit that much and therefore we were bad." And she also resented anybody in the United States that wasn't under her control, because she was just an Org person and, although the executive of the United States, she was just Org and we were Sea Org. And she thought she was running us and she wasn't.

And there's a lot of funny stories with that, but she was just a normal alcoholic. Anyway, the other one at the time was Alan Walter, who was 3rd partying because of his doing some squirrel activities in his franchise, and we were finding out about it and putting in ethics on him and generally putting ethics in right across and the stats were up - up - up. Just over the 100,000 dollar mark. We even had made over $100,000 at Edinburgh.

We made over $100,000 per week at LA, too and we were in power. We had over 800 active FSMs or at least 400 active and 800 on the books. And the central files was less than 2000, so we were doing quite well. Anyway, this 3rd party operated on some Aides back at the ship and without consulting LRH, they ordered me back.

At first they ordered all these successful actions stopped. Like the Tours, and the Ethics actions, and so on. Of course, the stats crashed from $116,000 in one week to $20,000 the next week. And they had to explain that. Well, they couldn't until I got back to the ship and debriefed. And then LRH cancelled everything again. You see, he had to keep saving my ass there.

Well, I finally got big enough to where I figured I could save it myself. But anyway, I was Q'ing & A'ing in those times. I knew LRH would 'save' me, you know, if somebody didn't understand what I was doing. But that's a very "effect viewpoint". We all have to be big enough Thetans to where we can take over the job of handling a planet all by ourselves. Otherwise, we are not making it to OT.

So, I really appreciate the Boss for doing those savings of me whenever people would knock me for high stats, but I finally realized I had better do it myself or else I am not going to ever get anywhere in this game.

So, we got the AOLA thing straightened out and he had me write out Mission Orders for that $100,000 thing: called 'The $100,000 Mission Orders'. And those were sent out with another team and those were put in at AOLA.

Yvonne was running those. I did a couple more missions. I was Captain of the Flagship for 6 years totally, but right then I was Captain of the Flagship for awhile, and we went on into 1969, and all of a sudden the Boss noticed that AOLA was not doing so well under Yvonne, and wanted to know what was happening. She kept sending in these reports that there were a few people that "weren't real" on her lines.

One guy was getting on her lines trying to take her out to "dinner" and all this kind of stuff. He said he was an "OT VIII" from "Washington" in the "old days". He obviously didn't know anything about Scientology or Dianetics. He was just a plant. He was a Class B movie actor.

I was sent out on a mission to relieve Yvonne, congratulate her for handling those guys so far, but relieve her to start Celebrity Center. The Boss wanted her to start Celebrity Center and sent me back to AOLA. And what I found there was this guy, and we took care of him, and got him arrested and put in jail. We found out he was a Class B movie actor, a thief, a compulsive thief, and he also was observed by us calling up the organization, AOLA, and threatening to "blow it up", which we reported to the police. He also stole a typewriter from the Ambassador Hotel, which we observed and reported to the police.

They caught him for these things. They had him in jail. They were really amazed we were so good. We were better than they were at finding out things. So. And then, also, we found out he "reported" from a place on Sunset Boulevard. He would call up a psychiatrist and report to him his progress on enturbulating the Organization and finding out what the CO was doing and how he "scared us" and all that stuff. He was reporting to a certain doctor of psychiatry in Beverly Hills.

Now, at that same time, there was a Station Ship out in Pac. That was 'Neptune' or 'Aries' - one of those two - and a guy (Sea Org guy), had gone up to the shore toilet one night ...

And two guys had jumped out of a car and put chloroformed cotton over his nose and mouth, and stuck him in the neck with a needle full of sodium pentathol (a hypnotic drug), and then ordered him to run. "Just keep running.""Don't go back to the Sea Org" and "Forget everything!" And the guy did! He started running (it was a quicky hypnosis job on him with a drug), and he ran down the street until he collapsed and the police picked him up. It was at night.

So the next thing you know, they thought he was a psycho, and sent him to County General Hospital, to the Psychiatric Ward. He was then given another injection of sodium pentathol, taken into a room and interviewed by two psychiatrists. One worked at the hospital and another one that came in was from Beverly Hills. That same one. Yes.

The interview consisted of "Where is LRH? Where are the ships? What are missions? What missions are you doing? What is the purpose of the Sea Org?" All this kind of stuff. They were trying to find out intel data. This guy did not know anything. He was just a recruit. He just gave them the standard shore-story and he was aware enough that, when he got audited after this, he recalled all the things that had happened to him, after they let him come off the drugs.

And then they asked him what he wanted to do. And he said ' I don't know. I used to work for somebody, but I don't want to work there anymore. I want to go home to my mommy.'

So they gave him $30 to buy a bus ticket with and they sent him out the door. And he just jumped on a local bus in LA and came out to the FOLO there and reported - the OTL, that is - and reported what had happened, and we gave him rest, vitamins and Dianetic sessions and ran the incident out and got all the data and we started checking it out.

And we found it was all true. We found the doctor's name that had treated him. We sent a minister down, got the doctor's record. We checked out the names of psychiatrists that were associated in Beverly Hills. We got that name.

I sent a telegram to the doctor in the County General from the doctor in Beverly Hills saying: 'They found us out. Get out of town quick!' The guy in County General got out of town quick. He left in the middle of the night. We had a minister check on that.

I knew these guys were guilty as sin. So I checked my full staff for PDH, found two of them that read, ran them in session and they had similar stories. They were grabbed in the middle of the night, taken into a house, questioned, put back into the same area they were and told then to go to sleep and go up and go to bed and forget everything. And they did.

So, these two others were also debriefed and that was the enturbulation that was running around the Org. We got that straightened out, got a little campaign going against this kind of thing, and doubled the QM guards, and so on like that.

And stats started coming right up. People got more secure around the area because before that, these people were not on post, you understand? They were getting dispersed. They could not think. They could not... - one of them was in Division 6 too, so this was really what was causing the stats of the Org to go down. It was all these infiltrators sent against it. These agent provocateurs like the Class B movie actor that was going after Yvonne, and these PDH cases that were in there just "waffling around" and being sort of dopey.

So, anyway, I reported all that up to Flag and the next thing you know I get these - (again it didn't go to LRH directly, it went to these Aides) - and these Aides decided I was ... - first of all, they didn't decide anything. They just wanted more data, and I said, "I'm sending a full report, written." And I did.

At the same time, this guy named Bob Thomas - now remember that: Bob Thomas. Because now we're getting into it: "Who is inside who works for the outside, huh?" He has been, and is, a government advisor on all the scenarios being run on the Church. He was a psychological consultant in the Army before he was in Scientology, and he's been working on both sides. He works for the government and he works for the Church, and finally he got Comm-Ev'ed by LRH and declared suppressive - (in the next few years). But before he made those mistakes in his court cases and so on and came to the attention of LRH and MSH, he had successfully third-partied me to everybody, saying that - in 1968 - saying that:"What you have here is Captain Bill hallucinating and none of this is really true, and everything is bla , bla, bla."

Meanwhile, his telexes were going up there (to Flag) saying that they (AOLA) should turn over these 3 people (that had been "PDH'ed") to him, because it was all "hallucination", and he would "take care" of them. In other words, he would kick them out of the Sea Org and tell them to go home and make sure that they didn't talk.

Because I had these three, we were going after the psychiatrist in Beverly Hills for KIDNAPPING, and we actually got to the door. I was going to take these guys over to him and walk in the door and have them identify him, and do a Citizen's Arrest on him. Well, the first day I went there to take his picture with another Sea Org officer, to take his picture, so I could show it to them to make sure it was the right guy. And he was so frightened when I walked in the door that he fell backwards over his desk and just sat there slobbering and gibbering. He knew he'd been found out. And the other guy with me, he was so shook up, he didn't even take the picture. I don't know why he was shook up, he should have expected it, but anyway. So we made some remark about his corporation in Las Vegas that we knew all about. (See, we researched this guy pretty good.) And he just stuttered and stammered and so on, and gave some kind of answer. And I said, "I'll be back."

And I came back the next day with the actual witnesses, the people that had been PDH'ed, and guess what? His office was deserted. His name plaque was taken off the door. When we asked the guard downstairs what had happened, he said the guy came in the middle of the night, 4 o'clock, loaded everything up into a station wagon and left. And I said, "Do you have his home address? We have one of his patients here". And he said, yes, here is his home address. We dashed over to his home. His home was in a similar condition. There were signs of hasty packing. He had blown town.

Now, that is fact. All that is documented. I have witnesses, etc, etc, etc. These guys were doing this. Alright. Now, that was one of the things that was levelled in recent times, it has been the same charge, of "hallucination". And when it was checked back by a friend at that time named Joe Lisa, it was found that: Bob Thomas had written those words in the"B-1" file, (that's an "intelligence file") about me, and that those words had been used by the GO all up until 1980 and B-1 to make sure that anything I said was labelled "hallucination" so that the plants would never be found out. And this is the way they work it.

Anyway, to carry on from this point in 1968, one other thing happened, uh 1969, sorry, one other thing in '69.

A guy named John Cole walked into the Org one day and offered to buy the OT materials for $10,000 for his business. I knew right away he was an "agent provocateur", sent him over to GO, and they let him go.

Two weeks later, he tried to steal the security pack from ASHO, (which had just been set up over there), by saying that "he worked for me" and that "I needed it for a press interview"' and "to bring it out to a certain location and he would take it to me". The CO over there was no dummy. In fact, I was on the phone to him at the same time and I was on another line, so I just told him to tell the guy, "Yeah, we'll meet him".

And we made up a pack with a lot of "nice" words for psychiatry and so on like that, like "screw you, you bastards", and "fuck psychiatry" and "psychiatry sucks" and all that stuff. And we put it in a nice envelope with a gold band on it, labelled it "SECURITY", "SECRET", all that stuff. And we delivered it to the guy. And I was right across the street and I walked over to the car, opened the door, and said "You're under arrest, you son of a bitch".

And he was so frightened, he - I took his keys out of the car, see, and just had his keys - and he was trying to get a gun, and a knife, and he didn't have any with him, and he was so frightened and flubbery and so on like that - he jumped out of the car and tried to hit me a couple of times and I just held him off. And then I started walking back toward the police station jangling his keys, and he came at me again, and I just made out that I threw them into the bushes, but I didn't. I just pocketed them. And then he ran scrambling into the bushes and cursing me saying, he was going to "kill me" and all this kind of stuff. Then I just walked up the street to the police station, jangled the keys again, and he came running like a Pavlovian dog, and ran into the police station and said that we were trying to steal his car. And we walked right in behind him and threw the keys on the desk, to my friend the Lieutenant in there, that had helped me out with various cases before this. I told him what had happened: "Industrial espionage; this guy has tried to steal things from us" and so on.

