W.H. Bowart and Richard Sutton

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The first atomic explosion at Alamagordo, N.M. in - 1944 was a flash of insight to the warriors of the modern world. That flash changed the nature of war forever. The men who built the bomb immediately realized that conventional war was suddenly a dangerous trigger which, at any time, might detonate an earth destroying retaliation with nuclear weapons. The realities of nuclear war made civilian populations the target of war, and thus changed the nature of even limited, conventional war. Gun powder now became the tool of non-nuclear nations and revolutionaries who would fight long protracted conflicts, tempting the nuclear powers that be. Just as nuclear war changed the nature of conventional war, it made Invisible War (IW) a necessity.

The only safe way to wage war, the warriors realized, was to wage it silently. Toward the end of World War Two various forms of IW research began, and eventually modern warriors came up with a number of insidious ways to subdue enemy populations without their ever knowing that a war had even begun. Today secret "invisible weapons" pose a more ominous threat to life than even thermonuclear holocaust. These weapons have not only been developed without the knowledge of their intended victims, they cannot even be detected at the very monent they are murdering or robotizing civilian populations.

Only by lifting the veil of secrecy and informing humanity of the realities of IW can free people everywhere survive to liberate themselves from the bleak, unliveable future promised by the technology of Invisible War.



Governments do experiment on their own citizens. In the Soviet Union the victims never talk, but in a supposed free society if they can remember they have been victimized they might even sue.

A secret CIA-Army team infected Americans with deadly germs from 1949 to 1969. Equipped with nasal filters and other protective gear, these cladestine agents of OPERATION BIG CITY targeted Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Florida, and California with biological weapons (BW). Using trick suitcases and a 1954 Mercury equipped with dual mufflers and extended tailpipes, the spooks cast their clouds of plague along four New York City turnpikes and through the commuter-choked Licoln and Holland tunnels.

Attacks on Florida and New York were followed by epidemics of encephalitis and whooping cough. Thirty years after a secret attack on San Francisco Bay launched from a Naval vessel in 1950, victims finally responded with angry lawsuits against the government. (1) Government agents also injected thousands of unsuspecting Americans with germs such as syphilis. (2)

Similar incidents occurred in Britian and the Soviet Union. The full grisly story can be told now that formerly secret BW documents have been released after nearly 30 years. Just the tip of the invisbile iceberg, the fact that innocent civilians have been victimized by their own governments drives home the threat posed by today's invisible technologies of war.


Warriors have been busy with BW weapons since the prehistoric days when shamans first poisoned their enemies. (3) The memory of the political use of disease during the Crusades and Inquisition may have been too fresh in Hitler's mind to allow him to unleash the vast germ arsenal amassed by Nazi scientists (4). The Japanese, however, had no such compunctions, and, after the war, Germ Warfare trials were held which convicted a number of their war criminals. Those trials, more sensational than the Nuremburg trials, got little attention from the press of the day. BW was next used in Korea, then in Vietnam (5). Perhaps the most hideous story is that of the leakage of anthrax germs from weapons in the remote secret city of Semipalatinsk in the Soviet Union. There, just a few years ago, hundreds died in horrible agony (6). Current developments in Recombinant DNA threaten to unleash mutant BW strains from which the world may never recover (7). Despite international treaty, most nations today cheat when it comes to BW (8). According to recently released Pentagon documents, the Soviets may have used both BW and CW weapons in Afghanistan.


News of secret, leaking Army WETEYE nerve gas canisters in Denver, Colorado sent shivers through denizens of the Mile High City. Would Denver be America's first Semipalatinsk? (9) A controversy over how to dispose of the WETEYE bombs has rage during the past few years in Utah and Colorado. The U.S. government wanted to ship the bombs to a remote location in Utah, since the task of neutralizing the bombs seemed impossible. The government announced they would load the bombs on airplanes and fly them from Denver to the remote Utah location. The citizens of both states didn't want leaking bombs flown over the countryside so a loud protest arose. Today, those WETEYES sit in a storage depot next to busy Stapleton International Airport oozing their toxic contents while legislators of Colorado and Utah battle Pentagon bureaucrats over the life-and-death question of what to do with unwanted nerve gas.


