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OK, welcome to the event about UFO's.

How many of you have heard about or read about a thing called Alternative 3? For those of you who haven't I'll just give you a short summary.

A British independent television crew was investigating what happened to many scientists and military people in the 60'ies, because these people seemed to disappear from England. And everyone thought they had gone to make more money in other countries. They were intellectual people, scientists, business, top military people and so on. So they were going to do a program about this to explain "why can't Britain keep up with the rest of the world. Why don't they pay these people to stay here and work with us," and so on. And in the investigation they came across very interesting data.

They referred to this as the brain drain. In other words "brains going down the drain" in England - they were going somewhere else. The smart people going away, you know. And they did the investigations of the friends and relatives of these people. And the funny thing about it is they only heard from them one time. And they never heard from them again. And some of the postcards and letters they sent were exactly the same. The picture and everything, and the way they wrote it was exactly the same. Almost as if they were ordered to do it. And then they had gone completely out of communication.

Further investigation....When they put on the first program about this several people saw it that wrote to the station and said, "we know more about this." One of them was a scientist at the observatory in England, who said that he had recorded from an American spaceship on one of his radio telescopes a report coming from an American spaceship in the days before the Americans had sent anybody up. And he knew it was a NASA Space Agency recording, because it had a certain code, a bip bip bip to it, but he did not have a decoder. But the television station investigated all this, and they found another guy who had a decoder, and they brought the two together.

Now during the bringing the man, the professor of astronomy, was going to drive it to London, but he thought maybe something might happen, so he mailed it in a package. And then he drove, so he wouldn't be rushing he drove slowly, but he was killed on the way, a very strange accident. He was found in his car down the side of the road, and he was burnt all the way to his bones, as if it was done by a high intensity laser or something. It could not have been done by a car just crashing and burning petrol. And this remained part of the mystery in the second program they gave.

Now this was all true, and it was all recorded in the British newspapers. And then there were other people that gave stories: That the government of America and Russia were working together to establish bases on the Moon and Mars, and that's why they needed all these people. And this was in the days before sputnik and spacecraft. And so by that time the station was in the problem of almost appearing to be putting out a science fiction movie. And they are supposed to be investigative reporters of facts, you see. So they were told to admit to the public that these programs were all a hoax or they'd lose their license. And they must fire the reporters who were working on it. That is essentially... The book was then written by the 2 reporters or 3 reporters that were fired. OK? Now that's how the Alternative 3 book came about.

Now you understand that that was the Alternative 3 idea. The three alternatives mentioned by the book had to do with some of the data they found to apparently explain why the Russians and Americans would do this. They said that a climatic catastrophe was coming upon the planet, you know the carbon-dioxide - the ozone, and that they only had three possibilities: Go underground, live underground. Do something drastic with the atmosphere like with nuclear weapons or something - war. And set up bases or set up bases on other planets, for just the top people of course. That's what they explain it with.

Now you are going to see the real explanation of Alternative 3, because that itself was a cover scenario. Are you ready? Good.

They showed this on the television, before it was cut off the air and before they were threatened of the actual - - - what was on that tape.

And you are going to see it and are going to see and analyze what it really means.

This is the supposed landing on Mars 1962 by the Americans. That's the tape.

Now the thing he said at the last, he says - Boy, when they take the wraps off this, it'll be the biggest day in history. 22nd May 1962, we're on Mars and we have life.

Now, we're gonna watch this - I'll show you something interesting. OK let's pause. All right, here you go. Look, let's first of all examine the possibility that this was made in Hollywood. If they did make it in Hollywood what would be the point of making it so secret that they had to kill people to keep it from being known? Would they just be doing it to...Why would they keep it a secret, if they made it in Hollywood? They would want everyone to know about it and say - Look we landed on Mars! and they never said that. So what would they want it for as a fake, and how could this professor have recorded it coming from outer space, this tape, if they made it in Hollywood, you see. So let's take their word for it it's true. They did kill enough people, they threatened the radio station with closing the license - I mean the television with closing the license of the program, they did fire the people who worked on it. And when the book came out they banned it in America. So knowing all those indicators of a secret conspiracy going on, let's take it as a true tape, but let's analyze it as to what is the real truth.

Look at that porthole they are taking the pictures out of. That is not from an earth type spacecraft. That has a square, curved outer hull surface, and it's very thin as you can see. There's no bolts, you understand, and all that stuff they have on American and Russian spacecrafts. Right, it's very big. You remember the first spaceships that went up. They had little tiny holes in them like that with bolts, like on a ship. That's the first point I want you to see. Now I want you to see something else here. There, you see the curves? Aha, you see this - stand by to scan, that's what he said. Now watch this, watch what happens to the picture. See how slowly it's moving? America and Russia never had any spaceships that are landing on the Moon, landing on any other planet that could slow down and do this. Watch this: the ship is rotating, slowly. Then it stops - Stand by to move on. Watch... see there, now they're back on the landing pattern.

If you analyze this from an aeronautical point of view, you have the ship coming in. All of a sudden it stops, rotates around like this stand by to go-ahead, resume landing. Does that remind you of anything? It reminds you of the stories of "fliegende Untertassen" (flying saucers). They go, they stop, they move around a little bit, they go. All right. What's that? (I never saw that one before.) OK, we go on with the analysis.

That, see this? Every time they change mode there's interference on the transmission, or they've stopped the transmission and started it again. This interference with any radio transmission frequency is caused by a high intensity electromagnetic field. Also this is in the stories of UFO reports where people's car radios stop and the pilots, their compass goes around like this. There are also stories written how, obviously, UFO's are controlled by high intensity electromagnetic fields. And if you were broadcasting from there back to Earth you would expect the broadcast to be interfered with every time they had to change the controls, attitude or path of the flying saucer, and it does!

And now... watch again. Now look how slowly it's going. Temperature 4 degrees Celsius, 21 km/h wind, 707,7 mb Luftdruck (air pressure). 760 ... (is normal), no 1013 mb. This is only 7/10 as much as Earth. OK, next. I want you to observe this place they're coming toward. You didn't notice that, did you? There's a tower, like a control tower. And there are 1, 2, 3 pads to land on, but they are only round ones, and they look like they are a hundred or so feet in diameter, 30-40 meter or more. 1, 2, 3 and they're round. Now what could you land there if you have never been there before? Could they have built a landing base, if they had never been there before. Now watch this when they land: They get to static again, because they have to put in the electromagnetic field. So you don't see them actually landing there, but you can believe they are going to land on this one or one of these. Right. Watch that closely. You see that? There it is, there it comes. Stand by for landing. Let's do it again, so you can see it. There they are: 1, 2, 3. There's the building. Now they are obviously sitting on one of the pads looking out away from the building. And now they see the brown very closely. Americans... some kind of mole, a mole. OK, now.

What the cover-up was, what the secret of Alternative 3 was, which is still a secret, is that the Americans did get to Mars in 1962 with a radio and television camera, but they didn't make the ship. That was an alien flying saucer. You wanna see it again? This is the big secret. That's what they didn't want anyone to know. They were just passengers. Imagine it.... on a flying saucer, you see it? The base, the little pads. OK.

So I told you it would be amazing. I took you on a video trip on a flying saucer as the first thing. That's how they work, just like that, you see it from the inside. How did you like that trip? That was the big secret of Alternative 3. The Americans did not land on Mars. They took as passengers on a flying saucer. All this Alternative 3 stuff was cover.

Now who were these people that took them? And what connection do they have with the American government? And what connection do they have with this planet? And why is it all a secret? Now what the hell is the importance of this place anyway?

Well, in case you don't believe.... by the way, how much time do we have? I can do this part after lunch. 1/2 an hour left to lunch? 45 minutes to lunch. In case you still don't believe that these ideas and stories that you hear about UFO's, these kind of things, if you still don't reckon that there's really anything to it... I mean I started you off with a trip from inside of one. Now I'll show you some from the outside that people have actually photographed. People say there's no photographs of them. They are not true. Yes there are photographs and television. All right.

Now this was on the program even, but people still say they haven't seen this. They are still-pictures that they've taken of flying saucers. There it is. Just watch the pictures, there it is. Going behind there to land somewhere. Another picture. Another one. Another one. OK. Next, we go to this last couple. These things look strangely alike from the outside of what you were just seeing from the inside out the little portholes. There's another one coming - there it is. There's one. There. Looks like he's taking pictures too. That was the last one here, last shot. This one, that one. Then there's another one they are showing you at night, glowing a little bit. This one. All right. OK, next.

So these things have been around, and it looks like the government is keeping it quiet. We still don't know why, but we're gonna find out. During the break you can come up and look at some of these articles. They also have some newspaper stories about it. But I knew that most of you from Germany would rather have hard, more physical evidence. Either pictures or videos or from inside. OK, ready? Here's some more.

The last one, this is one of the best ones, because it will show you how they land into the... on the planet. These were taken on Earth. Now you noticed they had a little landing place on Mars. If they're gonna be here on the planet they must also have landing places, OK? So let's look at them going into one. Right after this. There, watch this guy. He's landing behind the mountain or into a hangar or something. Slowly down, you see. He doesn't come up again. That's how they would take off, you see, come backwards. This is how he lands, see? OK. Now that was a little thing that they tried to excite everybody's curiosity with. But we've got some more stories about these from people that actually worked with the aliens. See that? That is not a conventional aircraft or weather balloon.

OK, so up to this point I just wanted to show you some of the physical evidence that we have about these things. And then we will... I'll ask you if you have any questions about that so far, but I won't tell you anything about what's gonna happen after lunch, because that's gonna be very exciting. I'd rather you have a good lunch first, because some of this is not pleasant. If these people were here, if these aliens were here to be friendly and to make trade with you, and buy your nice apple juice and wines from France and everything like that, then there'd be no reason to keep it secret, would there?

But unfortunately they are here doing, some of them, are doing something different than that. And that we're gonna find out after lunch. But up until this point is there any questions about what we've said so far, Alternative 3, landing on Mars 1962, pictures of UFO's, the way they moved, who they worked with? Yes, questions.

