Greg and Debra Barnes

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February 13, 2001

Dear Glen,

In regards to your letter of January 31st which was in response to my letters of January 5th and the 30th let me remind you of my original letter of May 2nd 2000 page three.

We demanded nearly a year ago the total of $170,000 from Flag although the corrected amount is $190,835.80. Your statement of surprise "Now you are demanding $190,835.80" is just another one of your organization's deceptive statements, the same manner of deceptive statements that has created so many motivators for your organization. Stop trying to alter-is my obvious written communication and this cycle will as-is and go away.

You state in your letter "You have, for some inexplicable reason, chosen to turn to sources of "information" that are entirely unworthy of belief." Well Glen your chief executive David Miscaviage and LRH have been these "sources of "information". Lies and deception are the reasons for our demand of our funds back.

Also our own experiences are sources of information and I wish to expound on these so you can as-is and duplicate totally. Confront these points Glen they come from LRH and RTC and your own publications.

First the thousands of dollars we paid over some seven years on your "six month checks" now called "refreshers" that violates C/S Series 73RA as well as C/S Series 73RB. C/S series 73RA rerevised 1 July 1985 copyright L. Ron Hubbard states emphatically what should and should not be given between OT levels or when one is on an OT level. This HCOB is 12 pages long and no longer in existence since RTC had all these references picked up in early 90's --wonder why that was done???? We will get back to that later.

Not to mention the travel and accommodation expenses for these bogus "six month checks, that per Hubbard should have never been done.


Now C/S series 73RB was written in 1990 some 4 years after Hubbard died and is 5 pages long, 7 pages shorter than 73RA written while Hubbard was alive....can you please explain this???

C/S Series 73RB states emphatically "Pre-OT's progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by Sec Checking or anything else."

It was our querrying of these references per policy that missed someone's withholds and then the OSA black PR machine was unleashed on my family and business.

Now let's talk about the "church's" OT 5 of which my wife did two versions. First there was "New OT 5" to replace the "squirrel Mayo 5" and then the "New Rundowns" all of which we had to pay for. It did not matter that we paid for it once and thought we were getting in right the first time we still had to pay for your "New Rundowns". More money for something we thought was supposedly correct the first time.

Now the 25 hours of NOT's repair lists which cost us some $16,000, done in late 1998 and early 1999 on Debra who was so screwed up by your "six month checks". We paid to "fix" your standard auditing.

Now your L's of which in 2000 Flag started recalling these "completions" for new tech someone has uncovered. I did L-11 in 1989 and then got review for almost a year afterwards because of a nervous breakdown that I experienced after completing your L-11. I lost my business and almost my marriage. Lucky for me I did not end up like Lisa McPherson and some of the other victims of your L's who died of brain tumors or just went bankrupt or got divorces.

Your promotional material states "A New Life" well I want the one I had before - thankyou.

Your chairman of the board David Miscarriage stated to all of us that "you are using only 3 tools out of 79" not to mention the updates that just appeared in the early 90's that we had to pay for as well. Miscaviage did not deliver what was promised to any of us on 7, this violates one of Scientology's biggest policies


"deliver what your promise". What level of exchange is this, Glen ??? It ranks as partial if not rip off per Hubbard's own policies.

The D of P's at the Sandcastle told Debra and myself we would have never finished the level the way we were trained by your organization.

 My wife and I were also told that we were "squirrel" auditors and that is why we had to be retrained on the SNCC. It was not that we did anything outrageous in our sessions it was just that we were not trained correctly the first time. What was RTC's or Senior C/S international responsibility in all this - NONE!!! Pay up and shut up was the answer to us.

 Regarding the C/S'ing we paid for on OT 7. None of the C/S'es are OT 7 completions nor are any of the examiners or qual terminals who corrected us. Per Hubbards own HCOB's - C/S'es must be at or above the pc's or pre-OT's level to C/S them as well as qual terminals. So all the money we paid for this "expertise" was wasted since no one knew what to look for regarding a completion. Is this another example of the blind leading the blind ?? Except we the public paid for the blindness.

 Now the pricing of your SNCC was something to behold. First if you were still auditing on this "squirrel" level ( Tech staff at the Sandcastle words not mine) it was cheaper but if you stopped auditing because it was wrong then you had to pay more. What is that all about??? Your pricing rationale is illogical and invalidative of parishioners applying Hubbards policy of KSW. No matter how badly Flag or RTC screwed up the public have to pay.

