Let's get to the technical aspect of it

Capt. Bill Robertson

Middle of the 80ies we had the same problems with NOTs as the church. People weren't  able to get through and complete it.

Bill was the highest trained person around. He removed the bug on NOTs so people  actually could handle and complete it. He developed Excalibur to handle this case aspect.  You can read it in his Admin Briefings.

Actually the bug started with OT II. By looking for explanations on running NOTs Bill took  all the Class 8 and NOTs material and evaluated it as a Data Series Evaluator. He came up  with - what I think - the biggest ommission on the bridge.

Most of you know that OT II is running GPMs.

In the old days most of the people did the standard route... grades, power, power plus,  clearing course, clear. End of the 70ies however more and more people went clear on the  grades, on Dianetics and also natural clear was a subject.

The clearing course is similar to OT II in sofar that it also concerns GPMs only that  these are a "bit" older.

A person going clear certainly disconnects from all of these incidents and recordings on  the first dynamic. He then changes hats from PC to auditor and tackles the case from an  auditors viewpoint.

Now, when a person does the clearing course he not only runs the CC Platens on himself. He  hardly can avoid running it also on the rest of the case. If he attests clear before, he  omits that point and gets directly to OT I and II. But fact is that the CC implants are  still there holding the OT II implants as an earlier similar. And LRH on the Class VIII  Tapes even says that the CC implants were partly given again in Inc. II.

So, people who just run OT II don't crack the composite case properly and it stops them  from doing the rest of the bridge.

I think this was a major discovery which helped us getting the bridge really going in the  Free Zone. And not only that. Once these case aspects were handled we were able to view  the next. Suddenly the rest of the bridge revealed itself. It was like playing  "Freecell"... You think and figure how to play the cards and then you come to a  point where the turning of  the next card solves the rest of the game. And I can tell  you ... the bridge after solving the "otherdetermined case" which is everything  up to NOTs or Excalibur as we call it, is the real interesting part because here you solve  your own involvement in it... your own creations, your own parts of the game. This is when  a person really graduates from a "piece" to a "player". Take "The Factors" and you  see where the bridge should lead to.

All the people coming to the Free Zone, who are somwhere on NOTs, start with OT II  again. Its not only that they didn't do the CC stuff. You hardly find one of them who even  has a vague concept of what the hell he was doing on OT II. After handling this they  continue with OT III and Excalibur. This causes a tremendous case change and win in life.  That's the reason why they come to us and that's also the reason why the church is  helpless with their bridge.

People even start to ask questions: "Does the church really intend to set us  free?" "They should know all that... why don't they akt?"

One recently said: "The EP in the church is not "OT" but "CT"  (conforming thetan)".

You must imagine that, within the last couple of months alone, about 20 to 30 people  between OT IV and OT VII and OT VIII left the church and came to the Free Zone. How do you  explain this? We had people who were on NOTs for years and they came to us with the  attitude "I never pick up cans again". And each of them had major case change  afterwards.

I never saw so much "immidiate" case gain with people in the Free Zone,  because we are used to it anyway. The most spectacular changes you see in people coming  somewhere from the NOTs levels.

That's not the expected result of the "golden age of tech" isn't it?

That's why we owe Bill very much. He streamlined the bridge and it's a big success.

I personally didn't know him too well. I can only judge him by what he did for us.

But actually it's the same with LRH himself. People can believe all the negative stuff  about him and forget the most important part which is that he gave us the philosophy and  technology.
Thanks to both of them.

That's all for now

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