23 JUNE 1982


The debriefed, Peter Green, is about to begin and is on now.  Ok, this is what: 23rd of June 1982, approximately 17.00 hours.  There's a lot to cover here, so I am going to be brief and make  reference to the materials I have in front of me, and then if we  have questions, we can handle them afterwards because they may be  covered as we go.

This will be given from the viewpoint of the missions. Much of  my data is because I was involved very closely with the Missions  Network and know lots about the interior workings of the Sea Org,  so I will tell it from that viewpoint.

Ok. In 1975 or thereabouts, there was a program written by  Jane Kember, or issued by Jane Kember in the G.O., and it  concerned control of the U.S. Missions. It was a Guardian Order.  Basically, the idea was that if the Churches were to be closed  down by losing the IRS case or for any other reason, and the  doors were padlocked, they could immediately open up the next day  by taking over the Missions and setting them up as Orgs. To this  end there were certain requirements; incorporation of the  Missions having Herbie Parkhouse be on the Board of Directors;  having G.O. people be signatories on the bank accounts and so  forth.

But the program was, basically, control of the Missions, and  it said amongst other things, first they have to --, and there  was a program written which was, first: Isolate Kemp from LRH  because he has personal comm lines to Ron. Secondly: Comm Ev him  and then hold the findings over his head for ten years for good  behaviour. And then I think the sequence was Bent Corydon, Ray  Kemp, Carl Barney, Wood Shirrell, the major Mission Holders. Alan  Walter, of course, was already in trouble.

And this was a secret program that surfaced after the FBI  raid, was found under the Freedom of Information Act, and it's  part of the papers that were in the FBI's 23,000 pages of  documents or whatever.

Ok, in 1976 the Kemps had their Mission in Orange County, a  Tustin Mission, taken away from them by Henning Heldt complying  with this order and they tried to get justice on standard  Scientology lines and had considerable problems. Their petitions  to LRH (to try to reclaim the building, about a $2.5 million  building, plus their Mission and their mest and their back  salary, and so forth, which had been illegally stolen from them)  were never passed through. They were found, subsequently, in the  FBI documents.

Carl Barney's Mission was stolen from him in 1979 under  similar circumstances and Herbie Parkhouse was very instrumental  in that.

Now, in 1976, the first document we have here is an Eval  issued by Diana Hubbard Horwich (who was then CS-6) on data  received from the Guardian World Wide and the Deputy Guardian  Finance World Wide, in other words, Jane Kember and Herbie  Parkhouse. And that is Aide's Order number 176-2, 5 March 1976,  Flag only, Senior Execs and G.O. W.W. Confidential, Franchise  Network.

The situation: An individuated Network of Missions who are not  forwarding public up the Bridge, and instead are implicated in  unusual deals with orgs and milking public for their money, etc.

It is a total outpoint eval, and extremely false. It turns all  plus-points of the Missions into out-points and all out-points of  the Orgs into plus-points, as you can see by reading it: Data--  the Guardians Office, particularly the Guardian World Wide and  Deputy Guardian Finance World Wide (Kember and Parkhouse), have  been doing a commendable job of data collection. Also, an Obs  Mission from Flag to Franchise Office World Wide was sent. This  has resulted in a great abundance of data. The major points of  analysis are......

This eval was issued by Lieutenant Commander D.H. Horwich  CS-6, approved by CS-6 Action Aide, and the authority for it is  SH verification D.M., which is presumably, David Miscavige. The  issue is DHH, MI, AD, MSH, Mary Sue Hubbard, for the Board of  Directors.

I won't go into what it says because you can read that. As a  result of this, a mission was put into training: J.C. Hughes and  John Woodruff were sent to World Wide. Mike Davidson, who was a  Kha-khan who had been making the Missions' stats go up for 9  consecutive years, had expanded the Mission Network to a point  where it accounted for, as early as 1968, 60% of World Wide's  Gross Income. He built the Franchise Network to be a major  contributing part that wa supporting the G.O. That was from where  the funding for the G.O. came: from the tithes from the Missions.  And Mike Davidson was summarily removed and thrown in the Estates  Project Force, then targeted by Jane Kember who succeeded in  doing him in.

1976-77, Bent Corydon had Riverside Mission, which was one of  the biggest in the world with 150 staff, stolen from him, largely  at the instigation of John Woodruff. And Bent can tell his own  story if you are interested.

Then Phil Spickler, old-timer, was fined by John Woodruff who,  at that time, was the Deputy or the Franchise Officer U.S.  operating out of the Kemp's old Mission in Orange County. And  Phil Spickler was fined, I think, $25,000 because he was not  charging full rates for auditing. And so John computed what the  income would have been if he had charged full rates and then  fined him $25,000 for arrears of tithes that would have been paid  if he hadn't cut his prices. Phil Spickler's wife sold their  house, they paid the bill and he quit his Mission.

Now, under new Management, Mike Davidson long gone, stats are  rapidly declining. Also in 1977 or '78, the FBI made a raid on  Los Angeles and Washington D.C. And in the same period, 1977,  Yvonne Gillham Jentzch died. Basically, I think, because of  suppression on her lines. That in itself is another story.

In 1979, after Doran and I finished NOTs we went to World Wide  and started an eval on the Mission Network and worked in the  Mission Office with Jan Logan, who was Guardian personnel under  Jane Kember, who had been put in to bypass the Mission Network.  And the Mission Network was now being run by Jane Kember on a via  through Jan Logan.

We got very heavily attacked by Jane Kember and by the Mission  Office and we tried to handle the price increases and pointed out  the suppressiveness of the price increases which were wiping out  the Missions. And we didn't get any results other than to be  attacked.

We returned to the United States at the end of '79 and became  fabian. Then, we began continuing our push to expose Jane Kember  as one of the WHOs behind the destruction of the Missions and  thereby the destruction of the rest of Scientology.

In June of 1980, Lauri Wood Shirrel, Doran's daughter, died as  a result of suppression from the Mission Office. She was under  attack, her Mission was under attack and we raised a considerable  fuss about this and were declared PTS Type C persons who  threatened, sued, embarrassed or attacked the Church.

At that time, the Continental Justice Chief stated that our  declares were based upon data from a Senior, or trusted, G.O.  terminal whose name was never disclosed. In the PTS declare on  us, we were accused of having falsified on NOTs, and claimed to  be NOTs completions when, in fact, we had only been given the  very beginning, rudimentary beginnings of the Tech. It was a very  scurrilous issue.

During the same year, 1980, there was a revelation. '79 and  '80 there was, of course, a great deal of revelation in the press  about the trials in Washington on Mary Sue and Jane Kember and Mo  Budlong, Henning Heldt, Duke Schneider and the rest of the G.O.  people who had been indicted.