Like BW, Chemical Warfare (CW) was developed in most ancient times and used during World Wars One and Two, Korea and Vietnam. Disguised as a "herbicide" during Vietnam, the CW Agent Orange poisoned thousands of American GI's. Today those GI's suffer on without compensation from Uncle Sam who continues to deny the dangers of Agent Orange (10). Mocking every treaty in the books, the Soviet Union attacked Afgan rebels in 1980 with deadly "soman" nerve gas. According to Lt. Gen. Nikolai Chernov, the Soviets equip every division with TMS - 65 decontaminant trucks. Soviet-led Warsaw Pact troops regularly conduct nerve gas war games using "live" weapons and deploying one hundred thousand CBW specialist troops. The U.S. maintains three million convulsion causing sarin artillery shells,, several thousand sarin bombs, and hundreds of thousands of gas land mines. Nerve gas weapons comprise two thirds of the 150,000 tons of poison gas in the American aresnal (11). As they did with BW, the CIA "tested" chemical weapons on U.S. citizens, attacking hundreds of unsuspecting GI's with BZ, a hallucinogenic one hundred times more powerful than LSD (12). It was hard for the BZ victims to complain of after effects of the tests, since BZ left the victims with amnesia. Despite the resignation of CIA intelligence expert John Stockwell over CW revelations and his shocked protest of Agency atrocities, a powerful CBW lobby today demands repudiation of all treaties outlawing germ and nerve gas weapons (13). CW development overlaps that of BW and with the growth of the new science of genetic engineering, it poses an an even greater danger through its invisibility than does the well known and expected nuclear holocaust.



Clandestine wizards of "cold war" have searched for new technology to forcibly control the human mind for over forty years (14). At the close of World War Two, the leaders of Nazi and U.S. intelligence agencies joined forces to construct an allied intelligence network. The Nazi spy chief Reinhard Gehlen, the OSS's William Donovan, and the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover all conspired to develop mind control weapons before the outbreak of the war. Hoover and Donovan, like their Nazi counterparts, commissioned leading psychiatrists in their nation to come up with an automaton making technology (15). The Nazi research began during the twenties at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (16). Some of this research inspired the concentration camp atrocities of Mengele and others. Early American research victimized convalescing WWII veterans. The Nazi inspiration for the CIA Mind Control operations has recently been documented with the declassification of Project Paperclip (17). Paperclip evolved into a series of CIA projects using unsuspecting civilian guinea pigs -- BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MIDNIGHT CLIMAX and others (18). Previously unpublished material illustrates how America's most respected, influential psychiatrists conspired to unleash mind control weapons on unsuspecting Americans and succeeded (19).


Mind control has been the most sought after military weapon since the days of Ancient China's legendary warlord, Sun Tzu. It was developed and refined through the succeeding civililzations of India, China, Egypt, the Mayan Empire., Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and finally the United States. Some of the methods of mind control are sexual manipulation (20), drug-hypnosis, behavior modification, and other methods which control an invidual's freedom of thought. Despite earlier denials, the CIA did successfully brainwash Americans (21).


Institutionalized Psychiatry has become an instrument of civilian control in the Modern State. Mind control police tactics have replaced the criminal justice system in the Soviet Union. Behind the Iron Curtain, where intolerable conditions Would otherwise spark revolt, psychiatric techniques have turned the Soviet population into a herd of terrified and apathetic atomatons (22). High technology Soviet mind control has been employed against political dissidents. In the United States the American Mental Health Industry holds Soviet-style plans to replace the American justice system with mind control operations (23). The late Congressman Leo Ryan's aide, Joe Holsinger, describing the CIA's involvement in Jonestown poses the question: What role did mind control technology play in the Jonestown massacre? Through the CIA's mind control technology, 98% of the U.S. population is susceptible to covert control. At that success rate, America might be turned into a nation of obedient, suicidal zombies heralded by those who died in Jonestown,



Soviet forces have been beaming invisible microwave radiation at Americans for over twenty years, triggering cancer, heart problems, cataracts, and emotional stress (24). The bizarre Soviet zapping of the U.S. embassy in Moscow, "The Moscow Signal", may well have been the opening volley of the Invisible War of electromagnetic weaponry. While sweeping the embassy for bugs in 1962, security personnel detected a microwave beam aimed straight at the embassy (25). Naturally, the Pentagon and Intelligence Community became alarmed at the possibility of neurological and behavioral effects on diplomatic personnel. Keeping the knowledge secret from the suffering embassy staff for 12 years, the CIA launched PROJECT PANDORA (26), aimed at understanding the Soviet's motives for the microwave attack. Pandora personnel discovered that the Soviets had conducted extensive microwave research operations over the years They concentrated their study on the emotional and rental effects of microwaves. By the summer of. 1965, a Pentagon-affiliated think tank, Institute for Defense Analysis, convened a special task force to replicate Soviet experiments and analyze the problem. The Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) began experimenting on rhesus monkeys with microwaves at Walter Reed Army Research Insitute. The results are still classified Top Secret, but, from recent duplicate studies we learn that microwaves cause 'profound effects on the central nervous system and change behavior of rhesus monkeys.

