From:   deleted to avoid harrassment
TO:     deleted to avoid harrassment
DATE:   10.11.1994 22:57
Dear deleted -
     Here is the brief information letter which I would like you to
read at the OTC meeting - it gives a good general picture of the
state of the legal case here in Spain at present.
     I am translating the State Attorney's charges and conclusions,
but as I said, it will take awhile.
     Meanwhile, I will send you a news release next week, so that
it can go out to the press and onto the Internet, etc.
     The television is planning a real complete program on their
illicit methods, etc., which will come out in December some time,
     I hope you have a lot of success with the convention. Please
convey my love to all.
                    INFORMATION LETTER TO OTC
                          LEGAL PROJECT
                       COURT CASE - SPAIN
     Legal matters in Spain, as in other countries I suppose, are
long and drawn out matters, complicated and require constant
attention and vigilance.
     This case has finally come to the end of its first phase. The
investigation phase is over. The State Attorney has found
approximately 90 crimes of which to accuse the organizations and
individuals who are accused. The judge has found sufficient cause
to hand down a decision to prosecute them. It has taken many years
to reach this point, but it has finally been reached. I thank you
all for your support over the years so that we could reach this
     The attempts of the accused to have the case dismissed, the
"legal manouvering" and outright illicit acts committed during this
phase by their organization and members were unable to prevent the
inexhorable process of law in which they have become entrapped.
     And so, a third dynamic which thought that it had become so
powerful that it was above the agreement of free thetans, above
law, above the 4th dynamic of which they are a part, finds itself
powerful that it was above the agreement of free thetans, above
law, above the 4th dynamic of which they are a part, finds itself
in ethics.
     In spite of those who would have liked that this case not
exist, as well as some of you who told others that the case didnt
exist - as well as the reports of the CofX themselves who told
others that this case was nonexistant, the CSI, the RTC, COST, as
well as the president of the CSI, Heber Jentszch and others will be
brought to trial.
     They thought that they intimidate and destroy the impulse of
Scientologists with integrity to create the alternative called the
Free Zone, and now over 10 years later, the Free Zone is still
there, and they are before the courts.
     This is meant to be a brief information letter to let you know
the state of the legal case which has been pending in Spain. I will
keep it short, but although many of you might know some of the
background in this case, I will go over it briefly in order that
the events and the importance of different points are maintained in
sequence by all, historically because it is such a long cycle of
     In the early 1980s, Capt Bill and I were beginning the first
OT committees and doing the first conferences - in Spain, England,
then Marbella when the OTC WW was formed, and later in Germany.
During these events and during this time, we received a lot of
harrassment from the CofX, missionairs of the GO, and so on.
     Capt Bill and I and a dozen or so other spanish individuals
exercised our legal rights and we formed the Universal Church of
Scientology in Spain. Although this church was never approved by
the ministry of the interior, the application adhered to all legal
requirements under spanish law, and the use of the name Scientology
as a part of the name was and is considered a completely legitimate
use of our constitutional rights under the Spanish Constitution.
There was never any question about copyrights, etc. in this issue.
The creation of this Church was denied due to the decision of the
Ministry of the Interior because of an ongoing investigation into
different sects and cults and other religions, in a country which
had until recently known the Catholic Church.
     In Germany, some of you will remember that Silvie was jailed
on charges presented by church - right in the middle of the
conference, the police walked in with Kurt Weiland and arrested
her. Took a couple of days for her to be freed.
     During that same conference, Bill Knight, supposedly working
with Ernie Martin in California, but secretly a covert member of
the GO, attempted a takeover of the OTC by coming between Capt.
Bill and myself with third party and later, Knight attacking and
punching me after waking me in the early morning from where I was
     That night, we received a telephone call stating that one of
the "squirrils" had been put in jail in Spain, and that when I came
back to Spain, I would find a suprise.
     Capt Bill and I were followed, chased, by agents of the GO
through europe, into England, where we hid out for a few days, and
then I left by plane under an assumed name back to Spain.
     Petrus, a guy who was running a Narcanon in Spain and who had
supported Capt Bill there and was also one of the founders of the
Universal Church, had been put into jail by false accusations which
had been orchestrated by Kurt Weiland and other missionairs. While
I had been in England, Marisa, who was at that time my wife,
together with Petrus wife, managed to find a lawyer and the money
necessary, and were able to have him released from prison. Since
Petrus was a well known artist on the Spanish television, there was
a big black PR campaign done against him by the private detectives
who worked for the CofX, in all newspapers and on television.
     Weiland shortly thereafter participated in what seemed at the
time to be a kidnapping of someone who had decided to make an
accusatory statement against the CofX in Spain, an ex-commanding
officer of Iberia.
     This was the first time that the spanish police were
approached, and the dissapearance of this person from the Madrid
airport, with three supposed "police" who were arresting him became
the first pages in what would end up as more than 30,000 pages of
testimony, investigation and court writings in this case.