He said "You want him put in jail?"

I said "Yeah".

So they took him in the back and put him in jail.

And then Bob Thomas came along and let him out.

Now this was the same John Cole that's mentioned on page 64 of Omar Garrison's book. He's a CIA agent, FBI agent, worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency, he's a slavering psychotic.

And he was the one responsible for putting Terry Milner in jail for "attempted assault" or an "assault" charge - which Terry Milner never did. But John Cole is so crazy; he went and got himself beat up and said "Terry Milner did it". And that's how Terry Milner, who was a B-1 agent, the intelligence for GO in 1969, got blown and got out of the post - so that the field was open - Terry Milner was a good guy, you see - and the field was now open for Bob Thomas to run whoever he wanted in that post.

And also, at CCLA, Yvonne was getting targetted. Now she was starting all her Celebrity things over there, and she was getting targetted by the government for a few actions also - which will come to fruition in later years.

The ship was now moving around between Spain and Portugal and we were running into some political difficulty, which we later found out to be also forwarded through the American Embassy from Washington DC through the various Consuls and Embassies in the various ports to the heads of the government, which insinuated that we were either drug-runners or traffickers in "little girls", or "white slavers", or something like that. They didn't latch on to the good one, the one that really worked in those countries until a little later. And that was that they accused us of "being the CIA", and turned that data over to the Communist Parties of the countries, which then caused some real ruckuses. But that will come up later.

Anyway, we traced all these down, and we decided to - (in 1970), after I went back from that mission in 1969, the Boss told me, he said, "Hey, they tried to do the same thing on the Org in Phoenix in 1952." And he said he had to take care of the nuts they kept sending into the Org. The "psychs" were all working on the outside and sending implanted people into the Org. And he had to be very discerning in those days to make sure that somebody coming in was really there to be audited and not being sent to go crazy, and to cause a big flap.

Now in 19...- let's see if we can get to the next year here, 1970, we started trying to handle... - I was back on the ship doing the Captain job - ...and we started trying to handle Morocco and recover Spain - which had been third-partied against us in Madrid by the Interpol people. And we also had the plan for EU, which had to be instigated, and which I accepted the mission to do. That was going to go up there and take over Europe and get it booming.

Because the plan was to have EU, of course, be the mainstay of Scientology, and finance all of Scientology in case the United States ever went down the tubes, in case anything else happened to their economy, in case the Church got "taken over" there. Anything that happened to the US, EU would survive it. Now this was not started in '70 by the Boss. It was a postulate of his and an order to the Exec Council WW in 1966 or '67. However, it was never done. EU stats were still at the bottom by 1970.

So, there are very interesting stories I can tell you about the Morocco and Spain recovering thing, which I will in the next... - after this about the CO EU hat - ...but those cycles were never fully done, because one thing was to go and find the false data and get it replaced.

So, at that time, the Boss made up this project called "Snow White", which was given to Fred Hare to do. And it was to replace all the false data in every government agency's file with true data. Find it and replace it with true data. And that was the project called "Snow White".

Now, that was the start of all these missions that went to discover what was going on in Interpol, find out what data they had on us, the missions to various governments, to various groups, organizations, banks, IRS people, and so on like that. That was all under this heading of "Snow White". Get these documents and "Dead Agent" them.

OK, so the Spain recovery. We did a PR cruise to Spain without LRH and MSH on board. They stayed down in Morocco with the family. Of course, they were still safe and happy and enjoyed their birthday parties and their nights out and so on like that.

And the Spain recovery mission was partially successful. We found out that the main protest against us - the "Apollo" being there - was from Madrid. And so at that time a mission came up to Madrid to try and handle the thing, and it was found out the data came from Interpol and they didn't know what to do about it. And it was therefore necessary to do a mission on Interpol, which you have probably read about in that book, The Exposure of Interpol, written by Vaughn Young, I believe.

Anyway, that's all assimilable data, but that's how it fits in with Spain.

Now, also anybody's name, by the way, that was connected with the ship in those days, the Senior Officers and so on, is in the Interpol files, and it's also in the "Enemy List" file in the United States and that means "enemies of the state". And those names are all in there, all the top GO names (the good guys, anyway), and the top SO names (the good Sea Org people), are all in those files.

But anyway, the CO EU mission was coming up there that year, and I went up to EU and you know the story there. I started the Orgs going and also the CLO going there with "on-source and on-purpose teams" and just expanding the hell out of it.

And the thing is, we expanded quite well until people realized we were making a lot of money over there and then just...- the GO had to jump in there, everybody had to jump in there, and get their cut of the pie and put limitations on things and so on like that - ... and that's one reason why later on, the Boss said: 'Nothing applies to EU except his own orders.' And those were the same orders that were successful in EU when I was there, and anybody else's orders that came into there were always unsuccessful. Because we just did LRH Policy and what he would do on starting up an area like that, and that was successful and nobody else's stuff was ever looked at. And I had filed a whole trunk full of that stuff at FOLO, or the CLO, and it was never used. And apparently, that's the same successful action that Guillaume uses today, I don't know. We just used what LRH put down, and applied that.

So, that was going on, and in all of 1971, I was up in Europe.

In 1972, we got this ship, the "Commodore Queen". Again, here's a story of my Q & A as an executive.

I went over and got the ship out of England, because I knew that any ship in England would be seized by the people that tried to seize the "Apollo" back in 1967.

The Commodore wasn't on the Flagship at the time. He was visiting the United States, visiting his family and so on. So I sailed the ship over to Cherbourg, France with a picked crew from EU and we put it into position for a refit over there, since the Sea Org had bought it. And then Wally Burgess came up to take over the ship.

First, they thought I had hijacked it and stolen it. No, I was just taking it out of danger. That's part of my hat as a Captain. And then the next thing was, they ordered Wally to take it back to England without changing the Flag. I knew that was a disaster. And I sent a telex down to Flag, and said that should NOT be done. I called Wally on the phone. I said, "Don't take it across with the English flag on it. They'll seize it." Bla, bla, bla.

I Q & A'd. They said they would Comm-Ev me if I did anything about it and so on like that, and 'you can't countermand orders from Flag'. And I said, "Oh well, what the hell, let ' em find out." See, that's a Q&A, really. I didn't stand up for my integrity at that time.

And Wally dutifully sailed the ship over to England and it was seized and we lost the ship.

And I look back on that as Q&A. I don't do that anymore. So, I'm going to hold on to the correct line until the ENEMY Q &As, you see? Not me. They do!

So anyway, I had... - in '72 I had also finished the EU trip there. They reckoned I made a bad joke about FOLO. I said that, "A FOLO is a CLO with its brains kicked out," when I was at Flag at one time. And they used it a year later, the Staff Captain that is, Sandra Johnson, used it in an eval to prove that I was anti-FOLO. And removed me.

This was '72. I just got back from the EU CLO mission and I'd brought back these graphs of the Affluent stats, and the 10 X-ing, 20 X-ing of various stats and so on, bringing the EU area from a yearly income of 100 grand up to 2 million dollars, and a few other things like that.

And they wanted to send me out to "Forming Org" Chicago with my wife and make us "disappear", you see? I say they; that's Sandra Johnson and Jill Carlstrom. Get rid of us, see. Little too threatening there.

And Mary Sue telexed the Boss over to the United States and told him what was up. And he telexed back and said, "No Chicago for Capt. Bill. He's promoted to 2nd Deputy Commodore and his first job is to Comm-Ev the Staff Captain Sandra Johnson and Jill Carlstrom."

So I did Comm-Ev them. I called a Comm-Ev on them and they were demoted for being, you know suppressive toward upstats and so on like that.

And then the Boss, when he came back to the ship, he wrote up a nice Commendation, and made me some kind of a bonus. I got out of that my permanent Class VIII for doing C/Sing in French in Paris and a few other things. He also gave me responsibilities on overseeing ships and training and various other activities. Also overseeing the Captain at that time of the ship, I was over him, which was Norman Starkey.

I trained up more ships' officers and people in navigation and did some other things with helping the ship get more efficient. And we were cruising through Portugal and Spain at that time.

And it's interesting, because the Spanish OTL - it wasn't a liaison office yet, just a comm station actually, it was well yeah, an OTL - and the Spanish one, I think that was the year that it got thrown in jail. The guys there, I think it was Mike Douglas and somebody else.

You'll find this in the records, but they all got arrested there on some crazy charge that got relayed over by the United States, by the Government, that we were trafficking in drugs thru Spain and this was the connection point and all. And the police came in, threw everybody in jail, treated them badly - they didn't torture them exactly, but they didn't give them much to eat and they kept them in isolation cells, wouldn't let them talk or see any lawyers or anything like that.

Finally they got word out by one person that hadn't been there. He found out they were in jail and he got a comm back to the ship. They sent a mission up to handle it. And they finally got a lawyer and got them out of jail. And they didn't find any drugs, of course, they didn't find any evidence, and they finally had to let them go. Well, that was the scene in Spain.

And then - so we set up an OTL in Lisbon, 'cause the Spanish one sort of didn't work too well, and they also gave Krasnianski the job then of getting the PR going in Madrid, you know, because Madrid was kind of a hot area. That was Krasnianski's job, to get OTL PR going in Madrid there. Meet all the right people. Get all the things we needed done there and make sure we didn't get hit with these damn things unexpectedly like this again. 'Cause we were still using Spanish ports.

At that time, the only thing on the ship was, we had to inform Madrid if we were coming into Spain so they could OK it at the Maritime Agencies. And they did. The Minister of Marine OK'ed all our comings and goings. No other ship in the world had to do this of course. This was just because they at least believed that we weren't as bad as they said. Although one newspaper, when the guy Carrero Blanco, one of Franco's guys, got assassinated, there was one newspaper that wrote up a story that said we had done it.

However, we weren't even in a Spanish port at that time. I believe we were in Madera. But there was that kind of attitude at that time. There was always some reporter coming around trying to get a story on the "mystery ship Apollo". What was it really? And what was it doing?

Our cover at that time was Management Services and Management Consulting and training people which we WERE doing. It was all true. Most of the management was for the Church, of course, but we also had some shore things going as well.

Anyway, that 1972 passed in such fashion, visiting various ports and so on, improving PR, and trying to get the GO again to HANDLE most of these government attacks on the OUTSIDE. But they were not very successful at this, and we know the reason why.

Meanwhile, LRH and his family are very safe and they still go to the movies and they're still together. And we actually had a premiere of a movie in Portugal, in Lisbon, where we rented a theater, and the whole ship went there.

It was a premiere of a movie by a Scientology director, Milton Katselas. It's his "Butterflies are Free" film. We were at the World Premiere shown there and LRH and MSH were there. The whole crew was there. It was great.