Now lets talk about the Sandcastles auditors not applying "HCOB reads on OT 3'a and above". For some individuals during the non- standard "six month checks' now called "refreshers" the auditors handle the reads OT style and on other parishioners they did not. This is just another example of gross misapplication or just plain no application of Hubbard's stated technical bulletins.

We trusted your "professionals" and RTC's "Purity of the tech" guarantee, and we took it up the tail pipe big time.

Now for the "reverse auditing" and that is the term used on C/S'es sent down from International Management. This is probably the most despicable and sick procedure your organization undertakes to silence or turn parishioners around who are out of line. CCHR attacks psychiatry for its abuses, this takes the cake. Your


specially selected auditors, and Terese Blum is one of them, are given a C/S to alter standard processes to induce a psychotic break in pre-OT's or pc's.

This is a premeditated attempt to harm with no worthwhile purpose but to disable someone who management considers a threat.

HCOPL 18 October 1967 Penalities For Lower Conditions:

Enemy - SP Order. Fair Game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. My family experienced this supposed canceled policy written by Hubbard.

The above Fair Game PL was canceled in October of 1968 but as Hubbard stated "Fair Game may not appear on any Ethics Order." "This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP."

Oh yes, Glen, we know "Scientology does not do this anymore". But does it do it any less is my question? This is another example of an "unworthy of belief" source of information - LRH's own written policy.

Regarding LRH's achievements before Scientology and during Scientology that are in your many publications. The public documents as well as Hubbards own letters to the FBI and the Veterans Association are my source of information.

But the scariest was Hubbards coroners report which proves that these upper levels are dangerous and that they do not deliver anything close to your publication's stated goals.

Now let's talk about Davey Miscaviages confidential RTC written explanation of why we all were going no where on OT 7. Not the senior C/S international's written communication but Davids communication. Who runs the tech show over there anyways???

It is a hidden data line when Miscaviage commented that he got all his data from Hubbards own folders on OT 7. Not to mention that Miscaviage stated "you can not blow by inspection on OT 7 you must run routine procedure one on ever action. So now Miscaviage is changing Hubbards HCOB's that we learned on OT 3,4,5,6?


LRH said it best in KSW series 1 - "The only thing you can upbraided for by students and pc's is "no results." "Trouble spots occur only where there are "no rsults." Upbraided means to rebuke severely or bitterly; censure sharply.

You state in your letter "I am not going to comment on the gratuitous and false garbage that you feel compelled to include in your letters" well, Glen, these are Scientology's HCOB's and HCOPL's as well as David Miscaviage's event speeches.

You state in your letter, Glen, that "sending copies to others who are not involved in this private matter" regarding getting Scientology to pay us the funds that were paid by us under false pretenses. Glen you have some cahonies, OSA,RTC and the MAA's at the Sandcastle made up and published the most despicable lies about my wife and me and then circulated them and you are now concerned about privacy.......spare me please.

I think that every member of your organization should know the truth about Hubbard and the alteration of HCOB's as well as the treatment they can expect if they find out the truth and try to apply the church's own policy to correct it. People need to be told of the hazards of doing the "upper levels" and that they may end up like Hubbard or so many of the other gross failures who had completed the L's or had been on the OT levels.

At least tell them the risks, Glen, and if they want to go on then fine but to promote these levels as the most wonderful actions in the universe without the hint of negative effects is neglect and fraud. Do you think that Mrs. David Delaney who committed suicide in 1995 after completing NEW OT 5 would have given that level second thoughts were she to know that she could possibly never see her two young boys again? Unfortunately she was never given the option.

Your organization started on this road of lies and deception and maligning our reputations. Now after applying LRH's policy on PR series 18 we find the crimes and lies of Hubbard and Miscaviage and you want us to keep it private?? Get over it.... Point out just one thing that I have said that is untrue and if it is false I will retract it.

So, Glen, lets stick to the pertinent points and they are the above points and these below.


  1. Destruction of our pc folders with us present or just give them to us.
  2. Destruction of our ethics and OSA files. Any ethics 3 files.
  3. A signed agreement that your organization or agents will not practice anymore fair game tactics on us.
  4. Our money paid to Flag $190,835.80

The non application of the Church of Scientologys own policies on ethics and honesty as well as the total disregard for technical bulletins as well as the application of insane policies are the results you are seeing here (upbraided). Your ignoring of our demands as listed in our first letter of May 2000 is just making this cycle go on and on. Together Glen we can as-is this dismal communication cycle between us.

I am prepared to continue this cycle for as many lifetimes as it takes. So let's get together and settle this matter. I need to hear from you by the 25th.


Greg Barnes

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