Administration Briefing Number 3

by Capt. W.B. Robertson

September 1, AD 38

Your Bridge

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Hello! This is Capt. W.B. Robertson.

And this is Admin Briefing No. 3.

The date is 1 Sept 1988 or AD 38.

The title of this Briefing is "YOUR BRIDGE"

Admin Briefing No. 1 was about 'The  Bridge here at Ron's Org'.

Admin Briefing No. 2 was about 'False  Bridges' that you might be exposed to.

And this is Admin Briefing No. 3, about 'YOUR BRIDGE'.

You are a logical being and interested in improvement. Or you  wouldn't be listening to this tape. Or perhaps you couldn't listen to this tape, if you were suppressed or other-determined  enough to be below the need of change,hope, and help Awareness Levels.

In other tapes we have looked up the Bridge to see  what's next. Now, in this tape, let's look down on it from  the top -- if you are logical enough, you can do it. So  let's begin:

Ron said that 'Life is basically a game'. I stated in  Admin Briefing No. 1 that it could be seen as a 'SERIES of  GAMES'. Now I can even say that the Series of Games extends  as far back as you are willing to confront. And that most of them -- you and others -- agreed to play, but some of them  were covertly and secretly put in with the existing agreed-upon  games, and these are the reason for much of the misery and  suffering and other-determinism in this one, and in most of the  other ones you agreed to play.

And I can say that the overall game that You are playing now  has a LOT of Players in it -- at least a number as big as 10 with  40 zeros behind it. That's a BIG game. And when it gets  suppressed and goes wrong, there can be BIG trouble.

You could even say that the solidity and persistence and 'mystery' of this game and the playing field and the  creations on the playing field, which we call the MEST Universe,  IS A MEASURE OF THE UNCONFRONTED SUPPRESSION AND  COMPLEXITY AND THE INCOMPLETE CYCLES BY THE PLAYERS IN THE GAME.

Now, I ask you, 'Are you, or have you ever been, a player in  this game?' The answer is YES if you are listening to this tape.  And, 'Does it seem complex with lots of incomplete cycles,  enturbulation and suppression, and secret going-ons?' YES it  does, if you care to inspect the Dynamics of life in this game:

Let's take the First Dynamic: 'Do you have all the  havingness you desire in the game today and can you easily get  what you want if you don't have it?' Think about that.

On the Second Dynamic: 'Does it seem there's a real  scarcity of 2nd Dynamic ideal scenes in this game?' Consult your  own experience and that of others for the answer.

Take the Third Dynamic: 'Do you see any groups  betraying their members or others, and working for suppressive,  secret, and evil purposes in the game today?' Did you ever see  anything like that?

Let's take the Fourth Dynamic: 'Are there some players  in the game of life who don't even have enough to eat and are  subject to disease, famine, and war or are just being killed  'accidentally' or 'by mistake'?'

On the Fifth Dynamic: 'Do you hear of species of animal  life becoming extinct or endangered and forests of trees being  destroyed -- all affecting the chain of food supply and  ecological balance of this planet?'

On the Sixth Dynamic: 'Have you read of pollution and  climatic changes in the Earth's atmosphere due to depletion of  the ozone layer, and loading up the air and water with poisonous  waste products?'

On the Seventh Dynamic: 'Have you experienced strange  pressures, headaches, illnesses which medical science can't  handle? And have you seen other people depressed or out of their  mind with pain and craziness from drug effects and incurable  illnesses?'

Let's take the Eighth Dynamic: 'Have you read of, or  seen, the fighting and killing going on in the name of religion  -- in Ireland, the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, the Far East, the  Persian Gulf --, to name a few, or the bigoted other-determined  and other-determinism practiced by those who claim to have a  comm-line to 'God'?'

On the Ninth Dynamic: 'Have you heard any 'modern  music' recently, or seen 'modern painting', or even 'modern  sculpture'? Does it look or sound confused? Are all people making  their cities and communities pleasing to the eye and artistic, or  is there garbage and trash and decay in the living environment?'

