The Marbella - Convention


Founding Meeting of OTC WW

Lecture given by Capt. Bill Robertson on 13 Nov 1983

I would like to ask all to take a copy of the New Civilization and take it back to your area and get it translated. It's done in Spanish. I give out the Org board copy it to each area, copy the admin scale, but the area can use it as a guide to put in their own admin scale and be applied directly for admin scale for areas, OT- bases, because the goals and the purposes would be just about the same and also a lot of the VFP.

The other thing is we want to disseminate the truth, at least everybody's observations whether its true or not, what they have heard, or what someone told them, you understand, it may not be very good, but at least it will give the guys some ideas and viewpoints. We have some debriefs and took some of the stuff of the tapes. And we thought they were very interesting debriefs and very detailed. We will do more, but we did these first. They are the Peter Green's debrief, which tells all about the mission holder's meeting 1982, couple of years back the one on John Zegal which tells about the financial situation, messing around with the money, we do not attest to the exactness of these or of who was named on this.

You are supposed to apply data series and your own intelligence to figure out, well, maybe they missed something, there is maybe an error or maybe there is some other line coming in and so on. They usually do not state, but say we think this is happening. Or they say it went like this. But the data is there. But there is a lot of factual data stuff about the money and who is getting it, and all that. So Zegal and John Nelson, who was CO CMO Int who was right there at the talk when a lot of things were going on and he tells you as much in his debrief as what he doesn't say and what he does say. Because the person asks him the questions, but actual you can get the feeling of how it feels, being right there at INT with those guys. Very interesting debrief. I recommend it, I transcribed it myself, a lot is in there, so we have those on sale. Anyone who wants them can put his name down and buy it.

What we wish do to is most important, is to get a timetrack time place form and event. It's really amazing, you start to see whole areas where nothing was happening. All of a sudden some action is suddenly happening in a shot period of time. August of last year, April of last year, when you look at it, all of a sudden all these events when you look at it, it's really some big intentions going on in this area. You can start analyzing it as an OT and picking out intentions and perceptions, whatever you can dig. Like Harvey was saying in his talk last night, no, it was David Dunlop, was saying, an awareness of not knowing starts blowing off to be aware right that you know something is very interesting.

By getting exact time place form and event it blows with a timetrack like this, when everybody turns it in, something like details best of my knowledge and so on, now even if the data is false, we can write it in the timetrack possible faults it will not only flow the truth out, they will say ah, that was false, it will act as a sort of group engramm deabberator. It's a little process indicating the BPC of the timetrack of the church. We There are advantages to using it like the third world war. We want all areas to be on source. Let get about the proper business of the meeting, we have chairmen and representatives around the table here, let's find out, what areas we have here, London, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, California, Germany, Spain, Copenhagen. Just realize, that if someone more than one from one country, you can have as many as you want. You just put another name on it. We don't mind, if there is 5 representatives from Denmark, just put another Flag on it.

I guess when we have a worldwide conference in the future it might be that they elect and send and who should go and represent at the conference they can all come but we should have someone voicing what they have already decided in their area. Example: If they say we want to get a proposal for the whole of OTs to do this, you know like whatever it maybe, like issue an ethics order on this guy, who is operating to suppress these people in Denmark, or something like that, but he doesn't live in Denmark, he works outside, maybe, somewhere in California, somewhere like that, they might want to bring their proposal to worldwide committee, do you understand that ? to get an ethics order would be binding on the whole world now. You realize we are the first people who are doing this on the planet. It's not been done in the church before, they hat this old OTWW committee at Saint Hill in 1965/1966. However at Saint Hill there weren't any OTs then or on that committee, because at that time the OTIII was not issued, but there were some Clears on it. Lots of Clears. Now we have the possibility of having OT Committees, this was tired during the years, but Management also put the OT committee as some kind of PR group or some kind of hum ha ha. You can come, and then they regged them, you understand, OTs can come to Flag and have a meeting, and then all they did was reg them. And then it wasn't really important what they did, it was more like a PR thing. But it kept alive we have to thank a few people because there was a few people saying, let's make it like it was. This is what LRH said it should be.

I read these before I call the meeting to order for formal proposals

OT Regulations:

30 Sep 1966 HCOPL Issue II

(after Point 5).. So , basically your project plans whatever you are, you have a chief of operations in your area and your chairman brings it to here, and we would be talking about it at worldwide level as an interesting thing. So things can be put out. These guys like this put it out everybody must be in agreement with it.