Let's take this gentleman first. "Could you explain the atmosphere on Mars, because when one sees pictures from telescopes from here to Mars there's no atmosphere." Yes, apparently it is very thin and there's very little cloud in it. And we also know from other reports that a lot of the NASA photographs and the NASA things they've done since this time, some of the photographs and some of the satellite photographs and orbiting photographs they leave them out. They don't let them out to the public.

There was a gentleman in America, two gentlemen, who actually were researchers and discovered those pyramids on Mars. Did you see that article? And they had to...they discovered those photographs filed incorrectly under the southern latitude and longitude on Mars when they should have been in the northern part. They were deliberately taken out. And they just happened upon them by chance, and no one would come to their press conferences either, and now it's just sort of one of these crackpot stories as well, but they had been working with actual NASA photographs from Mars. But NASA has never admitted that those are real photographs of pyramids on Mars although they took them. You see, so there's still a cover-up going. And we find there's false data being given about the Moon and Mars. Not necessarily false, there's so much omitted, they don't tell you everything. Just as if you were trying to not tell about where you went last night to your wife. I just went out drinking with some friends - OK, that's all right. You don't say how many bars, how many girls that were there, and how many times you spent going to some other places. See what I mean? That's the same with the government. They are lying to their children, to their wives, husbands, whatever...

Next question is here: "In the textbooks the atmosphere on Mars is explained as being reddish, not blue, and the pressure is given as about 1/1000 of the pressure on earth, so these data don't fit?" That's nearly a vacuum. They are probably lying. But I tell you one thing they are wrong about, the... when you're on the planet looking at... If there's any kind of carbon dioxide or molecular air structure just because of the sun's refraction and incidence into an atmosphere any type of clear gas - you're gonna get a blue effect. That is for any planet when you're on the planet. In a clear atmosphere you're gonna get a blue.

"This blue sky depends on clear gas. Mars' atmosphere is supposed to be dusty, and then it's physically sound to have a red atmosphere." That's what they say. Now if you go up on a high mountain, Mount Everest or something, you see pictures from there, you have a thin blue look as well. Now that's a very low pressure. The outpoint in the scientists' story about what you just said, if the atmosphere is so thin, then what's holding the dust up? Nothing, because in a vacuum, if it's near vacuum, the dust will fall like a rock. Go ahead.

"What's with this station on the back side of the Moon? There's an old station." Good question. Yes there is. LRH mentions it in a tape called Space Station 33. It's on the back side of the Moon. And we will get some witnesses talking about this possibility and the possibility that it's still there in the second half of the program. We'll have more on that. You asked first, didn't you?

"About the Mars atmosphere I read an article in I think it was scientific American, and then they tested animals that live on Earth, and then they figured out that the lower the animals are the longer they can survive on Mars' atmosphere. A frog for example can survive at least for 24 hours." Yeah well, you saw a mole living there on that picture. It was some kind of underground animal, and I bet you if you were on Mars and didn't have any water, and you were examining how people live on Earth, you would not believe that anything lived in the ocean. You would not figure out how a gill (Kiemenatmer) for instance could exist. And yet we have lots and lots of animals living in the oceans including dolphins who are air-breathers. And the largest animal in the world: whales. And yet if you were on a dry planet, you could never believe that. You see? Next question. Sir:

"He saw that an animal lives on Mars, so he thinks when that was kept secret there must be more living beings up there." Exactly, genau, gewiss. I mean just to tell you some of my background, before we go to lunch. Any more questions first? First question, yes.

"I saw another interference after this animal, how could this happen?" Very good observation. I would say they were shutting down the power on the whole ship. How much time do we have, by the way? How many? 5 minutes. OK. First I'll tell you some of my background. I'm not only a technical person in the Ron's org. But before I was even into Scientology or the Sea Org I have two college, university degrees. But don't go look them up, because the FBI has probably already taken them away. Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana. One in mathematics and physics, and the other in civil engineering. Civil engineering: docks, airports, railroads, buildings, "Bauingenieur". And then I had a graduate scholarship where they were paying me to go to Columbia University in New York on a NASA scholarship to be in a space structures organization, where we were supposed to build space-platforms and spaceships for the American government.

The only thing I couldn't figure out: What happened to the next year's students? They all disappeared. I only stayed for the first year and then I disappeared. I got out of it. 'Cause I couldn't find anybody from the next year, they had all disappeared. I never knew why until I read the Alternative 3 book. They were taking them away, working somewhere else. And I was followed by the US Government after that. They wanted to find out if I was a communist agent. And when they decided I wasn't I then got the job as an engineer and was in charge of building 20 ICBM sites, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile sites. These were positioned in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Every 10 missile sites that's "the minute man silos", they call them "minute man silos". They are 90 foot sunk into the ground (30 meters), and every 10 of them is controlled by an underground control center, like a small submarine sunk into the ground 30 feet down. And I built 20 of those and quit when I found out it might be an overt on the 4th dynamic.

A good movie to see, to see how those things were - they finally have come out with it after 20 years, how they look - is War games. It's about a little kid and a computer. He overrides the missile system. Well, in the beginning they show pictures of a little house on the surface and people walk in and they go down an elevator. Then they control the capsule down there with the buttons and all for the rockets. It's right at the beginning of the film.

The other thing in that film which is accurate is the city inside the iron mountain down by Colorado Springs by the Air force Academy. They show in there-big blast-doors with buildings inside on big springs. When I worked for the government on these missile sites, I saw the plans for that base and that's exactly what they were like.

I worked on another project, which was to make a copy - sorry, storage building, to build a building. It was about a mile long and very big, just a warehouse to keep a copy of every American's tax record and every American's files. A copy from Washington was sent there to Colorado and then from there they were going to be put on a computer, and that computer was supposed to be inside the mountain in Colorado springs. And that was to be the computerized files on every American, blast proof, atomic bomb proof inside the mountain. All right. I worked on these projects, they were paying good money, they were real projects, they were being done. And that was back in 1962, same year that they were taking passengers to Mars. So what you're gonna hear in this afternoon, you'll hear how far this has all gone since then. And why. OK, so have a good lunch and thank you for coming.

This is part two of the UFO's event.

And in the first part you saw how it looked from inside a spaceship which the Americans tried to keep a secret from all of us for 30 years, and then you saw some pictures and videos of flying saucers that people have taken, but everybody says that's not true.

Now to bring you a little more final reality before we go into the major part of what's happening, I will now play you a tape, it's only a few minutes long. And it will - it is reported to be the sound of a UFO and I want you to listen carefully. Remember we talked about the high electromagnetic frequency fields. If you listen carefully and be very quiet, we might hear some of the pulses in the recording. I will shake the stick when I hear them, 'cause I've heard it on earphones. The actual ship sounds something like a small two-stroke engine climbing a hill. But you'll see there's something different about it, and it has pulses to it. Pulsation of high frequency electromagnetics. OK. This was recorded in The United States and it was also given at the Frankfurt UFO convention, which Doro thankfully recorded for me there. So listen carefully. Be very quiet. I think you'll get it.

You get that wi wi wi from the thing in the recording, if you buy a tape. All these UFO tapes have that on there as well as about 4 - 5 - 6 other UFO-type related incidents and things that cover what we're talking about today on this tape. And I put my music into it to give it a sort of a musical background into it too. But the... if you hear it on your high-fidelity at home or earphones, you will hear what I'm talking about even cleaner in there. There's a high frequency sort of wi wi wi going on as this thing approaches. And it's not, you Call tell from that, it's not just a guy riding a two-stroke motorcycle up the hill, you know. OK, so now we've heard them and we've seen them and we've been inside them.

Now we're gonna find out what they are doing here. First I must tell you there are more than one group of extra terrestrials interested in this planet. In the most their intentions are peaceful, and they want to develop relations with this planet as would any other peoples on a friendly basis. Not to have atomic weapons, not to have biological and chemical weapons. And they are holding back, the friendly ones, except merely for observation, because as you all know the joke: Take me to your leader, a leader. And then if you ask the friendly ones they say: But you don't have a leader. They are all fighting all the time. There's no leader. This planet has no leader.

Now you might say that we are interested in the rehabilitation of this planet and its place in the galactic scheme of things. Many of us through auditing have recognized that we were either - at one time or another we didn't live on this planet, we were at some other place, and that we may have even come here to help and rehabilitate things here. Except we've been here long enough to go native. We're Earth-people and not some kind of weird guys that came down on a spaceship, at least not for a long time. But most people when they recognize the immortality of the spirit then they start to wonder what is their position here, what are they doing here, and that they don't have a purpose really. Well, through auditing and training you can find you may really have a purpose and you want to play a better game. Either of these things is valuable. We should have more fun and more interesting things to do on all of our dynamics and you must realize that in some areas the fun has sort of gone out of it. Well we want to bring it back. And to do that we need knowledge. You need to know what the truth is. So you need to know what you could be doing here, and what are others doing here. So now we are going to what the others might be doing here. All right.

I have here a tape - a video made by three gentlemen, and one of them is called William Cooper. He is an ex-intelligence officer for the United states Navy, and his job was to brief high level officials over what was the American relationship with aliens, with people from outer space. It was all above top secret, you understand.

Part 2 (1:57:54)

And he has recently, last year I believe, decided that what he had been - well he's retired now from the Navy. He decided that all of this secrecy was not in the best interests of his country. Remember this I told you about earlier, before the meeting began, about these military people who decided that the secrecy that they were being made to agree to was not in the best interest of their country. Now he's like one of those. He started talking about these things to inform not only his friends but his congressmen and the people in the government. The thanks he got for that, he was tried to be assassinated twice. He lost one of his legs in one of the attempts and he's had a severe wound in the head. But he's still going. OK, sounds familiar? Yeah, OK.

Another one is a man named John Lear, and he is the son of the man who invented the Lear Jet, you know the private jets. All right, so he's no flake He's a millionaire himself, and he's the guy in the picture with the blond, white hair, the white haired guy. Very nice "Anzug" (suit). And the other is a man named Bill Hamilton, who'll you see first. And we have somebody here who actually knows him personally and would like to just tell you about him for about a minute. It's Diane Marple from the US.