At a summit meeting at Glassboro, New Jersey during June, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson asked Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin to halt the Moscow Signal (27). In 1969, leading microwave scientists gathered at the University of Virginia Medical College at Richmond for a three day -symposium on Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation (28). Microwave authority Dr. Karel Marha of Czechoslovakia declared that microwave bioeffects included pains in the head and eyes, fatigue and overall weakness, dizziness and vertigo, poor night sleep,, irritibility, fear, hypochondria, tension, depression, inhibition of intellectual functions, and decreased memory (29). Yet, most of those at the symposium ignored the subject of human bioeffects. Radomline Research biophysicist Dr. Allan H. Frey was more than interested, however Frey had determined that humans could actually hear pulsed microwaves at frequencies ranging from 300 to 3,000 megahertz.

Not until Jack Anderson broke the "Moscow Signal" story in 1972 did the public learn the truth. Several months after Anderson's microwave column, the Soviets accused the U.S. of irradiating chess wizard Boris Spaasky with electronic devices, causing him to lose a championship match to Bobby Fischer (30). On February 7, 1976, the Los Angeles Times quoted U.S. Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel, Jr., as telling his staff that the microwavess could cause leukemia, skin cancer, cataracts, and emotional illness (31). Stoessel himself was reportedly suffering from a mysterious illness resembling leukemia which caused bleeding in the eyes and nausea. Two of his predecessors at the embassy died of cancer. According to National Security Advisor Zbignew Brezhinski, U.S. embassy personnel in Moscow suffer the highest cancer rate in the world (32).

Today, despite a brief respite, the bombardment of the embassy continues while much of the evidence gathered by U.S. intelligence agencies remains classified (33). However, raising the lid on PROJECT PANDORA has uncovered a box full of secrets about microwave effects..


"A powerful radio signal that may be affecting human health has been monitored in several Eugene locations and in the air three thousand feet above the city," proclaimed the Eugene Register-Guard on March 26, 1978. "The source of the radio signal is unknown." Thus came to light news of the. first electromagnetic biohazards suffered by a major population center (34). Shortly before the Register-Guard printed the story, a middle-aged Eugene man, Walter Deposkey, came down with symptoms remarkably similar to those attributed to microwave sickness (35). He noted a strange vibration emanating from within his home. He heard voices. He could not sleep. He suffered burning of his cornea. University of Oregon industrial hygeinist Marshall van Ert, called to investigate Deposkey's complaints, suffered the same symptoms in the man's home. Disturbed, van Ert recruited several local engineers to investigate. The engineers measured an unusual radio signal they determined was capable of producing potential biohazards. After dogging public health agencies to investigate further, van Ert broke the story in the papers (36).

The Eugene Signal was described as a radio frequency pulse at 4.75 megahertz, 1,100 cycles per second, recorded within at least two local homes as well as 3,000 feet above the city (37). The signal's strength was rated at five hundred thousand watts -- ten times the FCC AM licensed limit. The signal extended as far away as the next town, Corvallis. 150 documented complaints about the signal prompted Governor Bob Straub, Senator Mark Hatfield, and Congressman Jim Weaver to demand an EPA investigation (38). A data analysis by the State Health Department's Radiation Control Section suggested "probable cause" linking the complaints to the strange frequency (39). "I was surprised," said Clifford Shrock, a Textronix, Inc. radio frequency analyst who had written CIA and NSA electronics manuals, "I'd never seen anything like it before." (40) Reactions to the story" flooded in from around the world. Calls came in from people telling similar stories about their own distant areas. Several calls came from technicians offering their hypotheses about the signal, suggesting a possible link to secret weapons readiation. The people of Eugene began to learn about Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) biohazards in a hurry.

No one, however, could get to the bottom of Eugene's problem. The FCC's. Enforcement Division Assistant Chief, Richard Smith, laid the blame squarely on a naval transmitter at Dixon, California -- the "Dixon Duck" (41). Van Ert and others disputed this conclusion. The Navy denied it. When the EPA technicians finally arrived, they decided no real Problem existed and denied that there was any mystery signal. Van Ert, Shrock, and others strongly disagreed with them. They had felt the signal and had measured it. But, after holding a cursory press conference, the EPA investigators returned to its Las Vegas headquarters and dodged reporters. Then the investigation folded. 

While some of the citizens of Eugene, Oregon say they continue to suffer from the signal effects, the Eugene Signal remains an official mystery. Marshall Van Ert left Eugene after he began suffering from EMR symptoms. Today he is still convinced he was-victimized by secret IW radiation and a government coverup.

