Sector Operations Bulletin No. 2

280482-01-1200 GMT

There are many viewpoints of the Galactic Patrol, Gentlemen.

One is that it is a police organization. Another is that it is a war force or space army, navy and air force combined.

In actuality its purpose is:

Justice is therefore a major part of a Patrol member's hat, basing his decisions on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. Excellent data and intelligence gathering systems are necessary to do this job as most disruptions to civilization, other than natural disasters, are carefully premeditated long before actions are taken.

Knowledge of the mental states of beings, indicators of psychosis, etc. are valuable tools of the trade.

OT abilities of pervasion and penetration can only be limited by the user s own opinion that the data thus obtained is too incredible or is unlikely to be carried out. Thus the catastrophe which befell this Sector (ca. 75 million years ago) happened. Only a few Loyal Officers and Citizens were attempting to prevent it, and they were given very little assistance by the indigenous populations of the planets involved, whose leaders either discredited the plot, the data being too incredible for belief, or were actually involved in keeping it a secret for their own reasons. The analysis of viewpoints from that time reveals that those leaders who were actively pressing for population control by saying the Sector was overcrowded were involved in the plot for their own gain.

A recent earth dramatization of this viewpoint was the German/Austrian leader Adolph Hitler in your World War II. Destruction and decimation of populations was the result of this dramatization.

Thus indicators of social psychosis should alert the Patrol member to a possible plot to harm several dynamics, and an investigation and analysis of data should be done to trace such manifestations back to their source, where a careful, diligent, intelligence operation will uncover the intention, plans, lines of communication, and procedures of those involved. It is important to determine the actual timetable of the operations so that effective countermeasures can be taken.

All those involved in planetary operations should be well versed in the technical aspects of the above mentioned fields so that each tool comes readily to hand as needed.

Mship relay by order of
Sector Commander
Elron Elray

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