"I've known Bill for 8 or 10 years. He's been a UFO investigator for 25 years. He did OT 3 about 1970 and he's been expelled, of course. I've been to his house several times. He has a lot of data and a lot of which I'll try to get him to send over here. And a few years ago I took him the very first Sector 9 issues, so his viewpoint is more by the planetary and intergalactic scenario. And he started just investigating those things that led into those scenarios. So he's no longer talking to farmers that see UFO s, and hopefully when I get back, I don't know whether he'll come over here, but we might get him on the Excalibur. The thing that you are going to see on the tape here, the first mission he did on that was about four years ago, and what he's telling you is a summary of everything that he found out. Because he doesn't pass on information until he has got some verification on it."

Thank you very much. OK, this tape is in English, but we will stop it and give you translation every so often, but I want you to see how these people...this is at a, I believe it is a UFO meeting and this is where Cooper and Hamilton, and you also see a little bit of Lear in there, they are trying to convince everybody that this is really happening. And not just about UFO's, but what they are doing here. And these are, shall we say, the unfriendly ones. OK, here we go.

He's talking about a base, underground base in the vicinity of Dulce, New Mexico. He's talking about his investigation in Dulce, meeting with a person called Gabe Valdez who was a local sheriff there. And he has seen many UFO's in the area nearly every other night. And there was many.. he has seen many cattle mutilations there, where they cut special pieces out of cattle for use in experiments, but very precise like with a laser-knife. You'll find out more about this in the later part of the tape. One other thing he says. Gabe Valdez doesn't live there anymore. Perhaps he's been relocated, because he now lives in another town called Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The information he's about to give comes from people who worked at the base. People who were kidnapped or abducted and taken there and then released, and people who helped to construct it, and people who were working with the intelligence community there. All right, go ahead.

The facility is a bio-genetics lab and is connected to Los Alamos that was the first site of the atom bombs experiments in New Mexico. It's always been a high security research area for the US Government. He says there's an underground connection by subway or tube shuttle to the Los Alamos. OK. The research there is about genetics and research into also other intelligent species and the comparison between human and alien biology.

He says that their research indicates centuries ago that the aliens that he's going to talk about here entered into a contract with a secret group called the Illuminati. I think you have heard about these before. If you have read Sector 9 book for instance you'll find out that one of the chief - what we call implanters: people that work in secret to control you mentally - one of the chief ones was Adam Weishaupt. Curiously enough he was the founder of the Illuminati, right over here in Germany. You all know the story of that.

Now he's also saying at the end that the United States Government entered into a contract with the aliens in either the, I think the forties or fifties or maybe even a little earlier to exchange research with animals and humans, which animals and humans are given to the aliens, you understand, and they were...and the humans, the government will get back high technology in exchange. Now that sounds... If you understand, at that time there was a second world war that was going on. You might think well maybe they made the deal just to help win the war or some other good reason for it. But you'll find out that it's not a good deal when you find out what's happening here. Now OK, let's see.

In the end of the forties the alien operations shifted from where it was in the southern hemisphere in South America, where there were many stories of UFO's in those days, to the United States west, because of this agreement that was made with the US Government, and that they wanted these underground bases and because of the magnetic and plasma effects of some of the minerals of the rocks in that area were vital for them. That fits in again with what we observed in the use of these saucers. They have to have something that produces a high electromagnetic energy field. So they need the raw materials for that, of course, to keep things going. OK, some more.

He says that these people who worked there told them that the aliens themselves regard themselves as an old people who lived on Earth, that they were crossbred from a human and reptilian species. This kind of face and sort of thin scaly looking bodies, but in actual fact that may... yes they may have been here before visiting and so on, but we actually know where they came from originally and we'll go into that a little later. But remember that the human beings had to be told something, and that even the aliens may be putting a scenario on to the United States Government, just as the US Government is putting a scenario on over the Alternative 3, just as the government is normally putting a scenario over on you and me. You see, so all of these things... just listen to it, but it can be that by the end of this you realize something more about it - the real truth. So the aliens have told the United States Government they are an old Earth-species, remember. OK, next.

They are telling the US Government, and this is what the people who worked there now tell him as an investigator, and they are saying that they are representatives of an alien nation - that's closer to the truth. And that they're returning to this planet to use it as a staging area, operations area, but they don't tell you exactly what for. OK, next. They are saying, he's saying also there are of course other alien cultures that are in conflict about whose purposes will be used, which is true. And he says that this has been carefully kept out of the press and out of the news of everybody since the 1940'ies. OK.

He says that is not the first alien base they built in Dulce, New Mexico. There's others in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and others in the United States. And maybe others in the rest of the world too. Maybe in Antarctica and some other places, maybe right around here. Over there in Russia, over in the Pyrenees, upper Norway. We have found some very strange underground projects being done costing billions, but they give you a very small reason for this thing being built. They have some cover story for it. OK, go ahead.

He says that in 1947 the residents of Dulce, New Mexico saw many many troops going in and out of the area, many many trucks and construction equipment and that the signs on the trucks were from a lumber company in Colorado, but that when they checked no such company exists. So that's another one of the indicators.

He's talking about the construction of the bases. The Rand Corporation of America was involved in it. They had a tunnel boring machine that melts the rock and then makes a smooth wall out of it for high speed shuttles to be put in. And that this is scientific knowledge, it's been published. And he says that there are over 100 of these secret underground places that have been constructed and that one of them is on the back of the Moon, another on Mars. Interesting, ha? That's the underground ones. That fits in with Alternative 3 as well. Now this is from the people who worked there, he's reading the reports of those people. OK.

The man who wrote that report was a construction man. Just like I've told you some of the things I've worked on and heard about, he heard about a lot more than he was working on, and when he finished the construction part they asked him to work there. Except he didn't, because they would have made him sign a contract which agreed that after the work is over he would agree to the chemical erasure of his memory. Sounds like they wanna keep the secrets. So he refused that. OK, go ahead.

He's talking there about some of the other construction companies involved: Aerospace Companies and Bagtell Corporation, it's... I used to work for them by the way. They were the ones who were building the big warehouse to put all the Americans' files in, remember? He says that they are well connected with the CIA, and many employees o, the American government in high positions in the civil service either came from Bagtell or they retired to Bagtell. OK? And what did he say just there at the end? Was one other thing. Ah, back it up just a little bit.

He said that they are linked up with the Trilateral Commission. (I didn't agree to the chemical erasure of my memories. I have this video, I can just look back and see what it was.) The Trilateral Commission, remember that? That is one of the secret, not secret, sort of advisory group, one of the grey eminences behind the government. You might find guys like Kissinger in there, and also the Illuminati. He said they have connections to the Illuminati - the Trilateral. And what's the other guys? The Council on Foreign Relations, CFR. Now you might know the Council of Foreign Relation people in Europe as the Bilderbergers. The grey eminences that sort of sit there and decide what your country should do and tell your elected officials how they should do. You have the same problem over here. But it's not quite the same anymore. OK, go ahead. OK.

He's talking about the base now. I have drawn from the description you were hearing and you will hear. Somebody has a little bit of tape? A little bit of tape to put up the chart. Now this is what he's about to describe to you - all right.

ufo01aHere's the surface of the ground, and these are the mountains of New Mexico. There's a little UFO coming in there - remember that picture you saw on the television - coming behind the mountain. They have probably entrance this or hangars inside from the mountain they go down to this landing area back here somewhere. And this is an entire building built underground. It's my conception of it from the description. I used to work on these projects, and I figured that he talked about at least 7 different levels, and there are about 30.000 aliens down there and probably 10.000 or so humans. So it's actually very big. Now I've shown it - it's not the scale, hut it probably goes way back and this is only half of it, so it comes way out this way as well.

Now you see here they have some kind of phony little house up here or some little structure that they claim is the US Agricultural Research Station, that's what they did on the missile sites, and a little fence around there and it says: Warning! Agricultural Research Station. You went inside the house, you go down in an elevator and you come into the - in the intercontinental ballistic - you came to the control room. That's all, just a big submarine in the ground. But here you would come into an entire building and from there are other elevators that can go, for security, only to those levels in the building. And I've labeled the floors here as to what he's going to tell you what's happening on these.

Security and Communications at 1. There are over 3000 televisions and spy cameras around this. Human staff housing. Executive offices and laboratories for scientists and so on. And 4: Mind control experiments on people - on people, not just by people but on people. And on 5 he talks about... 5 is the alien housing. And these little fellows here, these extra terrestrials, they call them the Greys, because their skin is sort of a grey color. And then down here on 6 we have genetic experiments, genetic experiments. And that is also a zoo. They have the experiments, the results of the experiments in cages down there. And on level 7 they have cryogenic laboratories. That's cold storage vats for the failed experiments.

OK, down here I've drawn a sort of a power plant. It's probably an atomic base, power plant or something. Probably deep water wells and things like that, and everything is self-contained, and probably some air vents up to the top that bring in fresh air. I've also shown you a shuttle to Los Alamos. And also another one over here that goes to another base probably in the next area. Perhaps over there in Nevada where they call it Area 51 or Dreamland where they do the atomic bomb testing experiments. And Arnold Herman from Switzerland has many videos of that with these big buildings there that house a lot of people even on the ground, not even below ground. And why would they need so many people out there just to test a few bombs, you know? I tell you a lot of tax money goes into this. He says on the tape here that billions, billions of dollars were spent on these things.

And down here I put UFO's, the implanter scenario. An implanter being a person who tries to control you mentally or by inserting things into your body to control you. Genetic manipulations, but all secret - all is secret.

Now here is the Trilateral insignia and.. oh yes, you'll find this out from this article here. I said for the Andromedans, because this article here tells you that the-grey aliens that the nations of the world have made an agreement with, including the USA, are from Andromeda. That's the next galaxy, come on. It's true actually. This is the first article I've found that actually stated where they are from. And when we had this I knew that everything was as written by LRH and as found by our auditing. 'Cause we found out in auditing years ago. But we didn't want to say anything, 'cause people just laughed and said - Yeah, but you just got that off the E-meter. We know a lot of things about these guys, and now it's all starting to come out. And everybody will know about it within the next 10 years. You're the first people in Europe besides the French people I gave a lecture to last month that will know the whole story before anybody else on the planet, even the governments who are running them, they don't know everything. OK.