( after point 8)...

Note after point 8, so we have to use nr. 8 at this time, as the founder is absent, for whatever reason he is absent, now each of you have that responsibility if you are a chairman of the OT base council in your area. You have the right and you actually operate wearing you hat as LRH would. He says that about any hat in the org, but gives a bit more responsibility. Now if you are sitting out there and nobody on top of you telling you to do this and to do that, you must obey and ha ha ha, it's saying in the absence of the founder, the chairman of the OT base council that's each of you guys, that serves as the founder's Deputy, so you are his deputy is your area. Just as I am his deputy for planetary OT Projects and exercises all the Founder's authority. But not alter or improve interpret the successful technology.

(after 9.)

I think there is some violation of that. People who say that they were OT, trying to insert meetings and so on like that, those kind of proposals we are not interested in. Implanting or knowing restimulation its not condoned and is not authorized we don't engage in it. If we want to handle something, we use the policies and put in ethics policies and if we want to handle something that is disturbing, we handle by ethics policies, pts policies, ow policies, conditions policies all those are ethics policies. We use that as a technology we don' t use these kind of tactics shall we say these monitor beings from RTC or from RTC whatever they are using.

So I hope you understand those, they are available here, if anybody wants to see them and the policy letter. If there is no disagreement I call the meeting to order. I will ask for or first state that the planetary WW committee however you want to say it, is now in session. And you can put that on the tape. Hotel Palomino, 13 Nov 1983 or AD 33, down in Marbella, Spain, site off the Mediterranean, where LRH first operated the Sea Org Project in 1967 and 1968.

(Now follows the election of CBR as Chairman OTCWW, being the only candidate, and John Caban as deputy Chairman, who won the vote over the other two candidates Ingo and David Dunlop.)

Now I would like to make an appointment as the chairman. I 'd like to appoint Mike Baker Rogers as MAA for the OTC WW. He did the whole duty last night as the MAA. He knows how to get things done, not only at sea, but on land as well. So I just appoint him as Master at arms. There is no reason to vote for that, I just desire that for our own protection and our own security.

As my hat and also a member and as an OT I take off my hat for a moment. I thought about something David Dunlop had told me the other day. He said, "When you are going against the enemy, I want to get to a position, that when you hit you hit them hard enough so they can't even recover. Understanding instead of this picking, picking, picking stuff, I said, you know, this is a good strategy. Strike a blow so hard, that they can't even recover. So I looked at that and were also talking about what to do with the rest of the theta in the church, because there is theta. There are auditors, trained auditors, they are doing their job, and we look at it like this: there is the RTC holding these guys by God knows what, pressures and so on, so on like that their loyalty to their PCs, their threats of this threats of there that LRH is on the line, the altered tech, the comm evs, whatever, they are holding them. Therewith they are holding them, and here we are out here saying we need auditors, so we get this pull between, you see, here is the group of people in here, it's like this, they are PTS, well, as he said, what happens to these people there, they are strange, It's like this and this, this is the rest of the trained people, and so on inside there, here is the people that RON intended to be free, and come on let's play the game. Let's not get involved in all that bullshit, and here is the guy saying you are under control, and you go to court, and go to the law, and he said, what are we going to do about that? It's either we pull off this hard enough and just tear them apart, that's not good. I said and realized it, look David, there is another solution to this, put in the ethics policy trust and then put in ethics. You don't need to touch Entheta Lines. Just drop it. But if you have a suppressive force over here, you issue an ethics order on them, all the people by connection become PTS and they have to do the handling. He says we don't have to handle it, the PTSes have to handle it by ethics policies to the PTS guy. He has to realize that he has to handle or disconnect, whatever otherwise it's going to end up in a legal battle and all that bullshit. We don't want that going that way. These guys asking , do you want to come on and come on, and do free scientology do you want to stay here or go to court and / or Q&A with these guys for the rest of your life-time. Well, if you look at it, it's the SP/PTS policies. If you find and indicate the source of the suppression and indicate it to these guys like a Group S&D, there it is, there is your source of suppression. There is the PTS-ness. You must indicate it to all people you know. When they have it in writing, these guys are declared SP, you might be closer to blow the cover that OTCWW is wearing the hat as nobody else doing it right now. You number it1,2,3,4 on the top and all the other guys become by virtue of connection PTS and may leave. They would say, oh, you guys are SP, we can leave, just being declared, now right away if you issue that order and let's say since it's our urgency of mission Planet Earth of say 30 to 60 days to handle and by that time if it said they cannot handle it, well they have the option to disconnect and accept the amnesty that we offer, then one thing we will be sure at the end of that time if everyone of the orgs gets that message, there will be one thing very very certain, at the end of that time. That is, who is with us and who isn't.

