Conversations With Researchers on Mind Control

December 1991, Introduction

The following is an extract from a taped interview with several researchers in the general area of mind control. It has never been published before. The interview, like many others that have been done, is done in an open question and answer format to protect the identities of the parties. The Orion Technology Report in Appendix 4 contains supplementary information that relates to this report.

X: Let's move along to things that are psycho-active in nature and things that people should know about.

Y: We now have discussed the early Phoenix Project. In about 1969 they wrote the final report for Phoenix I. In that report it stated that "since we now have studied the electromagnetic effects on human beings, we believe it is now possible to influence the way people think with electromagnetics". Of course when Congress read the report, they hit the ceiling, saying essentially, "we don't want you doing this!" Congress was afraid that someone would use this technology to control them. They said, in effect, "no, don't do this". The people who wanted to continue this went to the military and said, in effect, "we can make you a nice little-weapon that will make the enemy lay down their arms." How many people believe that the military doesn't want this? The military then offered them the use of the old base at Montauk. Then came Phoenix II and the Montauk project. Let's review that. They had three steps in the project. The first step in the project was something I like to call the "microwave oven" step. They wanted to see what the output of the multi-gigawatt transmitter would have on human beings in front of it. They took a subject and sat them in where they could be focused on and threw the switch. Of course, the subjects were cooked. We don't know how many people they killed this way, but we do know there were a lot of them. Finally, someone got the idea, "hey, we don't want the burning rays, we want the non-hertzian rays". They turned the antenna around and they aimed the gain horn through the reflector at the target person. Now they were getting somewhere. They were able to direct mood control from a distance by ELF modulating the transmitter and changing the mood.

This was a great success. Someone then came to them from the US Government and told them that they would provide them with sensors that would pick up thoughts directly from a persons' mind. So, they brought the system of sensors and installed them in a chair. This is the famous Montauk chair.

What they did then is that they connected the output of the sensors to computers that would decode the sensors output into a digital code that represented the thought patterns. Those went to another computer which would store the thought patterns and to another computer which would generate the pulse modulations that went out the antenna. What they had actually built was a mind amplifier.

X: What would they do with this chair?

Y: They would take a subject, train him so that his conscious mind would be diverted to the "serpent in the Kundalini". The primitive mind would come up to the surface - they would blank that out and put in his primitive mind a concept that he would concentrate on. The concept would be picked by the sensors and transmitted out of the antenna. This was the second phase of Montauk. They were targeting whole populations and individuals. The subject could think of squelching electrical activity and all activity would stop where they focused the antenna.

X: What else where they able to do?

Y: They were able to change the way in which the animals in the area were moving. Once they programmed the animals to charge out of the woods into the town. They changed the way birds flew, fish swam and a dozen other things. They could take the crime statistics in Montauk and run it up and down like a yo-yo. They programmed crime waves for one period where they would occur,for four hours each night for a week. This drove the police crazy. There was one time, according to the Montauk police, when all the kids descended on the beach - all the kids in town. Two or three hours later, the kids all left the beach in mass unison. Another time, all the residents of the town decided to drive up to the state park. When asked, some of them said that it seemed like a "good thing to do".

X: So what they had developed was ...

Y: They developed wholly operational mind control. Based upon the effect that they had to cancel out the fields at the chair, which was located underground, they noticed that conceptual effects would happen out of synch with real time. They realized that they had the capability of bending time. At that point, conferences were held to discuss how they would modify the equipment to more effectively bend time. They developed something called a Delta-T antenna. It consisted of three loops describing a delta-function; it was referred to as the pyramid antenna. It essentially was three magnetic pickups/transmitters at right angles to each other; three orthogonal loops. Orthorotation is, of course, how you get access to hyperspace. It means you have tensor stress orthorotations. If you drive the three parts of the antenna correctly, you get what is essentially a space-time portal in the center. The antenna looks like a pyramid with an inverted pyramid on top.

X: Could you go into the operation of the chair a little more?

Y: yes. The output of the chair went into a Cray computer that would decode the digital representation of the thoughtform. That drove the IBM computer and the output from that went into the AIL computer...

X: AIL? Is that the Airborne Instrument Labs?