Now that's their symbol. It's a black triangle on a red background. This is the US Government insignia given to them by the Illuminati, and that of course is the pyramid with the eye in it. You haven't seen that before, look at a United States dollar bill, it's right on the back. And this is the Dulce Base symbol. People that work here have this on their uniform. It's the same trilateral upside down with a tau in it, the Greek letter tau. Now tau could stand for Terra or Teegeeack, which is the real name of this planet. If you look in a space logbook that's Teegeeack. OK, so that means they are down here on the around. These guys are coming from Andromeda, they are an outer space connection and these are your Illuminati connection. OK? I just want you to know the symbols in case you ever see these on some strange trucks or cars or aircrafts going by. Here's an American dollar. I don't know if you can see it, but there's a little.....

(The experiments are to change human beings genetically) so that they can work in dangerous environments such as radioactivity, outer space and maybe even under water. So they are actually doing large scale genetic experiments with human beings here. OK, next.

Also see: The Dulce Papers and 
The Dulce Book

He's saying that this has already been perfected to the degree that we already have, he talks about America, already has its disposable slave race. Clones, you understand. They bring them up from ba... from small fetus here, clone, and make many copies of the same thing. Yes, OK. And they don't have no mummies and daddies, so the Government owns them.

"Laufen die schon rum?" (Do they run around?) Yeah - oh yeah. They've been seen. Adult human beings who look exactly alike, maybe 6 or 7 of them all together. There are maybe hundreds, but some people have seen 6 or 7 all exactly the same. And they worked in the military only. OK, some more.

He says at the start of this the American government was asking women to do experiments in genetics, you know if they were sterile or something they couldn't have children. And then they would remove the fetus after 3 months, take it back to the lab here and grow it up in a controlled environment in the experiment. Now you understand, what they put into the womb of the woman may not have even been a human being. It may have been some cross between an alien and a human or 5 or 6 clones.

They just needed something to develop it for 3 months so they could then pick it up into their laboratory technology. OK, they found they hadn't had the technology of how to start it off. OK, they had to have a real person to do it. We don't know if that's still true. They may be able to do it all the way in the lab, "weiss nicht" (don't know). OK.

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. They are the ones that set up the mind control experiments to control humans and some of the products of their labs at a distance. And that is the final operation of what began here in these stories of the people who claimed - and actually if you read through this you'll find that some of them had these transmitters taken out and photographed it even. And had them X-rayed while they were still in their heads. These were the people they were experimenting on outside of the lab to see how they could control them in the society. In here they probably control all of them that way, but this is a very closed area and it's very easy. You have radio transmitters there. Can be transmitted right through all the areas of the building. Out in the society it's a little difficult. If you read over one of these you'll find the guy was followed from Canada to Finland and even to a place in the Middle East and he was still being monitored. And he found out that they actually would take over radio transmitting devices and follow him so that they could do it. It was a very important experiment. He couldn't get rid of them. Anyway he tells the story. OK, next.

That's what it's called: Radio Hypnotic Intercerebral Control, RHIC. Radio, Hypnotic, Intercerebral, in the middle of the cerebral Control, RHIC. Intercerebral - inside the cerebral or in between the cerebral areas of the brain - Control. Apparently, when you radio transmit it you can actually hear the vibrations or the words or the thoughts coming through. That's what they say, that's what the witnesses say - the victims I should say. OK. And the other one.

The other one is what the guy was talking about when they asked him to sign the contract. It's beyond the chemical erasure of memory. It's called EDOM: Electronic Dissolution of Memory. All right. So they have a chemical erasure of memory and an electronic one. I mean how do you like that for a "brave new world"? Nobody's told you about this in the newspapers on the week-end, have they? That's what they have developed here in America and I hope that your scientists in Europe are not that interested. Right. OK, let's go on.

"How did they get the people to give their OK to be implanted?" They never did give their OK. They were in a hospital or in an old people's home and they just did it. Some were done in a police station in Stockholm, Sweden. They'd give a guy a drug in his coffee in the jail and they'd stick one in so that they could keep track of the criminal. None of them gave permission. That's why they are all upset about it. It was paid for, you know, by the experiments needed to be done. They'd give the hospital 500.000 dollars and say - We need 25 patients to do this on, and they say - Oh great, give us the money. That's how they do it. No ethics involved in it at all. OK.

He's saying there, which is also written in here, that this was done in the United States and he knows it was done in Russia and also in Sweden where Olaf Palme gave permission in, when was it 74? 73 to insert brain transmitters into the heads from humans covertly without telling them.

And there are the stories of it. We have the stories right here. One Swedish story in there, a Finnish story and two other Swedes. OK.

He's talking about the CIA, FBI, DEA alphabet soup of America. That is called in America "The Secret Government" with the CFR and the Trilateral people. And they are planning to stage a contact landing in the near future. See, they've kept it a secret so long, but now it's starting to come up. Now they must stage or put a show on of these people actually coming and meeting them openly, you see what I mean? It's just a show. In the near future means within the next few years. This tape was made last summer and we know from other data, we have found out that we expect it by 1996 that they will have a contact landing with this their aliens and America, maybe even sooner. But also there'll probably be another one this time, of another contact landing with some more friendly aliens. And maybe even a third one. There might be a whole alien scenario going on in the next 5 years, which everybody will be amazed about. OK, let's go.

He's telling you that some of their plans may be to stage an alien contact based on the fact they are having a war out in the galaxy somewhere, and by that time maybe it will be true. But it will be that they sort of "need our help", you know, and "we've been secretly negotiating with them for years. We couldn't let everybody know. It might scare everybody or the enemies might come and attack us." Well all of that is gonna be bullshit. They won't know what they are doing.

Next, he talks there only about this what we were saying about the genetic research. They say it's the most important thing that humanity's been working on for the last long time, you know. Taking a single human embryo, bringing it up in the laboratory to a full formed whatever and bringing it all the way through that in the laboratory, so they don't need a woman anymore to do it. "And look at all the scientists," he's quoting here saying, "look at all the possibilities, they are endless!" you know. "We can create our own race."

If this sounds familiar to you? A lot of you may have been in Germany for a while. Remember that all the files from the experimental camps in the experimental laboratories in Germany during the Third Reich were captured by the Americans. And I'm afraid to say - I'm not afraid to say, I will say it - but I'm sad to say being an American originally, but now in exile, that the Americans are carrying on in that same implanter line. Now I wanted the Germans to be the first people to know this, so I came to work in Germany, because I know you know already what that can do to your country and what can result from that. And you are finished with it. You already know. The Americans they don't know and their government is doing it to them now. With many more billions of dollars of taxpayer money. OK...Yeah that's right, they don't have a leader. You don't think George Bush is leading them, do you? So..

"If there's also a thetan with the reproduced (body)?" No, they won't be able to do that, but they haven't got to that exact phase here. What they try to do is keep the thetan "unterdrückt" or suppressed. The thing with implanters, whenever you're working with implanter scenarios, the whole idea is not let you even imagine that you're a thetan, that you're a spirit. They try to make you think you can be controlled by all these genetic and mind control experiments and all of these things having to do with the body and with drugs and things.

Now that is always the way the implanters work. They always try to make you believe you are not even a thetan, no spirit. And they got their idea from this about it from the experiments of the Russian Leizenko, the dogs. And what was the other one? Pavlov. The theory of "make the dog water his mouth and give him food". Or "how you control your baby kid with ice cream". Oh no. Anyway there'll be a day he doesn't want the ice cream and he throws it at you and says, "No, I don't want ice cream!" Then you'll have to recognize he's a spirit. Of course by that time he may be 21 years old and wants to marry the girl over there and you don't want him to marry that girl, you see. He throws the ice cream down and says no. So ice cream doesn't work forever, right?

He's talking about one person that worked here on this level. He saw human-alien and human-animal combinations in cages alive. People or humans with wings, with many legs, with claws for hands or different webbed feet and so on. And cross between various species of animals in the experimental laboratories here and the zoo. And many of them could cry tears and ask for help in Earth language. And they were told - as he is going to tell you know - they were told that these people, these were insane people and genetic freaks and told to the people who worked here: don't talk to them. Of course before they let the guy out the top here they have to erase his memory. But some of them it didn't work on and some of them had recalled it under hypnotism as you'll find out later. Here's level 6.

He says level 7 is even worse. Thousands of human experiments and embryonic humans and mixtures in cold storage or frozen down here.

"Why frozen?" 'Cause they died. They need them for experiments later on, or they went wrong. Ah, come on. Have you ever been to a medical laboratory in a university? I have. Anybody been to a university, medical centers? All along the halls there's big jars with embryos and pieces of people and all sitting in there. They keep them, you know, for students and things. You know, if you have a special enlarged heart, it's not gonna get buried with your body. It's gonna go into a medical bowl, you know, in formaldehyde and sit there in university. OK, you just go up there, you see that. It's just habit of scientists and medical people, they keep all this stuff. That's right, they need it for students and for learning and so on. OK.

He's talking there about the ones who were crying out to them for help and so on, and he said that some of them were even drugged to keep them quiet. And that they were told never to talk to these people and at first they believed it. They first believed the people they worked for, OK? That these people were involved in high drug experiments to cure their insanity and all this. OK, go on.

There are over 18.000, I gave you the wrong figure, I said 30.000, but there's 18.000 aliens at this space, and he said that they had a war or sort of a...the people who were humans who worked here, some finally realized that something really weird here is going on. And apparently they had a little revolt down underground here. And some humans and some aliens were killed, not "a paar" (a few), but about 30 or 40 on each side I think. And the place was closed down for a little while, because the aliens had taken over the place. And finally the government negotiated with them again and decided to continue with business as usual. They didn't want to lose the high technology, you see.

We have found already in a different line of research that some of the latest "inventions and discoveries" are actually not being invented or developed by Earth people. It was technology given to them by the aliens and then they had to do a little scenario to have an earth person invent it, so it could look like it came from here. OK? And some of that... I can tell you a couple of those inventions right now.

One of them is what they call fiber-optics, what they are changing all your telephone lines to. They found the fiber-optics first on a captured spaceship in 1958 I believe. 20-30 years later you see it coming as a new invention. Guess what?

