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So, what really happened?

January 1984

In 1978, after developing NED, LRH became very ill. David Mayo  was flown in from Flag, and audited LRH to recovery. From his  cognitions, LRH, with David's help, constructed the NOTs rundown.  The first NOTs issues came down in September 1978. David Mayo was  posted as Senior C/S Int in October, and Merrill Mayo was called  from Flag to become part of the Snr C/S Int office. The new Snr  C/S Int office was at Gilman Hot Springs, a holiday resort  purchased by the Church, encompassing some 500 acres. Gilman is  between Beaumont and Hemet in Riverside County, California.  Gilman was the base for the Commodore's Messengers Organization  International (CMO Int), and for CLIO Special Unit (who made the  Tech films), and for CMO Gold (Golden Era Studios). It is here  that the Tech films were made. At this time, LRH lived in an  apartment in Hemet.

In 1979, aware that management was not doing well, LRH ordered  CMO Int to do a stat analysis and Data Series evaluation for all  Continents. This was the first time CMO had engaged in such an  action. This resulted in the 0909 eval of September 1979, which  was written by John Nelson of CMO Int, but issued under LRH's  name. As neither LRH nor his Messengers could be seen to be  managing Scientology, LRH asked CMO to create a separate unit to  get Church management back into line. So was born the Watchdog  Committee (WDC). Its 7 founding members were CMO Int staff, and  its purpose was to put International management back on post. In  fact, WDC progressively took over all the eval lines, all comm  lines to and from LRH, all missions to orgs, and even became the  approval unit for promo. The PR was still that CMO was not a  management unit, and WDC remained anonymous, giving many people  the idea that LRH must be Chairman WDC. LRH actually left  management completely in WDC's hands from 1979 onwards, and in  fact, only requested data again in 1982.

In 1980, due to pressing legal matters, LRH went into hiding.  He simply disappeared with the Messenger who was on duty at the  time - Ann Broeker. This was to be a relatively short cycle, but  possibly due to an exaggeration of the legal situation being fed  to LRH, LRH has been in a secret location from that time. Ann's  husband, Pat Broeker, was used to relay data to and from LRH. LRH  has stayed fairly close to Gilman.

In early 1981, a unit was set up under the CO CMO Int Diane  (Dede) Voegerding to handle LRH's personal legal scene so that he  could come back on lines. The unit consisted of Dede, Gale Irwin,  Lois Riesdorf and David Miscavige. The new unit was called the  All Clear Unit. Prior to his posting to the All Clear Unit, David  Miscavige had been CMO Special Unit cameraman. He was a  relatively new Messenger.

It is rumoured that in 1980 or 81, LRH wrote to certain close  terminals to say that he expected to drop the body within five  years, and was making arrangements with this end in mind. He was  spending most of his time writing fiction.

David Miscavige rapidly somehow managed to become a one-man  committee - he WAS the All Clear Unit. This unit was not on any  Org board.

By 1981, the GO cases were going badly. LRH's own cases were  not being handled to David Miscavige's satisfaction by GO Legal.  Miscavige decided to remove Mary Sue as Controller, and when Dede  Voegerding refused to do this, Miscavige arrived with an order -  allegedly from Ron - suspending Dede from post. She was replaced  as CO CMO Int by her sister - Gale Irwin - in June 1981. Shortly  thereafter, Miscavige, having become Pat Broeker's close  confederate, announced that the All Clear Unit was senior to CMO  Int. Why this new supremacy was allowed is unknown to the present  author.

On August 5th, 1981, a Comm Ev was convened on senior GO  terminals (from the Guardian WW down) by WDC. David Miscavige was  on the Committee.

On August 26th, Bill Franks as ED Int issued SOED 1789  "Management Change" placing the Controller, and thusly  the entire GO, below himself on the Org Board. Subsequently, Mary  Sue was removed by David Miscavige. Jane Kember briefly took  control of the LA GO but was dissuaded, and left her post.

About this time senior GO terminals were taken to Gilman, and  put on a mest-work program. Whilst there, they were referred to  as the "crims" by CMO crew.

