This afternoon a fax was sent from California for everybody to hear what this missionaire has to say or wants to say to you. I will start reading it.

Dear participants and attendees of the OT Convention 1990 of Paris, France.

I would like to say hello and send the warmest greetings from California.

I am truly sorry for not being able this time to attend the OT Convention. Especially what I am sorry about is that I could not attend specifically this convention which is in France, which as all of you know is one of my favorite places to visit. I am truly sorry but I have to do some very important work. The activities and projects I am involved in take up most of my time right now. I have never been so busy in my entire life as I am working now almost exclusively on the 4th dynamic. Since 1983 I have attended every convention, so again my regrets especially in answer to the dear French public to all the various people and friends I have met during some of my seminars which I had the pleasure to give to you here in France. I would also like to greet some of the other people, staff members and center leaders, with which I have had the pleasure to work together in the past, and I hope you are having a good time and especially I would like to extend a very warm hello to Capt. Bill Robertson. Galac Patra.

Last time we were here in France on motor cycles, we have discovered this fantastic, incredible road, which steers right through France, it's something which is like from another planet. I would never have expected so much beauty and strangeness to find on this continent. Really this part of France we went through is like another world, another galaxy, and we really look forward to do this road together as soon as I get back to Europe if the weather is nice and obviously we will do that on motor cycles. Maybe a resurrection of the old Ron's Angels.

What I want to talk to you a little bit about tonight is the 4th dynamic and I want to go a little bit into the nature of the activities which we have to carry out and which you will encounter when you come up to the 4th dynamic, and that is why foremost because we are talking about dynamics, I want to remind you of a datum we have talked about before in previous seminars, and that is the primary aberration of this planet and this sector and this game as such being on the 3rd dynamic. As you all remember there is a very specific tape where Ron talks about the nature of all aberrations on the dynamics, and he mentions that all aberrations on the dynamics are basically 3rd dynamic oriented. He says on this tape in case you wondered why I hardly ever talk about 2nd dynamic aberration, or 7th dynamic, or 8th dynamic and so forth, he says a lot of people have asked me you know, why don't you ever talk about these other dynamics. But as you noticed the subject of almost every lecture and tape and so forth has always been about aberrations on the 3rd dynamic. He says because this is what auditing handles, this is what the main problem is in this game. So, I think that we sometimes lose sight of this datum. We lose sight of this datum which Ron has stressed so much in the Red and the Green volumes, and if you look at our own body, it being a 3rd dynamic, most problems in the bodies which we experience is misalignment of communication flows, of purposes, and hats, and of the various body components. A misalignment and an unharmonizing interaction of all these elements which make up the body. The same thing on the 2nd dynamic. If you review the problems of a 2nd dynamic very closely, you will see that they are 3rd dynamic oriented. Now if you look at the 4th dynamic, the 4th dynamic is made out of a whole bunch of smaller 3rd dynamics, and if a 4th dynamic starts having a problem with another 4th dynamic then again it behaves like a very aberrated 3rd and so on. You can plot every dynamic on this and you will find out that what ethics, tech and admin were assigned to handle is primarily all these problems, aberrations, misemotions, purposes, goals, terminals, communications, in regard to our ability of handling and being cause over 3rd dynamics.