And in 1973, we visited various ports such as Dakar, Las Palmas, Madera, The Azores - we sailed through the Azores. We went to Spanish ports in the North of Spain, Portuguese ports, and so on. This is mostly a ship year and we were also handling some third party stuff that was coming down from England, through the English government. And they were trying to send these phony newspaper reporters aboard and get 'stories'. And we were also getting about 2 or 3 a year of 'false recruits' that were being sent in, that were hypnotized and drugged to come aboard and kill LRH. But we caught every one of them at HCO and sent them packing off the ship. So that was how the year passed. Now 1974, things got a little warm. And I mean by that in the beginning of the year I was sent out on a "New Civilization" Tour. This was LRH's big push for the New Civilization on the planet and it was a tour to go around and promote this and recruit lots of people for the Orgs and for the Sea Org.

Now, I went with Arthur, Arthur Hubbard, and two musicians and Pat Gualteri and Hal Holmes and a communicator. And those - there were about 6 or 7 of us - and we went to, oh, ten or twelve different cities in the United States and Canada. However, the interesting thing about this tour - although it was very successful - we had 525 Sea Org recruits and about 150 Org recruits and about half those Sea Org recruits had to work at the Org to finish their contract first, but it was still a lot of recruitment. And that was in just three months. We were on this tour and some interesting things happened to show you that the enemy, although they are slow on the uptake, when they do see something to them that seems dangerous, they do take action on it.

Our event was a very powerful event, showing the decay of "modern" civilization and how a New Civilization could be made with Scientology. It was very aesthetic, well planned, and so on. At Washington DC, the event was tape-recorded by an agent - government - and he was spotted in the audience with a tape recorder and so on. He was the only one there with bad indicators. And he apparently gave this to his seniors.

Now, a couple of cities later, we find in Minneapolis that there was a threat to assassinate Arthur and myself by high-powered rifle, which we turned over to the GO at the time, and they provided some protection. This threat was actually called to the motel where we were staying and given to me by the manager.

And we got some protection there, and at the same location, we did the event that night anyway, and the psychiatry faction in town sent in two people that were designed to go crazy in the event and cause a big flap. And the GO guys were doing a good job there at that place and they caught them at the door and turned them away.

We went on to Vancouver, and in Vancouver the local psychiatrist there, who was one of the SMERSH guys, gave a teen-age gang, one of those leather-jacket gangs, about 25 guys, teenagers - gave them drugs and told them to go break up the meeting that this "phony Church" was having. 'It wasn't really a Church, it was trying to get off of people', and so on. 'Go break up the meeting and scare everybody' and 'run 'em out of there'.

And they did. As soon as the meeting started, the doors burst open, 25 guys ran in swinging motorcycle chains and yelling and screaming and so on like that. And I just did 'Bring Order!' , 'HCO Bring Order!, and 350 Scientologists got up and mobbed THEM ALL out the doors.

And then the GO guy there went out and talked with them, and the leader - and the leader was so shook up - he'd never had anything like that happen. He came back in and apologized to us and said this psychiatrist had given them drugs and told them to do it.

And the GO got all the data and the name and everything like that and the guys apologized and said that they didn't believe we were a Church, but they know we must be a Church now, because nobody would have that kind of togetherness in spirit to throw them all out of an auditorium. It was just FAST.

So we did that. And then this report went back to the ship and then LRH got a little bit concerned for Arthur's safety because the next place we were going was L.A. and it was presumed that since the gradient was increasing, there might be bombs or something like that planted in the auditorium. So the tour was called off at that point.

Just to show you that '74 was a nice year for attacks, we went back to the ship. And in September of that year, or early October, was when the "Rock Festival" happened in Madera.

I say "Rock Festival". It's not a musical event. It was a war, actually. That was when the American Embassy had tipped off the local Communist Party there that the 'Apollo' was a CIA ship. Portugal had just gone through the throes of its revolution, so at the time it was very 'left wing'.

And the Communists formed a big mob with torches and stones and rocks and everything and they came down to burn the ship. About 250 of them. And we fought them off for two hours and finally the local maritime police showed up with machine guns and dispersed the mob after they had knocked the Harbor-Master nearly unconscious in front of our ship with a 'two by four'. And we took him on board, gave him First Aid and he called some tug-boats and took us out to anchor where we would be safe.

At that point, LRH said - there was also some guys of our crew chased with knives down the street and so on - but still, no one got hurt from our side. Well, two people got knocked out by rocks, but they just didn't stay down. But none of the family was hurt. LRH was not hurt. Mary Sue was not hurt. Nobody else was hurt.

And LRH decided then that it was time to leave this area. It was getting a little too bit agitated by these US Government people. When we traced back the lines it always came from the United States and that was when a guy named Henry Kissinger was the Secretary of State. The orders were coming from his office through the Embassies and CIA.

And we decided to secretly just sail across the Atlantic and go into the Caribbean. We did that. We went to Bermuda, and at Bermuda there was a CIA local resident there who tipped off the - we were intending to go into Charleston, South Carolina first and land in the United States and go right in there and handle these guys - but the guy in Bermuda, the CIA agent, tipped off the United States that we were coming - the FBI and so on - and they had 163 agents lining the docks.

And we got warned about that by our port mission and some good GO guys that heard about the pretended 'arrest' - they were going to 'arrest' LRH and so on, on some of these tax cases because they knew he was coming to the United States in Charleston.

Some [government] guy was bragging about this in Hawaii and wasn't aware of the time difference or something or thought it already had happened. Our guy in Hawaii got on the telex, and he telexed somebody in England and England telexed back and they finally got the people down in Charleston and they called us on the radio and we turned around the ship at about 15 miles out from the port, right outside the 12 mile limit, and didn't go in there. So, 163 agents didn't have anything for breakfast, namely us.

And that's a well known story, too, and that was right after the "Rock Festival" in Madera. So let me tell you, we've seen a few of these things and the guys on the ship, the guys that worked with LRH, they're all good fighters.

So we went down to the Caribbean, through the Bahamas and so on. And finally the State Department of the United States with Kissinger at the wheel - you know Kissinger is one of the top SMERSH guys, as you know - a Public Relations man normally, although he opens his mouth a little bit too much most of the time - but he's one of the 'evil beings' on the planet.

He then started telexing his Embassies and so on in Barbados and Curacao, and what's the name of that place with all the oil and stuff there? Oh yeah - I've got it written right here - Oh yeah, I know what it is. This goes into 1975, I've just got to bring you up a year. Barbados, Trinidad and Curacao. We had attacks in all those places.

We were able to handle most of them because these countries are very small. We did get asked to leave a few ports and nobody could understand why, except it was some 'pressure' from the United States, they would "cut their foreign Aid" or something if they did (welcome us ).

We also captured some telexes directly from the State Department that gave these orders and these were used in a lawsuit that LRH asked to be brought against Kissinger, the State Department, and several other named Embassy and American consular officials. And it was filed in the United States. An 800 million dollar lawsuit against Henry Kissinger and other people in the State Department, who were in office at the time, by the way.

Now, the United States Government went through a whole series of convolutions to keep this a secret. It never appeared in the press. And this suit will become important in the next years, so just remember that.

That suit is now being pushed, pushed, pushed in 1975 through the courts in the United States, trying to get somebody to open it up, make it public, accept it, DO IT, see?

So anyway, we did a refit in Curacao and LRH decided to land in the United States anyway. See, he never gives up his intention. He couldn't land in the boat. He's now going to land all the crew there. They all went in separate airplanes, different times, different places. In all, we filtered in two or three hundred people, mostly the foreigners first, then LRH and MSH filtered in. Of course, they travel always on separate planes for security. And then the last part was to get the ship all cleaned out. Ready for sale. And he had a mission finding a hotel in the South. There was a good climate there so he could set up the Flag Land Base, because we were processing and training people on the ship at that time. But now we wanted to do it on shore where we could really expand.

And they found the FH and they bought that. Now the FH was bought in Clearwater, as you know, in 1975 and I did the cleaning job on it. It was nasty. After I had gotten the ship ready for sale and left it with a prize crew, we got the FH ready.

And at that time I became aware of something LRH was investigating in Clearwater, which was the fact that the Mafia was interested in having gambling in Florida, and when they did get this passed thru the legislature, (because it's illegal right now) - but when they did getopen gambling passed thru the legislature, they had different towns selected out to be the head gambling places and Clearwater was one of them.

These Mafia-connected businessmen and so on in Clearwater wanted the Fort Harrison to be the first gambling casino in Clearwater. Therefore, they didn't want it to be sold to anybody that would keep it. And that is the source on the entire attacks on the Church in Clearwater. All they want to do is get us to move out of the Fort Harrison so they can have it for gambling when they pass the law in Florida, and that is the entire source of it. There's no other reason for those attacks. That is it. The businessmen stand to lose a lot of money unless they can sell that hotel to the Mafia. So LRH found this out in 1975 and the GO kept forgetting it all the way up until 1980, I haven't heard it mentioned then. But they could stop any attacks down there by just letting people know that this is what it really is.

Anyway, 1976 now, we move along. The Flag Land Base was set up. I did the post of CO FSO, I did some missions out to PAC area, I got appointed CS-1. LRH, meanwhile, had not moved into the Flag Land Base, because of this attack scene going on down there at the time from the local Clearwater Mafia. He lived nearby, in a small town nearby, and then he moved to California with a small staff in 1976. Whereupon, he started writing the movies, the films, the tech films, and so on like that. And he wanted a good place to do that, and that was his job there, to get those films produced, to keep the Tech standard. Started it out in 1976.

Now I did the CS-1 post, found out a lot about Ethics and Justice in the United States at that time which was in very poor shape. I could tell you some horror stories from that but you've probably heard them all anyway. I tried to get Justice and equitable Ethics going in, fairness, and truth, and was getting pretty successful at it. I had a lot of people writing to me and trying to get things done and I did them; I got the Review Comm-Evs and got evidence pulled out and found out who the real bad guys were, and everything. And I think I did pretty well on that post. And I was fully hatted for it, by the way, A to I.

And then I went on my annual leave, and when I came back, they needed me on the CS-E post. So I took the CS-E post because that was the big flap at that time. I always have to go where the flaps are, you know, and got on the CS-E post and I was on that late 1976 and early 1977.

First thing I had to do in 1977 was handle the Toronto fire, early in 77. The Org was burned down. By the way, this is confidential GO data, but it's no use holding it this late in the game.

The guy who burned down the Toronto Org - it burned completely to the ground - was a plant. He was in there and he set the Mimeo files on fire - you know, the hanging sheets with the Mimeo fluid in them; they burn real well. It was done at night and the guy disappeared. Couldn't find him of course. Actually, it was arson. He burned the Org down at night. And there weren't many people around and it was after-hours and nobody got killed, but they lost everything in the Org - they thought.