In early November 1981, a small Mission Holders Conference was  called by Bill Franks at Flag. The meeting was conducted by Jens  Bogvad of CMO and the Acting Controller, Gordon Cook. Data had  come to light that the GO had had a program called "Control  of US Missions", issued as a Guardian Order in 1975. This  program was put forward in case the US Internal Revenue Services  won their tax cases against the Church, and thusly managed to  close down the Church Orgs. The Missions were to immediately  become Orgs in a new network. To achieve this end, several top  mission holders (the Kemps and Bent Corydon, for example) had  been declared. The Mission Holders Conference was held to handle  these false declares.

On December 1st 1981, Gale Irwin was replaced as CO CMO Int by  John Nelson.

Nelson had had only 25 hours of auditing at this time. He was  posted by Miscavige.

A much larger Mission Holders Conference was held at Flag in  December 1981. Bill Franks arrived late with a CMO escort. Up to  this point, no Policy Letter had been issued concerning the  seniority of WDC to Franks, and HCOPL 11 Dec 80RA "The ED  Int" states that the ED Int is the senior ecclesiastical  post in the Church. Consequently, Mission Holder Brown McKee  assigned a condition of Confusion to CMO Int for their assumption  of supremacy over Franks. The condition was upheld by many of  those at the meeting (Mission Holders, SO and GO crew).

CMO Int, perhaps correctly, viewed this as a mutiny. On  December 23rd, they issued the Policy Letter "International  Watchdog Committee" which was signed International Watchdog  Committee. This states "The International Watchdog Committee  is the most senior body for management in the Church of  Scientology International." On December 27th, Bill Franks  was removed from post as ED Int by John Nelson. He was replaced  with Kerry Gleeson.

Meanwhile, the Religious Technology Center was being formed.  It was incorporated on January lst 1982. Originally, it was to  have been a small body at the side of the Church, simply keeping  the trademarks of Scientology. Its members were to be Class 8,  FEBCs on NOTs. David Mayo was a signatory, but somehow,  unbeknownst to him, the articles were changed - to remove the  foregoing conditions of membership.

Another body was being formed at this time. Author's Services  Incorporated (ASI) - to act as agent for LRH's fiction works. It  was staffed with CMO and SO crew who had to resign from Church  staff to join, as ASI is a non-Church profit-making business.  David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Terri Gamboa, Julie Watson and  Lyman Spurlock - five of the seven incorporators of RTC - became  ASI staff in 1982, thusly resigning from Church staff.

Also, in early 1982, the first attempts at forming the  International Finance Police were made. This was apparently Pat  Broeker's idea. Wendell Reynolds was sent to recruit staff from  the Flag Executive Briefing Course, and was recalled, and put on  mest work by John Nelson (as CO CMO Int) for trying to rip-off  FEBC students.

In April 1982, in a lengthy, hand-written dispatch, LRH handed  over his Tech hats to David Mayo for 20-25 years. (This was  witnessed by several others who have since attested to it having  happened.)

At the end of June of 1982, John Nelson was removed and  replaced with Marc Yaeger, who was then eighteen. Wendell  Reynolds was taken off mest-work, and made International Finance  Dictator, under Mark Ingber, the WDC for Finance.

