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This issue has been prepared for the assistance of those who have read the following documents:



We agree with those who control the Church that staff and public should be kept abreast of what is going on within it. (SO ED 2344 INT). They should not mind, therefore, if attention is drawn to certain omissions of fact which occurred in these two issues. Among those omissions, we believe the following to be of particular importance:

The RTC was formed in January 1982 with the primary purpose of ensuring and maintaining the purity and integrity of the religion of Scientology. With reference to that time, SO ED 2344 INT states this:

"Back when the Religious Technology Centre was being formed, Mayo tried desperately, on several occasions, to get himself posted in RTC --- he perceived it as a position of power from which he could wreak even more havoc on tech lines --- but his attempts to gain this posting were unsuccessful."

However, as an appendix to this issue you will find a copy of the first page of the Articles of Incorporation of the Religious Technology Centre. You will see that David Mayo is clearly indicated as being among the Incorporators and Initial Trustees of the Corporation. There is also a copy of page 9 upon which appear the signatures of the Incorporators. Again, you can see the name and signature of David Mayo.

Both FCO 7138 and SO ED 2344 INT claim that David deliberately misC/Sed his then wife, Merrill Mayo, by using squirrelled NOTS processes, mixing R/Ds and inventing his own processes all designed to introvert her. Furthermore, it is claimed that he coerced his wife's auditor to enforce these processes, that he saw to it that she never went to an Examiner after any session and that he kept the folder under lock and key between sessions, refusing to have it reviewed by an outside tech terminal. We read that his wife was reduced to tears asking her C/S (David) to sort out their second dynamic troubles out of session with a Chaplain or Ethics Officer and that he refused.

However, during an interview on 4th July 1983, Merrill Mayo said this:

"All of the things which came out in David's SP order were completely a false report, every bit of it, with absolutely no grounds at all on Lt. It was made up to make David look as bad as they possibly could."

In FCO 7138 there is this statement:

"It was additionally found that Mayo put together a "Pilot Mission" to run public and staff in a nearby area on technical courses he was "developing' and 'researching". Mayo ran this group of unsuspecting individuals in such a way as to have them take Org public off their org's lines, reg them to do his off-Source materials, and then forward the income made directly to him. Nearly $39,000 was discovered hidden in a paper shoebox - the checks and invoices written directly to him."

However, in the above-mentioned interview, Merrill Mayo has told us:

"The shoebox of money, the $39,000 that he was quote embezzling unquote from the Org, this was money actually that had been agreed upon by the Board members of the Church of Scientology, which I saw with my own eyes on the actual bank cards, the papers. This money was supposed to be kept aside to be put into a particular account. He was advised by MARC INGBER who was the Deputy CO CMO INT for COMPS. It was agreed upon by the CO CMO INT, MARC YAEGER. It was agreed upon by LYMAN SPURLOCK ... that this money was to be in a special account for use for projects for the Senior C/S INT office because we were having a great deal of difficulty getting the research projects that we were supposed to do for LRH funded ..., and so he was told, right, not to put the money that we were getting from a project that we were running in a PAC line dissem drill Course that was being run by a couple of other Div 6 guys that we were working with together on this, and so this special account was supposed to be set up. As I said, the bank cards were all signed by the Board members of the Church of Scientology International. It was in the Church of Scientology International's name - the account was and the checks were made out to the Church of Scientology International - they weren't made out to the Snr CS INT - they weren't his personal money - and he was not even a signatory on the account. The reason why I happen to have seen the actual cards on it was because I was made a signatory on the account. Two other members of David's office were made signatories on the account, because you have to have three signatories so that you can always get two of them to withdraw any cash from the account for any reason or make out any checks. So this was all very legal. It had been agreed upon. It was quite proper, and immediately after we had signed the signature cards we were removed from post. That was the coincidence. So, in the meantime, the money had been stored safely. David didn't even know what the quantity of money was. It was locked in a file cabinet - just locked up in a shoe box. It was MARC INGBER's advice: do not put the money in the general treasury fund because it would be disbursed, otherwise.

"LRH had been advising David for some months for his special unit to get some kind of Organisation set up which would have to be approved of because we needed to have funds to operate on for the projects and which had to be something apart from the normal org expenses of CMO INT ..."
"So that was the story of the $39,000."

There has recently been much quoting of LRH in order to lend an air of authority to the opinions and assertions of others. We would not wish to use his writings so lightly. We believe, therefore, that the two quotations which follow are very relevant to the current situation;

For the benefit of those who are now in control of the Church, from HCO PL 13 AUGUST 1970, PR Series 2, THE MISSING INGREDIENT:

PR, dedicated to a false Reality then becomes low A, low C and recoils on the user.

"So the first lesson we can learn that enables us to use PR safely is to KEEP A HIGH R".
"The more lies you use in PR the more likely it is that PR will recoil".
"Thus the law: NEVER USE LIES IN PR."

And for all our friends both on staff and in the field, from RJ 37:

Most people get so confused by all the lies around, they come to believe anything they're told and that's the reason the suppressive lies.

But with the Data Series, one can spot bad data so easily it is itself a sort of relief to know it.

And as you burrow your way down through the layers of lies, you come to the truth. And truth blows the lies away.

"So we come to this legacy of tech. It is the route, which if purely used, uncorrupted and unperverted, will bring you at last to the vast free vistas of freedom and truth and the glory of being really you."

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