On the Tenth Dynamic: 'Is anyone trying to make a 'fast  buck' with no delivery of a quality product or service in your  area? Ever hear of any scandals or rip-offs in government or  business circles? Any news of innocent people being killed or  persecuted just for 'being there'? Any news of poisoning the  environment in which we all live?' Well, those would be examples  of what's going wrong on the Tenth Dynamic - the Ethics Dynamic.

Now let's take the Eleventh Dynamic: 'Have you seen any  advertisements for a 'quick way' to OT in just a few days? Have  you seen any Tech groups go out of business or have to rip-off  their public and make war on dissenters?' Well. that's the Technical dynamic -- and it certainly needs some correction.

Let's take the Twelfth Dynamic: 'Do you have the  feeling there is really no 'policy' or 'ideal scene' for this  planet? And that many actions are found to be full of false,  omitted, or wrongly included data, or especially, altered  importance? But anyway, there is a lot of 'paper work' and  'admin' to do just to survive? And that the exchange agreement of  money is somehow variable and false, and inflating all the time?  Did you ever notice that? And do you see a lot of false datums in  the society?' All this comes from the 12th Dynamic of AdminofGames, and when Admin is out, those conditions  are prevailing.

Well, it's not all bad, there are many players trying to  IMPROVE on one or more of those 12 dynamics, and there are areas where the agreed-upon game is still 'bringing order' and  sanity to the universe. And there are more frequent  glimpses of 'sanity' or logic in today's events. There is HELP and ARC and even some KRC being applied. But,  not enough.

The viewpoint which you are now looking at -- if you have  followed with me so far -- is the viewpoint of the 13th Dynamic  -- GAMES -- their analysis and handling. This is a Point  which begins the OT application of Logic to improve the  game as it exists and make it more VIABLE. That means 'able to be  full of life, fun, wins, and acceptance for yourself and others  as players.

Now, what has to be handled on these dynamics to make them  more viable and to bring them towards an ideal scene for each  player? Well, what has to be handled is called CASE. You  could also look at it as 'MISAPPLICATION or NO APPLICATION of  pure Theta Logic in the game'.

In a word, what we're dealing with is ILLOGIC. A thetan  is basically LOGICAL, if you want to say what is his highest quality. In fact, ALL AUDITING RESTORES LOGIC TO THE THETAN.

Of course, 'all games', again per LRH, 'are aberrative'. We  could say that all games are a bit 'illogical'. But Ron also  says, 'Some are fun'. AndthosearetheonesYOUagreedtoPlay .

Just take this view for a moment: Here we have an IMMORTAL  LOGICAL BEING, a thetan, with a potential of anything as per  Axioms 1 and 2.

What can you keep him interested in 'forever'? What can you  keep him interested in that would span IMMORTALITY -- which is, ALWAYS WAS, ALWAYS IS, ALWAYS WILL BE THERE? or, IF YOU SEE IT INDIVIDUALLY, ALWAYS WILL BE HERE?

Work it out. It's simple. A thetan has the quality of LOGIC.  He would have fun APPLYING IT. What can you apply LOGIC to? You  can apply it to ILLOGIC, the resolution of. The resolution of  ILLOGIC. Therefore we have games, and it's fun to apply  the logic to their resolution. That's what fun is. But it's not  just one game or a game with one player. No, that's only a start.  You can't cover 'forever' and 'infinity' with that. It has to be  an INFINITE POSSIBILITY OF GAMES. For  example, gradiently through from simple to more complex. Hence,  this one existing now. It is very complex and interference in its  agreements has produced a regression and forgetfulness in most of  the players. Yes, a real forgetfulness. Most of them have  forgotten their rights -- that's the 'Rights of a  Thetan' , their dynamics -- which we were talking  about before -- and their hope and their abilitytoPlay.