On August 29th 1982, the entire Senior C/S Int Office was  removed. In September, Kerry Gleeson was replaced as ED Int by  Guillaume Lesevre. Kerry, along with the Deputy ED Int, Allen  Buchanan, was taken to Gilman. David Mayo; Merrill Mayo (Snr C/S  Int assistant); Julie Gillespie (office of Snr C/S Int); John  Nelson (ex CO CMO Int); Emile Gilbert (CO Canada); Roger Barnes  (CO SMI); John Axel (Church Management Exec over Missions); Peter  Warren (ex senior to Public Divisions); Maureen Caneen (CO CMO  Gold); Pat Hunter (International Management Org); Jay Hurwitz  (IMO Missionaire, CO LA Day); Janice Mead (IMO Missionaire, PES  LA Day); Bess Sullivan (OP 4D Sec IMO); Peggy Darresman  (International Field Exec Sec); Chris Stevens (CMO); and Angelika  Zimmerman (LRH Comm LA Day) were all at Gilman for Comm Ev by  October 2nd, 1982. The Comm Ev took three weeks, and the Findings  and Recommendations cover more than 90 pages. Before and during  the Comm Ev the Interested Parties were subjected to gang  sec-checks - where a group of interrogators fired questions at  the Interested Party on the meter. David Miscavige, Stephen  Marlowe (Inspector General RTC), Marc Yaeger and Vicki Aznaran  (Deputy Inspector General RTC) were amongst the interrogators.

The Interested Parties were taken to Happy Valley in an Indian  Reservation not far from Gilman, and those that remained were  subjected to the "Running Program". This  "rundown" consisted of running around a tree for up to  twelve hours a day.

On October 17th 1982, the third Mission Holders Conference was  held in San Francisco. Here the US Mission holders were berated  by Miscavige and other ASI & CMO staff for several hours.  Three Mission holders were verbally Declared with neither a Comm  Ev nor a written order. Amongst these was Kingsley Wimbush, whose  Stevens Creek Mission had contributed over $154,000 of the  $808,000 world-wide Missions GI for the week ending September 2nd  1982. The world's biggest Mission holder, Martin Samuels, holder  of the five Davis Missions, and founder of Delphi, was gang  sec-checked prior to his removal. (He is currently suing the  Church for $72 million.) Brown McKee was Declared forever. None  of these injustices has been righted.

Then, the International Finance Police conducted a campaign of  "verification", where Mission holders were charged  $15,000 per day for IFP investigation. Fines were also levied.  Bent Corydon paid $40,000 to the IFP, before deciding to withdraw  his Riverside Mission from the Church. Martin Samuels and  Kingsley Wimbush lost all of their assets to the IFP. It is  claimed that $2 million was collected within 10 days of the  Conference. Similar tactics were applied to field auditors by  IHELP, and to businessmen by WISE.

In 1982, Declare Orders began to pour forth - there have been  almost 2000 since January 1982.

In response to this, several Mission holders removed their  Missions from the Church, and so the Independent movement - in  existence since the establishment of the California Association  of Dianetic Auditors in 1951 - suddenly exploded to life.

The International Finance Police have quieted down - their  Dictator, Wendell Reynolds, has been removed. It is rumoured that  Stephen Marlowe, the Inspector General of RTC, has also been  removed for his failure to handle the "splinter  groups". Ann and Pat Broeker, and David Miscavige are still  in control of the Church. Where LRH is, and what his views are,  is unknown. The authenticity of RJ38 has been questioned because,  certainly, some of the data on it is false. The Dianetic  Information Centre of East Grinstead is long-since closed due to  lack of traffic. The Church certainly doesn't have "PR area  control" in East Grinstead. According to SMI (Scientology  Missions International) stat sheets, Mission stats crashed during  1983 to less than 25% of the 1982 figures (measured September  1982 to October 1983 - GI down from $808,000 to $171,000).

The foregoing is correct to the best of my knowledge. Data was  gathered by personal interview with Jay Hurwitz (ex-IMO  missionaire); Vincent Barnes (ex-CMO Int/WDC); Captain Bill  Robertson (ex-CMO); Harvey Haber (ex-CMO); John Nelson (ex-CO CMO  Int, Chairman WDC), and from the tape or written debriefs of Jay  Hurwitz; Vince Barnes; Captain Bill Robertson; John Nelson; Dede  Voegerding (ex- CO CMO Int); Merrill Mayo (Class 12, ex-Snr C/S  Int office); Bent Corydon (Riverside Mission Holder); Peter  Greene (Mission holder); Jon Zegel (field auditor - father of  Marc Yaeger), Kingsley Wimbush (Mission holder), and from  confidential interviews with and letters from several other  ex-Church of Scientology executives.

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