Sector Operations Bulletin No. 11



080682-01 1200 GMT

I know you and the project team members feel a bit of a loss on seeing supposedly "aware" Scientologists react to black propaganda and gov't "dirty tricks" the way they did - even after years of fighting & exposing same! Well, we can look also at the brighter side - it chalks up a big win for the tech, as its very workability and indispensability is what is being used as the club to cloud observations. The fear of loss of going free is - when a real Bridge exists - the ULTIMATE control weapon. As long as a being believes he can get thru the door and get on up the Bridge, he will docilely Q&A with any harassment for fear of being denied that right. This is the control point ideally suited to a MARKABIAN "putsch", and resolving it here on Earth will make the organization nearly invulnerable in the future. It should-be very apparent now why Scientology must be entirely non-political and available to everyone.

A 3rd Dynamic thrust to control it is "incredible" to those whose awareness only encompasses the 1st and 2nd. The main game level now is "control of the planet". Who ever controls it will by natural inheritance control Scientology. This has been shown. The conundrum is that due to the power of Scientology, one must have control of the planet before getting its inhabitants free enmasse, or run the certain risk of a takeover from the aberrated rulers of the planet who see it as a threat to their power.

Valuable data for the future.

Evolution up the spiral with Scientology looks like revolution to a down-spiral planetary leader or control group. Thus the takeover, suppress, oppress reaction. It's a PRPR6 4TH & 3RD Dynamic engram. Thus you see the vital need of RTS to run it out and pop the population into PT.

Yes, we are running Power on the planet - you old Class VII's ought to enjoy it. Source, Existence, Conditions & the Remedies. Your actions in the past few weeks were the Source Process. Now we move into the Existence Process.

Then Conditions. As you have observed, the use of Conditions as a 1st step on a SP society was attempted (RTS project for 5 years), but there was no auditor capable enough to do the TRs necessary - i.e. Flag, GO, CMO, & OT's in the field couldn't even get the session space set up, without dramatizing their own unflatness on it as a part of the 3rd and 4th dynamic. Thus I activated the Loyal Officers and OT Projects. You are the auditors to bring it off. I trust you. I know you. And you are the best. This pilot process will be the cornerstone of handling other planets in the future. I am with you all the way.

Elron Elray

PS. If there is no response to Source Process, then lower Grades are out.

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