The people of Eugene aren't the only ones complaining of EMR biohazard effects. Similar symptoms have been reported in such places as Timmons and Kirkland Lake in Canada. These effects were traced to a notorious Soviet radio broadcast dubbed by amateur radio operators "the woodpecker." (42) These effects bear a strong resemblance to the biohazards inherent in Invisible Weapons like the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) under development by the Pentagon. Although the people of Eugene didn't know it, both the U.S. and Soviet military had been working for years to perfect the use of electromagnetic frequencies as lethal psychological weapons.


On October 14, 1976, radio communications throughout the globe were disrupted by powerful radio waves emanating from the Soviet Union (43). The broadcasts appeared irregularly and varied between very high and very low frequencies. When the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and the Scandinavian countries protested the broadcast, the Soviets apologized, blaming the disturbance on "experiments." But then the nature of the wavelengths changed and huge electromagnetic standing waves formed, thousands of miles long, penetrating the earth and extending up into the ionosphere. Due to its characteristic sound, the signal was dubbed "the woodpecker". The sound ham radio operators heard all over the world can be replicated by tapping a pencil on a table at between eight and fourteen times each second. The wavelength was traced to alleged "Tesla generator" experiments in the Soviet cities of Riga and Gomel. The standing waves accompanying them stretched down both coasts of North America and along the Eastern. frontier of the Soviet Union (44). The "woodpecker" has been blamed for subsequent shifts in weather patterns resulting from altered trade winds. The change of winds created a drought in the western U.S. with severe effects on farming and the U.S. economy (45). Several agencies fear that such standing waves might well have caused the disintegration of ships, including oil tankers, in the Atlantic (46). But their potential effect on human beings causes even greater concern.

Just as the human body's nervous system operates electromagnetically, so the Earth has an electromagnetosphere which, scientists claim, can be altered to produce dramatic weather shifts. In fact the earth's ionosphere oscillates at approximately the same frequency as human brain waves making it a perfect "carrier" off which EMR radiations (in the brain wave range can be bounced without any change of frequency. The relationship between the electromagnetosphere and the EM basis of the human body can be exploited as a strategic weapon (47). Everyone has experienced mental and emotional shifts during changes of weather. Imagine the power open to those who, by flicking a switch, could control the earths atmosphere and change not only the weather but the brainwaves of entire populations.

Both the U.S. and Soviet governments know that a strong pattern exists correlating geophysical phenomena and political disturbances, health, and mood swings. For these reasons the "woodpecker" signal alarmed the U.S.


For years; the Soviets, and more recently, the U.S. have explored the possibilities -described 'in the-work of the late Nikola Tesla (48). Tesla came to-the U.S. from Czechoslovakia and worked for both the Edison and Westinghouse companies, where he invented the famous Tesla coil and alternating -current. Tesla's discoveries laid the groundwork for TV, radio, telegraphy, death rays, electronic surveillance, dictaphones, air purification devices., and even technology for the solution to our current energy crisis. Many of his inventions patented as long ago as 1900 are still so advanced that they cannot be understood or tested (49). This eccentric character migrated from his Waldorf-Astoria suite in New York City, where he dined every night in evening dress at a special table, to a crude Rocky Mountain hideaway laboratory. He was awarded the Nobel Prize, which he refused, in 1912. Tesla was truly the greatest genius of the Twentieth Century. His Patents and theories have yielded a whole family of invisible weapons.

Intelligence sources in Canada, where effects of tile "woodpecker" signal have been widely experienced, suspect that they come from Soviet military refinements of Tesla's theories. The Pentagon has contracted a think tank to construct a modern equivalent of Tesla's apparati and to expand on his theories.

A long-time Tesla devotee, Robert A. Golka works in a converted AF hangar at Wendover AFB, Utah, Some of the Tesla applications to be explored are the transmission of electrical power over great distances without wires, the generation of death rays, charged particles, and the modification of weather patterns (50). But another Tesla-influenced re searcher has voiced strong concern that the Pentagon may be investigating the strong, pulsating electrical fields within the alpha and beta rhythms of the human brain which, if exploited, could create awesome psychological effects in people.


As early as 1972, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) (51) reported on Soviet EMR mind control progress. The Soviets have been researching EMR mind control for years, going so far as to explore its relationship to ESP (52). Since the 1960's, the DIA has carefully compiled regular analyses of the Soviet work. What have the two nations discovered?

