In the meantime the Eugenics Society in England had gone underground. The 1945 Annual Report shows that the Society would no longer undertake direct propaganda to public or Parliament, but only to related organizations. From this moment on the Eugenics Society became a hidden element, delineating the propaganda lines of other organizations.

In 1957 Dr. C.P. Blacker, then Honorary Secretary of the Society, suggested a further retreat into the background, and adherence to the policy of crypto-Eugenics, that is, through finance and propaganda from behind the scenes.

This proposal was adopted in 1960 and the Society set out on a wide-spread program of manipulation. Genetics and Eugenics as such - not behind the cloak of mental health - were still, in spite of their unsavory associations in the public mind, able to make remarkable progress. And the various eugenics societies flourish today.

Some of the well-known arms of the octopus are: The Marie Stopes Memorial Foundation, a subsidiary subsidized bit the Eugenics Society; the Family Planning Association and the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, which are heavily financed by the Eugenics Society; the Voluntary Sterilization Association was directed from the same address as the Eugenics Society; the Galton Foundation, run by the Eugenics Society; and others.

Dr. C.P. Blacker, now chairman of the Eugenics Society discovered, while a member of a committee of investigation on the atrocities committed by Nazi doctors, that although none of the experiments produced scientific conclusions and although the methods used by the Nazis were unfortunate, euthanasia of the insane was acceptable.

In an address to the Eugenics Society in 1951 he outlined the three following areas in relation to Germany:

  1. Sterilization under the 1934 edict of law.
  2. Euthanasia of the chronically mentally ill and of those similarly handicapped.
  3. Experiments using live people for the purpose of developing an economical method of mass sterilization.

He acknowledged that he was quite satisfied with the area of legal sterilization, the law governing which he thought was correct, except for sterilization based on racial grounds - for Blacker naturally makes no attempt to pass moral judgment.

On the subject of euthanasia of the mentally ill he explains:

Nevertheless, he condemns experiments on living people for three specific reasons:

If we examine this condemnation more closely, it is easily recognized that had it been the case that an economical means of mass sterilization had been discovered, the experiments could only have been condemned by reason of the first-named point. Apart from that, these three viewpoints implied that the development of a low-cost method of mass sterilization would represent a worthwhile scientific product. Where and under what conditions could such a wonderful achievement be put to use? As if wishing to pursue his unspoken, logical train of thought, he recommends that the continuation of experimentation with one of the sterilization-drugs which were being used by the Nazi doctors would be perfectly in order.

The profound and immeasurable silence of the medical profession in regard to the German doctors does not find its foundation on a lack of knowledge about what happened.

Today, sterilizations as well as euthanasia are encouraged for eugenic reasons by medical people, mainly psychiatrists, but of course now dressed in different garb. Just as the master builders of T4 went underground after the war and later emerged as members of the WFMH, so also did their ideals and their interests.

Eugenics has made a comeback as a so-called experimental field whose products are test-tube babies, artificial insemination, and the like. Articles in the popular press, about artificial insemination and genetic engineering in the future, are very common today. Sterilization has been resuscitated as part of the Planned Parenthood Program. Whereas formerly one heard the cry, "If we don't do something soon we'll be inundated by people", and Malthus proclaimed, "If we don t control birth we'll run out of supplies of food", nowadays the call goes out, "If we don't start using birth control, we won t have anywhere to stand". The melody is the same, only the words have changed.

Euthanasia has surfaced again as a charitable organization dispensing "Death with Dignity", a new euphemism, with the aim of giving a person who is in a state of health which precludes any chance of being cured the opportunity of letting himself be killed, but of course only when he is complete agreement with the measure. In the case of mental unbalance, a relative can give consent. Once again the first signs of forced euthanasia are becoming visible, aimed at the mentally ill.

Should anyone be interested in getting a picture of the current situation, he should have a look around his home country, and at neighboring ones, for he will surely find something along the lines of:

  1. A (national) association for Mental Health
  2. A Eugenics society or group
  3. Some type of Abortion Reform League
  4. An association for Voluntary Sterilization
  5. An association for Voluntary Euthanasia

If the members and committees of these associations are then cross-checked, he will see that:

  1. Many names cross-check
  2. A  large percentage of the members of branches 3, 4, and 5 above stem from sections 1 and 2.
  3. They constantly carry on mutual complementary propaganda.