And in 1980, Mary Sue and the others pleaded guilty. And then  Jane Kember and Mo Budlong were extradited and also either  pleaded guilty or were found guilty.

Around April of 1981, Bill Franks was appointed the Executive  Director International, the job had been offered to Ken Urquhart  who had declined it, Bill Franks was appointed for life. There  was a Policy Letter (which I don't have a copy of but which can  easily be obtained) which stated that Bill Franks was the Senior  Ecclesiastical and Management Terminal of the Church of  Scientology, was the International Executive Director, there was  no higher terminal than himself except the Founder.

John Horwich, who was at that time Diana's husband, told us in  a briefing that Ron gave him a job to do which was to align the  networks. Ron did an eval and found that one of the problems was  the various Networks, the G.O., the Sea Org, the Missions, the  LRH Comm Network, the Folo Network, etc., were all at loggerheads  and John Horwich was given the program by LRH to align these. And  John went ahead, did the job and he found out very very quickly  and simply that the G.O. was the culprit and that basically the  G.O. was out of comm with the others and was cutting comm and was  a problem.

He said: "Oh! That's fine, very good. So he went to Mary  Sue and said: "Got it all sorted out, this is what we have  to do: Get the G.O. to align its admin scale with the others etc.  etc., and to his horror he was immediately attacked very  strongly, and he backed off.

In August of '81, there was an Obs mission sent to World Wide  and the real data on the G.O. and its criminal activity was  uncovered. I have data on that from Jeff Shervell who was a G.O.  terminal and is now on a special project for LRH. Somebody  started to blow the whistle and said this is what really goes on.  As a result of this, David Miscavige, Bill Franks, John Horwich  and others (I believe, Norman Starkey, but those 3 for sure)  mounted missions to Saint Hill and to L. A. and went in and  removed Mary Sue Hubbard and Jane Kember from post and took over  the G.O. And John Horwich was with the group that removed Mary  Sue.

And Jane pulled a counter-coup and took the G.O. back. Jane,  of course, was out in Los Angeles at the time, I think, because  of her trial, and they had to go in again. And this time Jane had  sixteen B1 bully boys standing around saying "don't you  dare" and Jane was going to call the security forces, the  rent-a-cop type people with billy clubs to defend her post. Mo  Budlong said, "that is crazy, that is insane, that will  cause nothing but bad press," and so the G.O. capitulated  again, leaving the S.O. to take over the G.O.

Bill Franks then did an evaluation as ED INT on the Guardian's  Office, and that evaluation has not been published but is  probably available. And his conclusion was that Jane Kember had  taken Scientology and turned it 180 degrees around and we had  completely black Scientology. There were 2 Scientologies. LRH  Scientology and Scientology per Jane Kember's interpretations.

Confirmation of this is that the Assistant Guardian  Information Bureau One from Austin, at the second Mission  Holder's meeting, told us that his B1 Hat pack was about 3 inches  thick. When it was stripped of all the false data and non-LRH  issues and stripped of all the Guardian Orders and the Guardian  tech, the pack was now about a half-inch thick. The rest of it  was false tech.

A campaign or a program was mounted after this eval to 'false  data strip' G.O. personnel. Many of the Assistant Guardians  immediately changed sides and joined the Sea Org, including Jan  Logan who is Guardian staff running the Mission Offices. And many  of these G.O. people immediately joined the Sea Org rather  sheepishly, because there had been a war between the Sea Org and  the G.O. for years and finally the S.O. had won. So they changed  sides.

The 'false data stripping' and group-engram running was held  under the auspices of the CMO, the IMO and Bill Franks in Los  Angeles at Saint Hill, and at Flag. False data stripping is based  upon HCOB 7 Aug. 1979 and HCOPL 7 Aug. 79 FALSE DATA STRIPPING  and I don't have any details on what was done particularly, but  in the course of the false data stripping and the eval an awful  lot of crimes, criminality, and noncompliances with LRH orders  were revealed.

The busting of the G.O., as I said, was in August of '81. On  15 September, L. Ron Hubbard wrote an issue HCOB 15 September  1981 called THE CRIMINAL MIND- the timing is interesting.

Then came a document called International Conditions Order  Number 1, 5 August '81, with distribution to Flag, Folos, G.O.,  W.W., Continental Guardian Offices, Committee of Evidence, Fred  Hare, Jane Kember, David Gaiman, Herbie Parkhouse, Henning Heldt,  Duke Schneider, Mo Budlong, Jimmy Mulligan, Ann Mulligan, Rick  Merwin, and Nicky Merwin.

In this document, the interested parties are Comm Ev'd by a  committee consisting of chairman Lieutenant J.G. David Miscavige,  D.M., Ensign Marc Yaeger, Warrant Officer Nelson, Lieutenant  Commander Clarice Brusel, and Petty Officer April Hall. They were  found guilty, removed from post, stripped of most of their  certificates and so forth, but the findings were never published.

On 8 October 1981, Flag Conditions Order 6439 issued at Flag  G.O., W.W., Folos Continental, G.O., S.O., Orgs G.O., LRH Comm  and Flag Reps, lists the status of Fred Hare, Jane Kember, David  Gaiman, Herbie Parkhouse, Henning Heldt, et alia, that many of  them have resigned from post entirely. Others have simply been  busted.

In between the 5 August '81 Comm Ev on the G.O. people and the  eval, Franks was very busy. At the same time, he was trying to  handle the 'Get High on Yourself' program, which was a major  celebrity program involving Cathy Lee Crosby and Bob Hope. Cathy  Wasserman was organizing this. And the result was some national  television coverage.

At this time, Alan Walter gets involved (He'd been kicked out  of the Franchise Program in 1978, and had his mission taken away  from him in the Midwest for the second or third time. His first  one was in 1969). Alan went to Franks and told him that many of  the old-time Mission Holders and the power leaders in the field  were inactive. Such as Doran and myself, Ray Kemp, Bent Corydon,  Carl Barney, and Phil Spickler. And Franks was horrified. He  didn't know. He thought we were still on post all busy doing our  things and running our missions. And he said, "I'm so busy  right now with this G.O. clean up, the "Get High On  Yourself" celebrity program, I need some help. But as soon  as that is finished I will definitely put some attention on this  and hold a meeting for the Mission Holders and see if we can get  this lot cleaned up."

So in November 81 - no, I'm jumping ahead - so on August 26,  1981 Bill Franks, ED INT, issued Sea Org ED 1789 INT BPI, All  Staff, All Public, from Executive Director International. It was  called MANAGEMENT CHANGES, and in this issue he told about the  management changes and the history, and how the G.O. had turned  around and gone adrift.