Except Ed Brewer and myself went up and salvaged everything and got them a new Org building in a Hotel, rented, for about the same price that they were running, and got them back into Power stats within one week. The same week the Org burned down (on Friday night), by next Thursday they had 27,000 dollars in GI, which was the highest stats they'd ever made since 5 FEBCs had gone back in 1970. (I believe that was the highest stats they'd ever made.)

So, I was quite successful in that.

Then I did some PAC missions, (missions out in the PAC area), and went out there to help with the Cedars refit. As CS-E, that was the biggest project we had going in the whole world - was refitting Cedars.

And that same year was the raid on the Church there when the FBI had broken in and taken all the records in the B-1 files from the Cedars area. And it's very interesting that those B-l files are now reposing in an FBI secret headquarters in Encino, California.

I have given all this data to the proper people in the Church, but I don't think anybody's gone out there to see the files. I have seen them. They're in the basement there. And since it's an illegal place, the FBI's operating it under the name of an Insurance Company, Zenith Insurance Company. It's not really an FBI place, so there's no reason why we couldn't subpoena them and get the files back.

But, of course, as I told you before, since Bob Thomas put that thing in the file in 1968, everything I've said is really "hallucinations". But no, nobody just goes and looks. That's all I ask you to do. It's all LRH ever asked us to do was just go look. Well, I've done the looking. Anybody else, I don't give a damn whether they believe it or not, but if they ain't big enough to go and look, then they ain' t big enough to know. And they ain't big enough to go OT, either.

Anyway, 1978, the Cedars refit mission was still going on and then I got qualified to go to SU. Now SU is a Special Unit were LRH was making the films. They needed some more people out there, some execs and so on. And I went out there in August, 1978. Now, just before I arrived there - the first thing I found out there when I arrived is - there's no GO there, there's absolutely no GO there, and the GO is prohibited from being there and the CMO and the SU people are prohibited from talking to the GO, or any GO terminal, or having any written comm to the GO, or any kind of connection with the GO. And this is because LHR had kicked out any GO terminals from SU.

And he had done that for a very simple reason. They had grossly non-complied with his order. Because in 1978 the indictment came down on the "nine" (and Mary Sue) that the FBI had done from the files that were stolen from the Church. And LRH had offered, right away, he had ordered the GO lawyers and so on, to TRADE the Kissinger 800 million dollar suit to the government. See, because it was quite embarrassing to them. And it was embarrassing to SMERSH, too.

And it was getting a little more play now. I think one Washington paper had mentioned it. So he offered to trade that suit off: To say we "have insufficient evidence" if you say you "have insufficient evidence" in the Mary Sue and nine conspirators case.

That was his order. To trade those two, equal off. They drop the case against Mary Sue and the nine. We drop the case on Kissinger.

The GO didn't do that. They traded that suit for one of the IRS appeal suits. And LRH was so mad at them that he kicked them all off of the SU area and he wouldn't have any more comm with them. He warned Mary Sue at the time,"There's something wrong in the GO. There's something very wrong in there. They're not complying. They're not acting as if they are on our side".

And Mary Sue didn't get the word. She didn't look hard enough, or she didn't believe it, or there were too many people on her lines telling her that things were "other" than what LRH was saying.

But in actual fact, the people on her Controller's Committee, right underneath her, and between her and Jane (because they were senior to Jane) there were two people on it that were working for the government. And they were James Mulligan and Anne Mulligan. All right.

Now, the "trade-off" was messed up, and also, as you know, you probably know, or maybe you don't know, but have the Court Records. You may have seen these Court Records of the Mary Sue case and there's this guy in it named Michael Meisner.

Now we're getting into some other people's tracks but have this from the sources themselves, the stories heard from them directly, and that is: The whole reason Mary Sue and the nine got indicted was because of this break-in that the GO did in Washington to get these papers on Scientology having to do with the stealing of the documents from Cedars.

It's all involved in that case anyway. And what happened was that -this guy Michael Meisner was the one that proposed the break-in. He was the AG Washington. Now, the funny thing is that two people in Washington at the time when he proposed that - before it was even done, before it was accepted - KNEW and had evidence that he was a government agent. Those two people were Bill Franks and Lynn Murphy.

Now, those two people wrote up reports on separate lines - 'cause Franks was Sea Org and Lynn was GO - they wrote up reports on separate lines to Mary Sue to tell her that Michael Meisner is a Government agent and he should be gotten out of here. He's not a GO guy. He doesn't think like us. He doesn't act like us. He has connections to the Government, he is trying to get the Church in trouble, etc, etc, etc.

In other words, they EXPOSED him. They sent the things up the line. Jimmy Mulligan stopped these communications from going to Mary Sue. They did not go to Mary Sue. He ordered, through the connections he had to the Sea Org, from his mysterious GO post of Controller's Committee, that Bill Franks be removed from Washington Org and Comm-Eved and RPF'd: and he was. And that Lynn Murphy be brought back to PAC and Comm-Eved and RPF'd; and she was. And she was also kicked out of the GO. And they were so spinny, they didn't even realize what it was for. But it wasn't for any of their stats or anything. It was just the fact that they had tried to expose a plant.

Now, you realize that if those comms had been allowed to go thru, then Mary Sue would never had gone to jail. And I don't know if you've found that out, I think I told you, but it is a fact now that Mary Sue is in jail. She's in a prison for women on the East Bay - it s called East Bay of San Francisco Bay. It's quite a nice place. It's a white-collar prison. But she's still in prison and she should not be there.

I wanted to point out something else, too, on the GO's head, and these plant's heads. That since 1976, before 1976, all the years that LRH and MSH and the family were onboard the ship under the Sea Org protection, they were totally safe. Nobody touched a hair on their heads. Nobody got them in a court room.

Since they moved ashore, they were under GO quote "protection" and since that time, Mary Sue is in jail, Quentin is dead, LRH had to move off the lines because of 18 or more subpoenas on him for various civil cases against the Church, and the family is quite dispersed.

They don't get together for birthdays anymore. Diana, this year, has said that she can't even get her comm thru the CMO to the Old Man. She can't even communicate hardly to her father anymore. She writes up there but she doesn't know if anything is getting thru or not. And Arthur is now kicked out of SU. And so is Suzette.

They are not in SU anymore. They were quote "knocked out of SU" for quote "out security". When in actual fact, the thing is that they are very vulnerable themselves to any attacks because they are members of the family. And they should be protected. And they are not being protected. And they're all in the Los Angeles area now.

And Diana is trying to take care of them. And she's also trying to help her mother. And I also pledged to her that I will do anything in my power to help get her mother out of jail.

And that whole thing, I say, was caused by the fact of infiltration and plants in positions in the GO. And, of course, we all know that Mary Sue should have spotted them, but there were two right under her, feeding her Legal and Intelligence data.

James Mulligan was in charge of Intelligence and his wife Anne Mulligan (they're both homosexuals, by the way - they got together to make a good "show"), but they chopped all the Legal and Intelligence lines to Mary Sue, and just let thru what they wanted her to see, or wrote up their own reports the way they saw it, or the way they wanted it to be, and that was the way the Government wanted it.

So, these things were all found by me in the next couple of years, and they are all logged and written down and debriefed at several places. I will tell you where they are in just a moment but I've got to go thru 1979 first, 'cause in late '78 the location where the boss was filming got blown by two people that went to Las Vegas.

They blew from SU Area, from the film area. They were like new recruits. They blew. They were "family" of some messenger or something and they blew and they went to Las Vegas and tried to get $10,000 from the FBI to reveal the location. The FBI said "No, reveal it anyway", and they did.

And they went to the newspapers, and they tried to get money from the newspapers, and the next thing you know, people from Las Vegas Org were over there running around in their cars trying to see LRH. So he said "We've got to get a new location." So we did. We got another new secret location for filming so we wouldn't be bothered. And it's still in California. And this one was where the current CMO INT people are, and the Watchdog Committee, and all that stuff.

The Watchdog Committee, by the way, is just the executives and division heads of CMO INT. That's all it is. There's nobody else on it. Or there wasn't when I worked there. Maybe now, but there wasn't then.

And they all call themselves the Watchdog Committee because their purpose was "To watch over Scientology and make sure it stayed on LRH Policy". Isn't that strange?

Well, now they seem to be setting their own policy. But that's the way they were. They were very "status-oriented" people. And the LRH messengers (there were good guys that were in it in the beginning when it was running well) are all gone. They've all been removed from it. And who removed them?

Well, you have to look at who's the head of it and who is the guy that's running it. It's the heads of the CMO and the Special Projects people at CMO INT. And I was there. I was the CO of SU, which is the Special Unit, the whole thing, not the head of CMO INT, but the SU part that's doing the films and so on, and I worked with LRH for a year and a half out there, and since the GO wasn't there, I did all the Legal and Intelligence for him. And hatted up Leo Johnson on how to do it, so that he could take over the Div 6 hats of PR, and so on, for the base.

And I got to know LRH's Legal and Intelligence and Public Relation Policies very well, 'cause I had to get hatted on them myself. And he was personally directing me and handling these by conference and by written dispatch.

And while I was up there as CO SU, one day I got removed. The messenger came over - I just want to show you how things can get altered. LRH lived in a house not a hundred yards from where I was in my office. And a messenger came over and told me I was removed. It was an "LRH order". And that I was to go down to Estates and work in the garden. And I said, "Well, I'd like a Comm-Ev, because I don't know why this is. My stats are not bad, etc, etc". She says, "Well, it's an LRH Order. Are you going to do it or not?". I said, "Well, since you say it's an LRH Order, then it must be, because messengers never lie."

You see, that was their thing. They never lie, they said it was an LRH Order, it was. So I said, "All right I'll do that" and "I'll go down there, and I'll request a Comm-Ev on lines." And she said, "OK, turn over to your Chief Officer." So I did. And I was down there working on a tractor and then another messenger came by and said, "What are you doing down here working on a tractor?"

And I said, "Well, I have been removed", and so on. And she said, "What! I don't remember that. It wasn't in the traffic".So she ran over to the LRH house just a hundred yards away, looked thru the traffic, there was no such order. She came back and said, "That's a lie. Who told you that?"

And I said, "This messenger here, her name is Cindy or something." And she went over and grabbed Cindy and asked her what she did and she said, "Oh, yeah, I thought it would be a good idea."

They checked into Cindy - these were some of the ones that the Boss had trained - they checked into Cindy, the ones that the Boss had trained checked into Cindy and they found out she was an unhandled LSD case. She had about 20 or 30 trips of LSD and never handled and she was totally hallucinating all the time. Really hallucinating. And she thought she was a little "god", and she was running around "firing" everybody and saying it was LRH doing it and so on like this.