You see, what I'm saying ? There I originate, they can operate to refuse to accept now if they are inside they will read that, wow, wow. They might say, wait a minute, what am I doing accepting the off-policy orders. You understand, it's going to be very detailed to the actual thing, the actual time-track. It will get to every single org. (Laughter from the audience). Through the OTCs we are going to make sure of that. 'You understand, its got to be very detailed, even to their personal address. Somehow it will get to them.

If they agree, they will just follow policy We are not asking them to blow, we are only asking them to follow policy. We are just saying, stop following the orders of the SPs, you understand, it's their choice. They all stop doing . The SP either has to come back in valence or they just have to get off the lines, because they can't get anything done anymore. The network of the org or the PTS-network, there in the orgs, will turn bulk if they suddenly become sane and on-policy. They operate as an effective filter, blocking out any SP-orders that come down the line. And then they will go into a more causative attitude and maybe start asking , why don't we start recovering some of these people. But by that time they should have asked for the resignation of these people, that were declared, we hope it will go that far, probably won't, but at least it will get these guys to think. And really really have something to worry about. It make it such that the SPs know they have been declared by products of the church and they know that the staff all know it, and the complete reasons for it. You see, each crime high crime etc. and a list of them must be detailed, time place form and event, so the proposals I wrote out, goes like this: I like to call it a planetary decree. This is not the ethics order issue, but the decree:

We as the planetary OTC having convened at the Mediterranean OT base 13 Nov 1983 or AD 33, and representing the leading edge of the new civilization in the free zone and planet Earth sol 12, sect. 9, galaxy 0, we hereby resolve a decree: Nr. 1

That the technology policy and practice of scientology and Dianetics and the valid and released by LRH founder, shall henceforth and forever remain free of suppression and economic, political control. Everybody in agreement on that point ? Yes. Unanimous vote. The references for that are the non-political policies, vol2 , pg. 125. It refers to that of the political and the suppression there. Nr. 2: That we shall do whatever is necessary now and forever, to keep Tech of DN and Scn free, pure and unalloyed with other practices, realizing of course, that it may be applied freely to all aspects of life and the dynamics. (Comment CBR: "If you can't apply it, what the hell !")

Any Questions on that ?

Nr. 3: That certain, certain individuals named below have suppressed the freedom of Scn and Dn and have continued to behave suppressively towards ethical scientologists and the rights of freedoms guaranteed by Scn tech and policy.

and here we list the guys that are actually SPs:

At the top only two I know of right now are

I can say 100% these guys are SPs. I know the crimes and my own personal thing and we have it verified with the timetrack and other people's . We will look it over and we can look ourselves, we can decide ourselves, who are the guys that are perpetuating this. The worst thing to do is to do nothing. I think you will all agree to that, won't you.

Unanimous YES. This is a crazy planet. And we don't want to land up like the times of Germany in the early 30ies. So anyway that's the outline.

So if everybody agrees we will give it 60 days. 13 mar 1984. A very poetic year, we will put an extra step in there, listing the particulars and will invite them, and if they don't show up do the comm ev without them. (see extra page) There are many SP-actions, but that is not in the proposal yet. But the name will have to go by the time track. The proposal is that we agree to this that we make up the timetrack, make up the ethics order and get it approved by all the councils and out. and distributed by the councils.

4. That these individuals (Now, this is how the handling goes) This is just a resolving handling, we are not proposing at this meeting that they be declared right now, but that we make up and find the SPs and make up the ethics order and issue it per policy. That these individuals named be declared suppressive by planetary OTC- Ethics order giving full particulars.

5. That their juniors in management and technical areas be given 30 days or could be amended to 60 days, whatever you like, from the issue of the declaration to handle or disconnect as per policy on ptses. That could be amended if you don't like this, it's just a proposal.