Their attention gets stuck on past smaller, less complex games  and the wins they had there. Or another already-played game is tried to be played over again, while not-ising or  not confronting the one that is here .. because it has too many  'unconfrontables' in it. Or a false game is 'thought' to  be the real game (usually gratefully supplied by implanters who  try to make the logical player into a piece or a broken piece of  ILLOGIC or a piece of MEST).

Enough of examples, I'm sure you can see many, many more.

The question is: 'Do YOU want a BRIDGE out of this  ILLOGICAL MESS towards more viable games for yourself and all  your other dynamics? And for others as well?'

Remember, the game is this complex because the simpler ones  were already done. Therefore, you must have been ready for this  one or you wouldn't have gotten into it. So let's take this big viewpoint, so we can all play better and more viable  games.

Have you still the ability to help another and want to really  know how to do so? Or will you let someone else put a  'FUTURE' there, which is really a PAST OLD UNSUCCESSFUL GAME?  Will you let them put that on your track to really confuse you further?

Well, there is no 'FUTURE', other than what we put there. And  the only way to put an improved, more viable future there is to  know about all the past games 'scenes' and the past games  'complexities' and past games 'handlings' -- all the important ones. And not only know about them, but evaluate them with comparison to the existing scene and move the  vectors towards viability. Otherwise, the existing scene could  worsen. And it will do so if one does not confront the  complexities and suppressions and incomplete cycles of his own  and others' games. And that would lead into a dwindling spiral of  NO FUN.

Games are supposed to be FUN. The ones you agreed to  play are and were FUN. Everybody can win. And that is what the Bridge at Ron's org is all about. It's a  bridge for YOU.

You know, for you to be in a game this 'complex', you must  have been ready for it and agreed to it. So you shouldbe really 'cooking' on all 12 Dynamics in this game and  moving them easily to ideal scenes for your own havingness, fun,  wins, and application of and appreciation of the Rights of a  Thetan .

And that includes: 'To make or choose, or to not make or  not choose, your own games to play'. That's a Right of each  Thetan .

And you, of course, have the right 'to go OT', or 'to  experience outofthegamestatesabovethe12thDynamic', which we  call the Source Level States.

And you do have the ability to apply what you  learn there to improvement of all games .

There are plenty of possibilities left. We haven't run out of  infinity yet !

So, if you aren't cooking on all 12 Game Dynamics and  aware of and can easily experience the higher ones when you wish,  the Bridge is here for YOU.

It's a game in itself. A game of undoing and as-ising bad  games and improving and making games more viable.

Now you might say, 'Is that all, totally all, there is to it?  You mean it's just a bunch of IMMORTALS playing an INFINITE  amount of games? And now we're stuck somewhere in the middle of  the infinity of possibilities? And all this stuff around was  created by us IMMORTALS to experience ILLOGIC and analyze and  handle it? And some went against the agreements and suppressed  the fun out of it? And now I don't want to be here but I can't  not be here because an immortal ALWAYS was, is, and will be HERE?  And all the other stuff you hear about philosophy, theology,  cosmology, etc. is mostly BULLSHIT? Or some recalls of past games  already played and forced down everyone's throat? Is that the way  it really is? It sounds too simple, too 'logical'. Well, my  answer to that is, 'YES, IT IS'.

And someone might also ask, 'You mean I can get to the leading  edge of application of logic, to making new and more viable  games, by just going up the Bridge and handling my games track  and incomplete cycles of freeing and as-ising on the Dynamics and  restoring my ideal scenes and purposes?' Well, 'YES, YOU CAN'.

And someone else might say, 'You guys in Ron's Org are  really there to help, not just a 'con', a betrayal, a rip-off?  You really believe you can make a more viable and better game and  handle all those dynamic situations? You really are trying to  make a New Civilization and restore The Rights of  Thetans?

Well. 'YES, WE ARE'.

And, if I might give a little thanks here, 'We can only do it  because we were started off and given the basics by ONE GREAT GAMES  MASTER.' And here is a short poem in honor of him:


Elron Elray

That's the end of Admin Briefing No. 3 about YOUR BRIDGE.

Thank you very much.

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