Y: Yes. The AIL computer generated the pulse modulation. It was a frequency-hopping signal source. It would change frequencies in a matter of nano-seconds. There were five synchro-dyne amplifier stages, cascaded. Each one had a separate pulse modulator. The final input was the amplitron, which had a big pulse modulator.

X: How did this thing work?

Y: They would take a portion of the thoughtform and put it into the first stage, and pulse the first stage on and load it into the second stage,etc. After the fifth stage it would go into the IPA's, be pulsed again and then into the amplitron, which would be pulsed and then the signal would go into the above ground antenna. Each time the signal would go from stage to stage, more complex information would be put into the thoughtform that was being cycled through. What does all this remind us of? The radiosonde. This is essentially a big radiosonde.

X: How did they figure the time aspect into all of this?

Y: They used the delta-t antenna, which was situated underground immediately under the christmas-tree antenna on top of the building. The chair was located underground between the delta-t antenna and the above-ground antenna. The delta-t generated time-stress tensors which were coupled with the electric field to generate the full time tensor control. It was great. They had a working time machine. They used twistor and spinor fields in order to form a portal. They could go anywhere in space-time, and they used it once to get access to the underground facilities on Mars.

X: To Mars? How did that work'?

Y: First, the subject projected himself psychically through space to Mars. They set the computers to solidify the vortex between Montauk and the point on Mars and the vortex would be established. They only needed to do it once, because they taped it and could then run the tape to establish the vortex. There was a project called Project Phobos, part of which was concerned with the investigation of the underground caverns. There were other project initiatives that had to do with a defense posture for the solar system. It was a directive of the people in command at Montauk to physically and psychically approach this defense mechanism, in order to find a way to turn the system off. It was done. If it were turned back on, the system would in effect become more "conscious" and able to reject outside intrusion.

X: I'm not sure I understand what you are really talking about with all this... does it have anything to do with the planetary grid?

Y: Yes, to a degree. There are planetary grid nodes on almost every military base. What we're talking about with the earth is putting the earth to sleep in order to prevent any geological changes of any great magnitude from occurring. We're pumping signals into the grid points, which you might compare to human chakras. It is mind control, in a way, that is also being done to the planetary mind of the earth.

X: What has happened since the Montauk project crashed in 1983?

Y: Well, after the Montauk project was discovered and ITT was taken apart, the government didn't leave it alone. They left ELF alone and they moved up to VLF through HF today. HF is 3-30MHz, MF is 300KHZ to 3Mhz and VLF is 3KHz to 300KHz. If you tune across these spectrums, you are going to hear all sorts of pulse modulated signals that sound like the old Montauk signals. You'll hear signals similar but not identical to the Soviet woodpecker signals; you'll hear video buzzes on these bands- they don't have synch or chromo references on them. On VLF, you can tune into 15.75KHz horizontal rate and you hear phase modulation. I have receiving equipment that has dispersive IF filters that convert phase modulation to amplitude modulation so I can hear it. All your TV networks the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) supplies free-of-charge the reference frequency to all TV stations. This is what they phase modulate. Does anyone believe the government gives anything away for nothing? I just discovered that this is part of the videodrome system. I have been tracking this for quite a while and wondered what it was. If you tune up to 31.4 KHz, which is twice the horizontal rate, and up to other multiples of the horizontal rate, you'll find other carriers which are similar to video but don't have the synch information accompanying them; they correlate to the horizontal rate and the phase modulation. In the Long Island area, these carriers are coming from the state parks. There are Tittle VLF transmitter sites in the state parks; they are all run from satellite. We had psychics check this out on their level and they came up with the information that this VLF was in effect a softening up procedure to make the public susceptible to other mind control experiments.

