1985 - 1990

New Civilization

Re: Game Levels

Ron intended from the beginning to get us all the way out.  Back thru the earlier-earliest beginning of the MEST U and other games. To get a  person to all-dynamic Clear and 1st dynamic OT, we are delivering Super NOTs - a  development from Ron's Tech, Policy and Ethics that the RTC and AACs don't have,  can't have and can't even confront. But it IS the way through and out.

The planetary takeover game is a visible (almost) game at a  level that some can observe and want to handle and is the gradient confront on  what's really sitting there on the 7th, 8th, etc Dynamics. It's a test - but  real enough to affect the future of Earth, so it is necessary to play - by  decision - of having a safe auditing space in the future and a base to export  Tech from. We do want to clean up this sector as well as the whole MEST U.


I advise you to take Super NOTs training here so your solo  goes right and so you don't end up like the cases I've seen on it for years who  fit into only about 4 categories:

  1. A nice - 1st Dynamic only - grand viewpoint, but  unwilling to investigate or take responsibility for other universes  (including MEST) and other games.
  2. Loss of interest and wavering or going into other  practices. (Channelling, drugs, New Age)
  3. Really caving in and getting PTS, sick, strange.
  4. Feeling of no case gain and just like they did on OTIII.

We can handle all those review cases here and know EXACTLY  why they went that way. Why don't others have this tech, you ask? Well, it's all  there in LRH's material but it wasn't EVALUATED as to the relative importances  and ALL his Tech considered - including Policy and Ethics as a necessary  standard for going OT. I can definitely state that NO ONE will complete Solo  NOTs the way they are doing it in RTC or AACs. Or IF the individual DOES cognite  on how the level is really put together - he or she will contact RONS ORG or OTC  in EU and let us know.

It's better to start right on to Super NOTs, important to at  least get onto it before too long on Solo, and VITAL if having any of the  troubles mentioned above.

These are all INCREDIBLE AND FANTASTIC LEVELS. And all  coordinated telepathically and verified by Ron - Elron Elray, the Master of  Games.

Auditing others will be valuable in the coming years because  there is a spiritual gap to close on this planet, and Scn & Dns Tech is the  way to do it. All the best success in getting that mission done!

You know something? I want you to go OT, FULLY. When you find  out how EFFORTLESS it is to be CASELESS, you will soar. And the scope will  increase from Earth to Sector to Galaxy to Universe to Beyond This Game to  Outside of All Games and then you can choose EXACTLY what game to play and do it  VERY EFFECTIVELY. In other words, GET YOUR ASS UP THE BRIDGE AND LETS PLAY NEW,  BETTER, BIGGER GAMES!

Re: Super Static C/S

The course was done from my observations of the whole bridge  after completing OT 16. It is the Class VIII approach to the "thin line of  Standard Processes and results which bring a person most directly from wog to  OT." We are in the business of making Players and Games Masters for a New  Game. Want to play?

Your cog on Clear is essentially correct. OT16 is a MUCH  higher harmonic however, but still has similarities. Also, Power is vital to use  on certain things on the OT levels. The proof (if any is needed) that the old C  of S doesn't have the Bridge is that they don't train VIIs anymore and they  never found Excalibur. They will put together a nice sounding but FALSE bridge  to scoop the last pennies out of people's pockets. We have already encountered  telepathically some of their "pilot OT8s" and were they surprised when  they got a REAL session from OTs here at RONS!

As you have probably observed, these false bridges take the  person right out of the game and leave the field open to the implanters. The  bridge at RONS ORG makes PLAYERS who can start, change and stop games and do any  of them BETTER than the implanters and even put new games there.

The game of altering hell out of importances and assigning a  man's work a greatly reduced value seems to have become THE way to play. If my,  or your, or anyone's life were examined by such means, we would be all the same  - a great big mess of horrors and contradictions and our purpose, work, products  and services would be forgotten. Good old Teegeeack, the melting pot of  aberration for the universe, and the exit point for those who can see it,  confront it and AUDIT it to freedom – and the eternal trap for those who  can't.

