Meade Emory is a co-founder of CST, and perhaps few less-likely candidates  for that position could be found anywhere on the face of the earth. Like Lenske,  Emory is not a Scientologist. But Meade Emory served as Legislation Counsel for  the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. Congress from 1970 to 1972, and is a  former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS. That connection alone will  instantly raise the eyebrows of most long-time Scientologists. 

But they are often truly stunned when they find out the years during which  Emory was Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS: 1975-1977. Why are those years  significant? Because those are the very years during which IRS documents were  being stolen by an IRS employee named Gerald Wolfe, and being passed secretly to  Scientology's Guardian's Office. As a result, the FBI raided Scientology  headquarters in 1977, leading finally to the dissolution of the Guardian's  Office, and to the overthrow of Mary Sue Hubbard. 


Then, less than a year after Mary Sue Hubbard was overthrown, Meade Emory had  co-founded CST. And CST ended up in control of everthing that Mary Sue Hubbard  and the Guardian's Office had previously controlled. Coincidence? 

When contacted regarding the current leadership of CST, Emory declined to  comment. (Veritas)

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