Take Great Britain as a concrete example. The directorate of the Abortion Law Reform Association is comprised of:

The Executive Committee of the Euthanasia Society:

On the executive committee of the Birth Control Campaign figure among others:

Why this should be, the author doesn't know, but it is the medical men of such groups who provide the "scientific" rationale and methodology to justify and achieve the desired ends. In the U.S.A. in 1968 a voluntary euthanasia bill was introduced in Florida and an eminent surgeon and member of the American Medical Association - AMA - argued the case for it:

A bill to be entitled

An act relating to the right to die with dignity; providing an effective date.

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

Fortunately this bill was not passed, and so far the AMA has been silent on the whole issue, but judging by the silence with which the German atrocities were met I can safety predict that the AMA will soon be unofficially espousing the cause of voluntary euthanasia.

In 1935 the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association observed that the average doctor frequently faced the problem (of euthanasia) when it was a matter between him and his patient and he could decide in his own way without any interference.

The principles and practices are exactly the same as those that the Nazi psychiatrists used. One British expert recently arguing the case for euthanasia even went so tar as to say that certain defectives are a burden to themselves and others (the State perhaps) and therefore should be put out of their misery.

South Africa

With the full support of the South African Council for Mental Health and the Association of Neurologists and Psychiatrists, South Africa, which is heavily inclined in this direction anyway, will have sterilization laws introduced before long. At this time heavy propaganda for sterilization is being promoted there as a continuation of S. Africa's early history. In 1930 H.B. Fantham, Professor of Zoology at Witwatersrand, wrote in Child Welfare Magazine:

"...there must be limitations of multiplication of those definitely inferior or below average in inborn good qualities. In South Africa there must be limitations of the `poor white' element."

In 1934 Dr. P.W. Laidler, Medical Officer for Health of East London, wrote an article for the "S.A. Tydskrif vir Geneeskundiges" called for a South African sterilisation law "on the lines of Germany". Some interesting quotes from his article:

In October 1971 as this book was being written, Dr. Troskie an Executive member of the South African Medical and Dental Council called for the merciless elimination of weak genetic elements. He proposed the formation of a Genetic Committee composed of a judge and medical, sociological and religious experts to:

This is apparently not a new idea in South Africa, as several groups are involved in a debate over whether there should be compulsory or voluntary sterilisation, and now a group of sociologists intend to approach the Prime Minister about the problem.

The parallel between Nazi Germany and modern South Africa is very close.


The Rockefeller institute that backs the AMA has produced devastating results at home and overseas. It was Rockefeller who financed the foundation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and gave Professor Ruedin one whole floor of the building for his genetic research in the 20's. The German Mental Hygiene Movement was heavily subsidized by Rockefeller and thereby put into a healthy position to continue its aims and objectives to the bitter end. Further it was Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller institute and a Nobel Prize Winner who so loudly applauded the actions of the Germans and blatantly advocated the mass murder of mental patients and prisoners.

Currently in the U.S. the psychiatric profession is making extensive use of prisoners as experimental material for medical experiments with AMA approval. The Rockefeller family continues to subsidize the Medical-Psychiatric professors and one of the Rockefellers is on the Board of the American National Association for Mental Health. In 1970 in Hawaii, a bill was introduced the exact wording of which was:

A Bill for an Act Relating to Population Control.

Even amongst our neighbors trends in this direction can be recognized. In Switzerland it was Dr. André Repond who had applauded Germany's efforts, and had been so proud of his own work in ensuring that only eugenically sound marriages took place in one of the Swiss cantons.

The question of euthanasia and sterilization are not problems of yesterday to be discussed at club-meetings or amongst intellectuals as philosophic or historic subjects. The psychiatrists as strong as ever, have begun to agitate more and more loudly for the right to sterilize and kill.

In July 1972 Dr. T.L. Pilkington in "The Practitioner" called for yet further murders to be committed.

Author's Note

When I decided to write this book, I intended simply to record the events in Germany as a warning against similar occurrences which could take place in other countries. Shortly after I had begun to familiarize myself with the subject, I realized that I faced a problem which had already reached international proportions and which had even then deeply entrenched itself in Great Britain. I spent 5 years in England and overseas in order to research the information which I am now making public.

