Sector Operations Bulletin No. 9

Message to all OT Project Group members


(delivered at meeting on Sunday, 30 May 1982.)

I welcome you all. It's been a long tough mission but we came through and back out into the open with very few casualties. Now the way is open for expansion and we will continue with the job of handling this Sector together. I appreciate your loyalty and dedication more than you know. From this level, it looks simple of course, but the road through the muck and degeneration of this planet for the purpose of finding and testing the tech and org policy which would survive the trek to freedom ahead has been laborious and often dangerous.

The most honorable and brave officers and citizens now stand before me, our OT Project teams. I humbly thank you one and all for your untiring work in the cause of freedom. This shining example of courage shall be recorded in the annals of this planet, Sector, and galaxy. I highly commend you all, and "OT's in the cause of freedom" shall be a guiding light to the oppressed and trampled beings broken on the wheel of evil.

All can now rise to the heights of freedom and beingness, the apexes of joy and creation, the upper limits of play in this and other games. And the step beyond to one's own universe beckons ever so alluringly near. But this time there will be no down spiral, just the spirit of play and freedom to choose.

Thank you for being with me in this endeavor. I love you all.

Elron Elray

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