Sounds and even words can be made to appear within the human brain, when broadcast from EMR neurological controls at a military base (53). Brainwave entrainment, coronaries, strokes, and epileptic seizures can be triggered by remote control. The 1976 DIA estimate is labeled, "recommended reading material for those consumers who have an interest in the application of microwave energy to weapons." Recent-Pentagon studies attest to a grave concern over Soviet military use of the electromagnetic spectrum and the serious U.S. efforts to surpass them.

The U.S. has attempted to close the EMR mind control gap by coordinating a massive network of universities, think tanks, military installations, and hospitals developing EMR weapons. One Army report, "Analysis of Microwaves for Barrier Warfare," describes the use of the microwave band to control populations (54). Although few know it, the French have used invisible wavelengths to control crowds for years (55). A former U.S. intelligence officer even claims that the Nazi's used a "frenzy machine" to stir up crowds at Hitler's Nuremburg Rallies. The French crowd control "sirens" use various inaudible sounds which throw people into terror and cause loss of bowel control en masse.

Former CIA director Richard Helms may very well have had such weapons in mind when he testified before the Warren Commission on June 19, 1964. Then Deputy Director for Plans, Helms warned, "Current research indicates that the Soviets are attempting to develop a technology for control in the development of behavioral patterns among the citizenry of the U.S.S.R. in accordance with politically determined requirements of the system. Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to more sophisticated approaches to the 'coding' of information' for transmittal to population targets in the 'battle for the minds of men.'" (56)

Both the Soviets and U.S. are covering up their knowledge of invisible weapons. When originally interviewed by the authors, legal counsel for the State Department's Disarmament Agency claimed ignorance of such weapons and that, furthermore, they were "speculative and futuristic" (57). Only careful investigation of government papers revealed that State's counsel was lying and had, in fact, possession of materials concerning invisible weapons (58). Certainly, lie was aware of the Soviet amendment to SALT II which proposed banning of infrasonic and electromagnetic weapons designed to affect biological targets (59). Because of this secret arms race and coverup, the mind control capacity of global EMR systems threatens to turn our world into a zombie planet.


Throughout the globe, an underground physics network acts as a thorn in the side of the invisible warriors, studying the latest developments of paraphysics and openly publishing its findings (60). Such colorful characters as Bob Beck of Los Angeles' Biomedical Research Associates fly back and forth from Washington to Eugene to Canada, sharing findings and investigating suspected government environmental crimes. Members of this loosely-knit network share their information freely and are concerned about the mind control aspects of the invisible war.

A former military intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden, USAF (Ret.), publishes SPECULA, a magazine dedicated to "psychotronics" and "bio-energetics". These two words describe what amounts to the electronic amplification of telepathy and what has heretofore been called ESP. Bearden is not just a concerned amateur, he is an experienced scientist who has several of his psychotronic weapons papers on file at the Defense Documentation Center outside Washington (61). The story of his fight to publish a book on the subject of psychotronics and bio-energetics, THE EXACLIBUR STATEMENT, is as full of cloak-and-dagger intrigue as an Ian Fleming thriller (62). Bearden's book was due out in 1978, but has been "mysteriously" delayed. During the time he was preparing the manuscript for publication, one by one, the members of the "network" met strange fates.

One such incident is the Ira Einhorn Murder Mystery. Einhorn, an organizer of the "network", directed some of Congressman Rose's efforts from behind the scenes at the House of Representatives. One day Einhorn was shocked to discover the long dead body of his fellow researcher in a trunk on his back porch (63). When murder charges were pressed against Einhorn by the FBI, Einhorn launched a passionate defense which resulted in a great press controversy and a long court battle to get the evidence against .... (text missing) and currently Einhorn is hiding, convinced he was framed. But who framed him? It could have been U.S., Soviet, or British Intelligence (64) since Einhorn freely exchanged information with any group or individual who requested it. In hindsight, he suspected that some people who requested hard to get Tesla papers may have been working for foreign intelligence agencies. We examine the FBI case documents and other investigations which pose some intriguing questions about the Einhorn case.

While fighting the invisible war, the U.S. cryptocracy may well have attacked this network the same way it attacked the civil rights and anti-war movements of the Sixties.


The newly dead souls of ancient Greece had to ford two streams before they were admitted into Ha des. The first, the River Lethe, erased all memory of having lived in the minds of those immersed in its waters. The second, the River Styx, baptized the newly deceased Greek, making the soul "dead forever" and admitting it through the Gates of Hades.

