Self-Description - Free Zone Association


This association is an initiative by the supporters of philosophies of cognition. A philosophy of cognition deals with the change and devolpment of persons through self-achieved cognitions. Therefore one gains a greater understanding and responsibility to oneself, others and to one's entire environment.

The philosophy of Scientology is hereby of prime interest. It draws its roots to a great extent from Buddhism. The philosophy states in general that man can free himself from undesirable circumstances through his own power with help from a precise technology of the mind. We stand behind this philosophy and have had good experiences with the use of this technology.

The association emphatically separates itself from the official and unofficial organizations of the Church of Scientology.

Our goal is to freely use the technology and philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. In our opinion the free and unrestricted pursuit of Scientology is currently impossible both in the Church of Scientology and in society in general.

We want to promote a dialogue and to find a better mutual understanding through a maximum of tolerance and respect toward other beliefs and philosophies.


The association can only then exist if the members actively support the association's goals which are of non-profit making character. The association strives for a better understanding of the philosophy within the society.

Everyone is welcome to support the goals of the association either actively as a full member or passively as a subscribing member.


The German version of the statutes is binding for all legal matters of the association.

See our Statutes

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