He says, unfortunately, over the years the Guardian Office  went adrift. Factually, the phenomenon of being off-policy and  off-source increased over the years. This was not a sudden  change, but was a gradual decay in the G.O. by people who  "knew best" and started formulating their own policy,  sometimes even counter to the Church's best interest etc. etc.

An obvious example might be the criminal cases. Here we have  people representing the Church who had gotten themselves involved  in a fight with the government, when our very first policy is to  maintain friendly relations with the environment. The mistakes  made were simply that this policy was not followed and the  results were predictably negative for the Church. Any and all  criminal actions were done by a handful of individuals. It was  not by the Church. Such actions are, in fact, totally counter to  Church beliefs and policy, and that's the real truth of it.

Franks told me, subsequently, that in doing his evaluation he  found that there were direct orders from LRH not to do anything  criminal. That if you do criminal acts you already admit that you  have failed because any information can be obtained legally.

Again, from Bill Franks to myself, he said that Mary Sue, (he  was out here in Los Angeles), and Mary Sue saw this MANAGEMENT  CHANGES issue in the L.A. Times. It was published by the World  Press. It was run in the L. A. Times. It was run in the Canadian  newspapers. It was featured, I think, four consecutive days by  the BBC in England, and it made big headlines or big world press,  that the Church of Scientology was cleaning up its act and was  admitting that there had been errors and criminality, but now it  was straightening out. Mary Sue didn't see this Sea Org ED, she  read it in the paper and she called Bill Franks and she said,  "Bill, I'm going to get you for this!"

And somewhere in November of '81, Franks kept his promise and  organized the first Mission Holders Meeting at Flag. This  meeting, which he and Alan Walter had dreamed up to get into comm  with, and connect up, the Mission Holders, and the Mission  Holders who had been kicked out and the ones who were no longer  active, was part of the revitalization program and he wanted to  brief them.

And Gordon Cook, who was the new Controller, who was now  wearing Mary Sue's hat as Controller, was there and Jens Borgward  from the CMO was there. And the first ARC break came when the  Mission Holders arrived and the meeting started. Diana Hubbard  was there, and Bill Franks was absent. He'd called the meeting  and he wasn't there. When asked what was happening we were told  that he had been called to Int for some kind of consultation or  whatever and was handling an ethics cycle on the 2D.

Jens Borgward conducted the meeting and Ray and Pam Kemp had  been invited. When they got there, the story of what had happened  to them in 1975 on the theft of their Mission and their illegal  Comm Ev and their expulsion and so forth, came out. Admissions  were made that the G.O. had gone off-policy and, at that point,  Jens Borgward turned to Gordon Cook and said, "Gordon, I  think you should handle this cycle." The Kemps had been  declared public enemies of Scientology because they were suing  the Church and their lawsuit was coming up at that time.

So Gordon Cook arranged a Board of Investigation, a Board of  Review, and the findings were published as Sea Organization Flag  Conditions Order 6453-1 21st of November 1981 Broad Public Issue,  titled BOARD OF REVIEW FINDINGS - RAY & PAM KEMP. In this, it  gave the background, and then it found that their whole handling  had been totally off-policy, out-ethics.

They had been denied standard Scientology Justice and they  were not, in fact, SPs, even though they had filed a suit with  the Church and that the only reason for the suit had been because  all other lines of justice within the Church had been blocked to  them. And even the lawsuit was an attempt to get into  communication. So, they were exonerated and were restored to good  standing by this issue.

The recommendations in that 6453-1 included a special Board of  Review to be inaugurated for a limited period of time,  specifically to encourage and hear current Scientology civil  litigants' grievances against the Church and seek to resolve  these on standard internal lines wherever possible. This special  Board would not replace any standard justice recourse actions,  but would handle those incorrectly handled by past members of the  Guardians Office or other units acting on policies not those of  the Founder. The Chairman was Ron Anderson, Secretary Nancy Kass,  and Member Nick Fine for Gordon D. Cook, Acting Controller.

This created a tremendous resurgence of hope in Scientology,  and various litigants in the Field were dropping their suits,  getting into communication. The Kemps were telling people:  "Look, you can get justice in Scientology now, even with us.  We were expelled and declared and then suing. There is a sanity.  There has been a severe reality adjustment. There is a reform  movement within the Church and Scientology is getting back its  ethics and getting back onto LRH instead of Jane Kember."

This resulted in myself wanting to connect up, Carl Barney  wanting to connect up, and it led to the establishment of the  second Mission Holders Meeting.

Also at that first meeting, not only did Ray Kemp get restored  to good standing and get settlement on his mission, but Bent  Corydon, who had been fighting since 1977, was awarded the  Riverside Mission back. There was a Board of Investigation there  and he was given back the Riverside Mission totally and now is  currently running it.

Now, interesting data. Right after that Mission Holders  Meeting, Bill Franks watched Vicki Aznaran, CMO, writing an  entheta report on this "terrible" Mission Holders  Meeting that was being held at Flag. It was a scurrilous report,  full of generalities. Bill Franks read it over her shoulders as  she was typing it, and said: "Vicki, what the hell is this?  You know this is not true, you were not even there." She  went out of comm with him.

So the first attack on the Mission Holders Meeting and this  reform, came, as far as we can determine, from Vicki Aznaran in  the CMO. She is now running and clearing up the US. G.O. She is  in Sea Org, CMO running the G.O. at this time.

On December 6 of 1981, a second Mission Holders Meeting was  convened. It was set up by SMI, Scientology Missions  International, and I have in front of me an issue dated 14th of  November 1981. It is a C.S.W. from Tina Meyers, who was Deputy  SMI Liaison Flag to the SMI Officer Int Jan Logan, and it's  called Operation Connection Number 3. This was issued as an SMI  Project Order, issued to SMI Int, SMI Liaison Flag, info to the  Office of the Controller, to the CMO Clearwater, to the CMO Int  and to the Watch Dog Committee. It set out what the purpose of  the meeting was: the project information, the call-in campaign,  the operating targets, the vital targets, the primary targets,  and it was to continue cleaning up the ARC broken field and get  the Mission Holders active and connected up and carry on the good  work that was done in the first Mission Holders Meeting.

Doran and I were not present on the first day. We were  refusing to go to that meeting. But we received calls from Milt  Wolf, from Bent Corydon, from Peter Scupholm, various other  Mission Holders, and Carl Barney, who had had 5 Missions stolen  from him and a total of 4 million dollars. And since Ray Kemp had  gotten justice, and Bent Corydon had gotten justice, and Gordon  Cook had talked to Carl and promised that he would have a  resolution of his situation, would have justice, Carl persuaded  me to go down there.

