As I reflect on this last year of my life I am truly amazed. I have gained so much. My life has transformed. I am no longer afraid of not being all I can be. I have certainty that I will reach total freedom. This makes me feel soooo... good.

My wins have been across all dynamics and are solid not the fleeting experiences I have had in the past, glimpses of my real potential. I feel so good about me and that is where it all starts. Excal has given my self determinism back.

On the second dynamic life is so good that I feel like I need to pinch myself now and then and ask "is this real" and the answer is a resounding YES! We are really hitting stride as a couple and our family is flourishing. I feel for the first time that Heather and I are mutually supporting each other as partners in the journey to freedom. 

My ability to be with and in groups is so much easier. I can be who I am and that is enough. I do not find my self struggling to be someone I am not. I see my ability with groups as one of my real strengths and something I want to use to support people in going free. 

My affinity for Mankind is higher than ever. I see the terrible plight we are in and I know we have the tech to make a difference. I also can now see that I can help, where before I could not see it.

I feel great about other living things and since excal have a real appreciation for the Phi and Lamda that are present all around us. It is funny, when I look around me I feel more comfortable with nature and all the life it holds. 

For the first time I do not feel at the effect of the MEST universe. I am becoming clearer on what is enough havingness for me and am no longer on the treadmill to collect more MEST. This is a huge win for me. Since starting Excal, my wife (my change, deleted the name) and I have experienced strong affluence. We no longer need to work for a living :)

With this freedom comes responsibility and that is what is foremost on my mind. The question I am asking myself is "how can I best help others to get on the path to real freedom?"

Excal has improved my theta abilities dramatically. It is so much fun freeing the beings who have been trapped in the implanter game for eons.

It is a pure theta exercise, one which I am thoroughly enjoying. I find I am using theta more and more in relationship and it is really working. I can perceive so much more than the words are communicating. 

I can now see that we have the ability to get back to our native state as thetan's.

Thank you for all you have done to assist me in this journey. I am so happy :)

I am more excited about life than ever.

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