Tonight I want to bring up a few points in this regard from my own personal experience with them, and also from a specific hat which I have had within the OTC network and which I want to talk a little bit about to you. The problem which we are facing in the Free Zone and outside in the world, is that we don't know how to deal with 3rd dynamics. We are effect of badly controlled 3rd dynamics, dangerous 3rd dynamics, of ineffective 3rd dynamics, of suppressive 3rd dynamics. The entire history of what happened to the Church and partially what has happened to almost every other group and it doesn't matter if spiritual or materialistic oriented on this planet, has always been that these groups have not been aligned toward each other. Have not worked out a workable, a practical, efficient way of dealing with each other and thus have not worked on a method of dealing with their own internal problems which result out of misalignment with other groups. So unless we become experts on creating, controlling and handling 3rd dynamics and any efforts, effects thereof, we will not succeed. No matter what your training is, no matter what your auditing level is, you will not apply those techniques, methods, knowingnesses, insights, cognitions to a group. If you will not translate your knowledge to doingness in regard to groups, you will not have made it. Do you remember the old saying, the formula Ron has coined after doing his special project in Rhodesia in the 60's, the phrase that an OT can only be OT in a group of OTs, an OT can only be OT to the degree that he belongs to a group of OTs and has such a group of OTs around him with which to operate. This is a key formula. He did not say that the OT should have a 2nd dynamic for him to be OT or a 4th or a 6th or a 7th or 8th. He said the group of OTs makes OTness possible. Well how do you get a group of OTs. That has been the biggest riddle, the biggest mystery in the entire history of the universe. I think we are now learning the lesson of how to do that the hard way, but we are learning this lesson. Let me tell you a little bit about that. We have had quite some troubles in the Free Zone, we have had a lot of wins, a lot of expansion, a lot of good people, with a few there we did have misalignment of purposes, ARC breaks, third party and other unpleasant phenomena, unpleasant 3rd dynamic aberrations apparent in the Free Zone, as most of you have observed. So some point in time I decided to take a look at the matter and do an investigation from a OTC point of view. I have teamed up with the Chairman of OTC Worldwide and together we have worked out a questionnaire, which if asked enough times to a representative number of key terminals in Free Zone, was designed to bring out the true picture, complete evaluation and what works in regard to comm lines, terminals and what are those things which don't quite work that ... well, those things that need enhancement.

It was put in as a Qual action, to raise the survivability and viability of each individual and group within the Free Zone of making those comm lines smooth, efficient, professional and of removing any and all dangers. This project has been going on for quite some time and the results and insights have been quite miraculous. I will not talk to you now about the solution, or the result of this investigation as it is too early at this time, but as a by-line I want to bring to your attention one very interesting indicator among many that has come up. All of us know there are bad 3rd dynamics, all of us know what not to repeat, what not to do wrong. All of us have enough bad experiences of how to deal with people that are trying to prevent bad effects. But at the same time almost everyone of us knows how a good dynamic should function, how good comm lines can be put to work, how trust between people can be achieved. But you know what, mostly what a bad group is gets communicated, what is negative and should be avoided gets talked about. There is very large agreement on what is bad about a group, but what of the attributes of a good group, what makes a good group. Do we talk about that? Is there some broad agreement on what a good group is? Do we all have the same idea? What is negative is very much known, agreed upon and very much communicated between all of us. There is a lot of agreement about that, but how to do it right, how about the Theta agreements of every individual, there has hardly been