Remember we told you about the high electromagnetic field when they change the attitude or the course or the speed of a ship. Well they can't have electromagnetic control relay-circuits in the ship, they can't have that, because it would be interfered with every time they did the controls. All the ships had fiber-optics control systems. It was optical, light, "Strahl" (beam). Different frequency, couldn't be affected by electromagnetics. Now you'll have it in your telephone systems soon. It wasn't invented by Earth people. Although if you look in the book you'll find some name of somebody who invented it in the... maybe Rand Research Corporation.

"In the "Spiegel-magazine" was an article last week about optical switches in computers which are possible but can't be used yet." Yes well, it's coming. OK, next.

He's talking there about that people who were killed here, they were from - mostly the ones who were killed, 66 humans were killed - most from the security forces called the Delta Group, because they have a badge like this. That's also a delta upside down, delta. And they were responsible for the security here and now he's gonna tell you a little bit about that.

OK, he's talking about there what we've already told you. That the security forces wear this symbol and this one is seen on some of the saucers and transport craft of the aliens and this is seen on the pockets of the government officials, high government officials of America. And he says that the security weapon they use here is called a flash-gun, whatever that is. It may be a high wavelength frequency that blinds you or does something to the body. But it's useful against humans and aliens, he says, so they use it here in agreement, in case anybody tries to get away. OK. Go ahead.

He's talking there about the security system where they have scales at each of the doors to these elevators and they weigh you. And you have an ID-card you put in a slot and it reads the weight there that you're supposed to be. And it varies. If it's 3 pounds over a hundred then the security system guys come in, the guards.

They have elevators here, he's talking next, that were put together, but they are not conventional elevators and the earth people couldn't understand how they worked. But when they put them together they did work. And the lighting system and elevator system are somehow run electromagnetically and it's not a technology that's from Earth. All right, it doesn't have wires to it, something else. Next.

He says everything is magnetically controlled in here. No conventional light bulbs, no conventional wires. The system was installed in the construction of the walls and floors and it worked afterwards, all electromagnetic. And so, that's what they have here. OK.

Now he's talking about the area around Dulce has suffered a high number of cattle mutilations and captured people who disappeared probably into some of these experiments. And they found out the aliens also need parts of the cattle for their own experiments and nutrients. They somehow absorb nutrients through their skin and they don't have a functioning digestion system and they require large amounts of human blood. Sounds a bit like Dracula. Right. For their nutrient.

The aliens always required large amount of human beings for their experiments, their own experiments down here. And he's talking about in the 4 decades, 50'ies, 60'ies, 70'ies, 80'ies, how they increased the amounts of humans they needed to capture or take away from different places. And how pretty soon it got out of hand although they had an agreement with the government that all they had to do was give the name and address of the person they took to the government so that they could explain it away.

You see, but after a while they were just taking them and pretty soon the government realized they didn't have any defense against these people. There was nothing they could do about it. They couldn't catch their flying saucers, they couldn't match their weaponry, and they had to just keep going along with them. All right, OK, next.

"Is there any information how old these bodies get? Of the aliens?" Not here. But they apparently can die pretty easy. They don't have a very long life but nothing miraculous. They actually make themselves in genetic laboratories. Yeah, and they just take the new body, the thetan takes a new body. They are like a herd animal, like they have.. like bees or something or like people who are controlled by implanters.

He's talking there that the future could bring a whole transformation of humanity through genetics or a whole one world Fascist state. And he's saying that there are two divisions of this in the Government or America. One group is having second thoughts and they want to tell the people what's happening. Especially these people who work there and the army officers and the security people and they have some friends in the big government. And the others wanna keep covering it up as long as they are safe. OK, so let's go on.

He's talking about some research that's going on in some other areas, and it's mostly the same thing but with a whole lot of other names. But he says here on level 4 they are doing more experiments on how to control human beings, investigating aura research, mind control and the genetic control through injections or food particles or different ways, biological and genetic and chemical ways of controlling people and other mind control and hypnotic ways and so on to induce full control of humans.

All right, so this is where you're having - the humans - how to control the humans out there outside of the base. And these are the ones where you are experimenting on what kinds of humans can they put out there that are already under control.

Now he's talking about there, he says entering an era of technologicalization of psychic powers. Now that is just another word for implanting. Implanters always want to control people especially through their thoughts. They still want you to work, they still want you to consume, but they wanna control you. The easiest way is to make you think the way they want you to think. Then you don't see the chains. Now we ran into this exact thing on the bridge, some of the old control methods and some of the current ones. We know all about them, everything about them, and anybody who has gone up the bridge up to Excalibur you know all there is to know about that. There's a few other tricks, but that's the main ones. Now what they're trying to do is commercialize this in America and export it out and get the American public first, or maybe some other public of their friendly allies to accept it. And from that point you can start to control the whole world. All right - yeah, that's right. Go ahead.

He just went on to relate some stories that he had confirming the presence of UFO's around these areas and other people he's talked to. And also he talked about seeing himself a couple of large ships around area 51, which is an area like this but in Nevada that were travelling very slowly at 25 miles an hour = 40 km an hour, and also some small saucer shaped crafts that were accompanying them and landed on the ground and left burn-circles on the ground where they landed. But in essence he's going to show you how. We're going to see a video, on the video of a program that was done in Las Vegas with John Lear and Cooper, Mr. Cooper. OK, go ahead. I think we do a better event than they do. It gets better.

This is Cooper here and that is John Lear. This is the ex-naval intelligence guy, and this is the son of the Lear jet. Now what he's going to tell you and which is running through 'cause he is just telling you how he used to brief the top level naval personnel, admirals and so on in the US Navy about UFO's and aliens. Essentially that the Americans had made deals with them. And we'll just play that through. You can catch most of it. If there's any new data I haven't told you we'll stop it, OK?

He's saying there that the operations of the UFO's and the arrangements with them are outside the control of the government, the elected government, sorry. Not the secret government: the CIA, FBI, Trilateral all that. OK? And he says that it is conducted under secret department of the Navy. If you remember the project "Blue Book" in America? Ii was done by the Air Force. That was all a scenario. It was the Navy all the time that had the real information. They've traced the documents and the expenses for these bases and all to secret navy projects. And our OT-project friend Arnold Herman has gone out to the desert in California and found large naval bases out in the desert. And they have very tight security, and this is probably what was underneath then, one of these. See what I mean? So it's the Navy that's doing this. And he was intelligence in the Navy. He's gonna tell now what he briefed the admirals and their reaction. And he said that of course they wouldn't have been in those positions unless they would keep shut up about it.

We have... He also mentions here one of the secret, secret government branches. It's called MJ 12. And they are the ones that directly are the brain trust, the grey eminences that decide on all alien-human questions. They were set up right after World War II by Truman, probably on the orders of Roosevelt. Now, also he says that a lot of the projects, when they couldn't get enough money from Congress for the secret naval projects, they did it, the money, by the illegal sale of drugs to Americans. You've heard people saying for many years that the CIA was involved in smuggling drugs into America, and that the Vietnamese war was fought to protect the Golden Triangle of drug operation in Cambodia. And you probably heard all these stories, hut you didn't know where the money was going. Even that they were shipping back drugs to America in the bodies, sewn up in the bodies of dead soldiers in plastic bags, of course. The bodies probably went here and the drugs went to the Americans. But now we know where all those billions were going.

They were going into these kind of bases. They cost a lot of money to build. They now have over 6000 scientists hired just to work on these experiments, mind controls and genetics. OK? So that's what we're looking at. Go ahead.

OK. He's talking about that this president, meaning George Bush, may have more involvement with these projects than any other president. Because he was also the deputy commander of the CIA before he came to office. And he was also involved apparently in these oil company, off-shore oil company helping to smuggle drugs into America for the CIA. That's what they are claiming from people who worked there. All right, go ahead.

Part 3 (1:58:58)

What he's talking about now is...this is out on a site near one of these bases, Broom Lake in Nevada, and he's saying that they just saw one of these UFO's coming in to the base, just like we saw on that picture, remember the little one coming uuuhhhhh like that. And unfortunately they didn't show a picture of it here, it was a very bad recording. But they showed it on this television program, and after that the interviewer asked him, you know - Why didn't we get a picture of it? And he tells him that he was looking through a binoculars at it, hut somebody else was taking the picture.

But anyway he goes on like that. And then both of these men, John Lear and Bill Cooper, they both say that they are going to get out of this business, because nobody's believing them, you see? Nobody's believing them. They have all these documents from people who worked there and everything. And Bill Cooper has written to congress men, and nobody's taking any notice.

"Like under Adolf Hitler. Everybody is afraid." Yeah that's a good point. Everybody was afraid and here they are going - Ah, I don't wanna believe it either, oh yeah, don't wanna listen to that. So I tell you it's a very terrible time in America with this starting to come up. Everybody pretending it's not happening. ja. OK see.

They're gonna have a very interesting thing here. It'll come in just a minute about one of the presidents since Truman who was not a member of MJ 12, and when he heard about what they were doing he wanted to tell the American people immediately. And they killed him. Guess which president that was. Kennedy. Right. And they have a picture here of some previously unreleased camera of the assassination of Kennedy. And they're saying that the reason he was killed was because he would not cooperate with this project, unless the American public was told exactly what was happening.

Globe-JFKAnd in the picture you'll see it's actually the driver of the car (this is just an ad), actually turns around and shoots another bullet into Kennedy. His own bodyguard! That sounds familiar? How many world leaders have been killed by their own bodyguards recently? Ah... Indira Ghandi. Ja! President of Egypt, Saddat. President Kennedy. Let's see. They're gonna show this. Very interesting. First time it's been seen.

He's talking about the UFO, what it was doing. He's talking about the man who told them where to go and take the pictures. It was a government scientist and after the day, they were caught out there by the security people. The government's scientist was taken in custody and put a gun to his ear, and he briefed him on exactly why did he tell these guys to go out there. So they are not nice about this stuff.

You see these guys were on public land just outside the base saying they were there to photograph UFO's, and they were still very much.... well they were hauled in by the police and by the military. So what are they hiding? This is about Kennedy. Kennedy wanted to tell the public about the saucers.