So they dismissed her, quickly. Sent her back to her mother. And I just wanted to show you that I was only a hundred yards away from the place where LRH actually lived, and I accepted an order that I thought was from LRH and it wasn't.

OK, now they will also write those down and give them to you, right? And they will type them up and sign them "R", and give them to you. And sometimes they ain't from LRH. I just want you to know that. 'Cause I've worked there for two years and if those kids have had LSD, they will do that sometimes, just because they get a bit "Waugh, waugh, waugh" (Uppity). Now that's when LRH was there.

Now he's not at that location (SU) anymore, because the second location we got, got blown too. It was on television, for Christ's sake! and in the newspapers. So it's a totally blown location and he never moved there. He moved back to a nearby town. And then he moved from there. And he moved from the next place. And he moved from the next place.

So he was three steps AWAY from the SU area and the CMO by the time of 1980. That's 3 vias. And he left a messenger at each point to relay comm and to make sure the lines had enough "breaks" in them so that nobody could trace them down. He had courier set-ups and so on like that.

So anyway, in 1979 we got this new place and I was working on that and then the CMO was given the job of getting the whole of Scientology operating totally on Policy, and making sure every Org was operating and do an eval on each Org and so on. So most of the evals required missions, and at that time LRH was "close" to the lines (in '79), he was only living a few miles away. And we did missions to all the Orgs.

I was then put on as Chief Missionaire, because I had most of the experience in missioning. And I did missions to Flag, St. Louis, FOLO WUS, St. Hill Castle, the Eval Unit, etc, etc. Now on these missions in 79, I started discovering... - you mostly know, you go on a mission and it's usually a down-stat, out-ethics area and you find things. And you find things like somebody trying to be a plant, or you find somebody that's been PDH'ed, or something like that.

Well, I kept reporting these to the GO, as you should, and I kept reporting them to the GO and then I'd go on another mission and find out that in that place where I'd just done a mission, that nothing had happened to these guys. They never did remove them, they never cleaned them up, they never fixed them, they were still there! Some of them had even been promoted!

So I went to this guy Jimmy Mulligan, who was the highest "visible"... - 'cause Mary Sue was living in her own place then. You see, the Boss and her had to live in separate places because she was under surveillance by the Government all the time since she was "indicted" now, you see. And she had to live at a separate house in a different town. So I couldn't get to her. And that was a secret location. And the Boss was in a secret location.

And so I went to Mulligan, who was the highest intelligence terminal in the GO, he was the Controller's Committee for Intelligence. And I went to him, I said,"I want to talk to you". (This is in late 1979), I said, "I' ve been spotting these plants in the Organizations. I've been reporting them to the GO and the GO has done nothing about them. Why not?"

And he looked "Oh!" This had shocked him because it came from left field. I just met him in the hall there, you see, and he didn't have an answer ready. So he said "Ah...ah.., well.., if we ..if we... shoot them.., uh..uh..uh..,they might send in others and we don't know who they are."

I said, "That's a lie, man. What are you giving me that bullshit for. Anybody can find a plant on a meter," I said, "That's a lie". So he said, "Oh well, yah, ..uh.., yes..,uh..., well it was Mary Sue's policy". And I knew that was a lie, too. Because I've done missions for Mary Sue and I know how she feels about plants. So he lied to me twice there.

And the next thing you know, he did a little 3rd party on me to the CMO and got me in a Comm-Ev. So that I "wouldn't remember", you see. But anyway, I remembered that. That he wouldn't do anything about this, and he was lying to me. I didn't know why at the time, but it later became apparent.

That was late 1979. In 1980, I kept doing missions and I kept going across those same damn plants, you know, sitting in there. There's one... - like that girl Debbie Mace out in the field. She was an agent provocateur, tried to get the Church in trouble, in every thing she was doing, she was reporting back to the FBI all the time and had all her contacts set up. Heber Jentzsch knows her, and he knows that she is a plant.

She did an agent provocateur trip on him and got him hung up in an attack on Scientology in the California State Assembly a couple of years back. And he had tried to get something done about her and nothing had happened.

And every person she'd audited... - (she's a field auditor) - and she kept trying to mince her way into the high security areas, and she offered to audit for the GO one time... - and everybody she audited went either out-2D or blew. So they finally had to fire her. Some of the good guys realized that she wasn't a good auditor. Anyway, she kept mincing around and trying to get into Flag and audit execs down there and I caught her again auditing at Flag as a volunteer in auditing high-security people like Ken Urquhart, and so on like that.

And I got her the hell out of there and I reported her again to the GO. I said, "Get her the hell off your lines, man, she's this... - here's her records, here's her ethics records, go look up her file, it's in the ethics files down at Flag. You'll see the whole thing with her, man!"

And she was also responsible for out-2D liaisons in Columbia. She used to go down to Columbia and they had a few connections down there to the high officials down there to sleep with them - married Government officials and so on like that. It was all in the file. There's this whole report. Then I asked these guys at Flag GO to do something about her... and they didn't. Because they had to write up to get permission. Because she was from the L.A. field. And when they wrote up to L.A. of course... they said no.

Anyway, in 1980, I'm still doing these missions, but I'm getting all of these various intel lines now coming together. 'Cause I'm moving all over the U. S. mostly and I started realizing that there was a little bit of some kind of criticism coming up after this little Comm-Ev, which I got out of by using my Kha-Khan. Because the Boss had given me a Kha-Khan in 1976, I believe it was, or 75.

He said I was the most successful ship's Captain and Missionaire, and so on like that . So I used one of my Kha-Khan things and got out of that Comm-Ev.

And I was carrying on with these missions and since my wife Joan, (this was when I started doing these missions) while I was on one to England, she left and went back to Boston and she wouldn't come back. And she said that the CMO was not acknowledging her value to the Org, not letting her work and so on like that, and she wasn't getting any money and she was going to die if she didn't, so she went back to work and tried to straighten up her Social Security. That's what she said anyway. I don't know.

Perhaps she had other fish to fry or perhaps she had gotten... - she did get sick around that time, so she had to go to the Shaw Clinic. So perhaps something had happened to her there. Because in my investigation I found out that there was a person named Vicky Sammler, a Doctor, that was put into the Shaw Clinic to make sure that several Scientologists got a little PDH and drugging every now and then if they were top execs. And Vicky Sammler was the one that was using drugs, and so on, on Scientologists. And any Scientologist that's ever been to her will tell you she was a black thetan and she was up to no good.

But anyway, there is evidence that she's given drugs to Scientologists. Doesn't use Touch Assists. Doesn't use any LRH tech. I don't know why they kept her there except that probably the Government had some kind of threat over the rest of the people that worked there. Income tax, perhaps, who knows?

But anyway, the missions went on, and, oh, there's plenty stories, but let it suffice that I tried to get these people handled, that I found. Reporting them to the proper terminals and so on, and debriefing on them, and trying to get somebody to take responsibility for these plants.

After I'd turned them over to the GO, then nobody would handle them. So that's what you were supposed to do in those days. Now at that time, my wife had been gone for a year, so I decided to find another partner to do missions with.

And I proposed to this girl named Helga Wagner down at Flag, and she didn't want to marry me. She wanted to stay out on the outside and do PR stuff. And then I proposed to a girl named Linda, and the same thing. She had a kid and she couldn't come to SU, so she stayed down there at Flag.

And about this time I discovered that while I was doing this stuff, there was a fellow in the CMO there, in HCO, named Jay Okamoto, who was, privately, behind my back, writing telexes about my letters to these girls.

Of course he had to read the letters, you know, to do that, and there was a security thing there that they had to read letters to see if you were giving away the location, but since this was nothing to do with the location, he had no business doing anything with the letters.

But what he was doing was telexing to all the CMO units saying to not let, or to prevent these people from saying "Yes" to me. In other words they telexed about Linda, for instance, to Flag and he said "This is serious. Get Linda and take her over to the side and tell her to refuse Capt. Bill's proposal. We can't have this happen"... etc.,like this..., and I looked at these telexes. These are not Scientology telexes. They are agent telexes.

So I took one of these telexes, pasted it on a big sheet, and petitioned the CO CMO INT... - that was Dede Voegeding- that this guy is obviously some kind of other-intentioned. He's not a Scientologist. He's trying to destroy any 2D communications and I propose that he, first of all, be gotten off my lines. I don't want him as any kind of HCO terminal on my lines, and I don't want the Qual guy, who he was also informing, as any kind of Qual terminal on my lines, because these guys are1.1.

And the CO CMO, Dede, an old LRH messenger said, "OK, yeah, yeah", and she approved that and she investigated them. And boy, they had to do some fast back-pedaling to make sure it was all,"Oh, it was just a mistake, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla."

And they all went around, "Heh, heh", 1.1ing for a little bit.

And then, on the next mission I went to Flag, I met Dafna and we hit it off pretty well, and I proposed to her and next thing you know, there was some more Okamoto telexes saying that, "She can never join the Sea Org. Don't let her in the Sea Org," and so on like this. And I found these telexes, and this time I realized -"Hey, wait a minute. This guy is actually operating like an agent. He's actually saying that somebody can't come here, yet he is HCO and he is a recruiter. He's supposed to recruit for the CMO and Dafna was going to join and come to SU and work there."

And, at the same time, mysteriously, after I proposed to her, a Comm-Ev got called on her at Flag. And she's a PUBLIC. So it was interesting.

So she wanted to go ahead and do this Comm-Ev, and I saw something else in this. I saw something that was getting a bit arbitrary here. My three weeks annual leave was due, so I went off on the leave and I eloped with Dafna and married her.

Now, we did that, and then we went down to Flag, still on a three weeks leave, and got married at Flag in a big ceremony, and also I went down to be a character witness at her Comm-Ev.

She was supposed to have had something like "bad PR" in the community or something. And so I went to the community where she was supposed to have the "bad PR". I went with her to find out what they thought of her - and they all loved her. So that didn't work out, and I could testify that she didn't have "bad PR".

Anyway, I went up to the Comm-Ev and I said to the Chairman, "Ok, we're ready for the Comm-Ev and I'm going to be the witness on the other side, for the plaintiff, and let's have it."

And then I found out that these guys have been calling witnesses while she wasn't present, they'd been calling witnesses without the interested party present, and they even asked ME to come in and testify without the interested party present!

And then I said,"That's it! You guys are fucking illegal. That's it!"

So, I telexed up to CMO, Dede again, and I said, "There's an illegal Comm-Ev going on down here on my wife. They're doing this and this and this. And I request it be cancelled." It was. It was cancelled immediately.