any communication. The point I am trying to make here is that we have never really fully established a code of conduct. The ways and means of how we can deal with each other positively without using force, nor slander, nor lies, nor threats, nor anything else. I am not saying that it not written down in books, policies, bulletins. It is written. But that is not enough, because it has to be created in PT and known and agreed upon by all concerned. Now we have a very, very workable tech for the individual for the 1st dynamic, and we also have one for the 3rd dynamic, at least in theory, because that is exactly what we have somehow lost the sight of, the application of said tech and the C/Sing of such a tech to the point that it works, to the point that 3rd dynamics can get along with each other, and individuals can get along with 3rd dynamics and can gain by it and can know more about it and can get better by it. Do you know as Ron mentions on the same lecture, that if you would live enough, long enough in a 3rd dynamic which has no aberrations, that if you would live long enough in that 3rd dynamic you would lose all your aberrations. You would go clear and OT without even doing any auditing. Now he doesn't mention that one shouldn't do auditing, and neither do I. That doesn't mean that one shouldn't do it, but that means that we should try also, alongside the auditing, to work together to create a society where people can trust each other, can get along with each other, can predict each other, can form groups and know that they work. Not based on 1.1ness, not based on who is bad and what they did and what is wrong with the other person, not based on that, because then we are repeating exactly what the world is doing out there and our tech isn't worth anything if all we do is copy an aberrated 3rd dynamic. You see this is the key problem what we have in Div 6. This is the key problem what we have in expansion. What are we as individuals or as groups exchanging with the world, what are we selling, what are we giving? If we don't apply the tech to such a degree, if we don't apply philosophy to such a degree, that we have a good group which can work with each other, or a network of groups which can harmonize with each other; if we don't have a loose network of individuals which can harmonize with each other in groups, if we don't have that, if we don't bring this example to the world, the world will not buy any of the solutions. This has been the problem since the beginning of this entire movement, including the problem of the Church. We have to live and demonstrate that 3rd dynamic technology can work and produce its results and we will only do that if we can create an ideal society, this is what we can export, this is what various other groups on the planet will see, be impressed by and they will try to adopt that because they will survive better by it. That will handle any Div 6 problem. Believe me, I am very serious about this. If you underestimate this principle, then you are living in an illusion that it will go all well by itself, magically, and will somehow happen, but I guarantee you it won't, because you are not there to make it happen. The 4rd dynamic game is not easy, I can tell you this. I can tell you that you have to prepare yourself to be able to play on that and you have to prepare yourself extremely well and very thorough, because one of the most important things which you have to know of how to deal with the 4th dynamic is ethics. And you know what ethics I mean? I mean your own personal ethics. The moment you have an ethics outness, let's say an ethics out on the 1st dynamic, the moment it's shown or start acting on a higher dynamic for example the 2nd dynamic, that outness will be magnified, as we all know. If something was not quite well with how you did certain things, or how you view certain things etc and you have got a 2nd dynamic and that became much bigger of a problem and once you have gone onto a 3rd dynamic and you have something which was out that was not correct which you didn't know or did wrongly, that became an even greater problem because the 3rd dynamic magnified it even more so. What do you think the 4th dynamic will do? If you are not prepared to work on the 4th, I would suggest you stay out of it, I would really suggest you stay out of it until you are prepared, because the 4th is going to chew you up and spit you out if you have any out-ethics.