Here we go, here's the tape. Watch this. They show it twice. There's the car. They go back and show it in slow motion. Kennedy's in this seat, the driver is here. This is the driver. You see his arm? Bump. Here's the explosion of the gun. You see here his arm. It's very hard to see. The guy's looking like that. There's the gun - the gun. Jacqueline Kennedy tries to get out of the car. Jacqueline tries to get out of the car.

So why try to get out of the car? Because she saw that the guy in the front seat had also turned around and gave a shot into the president. There's another film that's floating around, I've seen it on special television in France taken by another amateur. There's another man with a rifle standing across shooting into the car like this. So that's two other weapons other than the one they reported being fired from the building where Oswald was.

Now this is what, 25 years later, and these films are just starting to come out, because in the first few months after Kennedy was killed there were at least 14 other people killed, who had taken photographs at the parade. And they all died mysteriously. So nobody who had a film after that they wanted to show, oh. But now after 25 years those people are getting old, they are gonna die, and they have started trying to get them around. So now the truth is coming out. OK.

Now even more truth, that one of the real reasons he was assassinated was because of this scenario. There may be other reasons as well, but that was the main. Because that never came out full until now. I think that is finished. No, one more thing.

OK, he's telling you there that they were wondering why nobody ever came forward with these stories, except for the one or two that came to them with their reports. And they found out that they were using this Project Orion Technique: That when you work in one of these bases you sign a contract agreeing to the erasure of your memory. And they believe it's done with hypnotics, hypnotic drugs and a suggestion after you leave that you don't remember what you did that day. And that after the whole job your contract is over they do a chemical erasure of your entire memory of the thing.

OK. Now that's what they explain to this man, and then after this program the station was called by more telephone calls than they ever had in their whole history. You see? And that was Las Vegas, Nevada last summer. Now you're gonna hear Bill Cooper, and he's gonna tell you what happened to him. And I told you he'd been shot a couple of times, lost a leg and he's got a head injury.

He is now.... He is telling you there how he lost his leg and his head has been shot, and how his wife and he cannot get a job in America anymore, which is a very similar thing to the ex-people from the Church. The top people were put on the enemies list in America. And for the reason why? Because we know so much about spiritual things, we could be also exposing this. My goodness - we are doing it.

And this gentleman has also had the same experience. He says that he has known for 17 years that Americans were being killed in experiments of this kind and because of the agreements that the government, the secret government, made with the aliens. And finally he found it very hard to live with that knowledge. He tried to get it out, and that's when he was attacked. We're gonna take a break right after this, so be ready for your coffee.

He makes an important point here again, it's not very long. Go ahead.

He's telling people to go research this themselves. That the data on these groups - Trilateral people, the US Government, MJ 12 and the people who run the secret establishments - is available, if you research it enough in your library and your government records. So he's asking people to go and look it up for themselves, so they will find out who is on the MJ 12 Committee. But you never see the names in the newspapers. And he wants them to get a reality for themselves.

He's talking about George Bush now.

All the CIA Directors, all the Secretaries of State were all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and also the MJ 12, includes Kissinger. They are the people that rule the nation. He's telling about George Bush was called upon by the committee to smuggle the drugs in through his off-shore oil platforms in 1955. There are no customs on the oil platforms. It's all for the alien projects. This secret government is killing America's children with drugs. They have made agreements with the alien nation from another planet to rule the world.

He talks about some of the economic scenarios they are planning. That it's mainly concerning with the debt problem that they really want to have there. Because they can make the United States' currency almost worthless at any time they want. Bring everybody under control with the credit-cards and a mark on the forehead or the back of their hand, which is an old carrying through the scenario from the bible, which the aliens admitted that they had been around putting in information about 2000 years ago.

He says that President Truman was one of the first presidents to know about the aliens. We know that Roosevelt knew about them, though. And that they found a crashed saucer, one of these flying saucers near Roswell, New Mexico with dead aliens in it.

And then it had to be brought to his notice, and that's when he set up the committee, probably on orders from Roosevelt, who had left orders that if this happened you must do this.

Yeah, don't forget that Roosevelt was the one that cut up Germany and gave all those countries to Russia. He wasn't a very nice guy either. He also dropped atomic bombs on human beings in a non-military scenario. Civilians.

Now he's gonna tell you how many saucers they found, 'cause they were all coming for some reason into this area of New Mexico and... right in that area with Texas and New Mexico in America. He says there were over 47 crashed saucers in that area. 53: 10 more. 26 alien bodies recovered. Why? They don't know. We do. You'll find out.

Now he's talking about the government law documents that were put out to deal with this alien question. And actually they set up the CIA with the purpose to actually handle the alien question as one of their main purposes. Also to carry on with the intelligence, overseas intelligence, that they inherited from the Office of Special Operations at the end of the war. And also he set up the MJ 12 Committee to oversee everything and be there all the time no matter who the president was.

"Is he still living?" Who? "This guy here?" Cooper? Oh yes still alive. The last we know, it was only last summer. "He was alive in November." Some very interesting data coming up here, just a minute.

Oh, the Jason Scholars were also the scientists who were involved in this, also associate members of the C of R. These are the documents and the names of the committee, which all means the same thing: MJ 12.

He says also that they later had a... during the Watergate, remember the Watergate flap in America? They were investigating the intelligence community and the president after Nixon, which was Ford, Ford yeah... He set up a committee to investigate the intelligence committee, and the chairman of the committee was a member of MJ 12: Nelson Rockefeller. So of course he found everything...."Oh well, we just have to control them a little more," and then they moved MJ 12 into the government to do that. So they used that flap to gain more control. So now the MJ 12 are officially advisors to the United States Government. Before they were unofficial. Now they are by law a special committee.

Now he's telling in 55 Kissinger became the director of the study group for MJ 12. And they couldn't tell anybody what they were studying. They were really studying this. But they told the newspapers that they were studying what Kissinger had written about in his college days, something about some political implications and this kind of thing, just bullshit. They just used a book that Kissinger had written in college. They said, we're studying that.

"What did they really do?" Handling the alien question all the time: more money, more bases, more experiments, how to get the money for it, all that. That's what they were really doing. He says that was the cover, it was just about this book that Kissinger had written.

What Reagan did when he came into office, he hid the whole thing behind an executive border, and everybody went back to doing what they were doing before with the MJ 12 Committee under a new name and out of the view of the American public. And that was the deal he made to stay in office after they tried to kill him. Remember?

He says he doesn't expect to live longer than one year. He says that you need to get off your butt and do something about this.

He's trying to restore the Constitution and make it impossible for secret societies to run the United States again and restore the original laws of America. He says he's not advocating revolution, but he said something must be done, or that a nation of free people is finished!

He says that they have the power now that they could come and take anyone with a saucer piloted by aliens or humans, 'cause the secret bases they've taught the American pilots to fly these things. And they could come and take anyone away, and no one would ask any questions. Anybody who tried to say anything would just be laughed at. They'd say, You're just another UFO nut.

Now here's the important part. He says there are good aliens. But to them we must look like the craziest people in the universe, because everybody on the planet is always killing each other. He says there hasn't been 20 years without war in the last 2000 years.

He said that the aliens visited Edward's Airforce Base, the good aliens, in 1954 and told president Eisenhower, who they met there, that they would give their help, if the Americans would destroy their atomic and nuclear weapons. And Eisenhower took this information to the MJ 12, who by the way most of them, Rockefeller and all, they make their fortunes about making atomic weapons and rockets, and so they refused to have anything to do with it. See? Go ahead.

They said that they would have to be invited to help. They would not force themselves upon Earth, 'cause then they would be just as bad as the Greys. So obviously that side knows about the Greys, and they know that they are of the implanter type. So who are these good guys? Well we're gonna go into that right after the break and find out how the whole scenario fits up on the interplanetary and galactic and intergalactic level. That'll be part III.

But now we have to go into the entire scenario of the planet and the galaxy and the intergalactic scenario. And we'll begin with this chart here. Remember in the last part Mr. Cooper said there are good aliens. Nobody invited them in, because most of your governments are connected up already with aliens. We know that the United States is connected up with the implanters. Most of the European nations and Russia are now connected up with the Marcabian. These guys. That's their real bodies. They also take Earth bodies. A lot of aliens on this planet would not be different from anyone else. They may look like Nordic people from Norway or Sweden or they may look like small five foot high Indians from South America. There are many alien cultures interested in this planet. But even the governments don't know why. But we do. OK, let's start off.

ufo03aHere’s the Earth and here is... I drew Mars here in red, the Moon and Venus and the Sun. Now this is just showing the nearby interplanetary scenario. We know from LRH's tapes that this is called Sun 12 "Sol", and that we are in Sector 9, and this is galaxy 1. And that is the name of it. Many of you will find that out if you audit, find out where you are. You'll find out that that's where you are.

And this planet in the old days used to be known as Teegeeack. And there were many wars and disasters about this planet. You read about that in Sector 9. And if you read the screen play that LRH wrote "Revolt in the Stars", you'll find that they also had trouble with some beings from another place called "The Grey Invaders" The same ones. Same guys, same guys just further back on the track.

So what have we got here? We've got... Well in the first film that I showed you, Alternative 3, you saw a base, implanter base on Mars. In Cooper's lecture and Hamilton's we talked, he talked about a base on the backside of the Moon. And in Alternative 3 they also talked about that. These are controlled by the implanters. Also according to LRH there's an old base on Venus as well. So we have these here.

Now we also know that there's some very mysterious happenings in government security and secrecy about Antarctica, Antarctica. This has persisted even since the Third Reich. So there is something down there, and we suspect it is another base, just like the Dulce base. Maybe with more places for ships to land.

We know from our Australian people in the free zone there's a place called "Pine Gap", and it's in the middle of Australia run by the Americans and the CIA. And nobody is allowed in there. We do know that they have a deep underground base there. A lot of Australians had to work on the project and they say most of it is underground. So we can assume there is a secret underground implanter base in Australia. "Pine Gap". We know from the video here there are other bases in the United States and it says "West USA Underground Bases" here.

