Sector Operations Bulletin No. 20

Sector Ethics Order No. 1A

210284 1100 GMT

(An update of Sector Ethics Order No 1 written by Elron Elray in 1967.)

The being known as XENU is hereby confirmed as:


He was originally declared as SUPPRESSIVE in 1967 by Sector 9 Commander Elron Elray (body name L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology). Commander Elray had investigated fully the events preceding the catastrophe of 75 million years ago in which Xenu ordered from his position of Supreme Ruler of the Galactic Confederation (consisting in those times of only 76 planets and 21 stars in what is today called Sector 9) a three phase plan to prevent himself from being voted out of power for attempting to create a police-state form of government.

The three phase plan was:

  1. The slaughter of all Loyal Officers of the People.
  2. The destruction of the main Galactic Defense Bases on every planet.
  3. The removal of all minority and unwanted populations in the Confederation to Planet Earth (then known as Teegeeack) and their extermination there, including the entire population of Earth.

The plan was carried out with the help of criminals and renegades and a fully-controlled police state was created.

It did not last long, however. Several Loyal Officers to the people (including Elron Elray) escaped assassination and exposed the true intent of Xenu and his conspirators. Xenu and his co-conspirators in the police state had been covering their true intention by claiming that groups of revolutionists, criminals, and saboteurs had been responsible for the assassinations and destructions done in the 1st and 2nd phases. The 3rd phase was covered up by the "scientifically backed up" insistence of police state officials that all the "crime" was because of Overpopulation and that due to the "state of emergency" existing, the government had the "right" to use martial law and police-state tactics to "relocate the populations".

The remaining populations, informed by Elron Elray of what had really happened, arose, and helped by the Loyal Officers and Loyal Citizens remaining, overthrew the police state and re-established their representative and free form of government.

Xenu and his closest conspirators were captured and brought to trial on charges of:

They were found guilty as charged and sentenced to be exhibited to the people of each planet so that they would be recognized as the perpetrators. The sentence then ordered them to be imprisoned in a mountain sustained with life support for eons. The sentence was then carried out on Xenu, former Supreme Ruler of the Galactic Confederation; Chi, former Head of the Department of Justice and Minister of Police; Chu, former Head of the Galactic Bank and Galactic Treasury; Sty, former Head of the Psychiatric Associations of the Galactic Confederation; and Zel, former Secret Police Chief of Earth.

The body life-support and electronic barrier field (to prevent the beings from escaping) were designed to be self-powered for at least 70 million years. After this time, Xenu and his conspirators escaped and took bodies in the Markab system. Its control-maintenance, status oriented, all-must-conform political philosophy was close to their police-state, implant-controlled methods of government. Xenu then worked out a secret plan to take over Earth for Markab by the time it would be nearly ready for acceptance back into the Galactic Community.

Thus Xenu and his top henchmen appeared on Earth in the 18th Century in Europe. Xenu took the body of Adam Weishaupt and created the secret society known as the "Illuminati". Its "Earth" purpose was to take over political control from the Catholic Church and the Kings of Europe. Its secret purpose was "TOTAL ONE-WORLD DOMINATION AND CONTROL FOR MARKAB".

In the 19th Century, Xenu carried on his plan for world domination by taking bodies in the Rothschild banking family. The infiltration and take-over of secret societies such as the Masons, a continuing part of his plan to gain "insider" control, was also accomplished.

In the 20th Century, he and his conspirators influenced the exact points of monetary and political power needed to bring their world domination plan to its conclusion. Xenu controlled the body of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President, in the early 1940's and planned for the use and control of atomic and nuclear weapons to keep the populations of Earth in fear and terror. He also "gave away" several formerly free countries to the World Banker financed and controlled Soviet Union at Yalta in 1945. His orders to use the atomic bomb were carried out by his Vice President Truman after FDR's death on April 12, 1945. The atomic bombs were dropped on Japan on August 6th and 9th 1945 despite the fact that Japan had been trying to surrender since March 1945.

Discarding the body of FDR, Xenu then inhabited the body of Per Jacobsson, an international economist with the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS, as it is called, was set up by the Markabians in 1930 to control international finance and the reserves and currencies of all nations. Xenu, as Jacobsson (or Herr J. as he is called by the Germans), personally carried out much of this part of the world domination plan and also saw to it that his co-conspirators and Markabian senior executives filled all the important posts in the Bank.

Today, the BIS controls over 40% of the world's wealth including the gold reserves of all the major nations. It is the Markabian "hard base" for control on Earth, is totally free of any taxation and governmental control, and by Swiss constitutional law, is not even part of Switzerland.

From 1956 until 1963, Xenu (as Jacobsson) was Director of the International Monetary Fund, a post he used to gain full control of the American and Third World monetary lines.

While at the BIS and IMF, his secret society control lines were used to influence politics, business, and banking. His methods of control and lists of various taken over groups are given in Sector Operations Bulletin No 18, "Modellists and Scenario Makers". These clandestine and suppressive methods have resulted in the governments of all nations being infiltrated, bypassed, and controlled by secret society members in key positions.

On May 5, 1963, Xenu faked the body death of Per Jacobsson with the help of secret-society Markabians in London, England. His plan was to run things secretly from behind the scenes in Basel until a new world-leader political "body" could be prepared for him. He is still known to the "insiders" as Herr J., but has taken a new surname - either Strasser or Strasburg. His body is now that of an old man of 90 who walks with canes and is crippled on the right side, a particular affliction that Xenu's bodies are prone to.