Perhaps I ought to have written two books; perhaps I should have proceeded with my investigations until every volume was fully documented-I do not know.

Yet the fact remains that the psychiatrists and "socially conscious" groups whose hands are stained with the blood of millions of people, and who have created an atmosphere in which similar events could happen in every other part of the world, are still alive today, and are pursuing the same professions as before, only in a form that is more disguised.

This book would not contain as much material about England if my inquiries had not led me there.

Others may feel the desire to carry my work further - and I would honestly like to stimulate this.

The current activities of psychiatrists must be seen in a new light when we take into consideration the fact that their allegedly charitable goals could be a cloak of Invisibility designed to camouflage their ominous purposes in the face of their fellow men.

The psychiatrists began early on to bring their own private secret service to life and to infiltrate governments. I do not wish to elucidate in detail the oft-mentioned theory that Hitler was brought to power through the action of a secret group. For those who want to do further research into this, this book may be of considerable direct importance.

In the "Archives for Racial and Social Biology", Volume 25, 1931, the psychiatrist Prof. F. Lenz clarifies Hitler's "Mein Kampf". He quotes Hitler abundantly, and establishes that Hitler is the man to finally grant Racial Hygiene its rightful place.

The conveniently-accepted opinion is that Hitler was the embodiment of all evil who forced his subjects against their will to perform the historically "singular" atrocities of the Third Reich. This consideration is not only imperfect: it also leads deliberately away from the facts and twists them.

It seems impossible that one man could draw 60 million people under his spell, and make them indifferent to such mass slaughter as was brought about by the psychiatrists under the Third Reich, without some support; even if only from some private interest group.

From the article by Lenz it is obvious how the would-be mass butchers, favored by Hitler at least since 1931, had already carried out moral reconditioning on their stout-hearted puppet. For Lenz himself says in this article about "Mein Kampf" "Naturally the ideas which Hitler outlines here are not new". No, they certainly were not new, but with Hitler as a puppet, the psychiatrists for the first time found themselves in the position of being able to transform their secret objectives and interests into reality. Lenz closes his article with the words:

"I would like to sum up by saying: Hitler is the first politician of really great influence who has recognized Racial Hygiene as a principal obligation for all politics, and who wants to stand up for it energetically."

Whether or not psychiatry was the sole private interest group which aided Hitler to power has yet to be explored in detail. It is a fact that Hitler took their watchwords literally. However, even the psychiatrists themselves did not have so tight a grip on Hitler as to make him give them a free hand for their mass murders, for they had to go about their murder activities behind his back and without his direct consent.

Hitler had barely come to power when the "Deutsche Verband für psychische Hygiene" (German Union for Mental Health), at a session held on the 16th of July, 1933, changed not only its name to the "Deutscher Verband far psychische Hygiene und Rassenhygiene" (German institute for Mental Health and Racial Hygiene) but also its officers. Prof. Dr. Sommer stepped back and Hitler-supporter Ernst Rüdin took over the leadership.

It is evident from the memorial notice published by Rüdin for the deceased Ploetz in the "Archiv für Rassen und Gesellschaftsbiologie" (Archives for Racial and Social Biology), 1940, Volume I, just how much Hitler had taken up the racial hygiene theories of his masters. Ruedin writes: "It is tragic fate that Ploetz is no longer alive to witness the solution to the problem of understanding and co-operation among the Nordic peoples, he, who believed so unshakeably in the resolute leadership of Adolf Hitler and in his holy mission of national and international racial hygiene."

Hitler was an evil man and no one would want to assert that he was not responsible for the things that happened in Germany, but in blaming Hitler for all the evils one is overlooking a considerable number of those who are truly responsible, people who are being allowed to pursue their course to similar ends all over again- nothing to stop them.

I do not claim to understand their motives. Perhaps a clergyman would. No one is forcing them to obey orders nowadays - they wouldn't obey them anyway - and still the pattern remains unchanged. Fascism and Nazism were solving the problems - with violence - and so were the psychiatrists.

The Nazis may have been disbanded, but the psychiatrists still linger on among us. Maybe this is the secret weapon Goebbels boasted about which would lead to the rebirth of the Reich - not a super-bomb and not a death ray, but a blueprint for a psychiatric slave state.


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