Another one was set up by the CMO, because apparently they still had some data or they didn't know what was going on... maybe? You think? Lets all be "reasonable" about this now. And by that time... there was supposed to be one by the CMO. It was picked out and they had a NOTS auditor on it and all kinds of important people, even Ken Urquhart was on it. And we went over to that one. And by this time, Dafna and I had amassed a whole bunch of data. She had amassed a lot of data. I found out why she was being attacked. She had given all the data she knew about the Clearwater Mafia to the GO... and they had declared her PTS type III. Now, I knew the data about the Clearwater Mafia because LRH found it in 1976, and when I told her that, she went, "Really? That's the same thing I found out! About the Fort Harrison and all this and the gambling and all?" I said, "Yeah, yeah, LRH knew that in 1976." She said, "Well, GO doesn't believe me now. And they're doing this and this and this..." I said, "Really, uh,uh, that's strange!" So we were going to have it all out with this Comm-Ev, you see, and she had a whole pack of data and bunches of data, about 2 feet, 3 feet of data. And I had a whole bunch of data.

And we went to the Comm-Ev and the Comm-Ev said, "Well, how do you plead?" And we said, "Wait a minute. Have you read the data?"And they hadn't read the data. So we said, "Well, we suggest you adjourn until you read the data and you may not want to have a Comm-Ev on us. You may want to have one on a few GO terminals we intend to call as witnesses." And we said that to the Comm-Ev and the next day the Comm-Ev was cancelled. This is the second Comm-Ev that's cancelled now.

So what I was doing... I was on a little mission here of my own, I was on my leave you see, and I was gonna get some Justice in around here, because I didn't like all this "Bullshit Justice" they were pulling on us in early 1981.

So the next thing, you know, I get called back to SU out in California, and my leave is about up and I say: "Well, ok, I'll do that." And I'm going to tell them everything about that now and get my wife in the Sea Org because it's not a girlfriend now, it's not a proposal, it's a wife. OK, so I go back there full of beans and I debrief on all of this data that I found out about the plants. I debriefed on everything I found out about the Clearwater suppression of the Church and the building down there. I debriefed on some data I had found out about John Cole. You remember John Cole? Page 64, Garrison's book. We saw him down in Clearwater there and he was overheard talking to a taxi-driver about "raiding" the Church in Clearwater and planning some actions against them. I reported that to the GO Flag there, and they checked it out. They interviewed the taxi-driver. He gave them a debrief on tape. It was all just as I said. Now that was Molly Bernstein (AG Flag at the time). The data is with Molly Bernstein. She has a whole tape on it done by me and a tape done by Dafna.

Anyway, I went back to PAC. I debriefed to the HCO Exec Sec, Janadir Swanson, in the CMO there. And we also realized that from Dafna's data, that the Clearwater elections could be influenced. Because she was being asked by the pro-Scientology candidate to be the PR person to tell him what all the "buttons" were and how to best put the Church's point of view forth in Clearwater so that he could be elected. And the GO didn't want to hear about this. They didn't want the guy elected. He was pro-Scientology, by the way. So when I got back, I debriefed on all this and I said, "Something's wrong in the GO, there's too many plants around here."

We had run into this one in Clearwater, this was a definite Government agent named Nancy Sadgwick, Nancy Sadgwick. Obviously operating for the "evil side of the force" as you might say. She was trying to keep any upstat person off the lines, and anybody that could upset the little "applecarts" of the Government, and was preventing or shooting anyone that went out and did PR in Clearwater. Anyone that tried to make friends in Clearwater, she would just shoot the shit out of them, or threaten them. She would keep people off lines, declare them PTS III, just the general suppression.

Anyway, I also found out from an entirely separate source at this time data about an upcoming "coup" in Mexico, which could affect our operations down there, and I debriefed on that, and this was from a source, an old friend of mine who was a gun runner. He had nothing to do with Scientology but it could affect our operations down there. And I asked them to check upon that because it gave names of the Government officials involved in it. And this was a "coup" in Mexico against the Government. It was going to... - it had to do with the oil business... - didn't have to do with Scientology, but we had friends in the Mexican Government and I thought it might affect them so I gave them that, and debriefed to the CMO on all this. By the way, I had also telexed to LRH and MSH this data on John Cole being in Clearwater, because I knew wherever that sucker was, there was always some CIA action following it up, or some kind of infiltration action. And also, that we had important data on how to handle the elections in Clearwater and get our candidate elected, and so forth.

But the telexes were not forwarded thru to LRH or MSH, although I'd been working for them for 15 years. They were stopped by the CMO and stopped by Jimmy Mulligan when they were sent over to the GO. And therefore, the next thing that came to me was... - I was being Comm-Ev'ed. Now why was I being Comm-Ev'ed? What crime? They didn't have one. They were just doing the Comm-Ev to "find out things". I said, "Well, I have just debriefed for 3 days now and my wife has debriefed for 3 days down there and she's also got pneumonia now from all the suppression and non-belief of people. Now what more do you want? We've already been thru two Comm-Evs down there and you've cancelled both of them. Now, what is the point of all this?" And they didn't have a point. All they wanted to do is Comm-Ev me, and I found out really, that all they wanted to do was shoot me because I was getting too close to the truth. And the GO had told the CMO to get rid of me because I was "upsetting"... - you know, I was "hallucinating" and I was going crazy, and all that kind of stuff.

The CMO has no intelligence service. They have no idea of running a B-1. They have no idea of any kind of information gathering other than org stats, and so on. And therefore, they totally obeyed the GO, thought I was hallucinating, and Comm-Ev'ed me.

And they had to take the results up three times because the Committee wanted to let me off twice for following the "Vital Data" policy, which is, "Whenever you have vital data, you report it up to Command. If you don't, you are committing an overt." Well, that's what I was following. And anyway, the data still didn't get up to Command, by the way. You have to realize this, LRH didn't get it, neither did Mary Sue.

So the Committee finally... - this guy, Jay Okamoto, who was over the Committee of course, he was the HCO Area Sec, Convening Authority, he decided that I was to be shot very dead, and he did. And that was what you saw as the "out-security", and so on like that. The basic "out-security" was I finally got my wife to come up and be a witness at my Comm-Ev and, of course, she didn't have "clearance" to come up there, so when I drove her in to be a witness at my Comm-Ev - well, then that was the out-security and I said, "Yes, now you have a crime, now you can shoot me." And so they did. Anyway, that was that. And I said, "Boy, I don't play this game anymore. I'm not going to Q & A with it. I'm going to go all the way to the top, get all these son-of-bitches hung. That's it."

So I went off, I got demoted down to PAC and they "said" in the Comm-Ev, which is an illegal Comm-Ev by the way, all this stuff was removed. Rank, Kha-Khan, all of this kind of stuff gone, you see. So I'm now, though - I'm in a different game. I'm now playing the game of, "I'm going to clear up LRH's Church and he's not here or he's not in contact with me to help me out of this one, so I'm going to get out of it myself. And I'm going to do it right. I'm going to get all the evidence on these son-of-a-bitches and I'm going to put it to the right people and they're going to 'nail them' ". So I did.

I went out to PAC and I had a nice job there as Design and Planning in the Estates Area. And since I was only an "AB", I could do anything I wanted really. And I went to the government buildings and I tried to get thru to Mary Sue and I got data on various things on Mulligan. I got a whole debrief on him that I put into the files in HCO FOLO where I had a helpful terminal there named Marge Bryenton. She was the Ethics Officer in the PAC area. And I got all the data I could find there to Joe Lisa, who was an old Sea Org GO guy, and DGIUS.

And I started coming across new data. And the new data I came across was that there was another guy sitting in the L.A. area who was a big plant and his name was Alan Hubbert. And I'll tell you how that data came across: Because I ran into this girl who had gone out, several years back, with an FBI agent. He was not an American guy. He was an English guy who worked for the FBI. He was sort of like a "hired gun" sometimes.

And they had asked him to take part in a plot... and a part of an FBI operation... a clandestine one... to infiltrate the Church of Scientology. Since he was English, you see, it would be very obvious that he wasn't an American and not an FBI agent therefore. And they asked him to infiltrate the Church.

And he refused. He said, "I don't like to play those kind of games. I like to go after gun-runners and drug addicts and all that kind of stuff." So they said "OK". So he didn't join it. But they took him out meanwhile to see the place where they were running it from.

And it was a building in Encino, California and they had a cover there as an Insurance Company, the Zenith Insurance Company. And he refused the deal, you know, he saw all the files they had on us, and all the stuff they'd stolen in 1977. He saw all that stuff. And he said, "They got tons of stuff on you." And he warned the girl. He didn't know at first she was a Scientologist, and when he found out he said,"You better get out of that thing, honey". And she said, "Why?" And he said, "Well, because the FBI guys are doing a number on you. And I don't know if you're safe in there or not." So she said, "Why?" And he told her this story. And then he took her by the building and showed it to her. Now, she took all the data and went to this guy Alan Hubbert, who was AG Information Los Angeles at the time. This was about 1978, 79.

Anyway, this girl who had the boyfriend who was the FBI guy - his name was Ranson Justice. Now, he was English and he had worked for the MI6 guys in England and so on. But mainly, he had to leave England because he had finally gotten involved in some kind of violent things and he had to come over to the U.S. And so he worked part time for the FBI. Anyway, he drove her by the place, showed her the building, then she said, "Well, would you come by and tell this to somebody in the Church? Because you know, freedom of religion and all that stuff." And he said, "Well...ah..no. If they ever found out that I told anybody, man...they'd kill me". And she said, "Ah, come on now. Please." She finally prevailed on him.

And so he went over with her and they had a private meeting with Alan Hubbert. Told the story to him. And he listened. And then they went away. And then the girl came back to him the next day to say, "What's going to be done about it?" And he said, "Well, here." And he gave her the order that declared her PTS III, and he said, "I don't believe a word of it. That guy's lying," and so on like that.

And she was so shook up, she didn't know what to do. You know, she was just sort of sitting there dazed. She couldn't go to the Org. She was PTS III. She couldn't get out of it now, and so she went back home and she was just laying in bed with the lights out and thinking, "What the hell. I just tried to help the Church. I just tried to give them some data. What happened, huh? What happened?"

And then, all of a sudden, she heard a knock on the door, and she didn't hear a car come up, and it was this guy Ranson. And he came in and she said, "I didn't hear your car, honey." And he said, "I can't come in a car, I can't come in here anymore. I gotta leave town." And she said, "Why?" He said, "There's a contract out on me." And she says, "What?" And he says, "Somebody spilled the beans. That guy we talked to or something had a pipeline to the FBI and they got a contract out on me. I'm to be shot. On sight, by any agent."And she said, "What!" He says, "Yeah, I told you it was a serious thing, honey. Anyway, I gotta go now." So he kissed her and all that and then he left, and she cried the rest of the night.

