Free Zone - What is it all About?

Originally the term "freezone" was coined by Bill Robertson, when he left the Scientology-Church in the early 1980s to start an alternative in Europe.

These were the years when the original mission of L. Ron Hubbard and the spirit of Scientology vanished in the dictatorship of Church management.

It was Hubbard's mission to help an individual back to self-determinism by freeing him from the burden of sub-consciousness to regain his full power and to retrieve his full potential of spiritual freedom.

To quote Carl G. Jung: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."  FN01.

Self-determinism of an individual is always in opposition to dictatorship. Individual freedom opposed collective synchronization (gleichschaltung). A strong and self determined civilization is not born by dictatorship from top down, but by strong and self determined individuals from down up.

As shown already in the early 1950s, Hubbard's endeavors completely clashed with the intentions of some agencies, today called "deep state", "elite", or "matrix", in the attempt to control the human mind, which is still valid for present time.

These intentions became more visible during the past couple of years. Man is viewed as an animal who, thanks to today's technology, can now be "hacked" and whoes free will be cancelled within the next 30 years FN02. Topics, labeled as conspiracy theory 40 years ago, became today's reality.

Ever since the collapse of the World Trade Center people are insidiously indoctrinated to give up their freedoms for security. Facing the p(l)andemic it becomes more obvious every day. The individual is more and more weakened and restricted. Family values are pushed aside. Even sexual origin is twisted and pushed towards trans-sexuality. According to the principal "divide and conquer" people are stirred up against each other. Everything is turned upside down.

Hubbard was subjected to these attacks ever since the release of his first book "Dianetics" in 1950. First the AMA (American Medical Association) came into play, then the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the IRS, FBI, CIA, including those who had "mental health" on their banner. The latter being the World Federation of Mental Health, who's founder John Rawlings Rees, already in the 1940s, talked about "psychiatry as a weapon for the ruling class" FN03.

What makes Hubbard's research so dangerous for the "ruling class"?

He developed processes to erase traumatic incidents from someone's past. He called it "auditing". It could be imagined that way. Someone has a problem in present time. What causes the problem however is buried somewhere in the past. It's hidden in the unconsciousness and not available for immediate access. One could compare it to the "way back machine" on the internet. You run into an information, click on it and as an answer you get something like "document deleted" or "no longer available". In the meantime it is known that nothing on the internet is deleted forever. With a little persistence you can retrieve the information using the "way back machine" and bring it to the surface. Same for the consciousness of man.

However, a new phenomenon emerged In the early days of Dianetics. By the regression back in time people were confronted with the fact that they sometimes ended up on an information track different to their present life. They found the origin of a problem in a past life. This resulted in a completely new slant on life.

If this person was able to jump into the information chain of an earlier life then he is obviously not subjected to the "ashes to ashes - dust to dust" theory. He becomes aware of the fact that his body is just a biological suit. This might be comparable to somebody who is looking back in his life, realizing how many and what kind of cars he had already. The owner of the car is obviously not connected to the life-cycle of his car. Or compare it to a plane and a pilot. The plane has its black box containing all the technical information related to the flight. The pilot however has his own recordings. Both are completely different, except during the time the pilot is in the plane.

Members of the Dianetic Foundation, founded by Hubbard in the 1950s, prohibited him to further research the field of earlier lives. Later it turned out that these people were following the command-line of the "Deep State" or "Matrix". They didn’t want to have anybody believing in their past lives, because it is very hard to suppress somebody if they’re other than mortal FN04.

Hubbard pulled out of these structures and in 1952 founded Scientology as a new branch of research, continuing prioritizing the attention on this immortal being. He formed Scientology as a religion, which increased the attacks against him even more FN05.

Over times the media, being the bullhorn, propaganda machine and thought police of the "Deep State", was able to demonize Hubbard and Scientology and isolate it from society. The amount of negative attention he got might be an indicator for the danger level they assigned to him and his research.

As a synopsis one can safely say that Scientology is a suppressed technology, in the same line as the research of Tesla, Reich etc., is suppressed as well.

End of the 1970s, Hubbard's original organization was infiltrated, taken over and neutralized. Thanks to Bill Robertson it continues to live in the Free Zone.

Maybe these pages offer an opportunity and platform to the reader to take a step outside of the matrix and take a look behind the curtain... and perhaps to re-evaluate Hubbard's research for oneself.

There is quite something to uncover.



Capt. Bill Robertson - Galactic Civilization


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