Maria Spencer (Maloney)

Maria Spencer, aka Maloney, aka Agnes Hadley

Born: August 19, 1946, died: September 29, 2023

Picture taken at Convention in Moscow, 2009.


Message from Max Hauri (Nov. 4th, 2023)

Dear Friends

Maria Spencer aka Maria Maloney passed away on September 29, 2023.

Maria was certainly a Who's Who in the history of Scientology, within the Church but also in the Ron's Org and Free Zone.

Maria was Capt. Bill's Second Dynamic back when the Ron's Orgs were formed in Europe and she was also his Administrator. Later she also managed his materials and helped us to have a complete collection.

In the church she started small. If I duplicated it correctly, she came to the Church as a non-Scientologist and did an office job and gradually became a Scientologist. She also told us a story about how she had a headache and Ron did some recall and the pain just went away.

You can read her Scientology story in her book “Life as a Scientologist”. She wrote it under the pen name Agnes Hadley. It's a book worth recommending. Unfortunately it was never translated.

Maria grew up as an orphan and was given the name "Maria Maloney" and so she was known far and wide. Much later she went in search of her roots and found her real name, Spencer, and apparently her family.

I know little about any of these things, including her daughter Angie, whom, like many others, I never met. As far as I know, she lived or still lives in Germany.

Here what Bernd L├╝beck wrote about Maria:

Memories Bernd

I met Maria in 1976/77 at the Org in Munich, then Lindwurmstrasse. She was Registrar in Div. 2. It may also be that she was on a mission from Copenhagen at that time. She regged me for OT I-III. I was in the Guardian Office at the time and known by the name "Ed" (Edward). This is how Maria always addressed me in the aftermath.

After I left the Org, about 1981-82, I met Maria again during the time Capt. Bill came to Frankfurt. This was in the formative stages of the Ron's Orgs and there were the first tech and admin briefings from Bill. She acted as his communicator.

I also twin'ed with her at the telepathy seminar. You can see it at the end of the transcript when Bill asks the participants about their successes.

In the middle of the 80's Maria and her daughter Angie temporarily lived in Neu-Isenburg and Dreieich. Angie stayed with my wife in Neu-Isenburg from time to time and looked after my children. There we saw each other quite often. Bill was also there from time to time.

In the following years we met again and again at the OT conventions, the OTC meetings and also at seminars of Bill, sometimes in Switzerland and sometimes in the Frankfurt area.

After Bill's death Maria took over his legacy. I think the most important legacy was the Upper Levels (the upper OT levels) to VAST+. Maria signed over the rights to these materials to Freie Zone e.V. (Free Zone Assoc.) in 2000, with the stipulation that it be made available to all C/Ses of these levels.

Since about the mid-90s Maria was together with Richard Winsborough, although I can't say whether as a couple or as friends. Anyway, I visited them both once in the summer of 1996, together with my eldest children, in Luton, north of London. Both had just moved and we helped them to unload the furniture.

Maria1 Maria2

Those were a couple of nice days.

A little anecdote: One evening Richard had the idea to shoot off his Chinese firecrackers and other fireworks he still had. We went to the nearby park ... and let it "rock". It was a hell of a racket and within minutes all the dogs in town were yapping. In addition, half of Luton was then under a cloud of smoke. We removed the remains of the fireworks and disappeared as fast as we could. We assumed that the police would arrest us otherwise. The next day we went to London together. There we went sightseeing, walked around a bit, and then went to the movies to see "Independence Day," which had just come on.

Maria was a stable communication and relay point in the Free Zone.

We were always in contact somehow... often writing... occasionally talked on the phone. Then, about four to five years ago, Maria once wrote me that she had cancer. And the communication became less from then on.

I am very sorry to hear that she has now passed away. She remains in my good memory.

Maria... I wish you all the best for your further mission. I am sure we will meet again.


Max continued: Summarizing, Maria was very strong-willed and determined, and very straightforward. But she was also humorous and British, good to laugh with and have a good time with. She was probably one of the most successful registrars in the church, and I think she was a key part of why the Advanced Organization Copenhagen was so successful in the seventies.

Maria was extremely loyal to Captain Bill - the person who founded Ron's Org and Free Zone in 1984 and built a real alternative to the Church - and to Scientology. Back in the seventies, almost all Scientologists who got a little beyond the basic courses knew or heard of Maria.

Maria, of course, was at every convention and she was often where Capt. Bill was. Everybody knew her.

2009 she also came to Russia and told a lot about her time in the Sea Org and of course about Capt. Bill. She also gave some seminars there.

About ten years ago it became quieter around Maria. Several years ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Unfortunately, she lost that battle on September 29.

She will be remembered, she was one of the Stable Terminals in the Ron's Org and Free Zone, especially during the critical time after the Church of Scientology was taken over and hollowed out from within.

She is a strong being that we will surely see again.

Maria, thank you for all what you have done. Goodbye.


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