So we went, with Flag paying our expenses. It turns out that  they billed G.O. W.W. for our air fares and expenses, feeling  that that was just, since they were the ones who had done us in.

At that meeting it came out that Bill Franks who had convened  the first meeting and hadn't been allowed to attend, had gone off  to Int and had been placed under guard, 24 hours a day and had  had his telephone bugged. And when this came out there was a  furor because he had gone to get handling for an out-2D  situation. And it turns out that the guy who was conducting the  Mission Holder's meeting in Bill's absence had now married Bill  Franks' wife, Jeannie.

I do not know the rights and wrongs of this and who had the  out-2D. Later charges were brought against Bill Franks for out-2D  with Cathy Wasserman, whom he'd been working with on the  "Get High On Yourself" program.

But there was an outrage on the part of the assembled Mission  Holders, field staff members and SMI personnel over the fact that  Bill Franks was the ED, wearing Ron's hat. And who had Authority  to place the Senior Management Terminal of the Church under  surveillance bug his telephone and place him under restraint? Who  in fact had the power to Comm Ev him or to put his ethics in? It  wasn't that we objected to his ethics being put in. We wanted to  know the command line. There was no policy extant at the time  that placed the CMO as his seniors or the Watch Dog Committee as  his seniors. We couldn't find out who was in the Watch Dog  Committee.

Now, we were protesting that we were being run by an anonymous  council. A generality like the G.O. and now this Watch Dog  Committee. Who are they? What are they? What do they do? What's  their function? What's their purpose? What's their policy. What  is the scope of their orders? What issue from LRH has given them  any power and authority. We wanted answers to all these  questions.

We put Bill Franks on the spot and asked him to explain and he  couldn't answer. We asked, "Is this Policy Letter that  appoints you ED Int for life, in fact true, or are you just a  figure-head. Who does these things? And he pointed to Annie  Trascott, who was the representative to CMO INT and the WDC and  said, "Ask HER." She squirmed & wriggled and didn't  come clean and wouldn't tell us and complained that she was under  attack.

What then happened was that Brian McKee, after a while, stood  up and said, "I'm tired of all this. I'm tired of the  depredations inflicted on us all by the G.O. These hidden data  lines, hidden control lines. I am an OT and as far as I am  concerned, this group of youngsters who are the messengers should  be Bill Franks' juniors. They are Ron's messengers. In the  absence of the founder, Bill Franks is wearing Ron's hat and  therefore Ron's messengers should be Bill Franks' messengers and  I am assigning them now a condition of confusion."

And he wrote out a condition of confusion on them and gave  them 30 days to work through the condition and get upgraded by  the Executive Director International. At that point, he passed it  around and about 30 of us signed it including myself and Doran,  most of the Mission Holders who were there and some Sea Org crew  such as Frank McCall, David Meyers and Tina Meyers.

And so, the Mission Holders Meeting was supposed to have been  Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and then go home. In fact, I  think it lasted to the following Thursday because so much data  was coming out, so much false data was being stripped. We had  something like 200 people who'd come in from all over- from San  Francisco, from Dallas, from Austin, from Connecticut, from L.A.,  i.e., org people, Sea Org people, G.O. people, mission staff and  so forth. They begin to tell their stories.

Many of them were horror stories of being ripped-off, raped  and black-mailed, or removed from post when they had upstat  conditions. Or being given false ethics trips, black P.R. and so  forth. And it was, in effect, running out the group engram. It  was not, as was alleged, a squirrel-group engram-running. It was  simply that the false data was falling away and the truth was  emerging.

And people were blowing charge and they were coming back to  the truth. For example, one guy will stand up and start telling  what had happened to him in D.C. and another one will say,  "Well I have some other data on that", and he tells his  side of it. Somebody else will say, "I've got something to  contribute here because this was what was happening. I, at the  time, was on such and such post, I got orders to do so and so,  and that was why you got done in because the order came from Bla  Bla." Then Blah Blah would have to stand up and tell his  side of it.

And it was a connecting up of people, many of them whom were  OTs and NOTs people, and they weren't taking any bull shit and  they were telling the truth and charge was blowing and truth was  coming in. False data was being just blown to pieces and it was  an incredible connecting up of people as a true group wanting to  connect up with LRH.

And the one thing they were sure of was that LRH was IT and  that most of these things were not LRH. They were perversions and  corruptions on LRH and they had a feeling they could get  Scientology back and get LRH back into Scientology.

And Sue Anderson, who was a PRO, stood up and cried and told  us that Ron had not been on the lines and that her comm from him  was being corrupted. She produced evidence of advices from LRH  which had been censored, where paragraphs had been cut out, and  where forgeries had been sent to her. So she thought he was on  the line and he wasn't on the line.

And it was just one incredible series of blowdowns of learning  the truth. So a demand was made that the CMO and the Watch Dog  Committee should appear in front of this meeting and contribute  their side of things and explain their relationships. What were  their orders. What policy established them. What gave them the  right to arrest and bug the telephone of the Executive Director  International? Who were these people? Who were the Watchdog  Committee and what powers do they have and so forth?

So they flew in, and there was David Miscavige, Marc Yager,  Norman Starkey, John Horwich came in, and David Mayo, too. When  they finally arrived, it was a fiasco.

At Alan Walter's request, both of the entire Mission Holders  Meetings were videotaped to protect us so we wouldn't be  misquoted. Also because verbal orders were being given, and if it  is not written, it's not true.

For example, on the subject of the prices, somebody asked  Peter Crundall of the Westwood Mission to, "Ask Bill Franks  what about the prices." And Bill's reply was, "Well you  have to charge enough to be a viable mission. But if you price  yourself out of the market you will go bankrupt, so why don't you  follow LRH policy in Volume 3 and work out the price. But  remember, there is a second policy, which is you must not  undercut your local Org. So get together with the C.O.s of ASHO  and L.A. Org and work out a price for the area."

This, of course, was a verbal order, so we wanted things like  this recorded. So it was actually written, it was written on a  video tape. My understanding is that these tapes were taken by  CMO Int and these are what were used to declare us and to allege  a conspiracy to take over the Church and deny it to fully  constituted management etc. So they were a double-edged sword.

One of the examples of what had happened was the Assistant  Guardian from Austin Org stood up and told a horror story of how  he had been recruited into the G.O. He had been a tech C/S and he  said, "When I was trained in the G.O., my B1 hat pack was  3-1/2 inches thick and when we stripped out all the false orders  and false tech, we were left with a half-inch that was LRH."  He said, "Let me tell you what happened when I first joined  the G.O. because I decided that I was a tech C/S and was doing  well in the Org but I wanted to play a bigger game and run the  3rd dynamic engram instead of just one person at a time:

I went through an apprenticeship in Los Angeles and Jimmy  Mulligan said, "What we have to do is get the goods on this  guy, he's an enemy of Scientology. He's PTS and he's gonna attack  the Church, so I want you to go through his folder and find out  what you can."

