Sector Operations Bulletin No. 4

OT Projects

300482-01 1200 GMT

We are all engaged in a conquest of the forces of evil on this planet which are attempting to hinder and interfere with the rapid expansion of Scientology technology.

To combat this threat, all OTs are needed to work together, coordinated in action and thrust.

My deputy, Captain Bill Robertson, is the coordinating point for those actions entirely outside of the legal structure of the Church.

He has a list of all such OT projects to be done, and OTs who wish to assist in freeing this planet from enslavement should contact him.

He is given a leave of absence from the Sea Org and Church organization while on these special OT projects.

Training and processing are to be made available for all project members at usual public rates as these projects are designed to support themselves and be viable.

Mship relay by order of
L.Ron Hubbard
Founder and Commodore
Church of Scientology &
Sea Organization

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