The "American Buzzsaw" is the US equivalent of the Russian woodpecker signal. This a psycho-active signal which is designed to interface with the mind of the human being by way of the mind-brain connection. The government has been quite active, designing systems that are carried by helicopter, systems that sit on the ground like the buzzsaw transmitters, etc. I first picked up the buzzsaw signal about 1990. I called the FCC and asked them if they knew what it was. They said it was the American version of the over-the-horizon radar. I said, "you mean like the Russian woodpecker signal?". They said 'yes". So they admitted that it had the same purpose. This signal is broadcasted on multiple carriers. The carriers hop from one frequency to another, anywhere in the range from 4MHz to 3OMHz. It is never on the ham band or the international broadcast band. It is only on the allocated frequencies that the government shares with other communication services. With the switching of these frequencies, they are creating what is known as a Levinson Transform, named after Norman Levinson, who generated the mathematics for frequency-time transformations. This is highly significant, since the human brain, body and mind work on time dependent pulsations and frequencies which are time encoded. You have this unusual pulse modulated signal hopping around from frequency to frequency to frequency. They have multiple transmitter. The signals only come in phase at a targeted site. This signal, we believe, has three modes. The first mode is the search-mode. This is where they transmit a signal and then a psychically sensitive human being picks up the signal and sends something back. They can in this way identify these people and where they are. The second mode is the general transmission of a psychic interrupt function which interrupts psychic activity. That's all it does. It has a tendency to lower the overall psychic awareness of the population. Maybe one out of three people respond to this signal. A good psychic can easily screen this mode out of their consciousness. The third mode is where they target an individual, and we have known six people who have been targeted. They can lock on to the resonance of the synthetic material in your clothing and target you from that. We have a clearing device which uses the equivalent of a white-noise magnetic field to break up the magnetic matrix in objects in order to clear any psychic signatures or stored solitons in the object.

We put this device on the clothing, and you could hear the timing of the buzz-saw changing. It got more and more distorted, and then disappeared for a while; it then came back in on the search mode. This is telling me that it is an interactive signal. Also, if I scan up and down the band, it will find my receiver and lock in on that receiver. They are looking for a changing dynamic function. This must be how they key in the search mode. As I tune the receiver from high to low, it is sending out a phase conjugate function that they are picking up.

X: How can an individual know if they are being controlled through the use of electronics?

Y: Well, if there was a process being impinged on a person that embodied a higher intelligence than the person had, at a higher power level than the person manifested, you could say that he was under control. There could be emotional or physical indication that something was "out of order ".

Typically, we all know when something is wrong. You have to be in touch with how you operate in a normal manner in order to distinguish when something abnormal is going on. You have to have a high order of awareness in order to recognize when an attempt is being made to violate your mind. Understanding how it works is probably your best defense against this, at this point. We have no shield, per se, no real way to jam it, but understanding does limit its effect by allowing you to "plug the holes" in your mentality. A technological device that would block it would have to go above the wave-order that embodies the human being. It would have to be a unified field type of.device in order to be above the orthogonal rotations in hyperspace that they are using to transmit the effect. If you can personally operate within those higher orders, in consciousness, you can control what is going on around you, barring the use of a technological device. Another aspect is that if you operate "outside of time" in consciousness, then time-dependent hyperspacial pulsed modulations would have little or no effect. The people that are perpetrating this stuff want you to be unaware - that's why they're sending out the buzz-saw signals. The awareness that it is going on is by all means a major step.

X: How about the use of subliminals in the environment?

Y: There are doors to different levels within the "subconscious' areas of the mind that are keyed in by the focus of attention and the integration of emotion. For instance, the third and forth level of the subconscious involves sexuality. Advertising and media focus on this subject should not be an area of focus. It is a "jumping off point" to get into the mind.

X: Are these "searching functions' directed toward specific areas, or do they cover the entire country... is there somewhere you could go to establish a safe reference point?

Y: Well, from the way I have heard it, there are at least five multi- megawatt transmitters propagating these buzz-saw signals. There are also many local transmitters all over the country. These large transmitters could probably reach anywhere in the world. The American buzz-saw signal is mostly hertzian, and I believe it is affecting the magnetic field relative to the person more than the psyche, so magnetic shielding modes should be a step in the right direction. If you live deep underground, you probably would not even pick the signal up.

X: How deep would that have to be?

Y: Probably a mile or so underground would be enough. If you lived in a ring of mountains, they might not find you. See, this is not a time-stress that they are playing with. They don't need special equipment to do this now.

X: What do you mean?

Y: They need no more than the UHF cellular telephone frequency, which is now being installed everywhere, to do it. The human cranium resonates within the frequencies covered by cellular telephone continuous wave transmissions. The cellular system nationwide is connected to a computer system in Boulder, Colorado. We are very suspicious about what other capabilities that system has, since it is pulse modulated. That is not a relativistic signal - it is a hertzian in-domain type signal and it affects the physical. We suspect that they may be using the cellular telephone receivers to pick up the return signal from the buzz-saw. We have heard buzz-saw like signals on the cellular telephone network that correspond in frequency-switch-timing in the same way that the buzz-saw signals do. There is a definite connection between cellular telephones and the buzz-saw signal. And this is "over-the horizon radar" that connects to cellular telephones? Come on, 'who's kidding who here.

