Your Dynamics in the Nineties 

Video-Lecture by Capt. Bill Robertson

23.06.1990, France

Watch the video

Although the title refers to the 90s, this lecture is  "timeless". 

Watch this video-lecture if you want to know.

It is in English with German translation.

The dynamics certainly are the "thrusts of life" in the game. You might also say, areas of interest. You might also say, areas of play. And you might also say,  "agreements" of the players in the "game". They are agreements about this game everybody is playing.

Bill is talking about the Dynamics from 12 to 1.

The Dynamics are: 

  1. Self
  2. Family etc.
  3. Groups
  4. Mankind
  5. Life-forms as such
  6. Physical Universe (Matter, Energy, Space, Time)
  7. Spirituality
  8. God, Creator, Eternity
  9. Aesthetics
  10. Ethics
  11. Technology to free Players stuck in the Game
  12. Administration and Evaluation of the Game

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