Now it is very strange of me that after all these years, I would bring up the subject of ethics again and believe me it is a very serious subject to bring up. Anything, any spot you have not confronted, any little thing out of your past you have not really handled, taken responsibility for and brought into a form which is OK, any of that will be magnified to extremes you have never dreamed of about the moment you even touch the 4th dynamic. Because the 4th dynamic has a lot of different 3rd dynamics with so many different purposes. It has the press, the media, it has science and philosophy, it has politics and dirty tricks, it has religion and it has arts, but it also has criminal elements. It has anything you can imagine, and you will be in touch with all of those and anybody who is not for you will seek with great strength and energy to find your weak spots and blow them up so big for the whole world to see. Don't believe anybody who tells you that the 4th dynamic is going to be a piece of cake, you can just kind of walk into it. Look how many problems you have on your 3rd or your 2nd. That means a lot of problems which you yourself have, which you have not handled. And this is the one thing I want to put out clearly in this Free Zone. It's time to look at the things which we haven't handled and Qual them. This is what Qual is all about, betterment, finding those things which were overlooked and bettering them, do not hide them. You can hide them from yourself, you will not be able to hide them from the 2nd dynamic and definitely not from the 3rd and forget about hiding them from the 4th. But that is the trouble that we have. We have a little bit here in the Free Zone, the trouble of illusion, if I may say so. The illusion that it all will somehow happen by itself, that there is some kind of undisclosed magic, that will be disclosed to oneself the higher he goes up the bridge. Excuse me. There is no magic beyond tech and I don't want any of you to fail. And when I mean tech, I mean any technology, any method of bettering things, of making things better, but please don't forget one of the first things you have to make better in this game is yourself. You have to work on yourself. You have to make yourself better which I have seen which is rampant all over the planet right now. It's fooled the New Age and it has fooled all these various groups like Avatar and Dianesis and all these very weird groups that try and tell you that everything with you is in order. You start reading these New Age magazines and they tell you you are perfect, love yourself, you are the best you will ever be, you cannot be better, you are perfect as you are, grant yourself the beingness of being perfect. And here and there I have sat and I have seen people within the Free Zone play the same tune, that you are static and you have always been one and you will always be one, you have never had any aberrations and you were just kind of born into this universe yesterday without any aberrations at all, and that you are perfect, and that you do not need to train. You do not need to do processing, you do not need to do any of this, you do not need that, you do not need anything above Excalibur, you do not need anything above OT3, you do not need any of that stuff. You do not need any admin training, because you are perfect anyway. You do not need any ethics training because you were born ethical. You have never been implanted, you have never been in a bad situation and you are a natural OT. Well believe me, this is the most suppressive thing and philosophy anybody can bring, because it implies one thing. Once you have understood that, once you have applied this so-called philosophy to yourself, then you know what? There is no need to change, there is no more need for training there is no more need for processes, for levels, for the bridge. There is no need for you to get better, there is no more need, and once you have swallowed this bait you know what will happen right after - no more case gain, because there is nothing to be gained, you are perfect, aren't you? Well, don't fall into this trap. Don't listen to those. We are not here to prove to each other how perfect we are, we are not here to prove to each other how unaberrated we have been all along. We are here to work with each other to become better. We are here so we can work. We can take ourselves, I can take myself and work on myself and try hard and sweat blood and tears and drill again and train again and study again and go out and do some more and correct myself again, and correct myself again, and correct myself again, so I can get better and better and better and better. At the moment I think that I have achieved my best, but I am in the last situation, that moment I will not fight anymore and I will not better myself. And that is the main problem that we have. Be true to yourself. Look around and say "am I really at my best, is all the dynamics you perceive really at an optimum state, is your 4th dynamic really optimum when it is at the brink of a war?" or "oh it's not your 4th dynamic anymore, you have nothing to do with it". Well where is your 4th dynamic then if it is not even here, where are you, what are you doing then on this planet, what are you doing on this planet if you don't belong here, what are you doing in this universe if you don't belong here? Have you come here to show us all how fantastic you are? What stupid idiots have we all been and we have gotten so aberrated all along. Don't believe the "knows best", the "know it all", the" status junkies", because they have done a few courses or levels they have always been perfect and don't need correcting or further training. Any type of this propaganda, this talk of how natural OT everybody is, is intended to do one major damage and that is to throw Qual out, just totally erase Qual off the org board, because if everything is perfect who needs correction or betterment? On OTC Worldwide level I wear the Qual hat and I don't buy any of this shit and neither should you. We are here to get better, do not forget that. This is a unique opportunity. I do not want any of you to fail, I do not want any us to fail. I don't want the work which Ron has done for it to be in vain. I do not want the levels Bill has conceived and put there and all the work he has done all these years to be in vain and to be for nothing. To be there but not used. I don't want any of the work you have done and the various center leaders have done who have trained auditors and who have trained people to do admin etc, I don't want any of that work to be in vain and it will be if we don't start all of us, including the center leaders, to work on ourselves to be far better than we are right now, and to do that is to conceive that there is something within us, within this group, which needs betterment. I am not a pessimist and I am not somebody to give you the bad news or the entheta, because I point out things which need to be made better. If you cannot handle your own life, your 2nd dynamic and definitely your 3rd dynamic you have no business on the 4th and that is a very hard lesson to learn, and I have learned it and I am still learning it. I have never worked so hard to be able to attain this goal and believe me you will have to do the same one day. 