With the same ghoulish humor they've exhibited in the past, the creators of one of the Pentagon's first invisible weapons must have envisioned themselves as Gods of the Underworld when they named the secret U.S. Army IV project RIVER STYX. RIVER STYX WEAPONS (RSW) were among the first prototype (65) electromagnetic weapons. RSW utilized microwaves to "grossly degrade bodily functions" of "the brain, the testes, the eyes, and like organs." Further, the creators of RSW claimed "there are paraphysical advantages that my accrue to the country and allied nations from the early realization of military applications of these effects." Through interviews with RSW principals and research into the background of the project, light is shed on how the U.S. Army worked on paraphysical IW as early as 1957. The RIVER STYX story also reveals that neither the Pentagon nor the CIA have ever been quite as naive about microwaves and other EMR weaponry as they publicly claimed. We also show that not only has the U.S. government been witting of such weapons, they have coordinated various Pentagon and Intelligence agencies, corporations, and universitites towards their development since the 1950's. This statement in the STYX Report reveals why the U.S. government has pulled such a massive coverup. "Should developments in this type weapon be undertaken and should they become known to the public, charges from public and foreign sources that this is an atrocity weapon may be made and should be anticipated." Such weapons were considered at their inception as being as crucial as nukes and were the predecessors of those invisible weapons which now threaten life as we know it.

According to one Pentagon study, the Army has conducted microwave experiments which produced third degree burns on the "subjects" at the Medical Research Lab at Fort Know, Kentucky. General Electric, building on its earlier independent developments of antipersonnel microwave weapons, participated in Project COMET which researched the psychological effects of EMR. These projects spanned the EMR spectrum from radiowaves to microwaves (66).

Very rarely has the U.S. government leaked bits of information about its IW arsenal to the public. Particularly revealing is one statement concerning weather manipulation by former Pentagon think-tank researcher, Lowell Ponte: "The right kind of radio transmissions alter the planet's magnetic field ... The giant rivers of wind in the sky, like the jet stream, tend to follow that magnetic field. So when you bend it or when you begin creating giant standing waves in the atmosphere, as our government knows they've been doing, you bend those wind currents, and where they go the weather goes." (67).

Canadian intelligence similarly released a Reuters wire on August 9, 1975 describing "introduction of electromagnetic waves into the.environment." (68) Aside from the already dangerous implications of weather warfare and the indirect effect on the human mind, allusion to direct mind control factors have been studiously omitted.

The research is tracked thorough Canadian intelligence sources and other materials to show the relationship between ELF -and the entrainment of human brainwaves. Development of microwave "hearing" and "amnesia beams," and the current massive effort underway to develop the electromagnetic pulse (EMP), including war games at New Mexico's Kirtland AFB, opens the door to reveal the massive IW R&D network throughout the U.S.

On the heels of the Moscow and Eugene Signals, the "woodpecker", Einhorn Murder Case, and River Styx, a clandestine arsenal stands poised, aimed at the human mind.


"It is more dangerous than atomic destruction," warns CIA funded physiologist Dr. Jose Delgado, "Because in our wisdom we may destroy the planet. But through our knowledge of the brain, we may transform, we may shape, direct, robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is ... that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware that they have been robotized." (69) Delgado ought to know. As-father of Electronic Stimulation of the Brain (ESB), he helped spawn the Invisible War. For years, Delgado has worked to perfect techniques enabling psychiatrists to control humans with radiowaves through electronic "transponders" implanted in the brain. Today, Delgado's theories are being developed further at UCLA, under the auspices of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories (70), better known as the Home of the Atom Bomb.

At Loma Linda VA Hospital, a close personal friend of Dr. Delgado's, Dr. W. Ross Adey, works furiously to develop new techniques for controlling the human brain with exotic energies. (71) Adey was personally given a prototype of the Soviet LIDA mind control device (72). The Lida is designed to broadcast the three components of pain -- heat, cold, and electricity -- in such a way that the human mind receives them at great distances. The man whom the Soviets chose to introduce the Lida into American research also works, in cooperation with the U.S. government's covert mind control operations. 

Pioneer biocyberneticist Dr. Craig Fields, at his Pentagon DARPA laboratories, masterminds the developments of new techniques which may soon create the first robotized army and electronically controlled human population (73). From the early work in CIA's cruder mind control forms, top ranking members of the AMA and APA, key figures of American psychiatry and medicine, have used massive public funds to create a national mind control network. Their own documents prove their ultimate goal -- to robotize America (74). Far-fetched? In this chapter these august figures go on record for a Zombie America.