And then she went back to Alan Hubbert and tried to get it handled and told him what had happened. And he said, "Ah, it's all hallucination and bullshit, and nobody's really doing anything," and so on like that, and "Don't tell anybody about this. Or you will be declared Suppressive." So she went on like that for 6 months, thinking that she was under some kind of investigation or PTS trip, or Suppressive threat of declare. And suddenly she woke up and said, "Wait a minute. This is all bullshit. I don't want anything to do with those assholes!"

And so she went out to open up some Field Scientology by herself. And she was working in different areas, and so on like that. And I don't prefer to give her name on the tape because she may be working in some area right now that are knocking out some SMERSH people. I've told her a lot of things that are happening and if you want to investigate anybody, investigate Alan Hubbert, and find out if that's true or not.

Anyway, so I started looking at this guy Alan Hubbert and I suddenly realized there's this whole Black PR campaign going on in the PAC area against myself and my wife. And I traced it down... "Who told you this?" - "Who told you that?" - ...They said we were "crazy", my wife was "PTS" or "SP" and I was "PTS", and I was "hallucinating". It was still going on. It was constant, constant, constant, even though Bob Thomas had been declared Suppressive years ago.

Now who was pushing this shit? Pushing it to the CMO. Pushing it to the Ethics Officer. Pushing it to everybody. See? So I went around and traced it back, traced it back, traced it back, and finally it ended up at Alan Hubbert's desk. He was the AGI out there. And the next thing you know, I'm writing up these reports on Alan Hubbert, "He's sending out Black PR, I want to see him in a Comm-Ev tomorrow," and so on like that.

I started asking for these Comm-Evs, you see. To the Ethics Officer, to the AG, and so on like this. And everybody is scared. Now they're getting scared. People start getting scared. "Oh, we can't do that, no, on the GO, no, we can't do that." I said, "I want a Comm-Ev right now. I want that son-of-a-bitch here. I want him on a meter. That son-of-a-bitch! I think he's a plant." They'd say, "Oh no, you can't say that!" I'd say, "I'm saying it. I want him in a Comm-Ev right now. We can prove it."

So anyway, I was doing that kind of thing. Pounding the table and all. Everybody left me alone. They left me totally alone. Nobody would even talk to me.

So the next thing you know, I go out and get on my bike one day with my wife and I find, when I get in a gas station before I go on the freeway - my tire is cut. All the way around. From one ear to the other. It's totally sliced with a knife. Very clean. All the way down, nearly to the tube, and the tube was already poking out in a big balloon.

If I had gone on the freeway, the thing would have flattened out and I might have gotten killed under a bunch of cars and trucks. So I find it and replace the tire and I know it was a knife cut. So I'm going to get my bike parked in front of the QM next time. This is really strange. It was a nice clean cut. It's not like some slash or something. It was a professionally done job. It was like all the way around the tire.

So I went back the next day and rode up to work early in the morning and some guys I knew from SU drive up and they say, "Oh, Capt. Bill, hey,you're out of the hospital, huh? You look alright! We heard about the big accident you had." I said, "What accident?" They said, "Oh, we heard you and your wife got hurt on the freeway in a motorcycle accident." I said, "Really? No shit. Who told you that?" They said, "Oh, we heard it from the courier. The courier came out to SU and heard it from the PAC area." Of course, now they had to believe it was all a lie, because I didn't have no accident.

So I went back and I grabbed the courier and I said, "Where did you get this from?" And he says, "Oh, I heard it from somebody in the CMO." So I went to the CMO and I talked with them and said, "Who did you hear this from? It didn't happen. Where did you hear it from?" So, they had heard it from this girl that "tells them things" from the GO. And this girl worked for Alan Hubbert.

So I went to find her and I found her in a cafe. My wife and I sat down across from her and we just pointed at her and I said, "You're going to be in a Comm-Ev. You've been lying about us, spreading false rumors about Scientologists," and so on like that. And she just dropped her knife and fork and started looking very "glazed" and "terror-eyed" and everything like that and she said,"I...uh...uh." I said, "You spread that rumor about the accident, didn't you. You know that Alan Hubbert had the tire slashed on my motorcycle. You know he tried to kill us, didn't you. You're in it for attempted murder and you're an accessory before the fact."

And she went, "Uh...uh..please! Please! I can't talk about it. Don't tell anybody!" I said, "Who ordered you to do that?" She said, "I can't tell you, it's GO business. I can't tell you!" And I said, "It's Alan Hubbert, isn't it?" She said, "uh...yes, yes, but don't tell him! Don't tell him! He'll kill me!" I said, "OK, I won't tell him."

So we left her there sort of slobbering into her...- she was a, you know, one of those GO hangers-on you know... - people that go and do Black PR for the GO.

So we went back over and I sat down with Dafna and we sat down there and wrote and typed up a whole bunch of reports on this whole thing and turned them over to the Ethics Officer in FOLO there, and sent copies up to the GO and to Fred Hare and anybody else we could think of, you see, and I said, "Now we want a Comm-Ev on this guy because now it is attempted murder."

And then, the next thing was that Jimmy Mulligan, "himself" right?... - now by the way I had been talking to Joe Lisa. I told Joe Lisa about this. He was the DGI United States and he knew the whole story. I told him the whole thing, my suspicions about Mulligan and now told him my suspicions about Alan Hubbert, and Lisa's getting cotton-mouthed and he can't even take it. He's scared. He's frightened because these are his seniors, huh? Not Hubbert, but Mulligan is his senior. And he's all cotton-mouthed and frightened and everything like this, you know.

And I said, "Check it out. Check it out. Just go look." So he started looking. And he checked John Cole. And he found he was a CIA agent. And he found he had done this and that and he was trained in the "terror school", and he might have had something to do with this and that and the other thing, and he was totally "rabid" against the Church. And then he found out that Bob Thomas had put some stuff in my file in 1968 saying I was "hallucinating". And he checked on the psychiatrist in Beverly Hills. And he found out the guy did leave town. And the guy was in some kind of organization that they knew was a SMERSH organization, and he checked on the doctor in the County General Hospital and found out that was his name and the guy had left town that night. And he checked on this and that and he found that everything I was saying was TRUE.

All the way up the line. And all of a sudden, he was ordered off. He couldn't do it anymore. Mulligan told him. He was scared. He told me, "I can't do it anymore. I can't look anymore, I can't look anymore." I said, "Well, OK, you're chicken shit, man. That's all it is." He accepted it. He said, "Yeah, I don't wanna..." So said, "OK, I'll have to get that son-of-a-bitch myself." So I started trying to get hold of Mary Sue. And I got ahold of Mary Sue's auditor, that I knew was her secret auditor and her NOTS auditor. I got ahold of him and tried to get him to deliver a message. He was afraid to do it. He wouldn't do it. It was just a message to meet her, you know and talk to her. He wouldn't do it. He was afraid.

We went to Fred Hare's wedding and tried to talk to Jane. We figured Jane might want to do something about it, since she was lined up to go to jail. And Dafna went up, and I went up and Dafna said, "Jane, we have some important information for you about the GO," and so on like that. "We know some things are happening and we'd like to talk with you about them." And Jane went, "Oh...! That's a very touchy subject. I don't want to talk to you about it...no...no." She was scared, too.

So meanwhile, I went back to this girl that had told me all about Ranson Justice and all this stuff, and I said, "Look, would you guys like to help me?" (Her and a couple of her friends, you see?) So I said, "Would you guys like to help me and let's handle this goddamn thing ourselves. Let's go bust into the FBI place or at least surveil it and get a demonstration going out there and, you know, get the files back, and expose them to the press, because the GO's all chickenshit and they won't do anything about it." And she said, "Oh, well, yeah, we'd like to help you. Let's get Joe Lisa over here and try one more time."

So we got Joe Lisa over there and we told him all the things again, gave him tapes... - she gave him a tape recording of her whole story - ...and he was so frightened he had to drink a glass of water to be able to talk. And then he called her up the next day and told her that the FBI will "kill her and her friends" if they do what I had planned, which was to go out and harass them out at this place in Encino. The FBI will "kill" her and "they might take your life and all and then we'd have to declare you Suppressive." And he (Joe Lisa) told her that stuff. He was under the influence of Mulligan by this time.

And then when I went over to see them to find out what had happened, they all sat on the couch looking afraid, and they told me, "So we can't help you anymore Captain Bill, we're afraid. And we've decided...uh...that when we get up the Bridge a little more, maybe we'll be able to do something." They were all chickenshit. They were all shaking in their boots. And I called them all cowards right to their faces and they accepted that. And they knew it was true and they were cowards.

They wouldn't look. Joe Lisa wouldn't look. None of these people... they wouldn't look. They wouldn't do anything about it. I was telling them: These are the guys. Get them out of there. These are the evil guys. These are the agents of the Government. These are the enemy sitting right in your midst. And they wouldn't do anything about it. So I said, "I've got to get to Mary Sue or Ron. They are the only people that will have the...see, I'm an AB now, right? So, I'm gonna get these guys. I'm going to get them. So I'm going to get to Mary Sue."

So I went down to the government office building and tried to get her address from them... from the Attorney General's people down there, the court people, that were trying her. And all they gave me was Mulligan's address over at the Cedars. In the Legal Department, run by his wife, Anne Mulligan.

So that's the way it went. The government was totally "cozy" with the GO, you see? Because really, the government shouldn't have anything to do with the Church. It's just a little mixing up of Church and State. They should have given me Mary Sue's lawyer's address. Mulligan was not her lawyer. She was being tried as an individual, not as a member of the Church.

If you know the case very well, you will know she was being tried as an individual, to protect the Church, and not have it affiliated with her. In other words, she was "taking the rap". She was "taking the rap". And my heart goes out to Mary Sue. She took the big rap for all those assholes that were sitting in there, and those other assholes that were too "afraid" to do anything about the Mulligans and Alan Hubbert. Assholes! And the Okamotos and all that shit. And there they are, sitting there... and the threat against them is that they'll "lose their bridge", that they'll be "declared SP". Well, who gives a God-Damn! We won't even have a Church if we don't do something about these assholes!

Anyway, so I went on for a little, I wrote up to Bill Franks by this time. I figured he might do something although I knew he was a puppet under the Watchdog Committee at that time. I figured he might be able to do something. I wrote up to him and told him where all this data was: With Molly Bernstein, the debriefs on Clearwater, and the political scene... - by the way, when I was Comm-Ev'ed, they wouldn't let me out of SU until after the elections in Clearwater. And our candidate, the pro-Scientology one, did not win because none of the strategy that Dafna and I had planned, and tried to get OK'ed by the Boss... - which was blocked from getting to him - ...it never got applied. And the candidate that did get in was the "middle" candidate who then held the "inquiry" on Scientology this year. OK. So there's another way to keep the Church from expanding and turn it over to the fucking government.