So I did, wearing my tech hat, and I looked at it. Well, the  fellow's in ethics trouble, so prior to that there must be some  out-tech and so forth and sure enough I found it. There was the  messed-up ethics cycle and prior to that there was a list that  was wrong and I was very elated and I went to Jimmy and I said,  "Hey I've got it, look what happened, the guy's threatening  to sue the Church and prior to that there was this mishandled  ethics which was gross and prior to this was a fuck-up in his  auditing and here is the wrong C/S and how we correct it."

And Jimmy said, "Wait a minute, hold it everybody, hold  it guys. Hey, we got a 'techie' in our midst." I wondered  what he was talking about. "Yeah, we got a techie," and  he said, "look son, that's not what we want." And for  the next couple of hours I was degraded for being a 'techie' and  I was told, "What you do is you go through the folder and I  don't give a damn about the tech, I want the dirt, the witholds.  I want the crimes we can use against him."

I went into degradation. And also in the next 2 hours I was  blackened for believing that I could exteriorize. Anybody in the  G.O. who thought that they could exteriorize in the G.O. was  considered theetie weetie. Anybody who believed that there was  such things as perception, that you could look down the hall and  see into another, was completely discouraged-- "In the G.O.  we're not interested in that, we're interested in facts, in  documentation, in affidavits." From there on, that was the  last time I made case gain.

And then Joe Leasa stood up and he started telling some of his  withholds and his activities in the G.O. and Alan Hubbert got up  and said, "In my 7 years in the G.O. I am proud to say that  I never once committed any criminal acts."

And immediately, Darby Simpson said, "Well you did with  me, on that cycle you handled," and he admitted,  "that's true, well I guess that was illegal." And Renee  Duke got up and said, "you really were illegal with.... and  did this, and that was criminal." And he admitted to that,  and then we tried to pull Alan Hubbert's withholds, but he  wouldn't come clean and the room knew that this guy was squirming  and witholding.

This second meeting consisted of about 5 days of grief, tears  of people crying, of hearing other people's horror stories. Doran  told the story of Lori's death. I told the story of the attacks  on us at Saint Hill after we went there to disseminate NOTS and  were the first NOTS completions ever to promote the subject in  England.

Jan Logan came in and Doran bopped her and decked her with a  right cross which brought in a lot of good indicators, and  finally Jan Logan stood up and told the truth about what had  happened in England and how Jane Kember had spent 4 hours  explaining to Jan (when we were doing the data eval) that Peter  Green was S.P. and one of the biggest S.P.s in Scientology. And  Doreen Casey contributed that Jane had black PR'd me in 1968.

Other people who had heard stories began to contribute their  data, and it turned out in the testimony that Jane Kember had  falsely attested to OT III in '68, and had turned sour. All sorts  of truths were coming out. Charge was being blown and the results  of this meeting were some incredible products.

We revitalized some 30 Class VIIIs and about 60 Class VIs and  these people were all wanting to get back into business. And Bill  Franks was taking the stops off. He said, "Whatever you want  to do, go ahead and do it, provided it is LRH. Don't follow any  illegal orders. Ignore BPLs. Ignore Guardian Orders. But if it's  on policy and you've wanted to do it, then for God's sake, do it.  And they eliminated the multiple mission charters and things like  this. If you wanted to open other missions, then open other  missions, and there was a huge expansion and revitalization mood  and a huge renaissance feeling.

Artie Maren was there and was extremely excited and was going  to put out a press release based upon what was happening and make  the press right. Basically, his idea was that Scientology had  gotten into the hands of a very few criminals per the issue  Management Changes and that the members of the Church had now  thrown out their suppressive management, meaning the old G.O.,  and were cleaning up their act. The press release, in effect,  would say the 4th estate has done it's job. It has drawn our  attention to these things. The FBI has done it's job. It has  arrested the criminals, the courts have found them guilty.  They're going to jail. Members of the Church never did condone  these actions and have now re-aligned themselves to L. Ron  Hubbard. And now there's a new management and a new mood and a  renaissance within our Church.

And this way would make the press right for the past entheta,  but now they could write good things about us and this was the  whole mood. Now we're going to expand and we're going to get back  to Ron.

Meantime, reports are flying from Los Angeles to CMO and from  other people at Flag up to CMO that there is a revolution and a  mutiny going on. Vicki Aznaran's writing reports, people are  sending telexes to their staff saying to return immediately, do  not support this mutiny - what mutiny? Come back to base.

Joe Leasa was ordered back to U.S. GO. He stood up and he  said, "If you're looking for a plant in this meeting, don't  look any further. I'm it. I was sent out here to find out what  you guys are doing and to infiltrate this meeting." And he  began to come up with his withholds. He said that when he was  ordered back to Los Angeles he sent them a message saying,  "No, you come here, this is where Scientology is, we have  LRH in our midst and you come and join us."

When he got back he was declared type III and he was put  through an Ethics trip. Basically, what was happening was that  the false reports were being erased and blown. The 3rd dynamic  engram was just disappearing as people reconnected to Ron and  eachother and there was a tremendous amount of tears and people  crying as they heard horror stories, it was on the 3rd flow. I  mean I would hear what had happened to you and I'd choke up over  your experience and vice-versa, and it formed, temporarily, a  true group.

Then the CMO came in, having been thoroughly inadequately  briefed, thinking they were coming to quell a mutiny. When they  arrived, David Mayo first began to give a tech briefing and he  was told, "David, that's not what we want, we want to get in  comm with you guys." And then Norman Starkey stood up and  began to handle us by reading What is Greatness - it was totally  out of R, you know- it was like you've got to forgive the people  you're mad at.

Then finally I stood up and said, "Gentlemen, can I be  your spokesman for a few minutes?" The group said  "Yea". And I said, "Gentlemen, you're inadequately  briefed, you've come here with totally a wrong idea of what's  been happening for the last 5 days. This is not a mutiny. We have  shed tears. We have bled together. We've suffered together and we  have reconnected and we want to connect with you. We want to get  our hats on. We want your hats straight. We want Bill Franks'  hat. We want Gordon Cook's hat. We want our own hats back.

"And I suggest that right now we're out of ARC and out of  comm because you're talking to a picture of something that isn't  true and that we adjourn this meeting while you get a briefing  and then we'll meet tomorrow."

So I sent everybody to bed and they went off and got a  briefing. That night, John Horwich sat with about 10 Mission  Holders, Marty Samuels, Bent Corydon, John Woodruff, myself and  so on, and gave us the whole history of what had gone on in the  G.O., including removing Mary Sue, Alan Walter and Dean Stokes.  Others sat and gave a briefing to Miscavige and those guys.