Now we also have, since you read Sector 9, or when you read Sector 9, you'll know that the Marcabians and implanters were together at one time. And then came a thing called "The Free Zone Decree" and the exile of one of the chief implanters and that they split. They both want to control the world, but the implanters wanna do it with just what we were talking about.

And the Marcabians want to do it now with their specialties, which is administration, paperwork and money. Economic pressures. You'll find out that it's just as effective, except that it is a little bit nicer, because it doesn't hurt you mentally, put something up your nose. You're merely controlled by economics, paperwork and what the newspapers write to you every day. So that's another method of planetary control. And you can take the scenarios of paper and economics and so on, and you can control people with that. And you can take the things of doctors and medicine and drugs and biology and genetics and small radio transmitters in the brain. You can control people like that.

So there's a third group, a real alternative 3, who control people through truth and freedom so they can control themselves. And that's what we call The Free Zone. You have around Europe and in Australia and in South America and in the United States several of these places. Now in between all of these are the mass of humanity that are being tried to be controlled by all the other groups. And we know why. And we are the only ones that know why, 'cause they won't tell you. Why?

Because! We now have to bring out another chart. And now we look at the intergalactic picture. Now you will be, besides in...., you'll be the first to see this chart, because not even in Paris, I didn't even have this chart. So you'll be the first to really understand what is happening. OK.

ufo04aWe have here Galaxy 1. That's the one we're in. Here is Sector O in the middle, Sector 9 down this way, and down here way down here we find here is Sun 12 - Teegeeack, right here. And we have here Earth right next to it. And then we have the Marcab Confederacy up here at the North Star, around the North Star, round Polaris. And then we have Betelgeuse. That's in the constellation Orion. And then we have, what have we got here? Oh yeah. This is just a representation that you would have in every sector. You would have a main ship patrolling that sector from the Galactic Patrol from this galaxy.

And they are dedicated to preserving civilizations with the maximum freedom for the individual. And obviously those good aliens that we were talking about were either friends of or members of the Galactic Patrol. They don't believe in enforcing their will on anyone. So that is representative of the Central Government of this galaxy. Now the Marcabians used to be allied with those guys from Andromeda, which is the next galaxy over here, Galaxy 0.

Now that was in the past, and that's why they had so much trouble in this sector. Now let's look at where they are coming from. Here's the Galaxy 0. Now why do we call it Galaxy 0, and why do we call this one 1?

Because if you look at all of life as being a game, the game actually started over here with beings coming in and starting life forms and so on like that. All right, and this is where the game got started. The first place it spread to was this galaxy. It's the nearest one to that one.

Now, you will also notice that in 1950 Ron came along with some technology to free beings called Dianetics. Now he was doing a project which was to assist the freeing of beings. And he also had a lot of help from the Galactic Patrol and the people who are representing this galaxy's citizens in Sector 0. There's a little star sitting above the central core of the galaxy called The Pearl and Central is a planet that goes around it. It's a very beautiful place. That's where the Grand Council meets.

Now they were the ones that spotted with LRH's help that the implanter connection with the Marcabians was what was ruining or messing up the help of Sector 9. And therefore they ordered the exile finally of the chief implanter. And he was taken back to Galaxy 0. That's where he came from. Now this galaxy, although it was the start of the game, it was also the start of the implanting game.

When thetans begin to play a game, if there's somebody who wants to interfere with that game, they can't interfere unless there's something there. So they have to wait until something gets there and then they try to mess it up. And that's where you get almost the definition of a suppressive person. They have no power of their own. They can only exist on the power of others to create and to have a game.

So we have both of the starting points here and not everyone in the galaxy is bad. But a lot of them are grey. And the civilized greys, not the ones who are like a herd animal or a beehive...

By the way you'll read in some of these articles that people who have talked with the Greys in these bases and research say that they cannot exist as individuals. They have to have this formation of superior rule all the time, the herd animal . And they refer to their senior back here as "The Keeper". That's very interesting when we started researching Excalibur. We found that everyone contacted that had any implanter connections, had a phenomenon called "The Holder" . "The Keeper" and "The Holder" . It's the same thing. We found researching Excalibur which I've never told you, because not all of you are on Excalibur, but I can tell now, because it's out here in the open. And we didn't want to say it . Because everybody would think that we were crazy that the top holders, the top keepers were in Andromeda. We knew that many years ago.

Now you have these articles that say implanters have come from Andromeda. At first they told everybody they only came from Betelgeuse, but I knew that they must have only come there because they have a water planet there, and they needed water and material for their sustenance and for their food and for their ships. They say - How do you know all this stuff? I know all this stuff, because if you're gonna get this stuff, shall we say "floating on your needle", you have to know the truth .

And we know that they were lying about this, and when I first heard about this United States-thing, somebody wrote me and said - Hey- did you know this is happening? And these guys are from Betelgeuse? I wrote him back and said - They are not from Betelgeuse, they are from Andromeda, even though that may be outside your reality that they came from so far away.

moserLater in November last year Doro found this article or got this article from a contact at the convention and you can read that little place, the thing in the black there: "The aliens come from the constellation M 31 in Andromeda," says Moser. "It's not surprising, for this galaxy is the next to this one, but still it is incredible that they have found us."

When I saw that I said - The cat is out of the bag. The lid is off. And that article is also saying they made agreements with 14 countries of this planet. All right, I said. That's it. That's what it is. that agrees with everything we were finding out. If we told people this they'd say - Ah, you're crazy. Here it is in the newspaper coming out .

"Who has sent out this article?" I don't know. This guy in Florida brought it out from a guy in Australia who has a contact in the UN. I don't know him.

"The article was in a small newspaper from Florida and was passed on at a press conference to an Austrian member of the Bilderbergers. It was told that he had sources in the UN and most likely it is Waldheim." There you are. So the lid is coming off. But we know already. But who would believe it? But I'm saying now you've got to understand what's gonna happen in the next 10 years. Now this is what's happening now.

At the moment the Central Government of this galaxy has sent a diplomatic mission - takes a few years even at hyper light speed - to meet with a group, who were contacted by telepathy, from the good Andromedans. They're gonna meet in the middle somewhere, 'cause it saves time, to make an agreement, because affairs of this galaxy and the peoples of this galaxy are not regulated by the Central Committee of this galaxy. And these Greys who came over into the United States and into these bases came in on a loophole in the rules and regulations of this sector.

The rule is that this area of the sector which was the old confederation of millions of years ago, which became later the foundation for the entire galaxy because they had handled a lot of the implanting in the area and they knew that that was the wrong way to do it, although there were many casualties in the "Krieg", in the war about that, that's all covered in the Sector 9 book - that if they were going to have people coming from another galaxy here that the rules made by this galaxy would not apply to these people.

You see there's even official bureaucracy at every level. You know if you go to a foreign country you have certain advantages there, because you are not a citizen there. You know you don't have to pay taxes there while you are visiting. This applies here too. There's a non-interference decree on this sector, while the technical project, which LRH started, of Dianetics and Scientology spiritual help was going on. There was no interference to be made in this area.

This planet was essentially under a quarantine. It was supposed to be helped to come upon its own self determinism and decision of what it wanted to be. And the first thing was to bring everyone on the planet up to the awareness of what their relationship was to the rest of the galaxy, what their spiritual heritage was and what their history was. All right? People here have forgotten a lot of this because of the mis-education and the visits of the implanters earlier.

Even in the ancient Egypt you will find, as Eric van Daniken did, examples of genetic experiments. Yes, genetic experiments in the tombs of Egypt. The bones together of men and animals, but they were in the same grave, the same sepulcher (Grabkammer), casket. Yeah, and everyone else thought they had been mixed up, but Eric van Daniken saw that the casket was sealed. And he knew that the Egyptians weren't that stupid. He said that was an experiment.

And who was helping them? These guys. All right. You have a history on this planet of being messed about with, interfered with. Why is this planet so important? To answer that question it will answer why everybody is so interested even from the next galaxy to come here. Why don't they go somewhere else?

Because if you can handle the people on this planet, who have been so interfered with, then the technology is good for everyone in this galaxy, that galaxy and the whole of the universe. Because if you do not have a technology that can handle every single thetan, every being, you cannot make the game any better. You cannot finish the game. You cannot help people. You cannot help everyone. That's what we're doing in the technical project: Working to be able to help every single being experience his own right of self determinism, his power of choice, his free will and his right to choose or make a game or to leave a game.

In other words we are for freedom of choice for the individual. And that is why this area has become the crucial point for all of the attention of two galaxies. Because if that works here, it can work for everybody, even out on the edge or in any other galaxy that may have been interfered with or had some trouble or accident or some spiritual discomfort.

So the question that no one else can answer: If these guys came with all this technology and spaceships and everything... By the way that's Sector 17. We know there's an implanter base over there too. A lot of the holders turned out to be from there.

We know that all of this line of the implanters is directed towards stopping freedom. They don't care about owning this planet. There's many planets out there. They can own any of them. Their game is not to own planets. Their game is to control beings, and their game is over, if people can go free. You see what I'm saying. That's why they're hiding underground.

That is why they are getting the Americans to develop all these control methods. Why didn't they just come and say - Look, we're gonna blow you out of the sky, if you don't give us all your land and your government and your technology and your weapons and your gold. They don't want that!

They can't have a game unless you are consuming and producing something. They just wanna control you. You see what I mean? That's their game. That's why they're hiding underground using humans in experiments, giving their technology in exchange for teaching Americans how to control people better. And I might say the stupid Americans bought it, at least the MJ 12 Committee and the guys at the top.

And the people who want freedom like Cooper and the other people who talked here, they're losing everything. But they are correct. They have the right and they have the truth. But you see what it's doing to them. But as Cooper said in his lecture - If you don't handle this, we must solve it some way or it's all over. He's talking about America, a little tiny place on this planet. But he's saying the right thing and it applies to the whole game. All right.

So that is the importance. And we are "The Keepers" of the technology right now, because the old "Keepers" of it, the Church, were taken over by these guys in the early 1980'ies. All right. The Church was infiltrated, read about it in Sector 9, taken over, they were taken over. And they are now practicing with the technology the trapping of individuals. Just ask anyone who has come out of it. All right.

