lymanhatsLyman  Spurlock is the only Scientologist involved as a founder of CST. The 1992  United States Claims Court ruling says that Spurlock "is the President  of CST, one of its Directors, and one of its Trustees." The document goes  on to say that he is "also a Trustee of RTC," and that as a Trustee,  "Spurlock has authority to elect and remove the Directors who run  RTC." But we're not done. If Spurlock is still all those things (and who  could possibly remove him?), he is also wearing other hats, because in 1996 he  is known to have identified himself in letters as the "Tax Compliance  Officer" of RTC. Confused yet? Well, we've charted it for you to help,  and you can follow along: Spurlock, as co-founder of CST, apparently appointed  himself as a Trustee of CST. Then, as a Trustee, he got to elect himself as a  Director. And, as a Director, he was then able to elect himself as President (a  corporate Officer). Neat, huh? How he got to be a Trustee of RTC, we don't know.  But, as a Trustee, if he wants to call himself "Tax Compliance  Officer," who's going to stop him? 

There is another disturbing element in the 1992 court ruling that names  Spurlock as President of CST; that same court document says that CST had  reported that the Secretary of the corporation (another important corporate  Officer position) was Leo Johnson. But we have learned that Leo Johnson, in  1992, had been diagnosed as having dementia, and was in advanced enough stages  of it that he had difficulty forming or understanding simple sentences. How,  then, could he have been carrying out the vitally important record-keeping  duties of a corporate Secretary? 

Whether Spurlock is still holding all the positions shown on our chart or not  is unknown. No phone number could be found for the Church of Spiritual  Technology. Repeated calls to the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and  to the Religious Technology Center (RTC), trying to find out where Lyman  Spurlock could be reached, were to no avail. Receptionists at both places  refused to say if Spurlock could be reached there, and he never returned any  calls. (Veritas)

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