And the next day we got together and there was an apparent EP  to the meeting of "OK you guys, we understand you've got  your hats back, you can do your job and blah blah blah." At  that point, Bill Franks subsequently told me, "Right then I  knew I was dead."

And we went back to our various missions and areas and we were  told by Gordon Cook and by Bill Franks to continue these  meetings. To set up these meetings in the field and let people  discharge their charge and do what we'd done at Flag.

So Peter Crundall set up a meeting in the Westwood Mission and  Helen Geltman set up one in New York. Someone else set one up in  Columbus, Ohio and this type of meeting was held, where the fact  was given that there've been two Scientologies. There's been LRH  Scientology and there's been this squirrel black Scientology that  has come out of the G.O. And that this is false data, and its  lies and its criminality and people were beginning to blow their  charge and do basically what we'd done at Flag and there was a  whole new spirit and the result was that they did set up this  permanent board of review.

Now one thing I should mention. At the first Mission Holders  meeting the whole subject of the Bureau 1 files had come up: The  lies about the Kemps in the B1 Files, the black PR against most  senior Scientologists in the B1 files. Gordon Cook and Jens  Borgward said, "I don't see any reason why they should even  exist, these were to handle enemies of Scientology. They were  never to be dossiers on Scientologists." And so Gordon and  the others said, "You can go in and see your B1 file and  burn the damn thing. There's no reason to have them." And so  the B1 files were opened.

So I came back to Los Angeles and Doran and I were ready to go  out and connect up and start a Mission. I arranged seminars. I  arranged lectures. I arranged to go and do a speaking tour all  across the country at new missions. There was a whole expansion  movement. There was postulates of opening up. Peter Scupholme was  gonna open up 13 new missions. Peter Crundall was going to open  up two more missions in L.A. and so on. An incredible  revitalization!

So I came back here and this was just before Xmas and I went  into the G.O. and asked to see my B1 file and I was told that I  couldn't see it. And I contacted Flag and they said somebody's  put a stop on it. Allegedly, the stop was from the Watch Dog  Committee. I was invited back to Flag by Div 6C.

They decided to use under the OPZ and the 4th Dynamic program  to expand the out-reach of Scientology based on an eval done by  Diana that had been approved, that had set up Operation 4th  Dynamic. Not OPZ. Operation 4th Dynamic. And there were many new  ideas of the bridge to the bridge. Of taking LRH stuff out  directly to the public instead of via the Orgs, to go out with an  out-reach. I can go into that program separately.

As part of this, Riggs Eckelberry wanted to do a series of  power hats and he asked me if I would do the Anatomy of the Human  Mind Course on video tape. And I also volunteered to do my power  hat of the PE Course which I've used in every mission I've ever  had. It's basically an LRH P.E. Course of how to reach the  general public so that people could buy this videotape and use it  in the new SMI programs and the new missions that were coming  along.

And there was a whole "let's get the tech out, let's get  LRH out". I was asked to do the Anatomy of the Mind data  because I was present when Ron did the original Congress with the  whole stage thing and I created Ron's mock-ups at the time, so we  were flown back to Flag just before Xmas.

At that time I talked to Bill Franks and he said that the  Mission Holders meeting was both a triumph and a disaster. It was  a triumph in the terms of the products that we got. We got some  incredible products: A revitalization and the International stats  are just going out the top. But it was a disaster from a PR  standpoint because we thoroughly upset the C.M.O. and they didn't  understand what was going on.

So he wrote an issue which is S.O. ED 1874 Int of 15 Dec 1981,  all staff, Sea Orgs, non-Sea Org, Class IV Orgs, fields, missions  and it's called MORE ON MANAGEMENT CHANGES.

And in this he tells something about the Mission Holders  meeting, the field expansion, the team effort, the subject of the  Boards of Investigations in recognition of the recent renaissance  within the Church, the new on-policy and on-source reorganization  and changes within the Guardians Office, and setting up a board  to hear grievances from all persons who feel they are currently  in conflict with the Church or to handle past conflicts that  haven't been resolved.

Then, he also said that he wanted to set up an International  Management and Field Advisory Board which would be comprised of  opinion leaders and people in the field in areas of power, such  as representatives from the Missions, such as Martin Samuels, a  representative from the legal field, such as the guy who's doing  judiciary Dianetics, and somebody from the business field. And  set up an Advisory Board to advise management, meaning Bill  Franks, on maintaining friendly relations with the environment -  first policy.

And so the Advisory Board was put out by Lt. Commander Bill  Franks E.D. International and again he's talking about the  renaissance, the FEBC Program, the Operation outreach, the 4th  Dynamic Operation and the back-up and support and so forth. You  can read the issue. I mention that because one of the charges for  which Alan Walter was declared SP was for setting up this  International Management Field Advisory Board in an attempt to  take over the Church and it was declared a squirrel splinter  group.

I have here the International Field Advisory Board Admin  Scale.

Goal: to broadly advise service and provide good counsel in  assisting LRH Scientology Management and the field to maintain  friendly relations with the environment and the public.

Purposes: to help individuals and groups attain the results  that standard LRH Tech and Admin can produce when standardly  applied. To bring to official notice and put on standard lines  for remedy any injustices, flubbed cases, ARC broken publics,  abuses of Rewards and Penalties P/L (3): to connect upstats and  maintain that connection per the Power Formula. This was written  and approved as part of the renaissance.

The Stats would be number of recovered Scientologists, number  of new people in, number of new groups formed, number of new  missions formed, number of new orgs formed, number of LRH books  sold, number of winning team members, number of flourishing and  prospering advisory boards, number of expansion opportunities  identified and exploited.

The V.F.P.would be: Friends who flourish and prosper due to  association and connection with other Scientologists, Management  and LRH. V.F.P. is an expanded and enhanced World Scientology  Community of OTs forming a true group of friends cooperatively  and joyfully pursuing future expansion across the dynamics.

Sounds very squirrely and suppressive doesn't it? One of the  cognitions we had at these meetings was that the product of an  S.P. is enemies. An S.P. is surrounded by enemies and therefore  he sees enemies and he makes enemies. And the history of the G.O.  under Jane Kember's, Mo Budlong's and others' management had been  to create enemies within and without Scientology.

Therefore, that's the product of a true OT and we've decided  it would be friends, and Ron's first policy was to maintain  friendly relations with the environment. So this was part of  Franks' overall expansion and revitalization program and during  all of this the stats were going up superbly.