     Weiland escaped from the police investigation of that action
and went off to California where he worked at harrassing David Mayo
who had just set up the AAC in Santa Barbara, and continued with
his dirty work, until present time, where he is now the head of the
OSA - Office of Special Affairs - the new name for the GO.
     The police lost interest in this affair, but the case wasn't
closed, and some time later it was decided that they would
investigate more closely. In February of 1988 they began studying
scientology due to new complaints which had been received, and the
case was reopened and police were infiltrated into the organization
in Spain. This investigation resulted 9 months later in the arrest
of Heber Jentszch and 68 others in Madrid on November 20, 1988.
     A few months before this happened, I was attacked by an ex-C/O
of the org in Madrid, along with two others. One of the others beat
me over the head with an iron wrench, and this caused a different
case to be opened, against these three individuals, for attempted
     Now, since 1988, the two cases have sat there - the attempted
homicide case was eventually sent from Mostoles, where the attack
took place to the Provincial Tribunal in Madrid, where the judge
accepted it for trial, and we are awaiting a trial date on that.
     The BIG case, the one where everyone was taken off to jail in
November of '88, was sent up to the National Audience for
investigation and trial there, and during the few years it sat
there in the National Audience, they managed to contact and pay off
close to 65 people, and these people then withdrew their
complaints. It seems possible that there was as well some
communication between them and the authorities, because the judge
was extremely unwilling to grant us anything which we asked for,
which was within the reasonable, and seemed pushing to close the
case. Finally, he handed down a judgement to put aside the fraud
part of the case, and this is when we had to appeal to the Superior
Section of the National Audience, and from here, the case was sent
back to the Tribunal No.21, where it had begun in 1988, to continue
with the investigation.
     So, two years or more since that happened, with many, many
writings, with all sorts of legal manouvering, and finally, in the
beginning of this year, they started making deals with a lot of
people, asking a lot of people to sign agreements, of which I
understand a number of people in the FZ have done so as well.
     Well, they made one with Serge Gerbode, I believe, and from
what a recent conversation with David Mayo disclosed, part of the
agreement was that he turn against Mayo, which he did.
     Vicki Aznaran as well made an agreement with them, and has
since then tried to "un-say" or "un-declare" the sworn declarations
and affadavits she had made previously. The same as my ex-wife,
     The contacted me in May or June, and tried to make a deal with
me, but that is very difficult, because I always tell them that
first they would have to revoke good number of policies, especially
those dealing with "Suppressive Persons, Ethics, etc.", and that it
would have to be done publically. Once they did this, I would be
willing to begin talks ... but this of course is not "askable" to
the CofX.
     Of course, I was threatened to continue with law cases against
me for the rest of my life, due to the vast amount of money and
power that the CofX has. But that doesn't impress me any more
either, so in the end, things have just continued as they were.
     For Mayo, they offered him a truce if he quit his cases, and
he said no to that, and as a result he was the victim of a false
denouncement as a drug pusher and illicit arms dealer in the
country where he lives now, the Dominican Republic. Must have been
quite something to come home and find your house surrounded by 10
or more police vehicles, armed police, etc., and to be dragged off
to jail.
     This was just a few weeks ago.
     Now we are up to present time, and we find that they WILL be
tried here, sooner or later. It could take another year for the
case to come to trial, but that doesn't matter. What matters is
that the FZ is NOT part of this trial, and the reason they will be
tried is NOT for their BELIEFS, but for the CRIMINAL POLICIES AND
ACTIONS of the organization, most of which are concerned with the
making of MONEY, and maintaining CONTROL.
     When the trial comes up, it will be important then that anyone
who can testify to various points brought up in the case, be
willing to do so. I myself have named over 100 witnesses to be
called. The State Attorney has asked for around 150 witnesses. We
don't know how many the CofX will ask for ... perhaps as many as
500. Or maybe more, or less ... who knows?
     But it will be one of the longest trials in spanish legal
history .. should take more than a month when it comes up. It won't
fit into any of the court buildings: they just weren't built to
hold 300 - 500 people in a trial.
     Shortly, once the judge's decision to prosecute has been
handed down, an address will be sent out to anyone who wishes to
provide testimony or evidence at the time of the trial.
     And that brings us up to date on the case here... there is a
lot more about it, naturally, but that is the most important part
of it... that justice has come around inexhorably.
     And so, thats all for now on this.
     I'm sorry that I can't be there with you.
     I will be preparing another television program in the next
couple of weeks, in fact I have to see the producer of the program
tonight, with my attorney, to go over the program he wishes to
present. It is going to be an hour program, and completely factual,
so I want to keep on top of it.
     Otherwise, I am well, and I wish you all the same, and that
     Otherwise, I am well, and I wish you all the same, and that
you have a very pleasant and successful Convention this year.
     Much love to you all.

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