Anyway, the debrief, yes... - now there's a debrief at the CMO INT... - it's probably been burned, destroyed or put in the B-1 files, but you can find it there at CMO INT. It would be in HCO. It's under my Comm-Ev. They'd have my Comm-Ev up there in CMO INT. You'd have... - the debriefs I did, would be in the debrief files at CMO INT. There's the tape debrief, of course, at Flag with the AG Flag's office. Molly Bernstein's no longer, by the way, the A6 flag. I don't know where she is. She's gone. And the debrief to CMO, to Janadir Swanson. She's gone too, by the way. All the old messengers are gone from there.

Janadir was the only one that "sort of" believed, you know, but she was sort of influenced by the GO. And she's gone now. And Marge Bryenton, the Ethics Officer in PAC, who was keeping the files of Dafna and myself, for us, a very bright little girl, and very on-source, you know... but she couldn't do anything from her post, it was so low on the org board, but she, at least, kept things for us. And she's now gone, too. And Joe Lisa, well, the last I heard about him after the Franchise Meeting in December, he was declared PTS III, when he said that he was actually there at the Franchise Meeting to actually "spy" for the GO. They declared him PTS III. Anyway, that's on... - you'll hear that on some of Peter Greene's debrief tape... all that stuff. I wasn't personally there, but I do know he was a coward, back in 1981.

Anyway, the final result was that: I couldn't get thru to Mary Sue. I didn't know where she was. The auditor wouldn't take a message. I couldn't send one up through Jimmy Mulligan now, could I? So I knew that line was blocked.

So what I decided to do was, then, to find LRH and maybe we could get some action going on that. I would be very willing to do the mission myself. And I just wanted to make sure that somebody in the Church was not a coward. And my whole time in PAC was spent, besides doing the intelligence work on these people, and getting the files assembled and so on, was spent in trying to find people or Scientologists who were not cowards. Who would stand up for what was right. Who would not Q&A with evil when they saw it in the Church. Who would make a stand. Dafna did a whole campaign, in cartoon style, against B-1 files, the secrecy in the B-1 files, the fact you could never see them and so on. The mission-holders brought this up in 1981. We did this a year before that, and got a lot of mission-holders interested in it. They finally brought it up to Flag in 1981 and, for a while, people were actually "told" they could look at their B-l files. But it was very short lived, because when the first guy tried to do it, he couldn't. So there was a lot of data that was put in the files about Scientologists.

We found some horrible stuff about how the Field in San Francisco was destroyed by another... oh, by the way... this is another plant, from San Francisco area. A girl named Kathy O'Gorman, used to be the AG at Flag. She's definitely suppressive. Tried to destroy every successful person in the San Francisco area. Then came down to Flag and did a totally ineffective job against the Clearwater Mafia.

And she was so sweet... and 1.1... everybody "loved" her... I'm sorry, I thought she was great myself, at one time. But then I found out the data and... if you investigate it, just ask anybody that has run a franchise in the San Francisco area in the early 70's, and you'll find out what she did to them.

She actually was the one who declared Werner Erhart, before he started EST. And all he was doing was trying to make a way to make a lot of money for the Church up there and he wanted them to do his new introductory course. And she said, "No, that's squirrel!" And "You're declared," and so on like that, without even listening to the guy. So he went off and founded EST. So she's actually the person that... - you could call her responsible for... - starting up a squirrel group. She didn't have any Justice in the area. It was just, "Shoot them, shoot them, shoot them. Declare them PTS Type III, shoot them, shoot them." Like that. Anyway, that's not Scientology, and we all know that.

So, I tried to find the Boss, and the thing was, that I did not. And I don't want anybody to believe that I have physically seen the Boss since 1981. I haven't. I have not gotten into physical communication with him.

However, ever since I was trained on the Briefing Course in 1965 and then interned in 1966, I have been able to have Spiritual communication with LRH, and I have gotten in Spiritual communication with him. And my actions, since the time of 1981, in the summer, when I went to look for him, have been coordinated with that Spiritual communication line to him.

So, anything that I am doing, and you hear of me doing, and don't believe all the Ethics Orders you see, because there's also MY side of the story.

If you will investigate any of these things - now watch yourself when you investigate them, to make sure that you don't get shot yourself; because there are other things I can tell you - Lists. Lists of top Scientologists who were in a "hit list" that were put in by the FBI plants into the Church. These people were to be "gotten". Data from their PC files, data from their Ethics records, anything like that - to make them "ineligible" and to get rid of them from high positions.

And most of these people are "done" now. They mostly are the Class XII auditors that worked with LRH, the Senior Execs that worked with LRH, the messengers that worked with LRH. These people are all gone now.

The only people that are left are the ones that Q&A, and walk around like little puppy dogs and puppets. And I don't know, I'm sure that Bill Franks has a story about this - why he got removed; and I'm sure that any of the other people that got shot, that were loyal to LRH, and the REAL Loyal Officers, have a story to tell.

But the main thing is that the real loyal people are still here. They never give up. And LRH never gives up on any of his shots.

And the government, apparently, is just trying to take over administrative control of the Church and run it into Receivership, and then suck all the Tech under its wing, drop the Shades of Night over it (from PDC 21), and use it for the "very select few".

Because you better believe they know it works. If it didn't work they wouldn't be so interested in taking it over. It's just like a secret weapon.

But anyway, the Boss had always tried to keep it nonpolitical, and anything we do outside of the Church has to be done on our own.

But the basic thing is to get the organization at the top. The guys who were trying to get the Church at the top - now we get them at their top. And their top is not in the United States. The United States is a puppet. England is a puppet. Spain is a puppet. Any country is a puppet to these guys who are behind the scenes - the World Bank is one of their "front" groups. These guys are behind the scenes and they work behind the banking lines, they work on scenarios, computer scenarios, and I told you the name of the top guy, and that's J. Strasburg, and he works out of Switzerland and Germany.

And any attacks that we do as OTs are against this son-of-a-bitch, and there IS an Ethics Order out on him, written by LRH. Therefore, any attack we do on these guys will be at the top.

And don't you believe they know it? Because these are not just enemies of this lifetime. These guys are the ones that are responsible for a lot of the implanting in this Sector.

Now, I've sort of brought you up to date here. Any time you want to use this - you know there's lots more data, but the thing is, is that we've got: The PTSs in the Church, the people that BELIEVE these plants, the people that don't see them, the people that have the wool pulled over their eyes by suppression, the people that are too AFRAID because they might "lose" their bridge, the people that are too AFRAID because they might be declared "PTS" or "SP", the people that were totally fooled - like Herbie, for instance.

I warned him about the Sea Org Reserves. I said "Man, the government will try to grab our money, look at all the tax cases against the Church, look at the individual IRS cases on the rich Scientologists that pushed donations to the Church, look at the civil suits for millions and hundred of millions in the United States against the Church". I said, "Man, HIDE the Sea Org Reserves and don't let anybody get it." And when I called him to warn him on that in 1981, he was being Comm-Eved!

For "not keeping right records" or something. Who was calling the Comm-Ev? Jimmy Mulligan. And I warned him. He did take the warning at that time, and he got out of the Comm-Ev somehow. But later on, of course, he got caught in the GO Comm-Ev. He just didn't take enough action.

All these guys were warned. They all had a chance. And I knew that anybody that was warned and didn't take action was gonna fall. And they were gonna fall badly. Now these guys did. Because they never woke up.

Anyway, your data files, in the B-1... - if there's a campaign.. - one thing if you're over in Europe, there's certain things to avoid, and these things to avoid are these secret files, these secret B-1 files.

Everyone should be able to see their B-1 file. Just like an Ethics file. Because that's where they can put the lies that will follow you around for years and years and years. Like, of course, my "hallucinations", right?

Now, as I say, you could talk to Joe Lisa and you'll find out that everything he checked out on my story was true. And he got afraid to carry on. 'Cause he was afraid.

But you could check out the FBI secret headquarters on Ventura Blvd, out in Encino, California. The address is on an Ethics Order I wrote on Alan Hubbert. I've written Ethics Orders on him and I've written an Ethics Order on Bob Thomas, declaring him Suppressive.

That's my hat. Second Deputy Commodore. And I've written an Ethics Order on Lou Schribnik, who is the person who introduced Darby Simpson into the Church - she's sort of a "controlled doll" - you understand, she's been PDHed pretty badly.

And she's the one that tried to kick John Travolta out of the Church, and she's been doing her best to put control in and rip money off of the Celebrity lines - and the best data on that is to just talk to..... Alex Sibersky will tell you a story on that or Liz Ausley. They can give you the data on her actions, and her sister's actions, and her father, who is a government guy himself. But her monitor, her monitor is this guy named Schribnik. He doesn't work for the United States Government. He works directly for Switzerland.

If anybody will even have the courage enough to go over there, or the money enough to go over to Encino, to check the secret headquarters, you'll find in the basement... as you go in the door in the front, the stairs go down on the right and you go down to the basement, the first door on the right, there's the basement files... and that's where all the files are that the FBI stole from us in 1977.

Right now, my purposes are to continue with OT projects. And to continue to put Ethics in on the real SPs on the Planet...- not the people that... - not these little "playthings", these little "play" pieces of paper that the Church keeps flitting about. But the real evil beings, the people who are actually in charge of the Suppression. Not the people who are PTS to it. Not the people who are PHD'd. Not those kind of people. They can all be handled. But the guys who INTEND, INTEND these things to happen.

Because expansion is so easy, just as it was in Europe, just as it is in Europe. Where there's no suppression on the lines, LRH's tech goes in, the policy goes in, and expansion happens as fast as you can have it. And it does that wherever I've applied it... in Europe, in A.O.L.A.... expansion just goes - zoom! - like that! And the only time it ever stops is because of Suppression. That's all there is to it. And you don't have to believe that, that it's "suppression" or anything, you can make all kind of reasons about it, but if you just go ahead and do what LRH says, you keep expanding. So you don't worry about that. Just go ahead and flourish and prosper.

So the thing now is to continue on the OT projects, and these are basically the projects that LRH started out in 1967, and as I know, he always continues and completes postulates.

And since I'm his Loyal Officer, and his Deputy, I DO TOO. And I don't need anyone's approval. I will just go ahead and DO THIS and I will DO IT WELL and I will do it JUST AS LRH WANTS IT DONE.

And that's about all I can give you on this debrief tape right now. Anything else is a little bit confidential. It might get into the wrong hands.

But there will be some changes that are being made on this planet right now. They ARE being made on this planet right now by OTs and OT teams.

And the SPs know it. And they're getting a bit frantic. And we are carrying on and we will do the job. And there ARE things happening, right now, on this planet that will change its future - FOREVER. And put it more ON SOURCE.

So that's the end of this debrief.

Thank you very much.

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