Shortly after I got back from Flag I was declared a  suppressive person. So was Brown McKee so was Alan Walter. So was  Dean Stokes who had been the Chairman of the second Mission  Holders meeting, and Ray and Pam Kemp were re-declared  suppressive. Most of these SP declares contained false reports  such as that Kemp was setting up the Reform Church of  Scientology. He'd never even heard of it.

The Mission Holders meeting which had led to field meetings  had led to another meeting in Westwood which I'd helped Peter  Crundall conduct and false reports were put in about that and  were used in my declare.

I have a document which is a report I wrote to the C.M.O.  before I had any idea I was to be declared or was in any kind of  trouble and it is to Ron Pook of CMO Int 12 Jan 1982. It's a  seven page report which I won't read but which is available.

The spate of declares that came down were on all the people  who were very active in this reform movement. Franks was declared  and anyone who had been associated with him in trying to get this  thing going was also declared. The B1 files were closed and  here's additional data.

Between the Mission Holders meeting and my return to Flag Dec  24th, Jane Kember was at a cocktail party in L.A. before Xmas  where she was publicly attacking the Westwood Mission meetings  and stated that Peter Green and Peter Crundall were running  Squirrel-group engrams meetings. And that phrase has occurred  ever since in the declares. Stacey Young, who is married to  Vaughan Young, told a staff member of mine that Jane Kember was  not, in fact, in disgrace but that it was simply a ploy to handle  the press and the public. In fact, she was still in good  standing. It was just a PR move to publicly disgrace her.

When we phoned trying to get our B1 files, guess who answered  the telephone in B1? Jane Kember, exactly. I raised a fuss about  this with Gordon Cook, David Miscavige got upset about it and  there was an order from the WDC on Kember and Co. saying that she  had no status in Scientology and that she was not allowed into B1  except with an escort.

Whilst I was at Flag in January, Bill Franks was removed  covertly and secretly and the shore-story was put out that he was  on a dental cycle and was on an R and R because of a medical  cycle he needed. And the word came out at the second meeting at  Westwood at Peter Crundall's mission that Bill Franks had been  removed. So had Jan Logan and several others. A BPL came out,  written by the WDC published for the Board of Directors, stating  that, in fact, the CMO and WDC were Bill Franks seniors and that  they had had the right to remove him.

Bill Franks' removal was causing considerable upset in the  field because he was a stable datum. He was the ED Int and his  removal, which had been covered up by a shore-story resulting in  rumours that he was on post, off post, just on a leave, caused a  lot of confusion. So there was an Urgent Directive issued by the  Watch Dog Committee which suspended Bill Franks from post.

Now, an Urgent Directive denies the person the right of Comm  Ev first and removes them without Comm Ev. Policy is you can't  remove them without a Comm Ev, except with this Urgent Directive  policy that states where the stats are crashing and there's a  crisis and a situation. You can remove the person and suspend  them temporarily with pay, and then you can have an investigation  and if they're found innocent, restore them with full pay.

Dean Stokes at that time started to get very vociferous and  started to put out communications and maybe went a little  overboard. Brown McKee quit and went to the press. Jane Kember  wrote up a report on the Westwood meeting about Jack Horner being  there. The reform movement was smashed.

And now we come to Dick Storey. Between the time that I was  declared suppressive on the 20th of January and the time that I  got expelled, there was a special briefing for West Coast Mission  Holders attended by Martin Samuels, Mark Silver, Kingsley  Wimbush, John Woodruff, Peter Crundall, Bent Corydon, Jerry  Simmonds etc. etc. They were taken in, some of them separately in  different groups, dependent upon their degree of antagonism and  were given a special inside briefing by Dick Storey who was Mo  Budlong's deputy. He was head of B1 Europe, 11 years in the G.O.  at Worldwide, and from New Zealand.

His explanation for this sudden spate of declares was  something as follows: You see, there was the enemy getting upset  because we handled some of the court cases. He omitted the fact  that we handled some of the court cases because of the first  Mission Holders meeting and the Board of Review on the Kemps  which started getting people into comm and seeing that there  could be justice.

So we started to handle the court cases and the enemy got  upset. They set up a conspiracy and sent in some FBI agents and  had plants within the Church and some of these plants are - we've  really got a cancer. Storey was saying that there was a cancer  within the body of the Church and that some of it was malignant  and some of it was benign, the malignant cancers were the enemy,  the actual enemy, and benign cancers were unwitting pawns such as  Dean Stokes. He was an upstat Scientologist and he certainly  wasn't malignant, but he was doing the enemy's work unknowingly.

The story that he told was that Bill Franks' telephone had  been tapped and they knew that he was having an out-2D with Cathy  Wasserman who was giving him blow-jobs under the table because  they had recordings and that she was an F.B.I. plant who had been  sent in to subvert loyal officer Bill Franks through 2D and to  P.D.H. him. And because of his dental work, he was PDH'd under  the guise of dentistry and that had turned Bill Franks into a  real weirdo and he had fomented and led this revolution using  real enemies such as Alan Walterwho had been working for the IRS  for years.

I should say here that Alan Walter has a judgement against him  of $100,000 by the I.R.S. and has been the victim of attacks for  a long time, so this is a chronic 180 degree vector.

That Cathy Wasserman and Alan Walter had worked Bill Franks  over and created this schism between management and the body of  the Church, in order to allow the enemy to take advantage, is a  precedent used in the Worldwide Church of God a couple of years  ago when the membership of the Worldwide Church of God asked the  Attorney General to put their Church into receivership because  they didn't trust the Board of Directors anymore. This was done.

And so, Storey's briefing was that this was the real reason  for the reform movement, was to create dissatisfaction with our  management so that the Attorney General or the powers that be,  Federal or other agencies, could step in and take over the  Church. And he more or less boasted that he, Storey, was the one  that had shown the CMO the truth on the matter, because they had  no intelligence-gathering capability and he had shown them that  the G.O. knew things they didn't know. And that they were very  foolish to ignore the expertise of the Bureau One people because  he had undertaken to handle this whole rebellion and stamp it  out.

And the policy that he was using was the 1 March '66 that  established the Guardian, in which Ron talks about wearing his  heavy Hussar Hat, and was stamping out the rebellion. Doran wants  to say that that policy, if you follow it, says that the guardian  may not delegate her powers whatsoever. Dick Storey was not the  guardian, so he was off-policy in quoting that policy.

Then Storey gave a briefing to the Sea Org crew, a mandatory  briefing, which was secret and told them the policy he was  operating off of was THE INDICATORS OF ORGS. This is where, for  the good of the Org and to protect the group, you put heads on  pikes regardless of whether these people are necessarily good or  bad. You put a few prominent heads on pikes to calm the whole  scene down.