Perhaps the greatest champion of Zombie America is one of the most respected figures in American Psychiatry today -- Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West. Beginning with brainwashing work for the Air Force, (75) MKULTRA work with CIA (76), West has positioned himself smack in the midst of the Invisible War. West's career appears to be a carefully constructed espionage "cover". Always on the forefront of IW technology, West proposed converting a NIKE Missle base in the Santa Monica Mountains into an IW compound (77) and received powerful support from then-Governor Ronald Reagan. West's proposals included chemical castration, implantation of transponders in sexual organs and the brain, biological control of women's menstrual cycles to control crime, and eventual replacement of the U.S. legal system with psychiatric control. "Jolly" West continues his clandestine mind control activities from his august Chair of Psychiatry and Directorship of the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA.

A mutual friend of both West and Delgado is Dr. Frank Ervin. Michael Crichton's novel and film, THE TERMINAL MAN, was based upon an Ervin victim who complains to this day that his brain is being controlled by microwaves. (78) Remarkably, the CIA funded UCLA work to develop microwave broadcasting equipment which could carry human voices into a victim's head for the purpose of inducing hypnosis at a distance (79). Yet another center tied to UCLA tried to develop a microwave "amnesia" bean, for the CIA as early as the 1950's (80).

Proponents of IV! Psychiatric techniques have somehow managed to take their places beside American presidents for the past twelve years. Nixon and Ford were advised by Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker, a 1926 graduate of the Nazi-supported Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, where much of the early medicalpsychiatric IW techniques were pioneered. Carter's confidante, psychiatrist'. Dr. Peter Bourne, has devoted much of his career to psychological warfare and IW technology, and even prescribed hypnotic drugs to White House staffers.

Indeed, financial consultant and investigative journalist Dr. Harry  Schultz has speculated that Bourne's control of Carter may have resulted in some most unusual-policy decisions. [Ronald Reagan, who has supported West's most bizarre schemes for years, could well appoint him to a White House post]. Unless the association of IW psychiatrists with U.S. presidents is halted soon, we could see Zombie America come early.



From weapons of deadly germ clouds, armies of genetic mutants or civilian populations subdued by radiowave mind control it's a short jump to psychotronic weapons -- aggressive forms of psychic energy. Researchers have speculated on this possibility for years (81), but not until the KGB arrested Los Angeles Times Moscow correspondent Robert Toth in 1977 did the true story begin to surface. Bob Toth was arrested for spying on Soviet military parapsychology secrets. Declassified documents including telexes between Secretary Vance and Ambassador Toon added to Toth's own description of his KGB interrogation reveal the seriousness of psychic weapons (82).

The Soviets began developing parapsychology when Stalin retained a personal psychic, Wolf Messing (83). Since the beginning of recorded history, military strategists have pursued the "black arts" seeking to harness psychic energy (84). The CIA began taking the dark side of the occult seriously in the early fifties (85). Today, parapsychology has evolved into a high tech subject called paraphysics. It is a science guided by some of the world's top physicists and psychologists (86). DIA estimates and other intelligence studies analyze the state-of-the-art in paraphysics and plan for its application to psychic spying, telepathic hypnosis, and even the psychic sabotage of enemy defense systems (87). By their own admission, the intelligence agencies of the U.S. government consider the use of "bio-energetics" their most jealously guarded secret (88).


The CIA's interest in ESP was guided by Andrija Puharich, who later played-mentor to psychic Uri Geller (89). Following the death by execution of star CIA double agent Col. Oleg Penkovsky, the Agency tried to recruit his ghost to spy on the Soviets (90).


After two U.S. psychics (former UN diplomat Ingo Swann, and former Burbank Police Chief Patrick Price) penetrated one of the most closely guarded security systems of the Pentagon (91), one security officer exclaimed that their mental feats made modern security precautions obsolete. Price and Swann participated in secret Project Scanate (92), one of many such projects conducted by think tanks such as SRI for the CIA and Pentagon. Shortly after Scanate, Price died under mysterious circumstances, leaving Swann to continue his psychic research at SRI with a low profile -- afraid for his life (93). Like all IW weapons, the government considers paraphysics absolutely top secret. One TOP SECRET study prepared by SRI for the Air Force, Advanced Technique Threat Assessment, details the entire spectrum of invisible weapons including paraphysics (94). In 1979, Rep. Charlie Rose of the House Intelligence Committee demanded congressional investigation of U.S. psychic preparedness. Rose claimed to have witnessed Swann and others in action. Today, Rose is strangely silent. Further investigation, however, demonstrated that the psychic arms race continues.


While racing to develop psychic arms, both U.S. and Soviet cryptocracies publicly debunk the subject. While the CIA was researching similar techniques, it's sister agency, the FDA, jailed famed psychologist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Today it might be said that Reich was jailed for publishing paraphysics research openly. Media shills have been touting the "national security" disinformation line on ESP for over thirty years. Reich was crazy they said, while the "orgone energy" he was exploring was secretly called "bio-energy" by the government circles who were quite seriously researching it on their own.