Don't put this chance away about what I am talking about here now because it's a unique opportunity. This is a unique group and I am also pressing especially the public, don't just be a public, participate. Don't expect the center to do it for you and somehow all will be handled and all you do and have to do is just walk in and you will be served and everything will go according to your wishes. No, you will have to participate in anything which has to do with anything. You will have to at least participate your part, your share, your 50% has to be in there for you to be an equal partner in this. It is not only the responsibility of the center leaders and the OTC, to make sure the centers are going to be there in the future. It is also the responsibility of you the public, because if you don't take the responsibility, well one day you can blame us all and everybody in sight, how you were betrayed, and that everything didn't work anyway, and that it was all bad and so forth. But you will look around and you can blame all you want, there will be no centers anymore that will listen to what you have to say. There will be no person who will understand and sit down with you at a table and say "tell me what your problem is." 

So now there are people around who are working day and night trying to understand your problems. Don't throw them away, make sure they are going to be there next year. Take responsibility that the center you belong to will be there in a year, in two years, in five years. Not only that, take personal responsibility that there will be more centers. That is the only guarantee you will have that there will be something around in the future. Don't take this movement for granted, it can disappear the moment you stop creating it. The only reason it is still around is that a very few people have tried so hard to create it here despite many attempts to out-create it. But these people will not be able to do it for an indefinite amount of time. They can get tired, they can get listless, they might want to do something else at some point in time, play another game. They are not robots which will forever be there whenever you have an ARC break for them to handle. 

So please take the weight, help the others carry it, I urge you this, and be very serious. I have experienced a lot within the past years in this regard. I have come to know how 3rd dynamics function to a deeper degree than I have ever thought or imagined. I have worked with and understood the essence of 3rd dynamic aberrations. In the investigation which has been done from an OTC level has gone even deeper inside to the problems of groups and of planets and I also have the wonderful opportunity to meet a large number of very good people on this planet, who devote a large part of their time onto bettering conditions in this world, and that brings me to the next and final point. For us to be a multitude of 3rd dynamics, interacting in each individual and separate unto itself, as every individual is separate and unique to itself, so should every 3rd dynamic be. Still there will be one common bond. Are we bettering conditions? You have to understand that we have a tradition which on this planet itself is very old. 

There has always been a small group or a small number of groups which have seeked better conditions, have seeked to make this a better world since time began on this planet. They have worked at it through numerous lifetimes in various shapes and forms despite wars and persecution, and inquisition and suppression and black plague and any imaginable disaster, man-made or otherwise which has taken form on this planet. This tradition was bought forward by a lot of very good people who many times gave everything they had, including their life, to this cause and if you don't believe me, I would suggest that you even in PT do a short visit to the eastern European countries. Anyway, in this tradition we will prosper, in this tradition we will expand and create. If we are not to be a group which has the highest, most noble purposes on the planet, which has the highest ideals, the truest goals, the most friendly atmosphere, the biggest trust and respect for each other, the greatest harmony and the greatest belief in each other. If we are not such a group then we have no right to exist, because this is what we are supposed to be. If we are not that group then we should move over and make room for that group to come. 

These may be very hard words, I do not believe that we have to make room, I do believe that we are this group which has the most highest and most noble ideals, all that we have to do to achieve being that group is to better ourselves. Now that is very easy to do isn't it? I mean, I know probably every other good group on the planet has heard at some point in time or another a similar speech, but I do believe there is one difference. We have the ways and the means to better ourselves. We do have that. Only to the degree that think we don't need change, we don't need betterment, we don't need to apply all this because we are perfect anyway, only to that degree we will not apply the techniques which will make us the best group. You see the 4th dynamic will only recognize you if you not only represent one group, but if you as an individual represent a multitude of groups and thus you are not only an individual as such anymore. You have to be cause not only over one, but over a whole multitude of groups before you will be visible on the 4th dynamic and I mean visible in the truest sense of the word. Think for yourself now, what can you do on the 1st dynamic, how can you shape your 2nd, how can you cause your 3rd and cause a number of 3rd's, which you then can represent on the 4th, because only then you will get something done. The time has come for us to get something done. Let's create that spiritual confederation which aligned in its goals and purposes will achieve the betterment of all conditions on this planet.

I thank you very much for your attention and I hope to see you next time.

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