6. That if no handling is forthcoming in 30 days after issue of the declaration, that means they all get it and they have 30 days after they receive it, said juniors in management receive it, and the technical areas, to disconnect or accept the amnesty of operation phoenix and to send it to all that are duped by acts of suppressive or we can say the amnesty of the OTC whatever (because this a little bit outside of operation phoenix, actually I agree that it should be amended to OTC) amnesty offered by the OTC and not operation phoenix. That's actually a different one.) Duped by acts of suppression or were fooled or whatever other word you would like to use.

7. That 30 days after the issue of declaration the planetary OTC in the event of no change of the intentions of the declared suppressives, that means, no case-change, will evaluate and take further and more powerful action of a technical and ethical nature to guarantee the survival of scn, that would be in agreement by unanimous vote or whatever the vote is by the planetary OT-committee.

Any discussion about that proposal ? Yes, I would go for 60 days, so there is plenty of time to get it distributed. The date must be on it as well. And it should be translated in each language.

I think, it's time to take some action. I've actually tried to invite these guys for example ala Hubbert to the comm ev and all I gut was attacked. I was in the church at that time in good standing It seems that nobody could get this guy into a comm ev. The idea here is to handle the intention of suppression at the top. There probably won't be many on it. Only one or two or three may be , those who are holding the commlines and diverting commlines. If they don't come to the comm-ev by policy they are declared suppressive. By that you have a weak case, we called a comm-ev and they didn't come. These people will be coming from the timetrack, the names will be communicated to each of you OT central bases and the timetrack will be communicated as well. As I said before, each are going to receive copies of this. We send our debriefs here, it's like a board of investigation, the debriefs and the timetracks should come out. If anyone disagrees with the data, timetrack ex. You say, I disagree with this or that, as I was saying I gave only my two I think that should be declared, Alan Hubbert and David Miscavige, these are the ones that I would put on.

The thing is, we do need the debrfiefs. We have had lots of data from California, but confusing data. But we don't have many people saying, this is this and that, ex. that guy has done this and with specifics. The debriefs should be signed documents. It's necessary - I started not first out to do this, but to do OT-projects . but it became necessary to do operation phoenix, because the church kicked out David Mayo and lost the tech. It now becomes necessary, just like you can't get the tech back in, unless you get ethics in. And while we're sitting here, there are probably people being declared out there, somewhere and some are very good people, and they are going into doubt and going into hiding we just have to take some action to get going. And as fast as we can and some immediate action. If these guys want a review comm ev, or maybe they won't even communicate about it at all. The point is, just put the ethics there, as LRH says. Have you ever tried to apply ethics to the environment around you? It works like magic. The one way he says using it outside scientology whenever you do that, you put in ethics, it works now, as we are talking. And considering these guys outside the realm of Scn, that are doing these evil intentions in the church.

They are the squirrels, so we put the ethics indication there. What they are doing and what they are and let the other guys decide, who they are working for themselves. If they want to follow the suppressive orders or not. It doesn't matter to me, but except it does matter, that the whole third dynamic and 4th dynamic thing but it is up to each individual on this planet to make their decision we don't a push-pull thing. All the time, otherwise you get into legal battles and gets into tying you up on your purposes to carry on SCN. I do not want us to be totally involved in an opterm situation while we are trying to free the planet with Scn. The idea here is to take the OT-Viewpoint and look at it as a squirrel-group over there, it doesn't matter if they have buildings or comm systems, they went squirrel. It doesn't say in policy how big or how small a squirrelgroup is. But since they went squirrel, they are shrinking. The reserves, the numbers going to them, the numbers blowing off, the bad stats are rising, LRH says, that if they are using policy and tech that is not his, it's not on source, and so on, they will not last very long because people recognize his policy and his tech. So they are not just by obvious indication of the stats they are not using it. We must analyze this or its time track. Debriefs data. time place form event. And the actions of crime, high crime also, like that. And reference policy letters. We will look it over and we can decide ourselves, who are the guys that are perpetuating this, the worst thing to do is to do nothing. I think you all agree to that, YEAH), this is a crazy planet, and we don't want to land up like the Germans did in the early thirties, so anyway that's the outline so if everybody agrees, we'll give it 60 days until 13 march 1984, a very poetic year. We will put an extra Step in there listing the particulars and invite them and if they don't show up, do the comm ev without them.


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