Today, despite CIA involvement in Jonestown, psychiatrists who work with CIA mind control programs blame religion for brainwashing (95). The debunking of parapsychology smacks of the atomic disinformation campaign conducted by the Pentagon during the Manhattan Project (96). Only a few years before Hiroshima prominent atomic scientists scoffed at the very idea of atomic power, much less the Bomb. As Congressman Rose hinted, the debunkers may be working, wittingly or otherwise, to coverup the truth about the government's attempt to harness the very soul for covert purposes.



Martin Luther King fought hard for the civil liberties of black people. In retaliation, the FBI launched an "anti-King" campaign which may have resulted in his death (97). Indeed, the entire civil rights and antiwar movements may have. been wrecked by the FBI COINTELPRO (98) and CIA CHAOS operations. The evidence shows that those cryptocrats who seek to destroy liberty at its source -- our very minds -- will stop at nothing to defame and even murder those who resist enslavement. Modern technology has made the human mind the battleground for humanity's struggle for liberty. Since scientists comprise much of the vanguard of totalitarianism (99), mental liberty may be today's most vital issue.

During the early days of MKULTRA, a former Naval officer, L.Ron Hubbard, -- aware of what the Navy was covertly doing -researched the workings of the human mind (100). Refusing to submit to government demands that he Join the mind control psychiatrists, this man published a book called "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health". The book proclaimed mental liberty and integrity as the birthright of humanity (101). When the book became a bestseller, thousands began using the techniques Hubbard discovered, testifying to "increased mental liberty." Some of the techniques Hubbard described for the benefit of people were secretly being used by the government in an attempt to enslave. Other of the techniques Hubbard described were actually antidotes to the MKULTRA mind control methods (102).

The government began a vicious smear campaign against Hubbard. It was run by the CIA's mind control section. The young author had inadvertently blown the whistle on the best kept secret of the Cold War, MKULTRA. And, perhaps the young author had tipped the cryptocracies hand on their whole IW gameplan.

Hubbard's office was ransacked and a manuscript was stolen which contained information which paralleled that which we now know of as psychotronics. Ironically that manuscript carried the same title as the later manuscript by Lt. Col. Tom Bearden. Both had the name EXCALIBUR. Hubbard and his colleagues were physically attacked, and the author narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt. A black propaganda campaign was waged against all those who subscribed to the idea of "Dianetics" for nearly 30 years.

When a prominent psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Szasz began debunking the totalitarian mind control plans of his colleagues in the 1950's (103), he became the focal point of similar attacks. When Adrija Puharich began revealing too much about psychotronics in his books, he was attacked similarly.

Other men like Szasz and Hubbard have sparked a growing movement to restore mental freedom. Szasz helped launched the fledgling Libertarian Party, whose platform boldly calls for a-halt to government mind control operations and its financing by U.S: tax dollars. Indeed, the financing through taxation of a technology to ensalve the tax payer, may turn out to be the cruelest joke yet played upon the American people.


Following decades of intense lobbying by the mind control psychiatrists and psychiatric-medical establishment, the U.S. government made plans to establish mega-agencies, such as HEW and VA. It can be no coincidence that through these agencies many of the atrocities of the Invisible War have been committed. Although supported by many idealistic individuals, these bureaucracie gave birth to a network of human experimentation which made IW arsenals possible. (104) Mind control and IW projects were among the very first funded by the mega agencies, and as time went on they comprised a major part of their research activities (105). Billions of dollars have been leached from tax coffers to pay for mind 'control programs and invisible weapons development. Vie trace the organization diagram of the sprawing mind control arsenal which is aimed straight at the dream of liberty.


An exciting, if chilling scenario of an invisible war based upon one recently declassified intelligence estimate. CBW, EMR, psychotronic weapons and mind control in all its hideous reality.


Rational self-reliance and an understanding of how the human mind works are the best protection against IW. Don't look to national governments for help, they're attacking you. Don't look to psychiatry, they're developing weapons to destroy the very seat of liberty -- your mind. Don't rely on authority. Obedience to authority is the first act of submission to suggestibility. Suggestibility is the first step of surrender to mind control. If it isn't true for you it isn't true. Your own integrity is your best hope. Ethical scientists may develop IW countermeasures. Good men may reform governments. But ultimately your own survival depends on yourself. As long as people know this, freedom will survive. The world is what you make it, or what you fail to make it. Freedom is a continuing struggle, won one moment at a time. There are many who would take it from you, but no one who can give it to you.


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