I was into considering what would the RTC and other  spiritual, government, etc groups do when they realized that WE DO HAVE THE FULL  BRIDGE - ? Now I realize that day is a long way off, so we can safely keep on  keeping on and make more C/Ses, OT16s and Games Masters. Whee! What a surprise  that will be!

Don't listen to claims of "prophecy." In the  aberrated state of Man, there is no such thing. Those are NOT prophecies, they  are dramatization of planned scenarios, re-plays of historical occurrences in  the games, or a combination of both. This is what Man believes is the  "future." It isn't, but the combined intention of millions of players  BELIEVING it can make it happen to some degree. The future IS the progress  toward each player's real unaberrated ideal scene. Only players who have no case  can do that. So as Ron said, auditors who have no case will have a future.


In 1968 I was the Tech Sec AO on the Flagship in Valencia.  One day the HCO Courier put a sealed envelope about 3/4 inch thick, manilla,  foolscap size, on my desk. It had come from St. Hill from LRH Pers. Sec. It was  addressed to Tech Sec AO. I opened it. It had the yellow "OT CONFID"  tape on it. Inside were about 20 copies of a mimeographed ethics order about  13-17 pages long. I pulled out one and read it.

It was "CONFIDENTIAL - OTIII AND ABOVE ONLY" and  was an SP order on Xenu, saying he had escaped from the mountain, was at large  on Earth, and had inhabited the body of FDR during the end of WWII and was  responsible for the atom bomb drops on Japan carried out after FDR's death. He  was still at large, and all Loyal Officers and citizens on Teegeeack were to  report to HCO if they recognized him or located him in current body.

Then a whole history of his crimes and high crimes was  listed, mostly having to do with Inc II implants and H-bombing of Earth 75  million years ago. The details were fantastic, down to the name of the studio he  used on Earth to help make films for the 36 days - Brilliant Films located in an  area of Teegeeack now known as southern California.

I read the whole EO and it was signed by LRH, as his name and  post then and as LRH now. I put a note on it and sent it to him, asking if he  wanted it included in the OTIII pack. He said not at the present time, perhaps  at the end of the level. So I put it with my note and his, resealed it into the  tech safe on Apollo.

That safe in '75 ended up in the Clearwater bank vault when  Flag moved to the Fort Harrison. As far as I know, the pack was still in it.  Much of the political data from the EO was put into "Revolt In The  Stars."


How many times do people have to get ripped off before they  learn the game? The implanters and other evil types must think Scientologists  are about the dumbest thetans in the Universe! They are led around by the nose  because they think only of "ME" and MONEY. Higher dynamic conspiracies  are unreal.

The silliest thing I heard in the last few months was  "OTs" saying that OT3 was "Ron's case." Wow!

Did that "cognition" help them get up the bridge?  No, but it sure drove them off into other practices!

Just what the implanters wanted.

Ron's Tech gets the thetan FREE! So of course the slave  masters or implanters want to take it over or stop it from happening (in the  areas they don't control.) To try to handle from any other viewpoint than Sector  9 results in BIG LOSSES.

So the only real handling is to get some good auditors and  C/Ses trained up to deliver the REAL bridge and produce the RESULTS of REAL OTs.  And those guys won't be fooled any more. The whole key to this is EXCALIBUR. No  one will go OT without doing it - they can't. It's the last barrier to  OTHER-DETERMINISM.

So WWIII is being fought right now on the 7th Dynamic and the  only ones capable of winning it are those with Ron's Tech and the sword of  EXCALIBUR.

L.A. is where the taken-over C of S is and they plan to use  it to twist the Tech and render all thetans ineffective in discovering or  stopping them. LRH's Tech and Policy is the most powerful force in the entire  universe and in any games EVER. That's why they wanted it, took it, and plan to  make it totally into an extension of Black NOTs on up into Black Static. You  see, it's MUCH more effective than "other determined implanting" IF  THEY CAN GET THE DUMB THETAN TO DO IT TO HIMSELF!

(And PAY for it too!) So the RTC promo (not said but  intended) will be "You must go up OUR bridge (Xenu's) and render YOURSELF  ineffective."

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