OT 12

Here are some of the things I have noticed since doing OT12. I don't feel anxious about time. I seem to be better able to see a priority and go to that and not get anxious about other things that are not as important. I get more done this way it seems. It feels really good to have a greater awareness of my power of choice. I can see the games I get myself into more clearly and know more about what's really going on. Now I am doing stuff instead of just thinking about it. It's like I take my part of responsibility for it and then I can see how to make it different if I want to. 

I definitely have a different perspective on size. This physical universe all the others too - they haven't gotten smaller - I have gotten bigger. I seem more able to view it than being surrounded by it. I feel like I can handle it way better than before. That's what I am aware of now - I'll keep you posted.

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