X: How do the grid points interface with this technology?

Y: The grid vortex was initially used as an extension of the antenna structure. That's all it was used for - for the mind control part of Montauk.

X: What size grid nodes would you need for this. There are grid lines about every 1.5 feet.

Y: You have different kind of grid nodes. The Hartman lines .are every 1.5 feet. The military bases are built on the large nodes where the lines repeat about every 15 to 20 miles.

X: Other than this electromagnetic pulsing, what other technologies are you hearing about that may be in this category.

Y: Well, the so-called videodrome signals on television. There is so much going on that could be involved.

X: Would you amplify a little on what you said about the resonance of the human cranium?

Y: There is research that shows that the human cranium resonates at about 850MHz; this seems to vary from about 830MHz to 890MHz. The cellular system is designed to operate right in that range. The cellular system operates from about 840MHz to 890MHz. It is pulse amplitude modulated and pulsed angle modulated.

X: Angle. That would be phase.

Y: Right. You have regular analog modulation as well. When your portable cellular system is ON, it's in constant communication with the cell site. The set that you are carrying is telling the cell site where you are. When you get to the edge of the cell site it transfers you over to another cell site. They can also use this to track the people as well. Is that the only way to track?

Y: It is conceivable that they could track a person by the ringing within the cranial cavity. I do not know if they can do that yet. It is theoretically possible. Each persons cranium should "ring" with a different resonant signature.

X: What about the interface with this central computer for the cellular system. Could you go into more detail about that?

Y: The cellular system involves their use of a person they dubb a "roamer", which is a person who roams the country with a cellular transceiver. He has to be able to hand over from cell site to cell site as he travels. The only way a roamer can operate over the entire country is for the system to be tied into a central computer that keeps track of everything.

X: What about the so-called independent cellular companies?

Y: They are tied in. They have to be able to go on to long distance lines.

X: Do you think that these independent companies are also in bed with AT&T involved with mind control?

Y: Of course. They have to be. They are part of the network and they are all linked electronically.

X: Is this all controlled by the military?

Y: Sure. From what I understand, the master computer for the cellular system is in Boulder, Colorado. I don't think I have to tell you what else is in Boulder.

X: The center of the buzz-saw.

Y: Yes. That gives you the government connection. In fact, I believe that the central cellular computer is in the same building with the National Bureau of Standards.

X: Oh, my God. What more can you tell me about this videodrome signal?

Y: Well, about 6 cycles away from the signal is the harmonic of the power lines. I think that is your reference.

X: Is it pulse or phase modulated?

Y: It appears to be phase modulated.

X: Have you been able to de-modulate this videodrome signal?

Y: Yes. It's coming right over the television at people.

X: Most of the instrumentation in electronics is constructed to measure a charge couple to mass - the "real" component of the signal. How do you go about measuring the complex conjugate component of the signal which is psychoactive - the relativistic portion of the signal.

Y: That's not an easy task to do. The only way I know to measure such a signal is by measuring through the zero-point potential using an old-style regenerative receiver as a detector, because then you have the positron-electron pairs coupling through the vacuum and your relativistic functions will affect the coupling between the positron-electron pairs.

X: Is there a practical test that someone without access to a lot of instrumentation can use?

Y: Essentially, you can use any detector system. But all the detectors other than the regenerative type require a correlated hertzian function in order to pump the detector for it to detect the non-hertzian component or function. This is what makes a vacuum tube short wave receiver not fade the way others do. Its detecting the non-hertzian function, but not directly. If you move the hertzian part of the signal completely, your receiver just drops out to complete distortion because all you're getting is the delta pulses that come through the Dirac sea into the receiver. A regenerative detector can integrate those Dirac pulses into a usable function. If you had a white noise source pump a diode, you could hear the modulations in the white noise source. The problem is, how are you going to hear a delta pulse on the speaker in the audio amp? You have to somehow cross-feed the delta pulse to give you something that is usable.

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