Investigation by the Galactic Patrol has revealed that Xenu plans to take a new "control point" body in 1984. An analysis of Markabian scenarios indicates that this will be either the body of, or the body of the adviser to, the President of the Europea Parliament.From either of these positions, he would be able to exert influence toward the acceptance of a one-world police state. For more data on this, see Sector Operations Bulletin No 19 "Markab, the Final Handling".

All Loyal Officers, Loyal Citizens, and People of Earth are hereby WARNED

Xenu is SUPPRESSIVE. He has not repented. He has not changed. He is still attempting to suppress by the use of the police state. His co-conspirators are also confirmed as SUPPRESSIVES. They have not repented nor tried to influence Xenu to repent. They are also bent on the suppression of Mankind and Planet Earth.

Markabians who follow Xenu's orders, models, and scenarios from this date will also be declared SUPPRESSIVE. Those beings not from Markab but who persist in following Xenu's orders, models, and scenarios after this date will also be declared SUPPRESSIVE.

All Free-Zone Citizens of Planet Earth are hereby warned of the conspiracy to suppress personal freedom by the creation of a police state and are enjoined to refuse to cooperate with the steps being taken toward the enslavement of Earth.

For the information and use of all Free Zone Citizens, the following is a description of mental and dramatized physical characteristics of Xenu and his closest conspirators:



Ideas of government include personal income tax, identity cards, credit records, fingerprinting, passports for all citizens. Revolts "all start covertly from the top", gets control of both sides, creates imaginary enemies to justify creation of a police state, uses psychiatry as a political control method - brain surgery, drugs, depersonalization, mind control, robotization, neurosurgery. Implanter. Very untrustworthy. Clever. Cunning. Creates new plans fast if old game is exposed or prevented. Uses ideas of "overpopulation", "crime waves", "possible revolt", to justify all police and psychiatry actions. Uses declaration of "martial law" to gain complete control. Uses planted agents to get political control. Wipes out minorities and people who "might" object - ie. independent thinkers. Gets cruel pleasure from this. Uses executive branch of gov't as control source. Destroys the power of congress and the people. Must control. Gets control on money lines and uses them to finance police state control operations. Terrified of imprisonment. Will try to commit suicide if cornered.


Body usually lame or crippled on right side due to a deficiency in his energy field. Uses a cane or two canes. Bitter. Sardonic. Lip curls when disgusted. Has political mannerisms. Likes to sip drinks lovingly. Hates women but uses them to assist political aspirations. Masks fury. Sneers. Has contemptuous laugh. Vicious. Cold fury. Sly, evil, covertly hostile eyes. Can put on social and political graces for occasions. Likes to talk to get his way politically, but is very secretive about his real plans. Likes to write his "ideas of a perfect government" and cleverly hides the fact that for it to be perfect it has to be a police state under total control with him at the top. Usually tone deaf.



Ideas of government are typical police state with justice functions combined with secret police, tax police, and mental police (psychiatry). Keeps voluminous files stuffed with false reports and blackmailable items. Uses secret police groups as cover for recruiting criminals, who are then controlled by money and blackmail. Carries out orders of destruction with no conscience. Uses computer and files on all populations for control. Uses codes and secret transmissions. Never trusts anyone who can't be blackmailed or bought. Favors a totalitarian police state where he runs the police and controls justice also. Also backs up the police with psychiatrists to take care of "people who object".


Body usually develops heavy, fleshy, bulldog-jawed face with dewlaps or hanging cheeks. Likes cigars. Scornful, but can also look worried and hunted. Shifty, sweaty, not too bright. Raises eyebrows on cognitions. Is wary, suspicious, sometimes violent (only when he has a gun). Likes to carry a concealed weapon which he tends to use without thinking. Becomes afraid when trapped, pants, raises hands and goes "insane" to try and convince that he is not responsible. Sly, evil, covertly hostile eyes.



Ideas of government are to control by finance and money, set up banks so they are not an official part of the gov't but lend money to the gov't so as to get and keep control. Advocates personal income tax, credit rating, and financial files on every citizen. Lends or provides funds for creation of police state so that guaranteed repayment is done through use of the tax police and he ends up in total control of the money and the economy. Provides secret funds of destroying any opposition. Financed Xenu's three-phase plan.


Body usually small, pudgy, tending to fat. Face develops a piglike expression, a bit slack-jawed. Is nervous, cringing, twists hands and rings nervously, giggles, wriggles like a small pig. Narrows eyes when calculating. "Beams" when happy. Mincing walk. Prone to "terror stomach" when afraid and tries to keep from vomiting. Has a horror of imprisonment. Likes diamonds.



Assists government in pogroms and extermination of minorities and non-conformists by doing it "all in the name of science". Helps by "scientifically" selecting all those who might protest a perfect police state. Organizes psychiatrists and medical people to drug and incarcerate any opposition without the victims having any recourse. Very covert and reasonable. All is justified in the name of "science".


Smooth, professional, tends to hold his body stiff and erect. Eyes a bit glazed, tend to roll wildly about when afraid. Has horror of being found out to be a fraud.



Likes high ranking secret police work. Gives false impression of friendliness by shaking hands often. Can supervise the destruction and mass murder of populations without qualms.


Body usually greasy with forced smile, vicious eyes. Covert. Is a coward and faints easily. Goes whitefaced when trapped.

The handling for Xenu, his co-conspirators and any Markabians or others who come to their senses as free individuals and Free-Zone Citizens of Earth is:


Note: All names and identities of declared SUPPRESSIVES are reported by Galactic Patrol telepathic telex to the M-Ship, Sector 9, and from there relayed to Central Ethics Authority, Sector 0, where they may be viewed by any member of the Grand Council. Any change of status or completion of Ethics Handling is also so reported.

Astar Paramejgian
Deputy Sector Commander
Sector 9

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