New Civilization and Future

We are now living in a time when light is coming into darkness. Truth reveals the lies.

The infiltration and suppression of Earth could only work as long as it remained undiscovered. Now it is increasingly visible. The structures of the self-proclaimed “elite” are discovered. It’s an avalanche of information and the malice is unbelievable.

Mankind is slowly waking up and seeing its oppressors. In fact, it is an awakening from centuries-long anaesthetic through information control and education.

People are beginning to understand that there is more than what is only perceptible through the five senses, because their common denominator is transience. Strength, power, beauty, wealth. . . it’s all perishable. It is an evolution from material power to “authentic power. ”

With the advancement of the information age, we have experienced a quantum leap in communication over the past few decades.

What an effort it was to search for information in libraries 30 or 40 years ago. Today, everything in all variations is available at a mouse-click... audio, video, reference books, encyclopedias. . . just about anything. Today, we can communicate in real time with anyone in the world.

But it also means. . . people don’t have to believe everything they’ve been told by the mass media. They can get the information they are interested in themselves. And they also will run into things that are overwhelming and are rejected for a moment. The problem is, as you know from childhood, you can’t pull a blanket over your head and hope that the spook will end.

For some it is quite a shock to wake up, see the “matrix” and become aware that reality is different to what they were convinced of. Does that hurt? Certainly. One has to leave the personal feel-good zone. “Welcome to the real world."

For mankind the question arises, when do we reach the threshold of pain... the precipice? Are we moving towards the “Fair World Order”, as Putin called it, or towards the “New World Order” according to the plans of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab?


This blueprint for a “New Civilization” was an initiative of Hubbard in the 1970s.

It was violently attacked, including death threats against those who made them public FN10. It then disappeared into the background.

Bill Robertson experienced this timespan and, after leaving the Church of Scientology in 1982, tried to revive this “alternative. ” Perhaps it was too early to be heard on a wider scale. But times have changed and it now may be the right time to deal with.

But before that vision manifests, we must first visualize it.

What could a better civilization look like? Let’s juxtapose the “actual” and “should be” state... comparing the "existing scene" to the more preferable scene.

Here’s a summary.


Financial domination (example):

What about the

. . . to give just a few examples. Anyone can research that.

How could one imagine an ideal society?

Assumption: A civilization is an economic machine based on ideas.

Its basic products are:

The salvation of a dying civilization can be achieved by:


The senior managerial organization on a planet should insure that its civilization (as per above definition) continues to flourish and prosper while guaranteeing maximum freedom for the individual, as the individual is the basic component of a civilization.

Understanding this concept broadly will enhance the survival and increase the rate of expansion of the civilization. Suppressive influences cannot exist viably under these operating conditions, and soon disappear or are quickly handled.

An Exterior Viewpoint

Trying to look at Earth from the Galactic point of view, what would we see?

First of all, we see people whose world view would be shocked if they realized that they are not alone in this universe.

We are talking about the spiritual being that inhabits a human body; that is the composition of body and soul that is called human. This being is convinced that he was born on Earth and has only one life.

If you start from a spiritual, immortal being, you have to ask yourself, who was born anywhere? He’s always been there. . . even before this universe. It’s as absurd as if a driver thinks he was born in his car just because he can’t get out right now. What’s keeping him in that car? How does he even make that assumption? What force of persuasion must have worked for an immortal being to believe he is mortal? This force seems to have worked so convincingly that a being builds a prison for itself from which it cannot escape. That’s the old question. . . if God is almighty, can he create a stone so heavy that he can’t lift it?

That seems to be the problem.

The degradation of a being is gradual. Looking at developments on Earth from the point of view of Sector Operation Bulletins 19 and 20, you can see how much violence has affected them. Related to that Hubbard wrote the screenplay “Revolt in the Stars.” You can download it here.

Humanity has been through a lot. Earth can hardly be seen in isolation from its Galactic Neighbors. It is part of the community.

If so, it is not unreasonable to assume that this Galactic Community is trying to reintegrate Earth.

Mission Earth - Hypotheses

First attempt – Buddhism: Buddha meditated until he could get out of the “car” of the human body. He has given us a glimpse of the “nirvana”, the infinity in which nothing “is”, but which has the “potential” for everything.

Next Try – Hubbard, Dianetics, Scientology: It went via Dianetics (through the mind) to differentiate the recordings. . . Pilot (the being) and Black Box (body). Then, via Scientology, we went on to the actual immortal being. The abilities, potentials and laws of this being were first expressed in words (Axioms, Factors, Scales, etc. ). “Nirvana” has been defined extensively. Hubbard called it “static. ” It denotes the unlimited potential that creates universes. In the classical sense, it could be called God or Creator. This “static” can create if it decides to become a creator and act as creator.

With the Scientology procedures, which Hubbard has described in its entirety as “bridge”, he has developed a method that allows the being in this game to free itself from stalled states and return to its complete freedom. By “fixed states” we do not mean the problems of a human life span. It is the states that a keep a being captured in this “game. ”

Here we come across conflicting intentions.

On the one hand, we have the individual who tries to find his origin or God or Creator through the experiences of life.

The other intention we experience right now, is the desire to destroy God and His creation FN12. This may explain the enormous efforts to transform man into an artificial intelligence (Xenu, Satan). And we see the massive effort to eradicate Scientology as a “liberation action.”

Considering this as a mission of the Galactic Community, it is not unreasonable to evaluate this mission on the basis of its successes and, if you will, failures in relation to the repression that has become known.

Nor would it be absurd if this evaluation resulted in a new handling of the suppression.

The new mission would then be pretty much like what we are currently experiencing on Earth. People are exposed to the full spectrum of this suppression and they understand there is an alternative. Humanity has the opportunity to rid itself of this oppression and, perhaps for the first time in its history, to take a self-determined path.

Plans for Earth (Teegeeack)

Sector Operation Bulletin 22, May 11th 1986



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