And he said there probably have been some mistakes and  injustices and these people have recourse and we can clear them  up in due course. Dick Storey, although the orders were issued  under the signature of the International Justice Chief, did tell  some of these Mission Holders that the expulsion orders were  already written and that if we did not hastily ask for a Comm Ev  or do A to E these expulsions would be issued. And he implied  that he had written them.

The fact is that Alan Walter asked for a Comm Ev at Flag, his  terminal being the Flag MAA. The response he received was an  expulsion. I asked my alleged terminal, the Continental Justice  Chief, one Melanie Herrick to gather all the reports so that I  could confront them, per the policy 16 May 1980 Issue II and so  they could be used for a Comm Ev here on the West Coast and the  only response I received was an expulsion order.

Apparently, the only acceptable thing was to do A to E. Bob  Flat told me that he requested a Comm Ev and asked for the  reports so that he could confront the reports that were put in on  him and he was told that there were no reports. However, he had  been declared on the basis of these reports.

I would at this point say that one of the reasons for the  concern on the part of old-time Scientologists, on the part of  the Mission Holders at the meeting was because of some statistics  given to us by Gordon Cook, by the people in SMI, and by Bill  Franks. The statistics that were stated and confirmed by Alan  Starkey and the CMO when they came to the meeting was that the  Church was spending $750 - $800,000 a month in lawyer's fees.  This is money that- if we had not created the enemies and created  the lawsuits - could be used for the expansion of Scientology and  to pay S.O. staff and to be used for theta purposes.

We were told that there were 180 lawsuits against the Church  and $800,000 a month being spent on defending them or prosecuting  them. We were given a list of some of the Scientologists who were  engaged in actions and lawsuits and asked to get in touch with  them and let them know about the Board of Appeals or the Board of  Review and there was, at that time, a limited amnesty for  litigants against the Church, inviting them to come in and take  advantage of the reform, the renaissance and the new mood of  justice.

Effectively, by wiping out Franks, by declaring the people who  were somewhat active in this movement, the reform was stopped and  the B1 files were reinstated - were no longer available. And our  investigations have led us to believe that much of the false  reports came from the U.S. G.O.

Vicki Aznaran, who started the attack on the first Mission  Holders meeting and who was very antagonistic to the Westwood  meetings, for your information, is Dean Stokes ex-wife, who left  him in Treason some years ago and joined the Sea Org. And she was  in close comm with Jane Kember and other people who were loyal  Kemberites in the G.O.

The apparency is that the war between the G.O. and the S.O.  has swayed back and forth. The S.O. won when they busted Jane,  Mo, Herbie, David etc., and then through the G.O. U.S., the G.O.  has reasserted its power. Dick Storey, who is from W.W., has  effectively persuaded the CMO and the W.D.C. that they still need  the old G.O. personnel and this is behind the stamping-out of the  Franks' led reform.

Currently, Dick Storey is the AG Flag working hand-in-glove  with Kerry Gleason, who was Bill Franks' lieutenant and who took  over Franks' post and whose testimony was used in the SP declare  on Lieutenant Commander Bill Franks.

In present time - this is June, six months later- the  statistics are that Franks' and most of Ron's friends seem to  have been removed, offloaded or left Flag. Even Jan Logan, who  was the SMI Officer working with the reform movement, has now  been busted and is removed as Mission Officer and I understand is  in the R.P.F. David Meyers, who was my liaison, has been removed  from SMI. His wife Tina has been put into the nursery looking  after the children. Riggs Eckelberry, who videotaped everything,  has been expelled. Joe Leasa has disappeared from view.

The A.G. Austin was even, whilst we were at Flag and while the  meeting was going on, the G.O. in Austin put out the word that he  had gone over to the enemy, was no longer to be trusted. The  locks on the door and the files in the Austin G.O. were changed.  His wife was told that he had gone crazy and gone to the enemy.  She said, "No, he is at Flag right now," and they said,  "No he is not." And we received this report while the  Mission Holders meeting was going on, that this fellow was now  some kind of fugitive and if he were found he should be  apprehended because he was dangerous. So the Mission Holders  meeting was being black P.R.'d whilst it was going on as an enemy  activity.

Dean Stokes applied for a Comm Ev which was held in Los  Angeles. The committee consisted of Peter Gillham, old-time  Mission Holder, Scientologist Dorothy Broadhead, ex-Mission  Holder, now G.O. S.O. staff, and Bent Corydon, Mission Holder.  Dean's Comm Ev was held very much following policy and was based  upon the promise that was given at Flag by Jens Borgward, by Bill  Franks, and by Gordon Cook, that anything he said would not be  actionable. It was to be 'treated as session data and please do  not suppress anything and any data you have, anything you have to  say, please just say it, and don't suppress. Don't withold.'

All of the statements that were made at Flag in the Mission  Holders meeting that were supposed to be session data were  subsequently used in the Declares.

The fact was established in Dean's first Comm Ev that this was  session data and he was found not guilty of any High Crimes or  suppressive acts. He was found guilty of a crime from a time when  he'd just gotten declared and G.O. staff went to see him in  Austin, he shoved the guy in a restaurant and created a fracas  which put Scientology at risk because the Authorities or police  might have been called. Other than that, his name was cleared.  Soon thereafter, that Comm Ev was cancelled by Issue Authority,  the Committee was declared in Non-Existence and were ordered to  Cramming. A new Comm Ev was convened on Dean, this time with  three G.O. Personnel.

Dean's a Class VIII, an O.T. and he is a prominent Field  Scientologist. He was entitled to a Comm Ev by his peers. None of  the people on his second Comm Ev were OTs. None of them were  trained Class VIs or Class VIIIs and none of them were from the  Field. They were G.O. personnel. One of them was in a Condition  of Liability and, as part of his Liability formula, was serving  on the Committee, perhaps to strike a blow to the the enemy. This  Comm Ev found Dean totally guilty of everything, per U.S. G.O.  Ethics Order 8 94/1 of the 26th March 1982 BPI.

As a result, Dean's Declare was upheld and the parties in this  were Nancy Nelson, Linda McNally, Stephen Adams, Howard D.  Becker, and somebody whose signature I can't read. The Convening  Authority was Paul Thrower T/Deputy Guardian Management Services  Bureau for Lottie Zern D/Guardian U.S. and it makes very  interesting reading.

Specific False Reports in the S.P. Declares can be gone into  separately for whatever there was, but this basically concludes  the debrief on the sequence of events of Franks' rise to power,  the cleaning up of the criminal activities of the G.O., and the  revitalization movement and the way in which it was smashed.

I think you will find a few strings in this debrief that are  worth pulling that may open up another can of worms.

Today's date is the 23rd June 1982.

This is Peter Green signing off.

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