Now it's very important that you understand the importance of this planet. You're the attention point of two galaxies so far. And it all has to do with freeing a spirit from the interferences he's had in the game and so he's never more the effect of the implanters. You see, if you can do that the game is over for them. All right, it's finished. It's over, it's finished for them. That is why they are exerting a lot of pressure and a lot of force and money and billions and billions and so on to get their control in before we can get the freedom in. OK. That is the galactic game.

Now that is the why of this planet, why it's so important. Nothing to do with oil or gold or anything like that. That's what the stupid Earth people think. It has to do with the freedom of the spirit. And you are in a very fortunate position, because you know all about it.

Now what can you do to handle this? The first thing you can do is get into the freedom movement. Most of you are there already. Second thing: If you want to examine more data, find out the data for yourself that this is going to be the history or coming in the 1990'ies. And it will affect the whole future of this planet. The third thing is, when you've made your decision, make a decision to go up the bridge, so you can never be touched by the implanters again. OK?

The fourth thing. I would suggest that you also take some training, so that you can also help other people who also want to go free. The next thing you can do, I also suggest if you wanna have a better game, to let more people know about what is really going on and get them to do the first 4 things. Because this is the only way. When you have the truth and the knowledge about it you cannot be fooled. We were not fooled. The people that were on the bridge 1986 - we knew all about this. We knew where the guys were from, what they were trying to do.

But who would believe us? Because all we had was the data from the E-meter or the session and there was a world-wide campaign to say - Ah that's all baloney. Now I don't even need to refer to that data to tell you that that is happening. And now we have evidence of it from witnesses who are actually working with these people.

Now you know the importance of this planet. Not anyone else outside of the people who have attended these lectures know that importance. Or the people who have gone up the bridge, they know it too. OK, there is more data about this, more deep data in the history of thetans and the games they play, but what I've just told you is the truth and you won't find anything else to disagree with it.

Now you have more friends and allies in the rest of this galaxy than you probably have on Earth. The people in this galaxy, except for the implanter bases, are hoping and wanting that you win. That you choose freedom. The thing that was the latest decree from Sector O was called The Free Zone Decree. And it merely stated that the people of this planet were free zone citizens, and they should make their own decision of what they wanted the planet's future to be. They should decide whether they want to belong to the implanters, the Marcabians or they want to be free zone. And also that there was to be no interference with the technical project.

So that is all happening. Our job is only to inform people correctly about their choices. So you have that information now. And this is the first step, first step on making this a world-wide project. For years you've heard nothing, or you've heard lies or scenarios or cover-ups. But now it's time for the truth to come out, and it will come.

Now we don't want it to come with big war or anything like that. There are very few people in MJ 12, very few people comparatively that work with the aliens compared to the number of people that if they found out all this data they would say - No, I don't wanna work with you, forget it. Forget it!

So most people want a better game. They want to help people. They wanna help themselves and their family and all their dynamics. So we leave it to those points I told you: Let other people know, so that you can spread the data, so that you can study the data yourself. So you can go up the bridge yourself, restore yourself determinism, free will. And that you may even want to get trained and help others.

You are in the forefront, the leading edge of the future of this planet. First because you now know what all the game is about, and you are in a position to do something about it. And if you do something about it all of these other scenarios will become powerless. You will have the decision.

This meeting here will decide what the relationship of individuals from this galaxy and this galaxy are. In other words it's the first intergalactic cooperation in a long time. This could produce as I said earlier a third landing force in the 1990'ies. The good Greys and the people from Central or Sector 9.

Now we know that the implanters, the Marcabians and the, shall we say good people that want freedom from both galaxies are all rushing, are all hurrying to get this landing done at the right time without having panic or war or anything like that, but to put in their own viewpoint and bring the people of this planet to some kind of understanding.

Now we know that the implanters will push their own line to try and mess it up a little. They will all try to say they are right. But the implanters will do it in a strange way: They will give you the problem and then sell you the solution. That problem may be biological or genetic illness and only they have the cure, so you'd better vote for them. That's the way they work. They give you the problem then they sell you the solution. They got you!

The Marcabians will say - Look how good you're doing under this new administrative system of the one Europe that goes all the way to Russia. Except every year it's a little harder to pay your taxes and live at the same time. Yeah. If you don't believe me, go check the tourist places in Europe. They're having trouble. They can't understand why things are going better in Europe. How come there's less tourists coming?

You can feel it under the surface. People do not have enough money each year. It is control coming slowly but surely on that administrative and economic line. The more government the more taxes. It's going to come, it's coming.

I know that everyone will see it in inflation or lessening buying power. But that is a minor problem, you still have your free will and you can vote. But if your governments start buying solutions from America to control people with drugs and genetics and "special treatments of the mind", you haven't got a chance. So that's the game.

Now your handling, as I said before, is inform yourself, research it yourself, get up the bridge, get trained, let other people know, so that they can intelligently decide for themselves.

Actually the change of a whole society can be the change of just the idea. The Marcabians and implanters know this very well. If they can make you believe you are a sick body, everybody's afraid to eat this or drink that or smoke that, they got you under control. You're afraid not to send in a piece of paper, you're afraid that your money's not enough, they got you under control. See?

But if you know all this and you can spread the information around, because we have a video of this whole event, and it can be shown in Germany as many times as you need. You see? It's in German as well. We can cause an idea that spreads and will change the entire civilization. Not the good things. That carries on. Just the interference, just the suppression.

Because people by hoping to get things better are giving their power to those who would suppress them. Because those people never tell you all the things they're doing to suppress you. They keep secrets, and that is what you're getting up against. They say it's gonna be better, but it's not. You may think the borders are gonna be open, but when you pull up they search your car. You may think that taxes are going down over here, but as the British found out they now put on the poll tax. A poll tax, a head tax, on the head.

Now, the power is with the individual. All the government people know that. All the implanters know that and they're afraid of it. That's why they have to convince you that they're only acting in your best interest. But they don't tell you everything, do they?

I told you more today than you probably found out in your newspapers in 20 years about why your planet is important and what is going on behind these scenes. You see? And I could only get it together in the last few years to see exactly how it all fit together. And have the evidence with which I could come here and say - Well yeah, we have some paper on that, we have pictures on this, we have here some charts and here is this, and we also have it confirmed from our sessions. But who's gonna listen to me, if I just came and said - Hey, I found out about this in session? Nobody.

What we're actually saying here is that the technical project is a success. We have the proof of the technical project being a success, because what we found out there and handled turns out that it's actually the real stuff that's happening on the planet that nobody was talking about.

It wasn't just hallucinations. It wasn't just an idea. It was the truth. So you go up the bridge, you'll find it out for yourself. But don't believe that these other people on this planet know all of what I'm telling you here. They don't. Not even those grey aliens know all. They just "work on die orders" of the Keeper. You see what I mean?

And the Marcabians don't know everything either. Oh, they think they do. But they only know what they have to do to keep their status. And that's coming down from Marcab. At least they are not doing implanting anymore. But remember it's not all that cleanly cut as I'm saying. You always have Marcabians who are working for the implanters and implanters that are infiltrating the Marcabians, and people that try to take us over and fail. And we are always going inside their lines and look and see what they are doing.

But basically you have all the truth here. And you have the decision, and you have now the data with which you can see what it's doing and who is doing it.

So without the help of Ron and the beginning of the tech project we could not have done this. And what is the key to all this that he gave us? He didn't just say - Here's the tech project and one or two of you can do it, and maybe you go free. He set up a system where one person could help another. Now that is what differentiates a real games master from interference people and just take-over people.

You notice the implanters are not teaching anyone how to help anybody. You heard what they had down there on level 5 and 6 and 7. And the Marcabians are not here to help you, because they still want to maintain the control. They'll let you have a little freedom as long as you conform. But they don't teach you how to help each other, because if you could help each other you might grow big and expand and get free.

You might start your own company and make a better car than the Mercedes. Yeah. You see? So they ain't gonna help you either. They will allow you to exist. And the implanters will also allow you to exist. But you won't even know it. OK. So that is the game and that is the control measures and thanks to LRH we have the way out.

We never until this moment understood all of what he was saying and how wide it covers. It's a whole intergalactic game and it has something to do with this planet. And now you are in possession of as much truth as we know about at the moment on the intergalactic scenario.

You know more than the leaders of your government. You know more than the MJ 12 Committee. If they've heard any rumors about this they're afraid of it. And they can't believe it. The implanters have told them We have all the power, we have all the technology, you know. But they don't, you see? So you have now more truth and knowledge about what is happening on this planet than anyone else. What are you gonna do about it?

I think that you might all agree at this point that an idea can influence a whole civilization. And the idea of a free zone planet where everyone can choose for themselves, if they know all the data, I think you'll agree that that's a pretty good idea.

You know something? Because of the rules and regulations that have been laid down, decrees about this area, no one can stop you from doing that. They can try to interfere with you and all that. You might find it a little hard to get it done, but you'll also find a lot of cooperation. Because people are tired of being lied to all the time. They really know deep down there is some truth somewhere.

So it would be a good idea to get this around on a proper gradient with perhaps the help of the video and so on like that. Invite your friends and so on. Make it into a big thing. And you'll find that all of a sudden you know what that story in the newspaper means. You know when this comes. Oh yeah, I know about that, Yeah. See? You're in a position of power on this datum. And one of the rules of power: Don't disconnect. Use your connections to spread the power. OK?

Again I thank LRH for the opportunity and the chance to do this. And I thank all of you for being here, because you have in your hands now the key to the future. Use it well!

Thank you very much. OK. Thank you very much for coming.

I thank Doro for the translation. Let's give her a hand. Maria and Stephan for helping set up the event. Diane for telling us of Mr. Hamilton.

And also before we go I'd like to tell you that we still have some tapes left from the UFO tapes that could be a good introduction to other people. Just listen to these tapes about UFO's. They are actual stories. And they have in there the Free Zone Decree, the Non Interference Decree talked against a background of sort of spacey music and it's very interesting tape, if you want to disseminate a little bit about...what, to go to the event or something. Hear this tape, see what you like about that. It's just stories and music about UFO's. And it can't hurt anybody, if they don't know about it. OK?

So thank you very much and have a safe drive home. And let's have a good future.


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Kennedy's speech on secrecy



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