Sector Operations Bulletin No. 1

27 April 82
270482-01-1200 GMT


The constraints and conformities of a Markabian society are immense. One is held in position by various administrative, economic and police pressures. The agreements are persuasively enforced through media, peer pressure groups, ostracizing of undesirables; and the covert or overt incarceration of aggressive non-conformists and "trouble makers".

Justice is only related to conformity and acceptance of one’s place in the extremely ordered structure. Status and position are all-important, and various secret schemes are constantly being acted to increase one's position and status completely aside from normal, but slow, advancement of conformists.

The favored tools for these plots are increased economic control, greater population control, and authority enhancement - through being often quoted as one - in the media. Control of all energy lines to enforce the rigidity of the structure is a standard operation - food, fuel, money - and putting an individual on a "must haven from the controlling Markabians for these items.

Markabian planetary control administrative structures often become "top heavy" and all sight is lost of what is going on below, as the media only report what the rulers wish. Thus pervasion and penetration tactics are well advised, with an overall strategy of clandestinely "appearing" to be just another power-hungry Markabian when taking over large segments, on a suitably hidden via, of course. The hunger for status of a Markabian can be used to position him within the controlled operation, thus giving the appearance of conformity. An understood rule amongst Markabians is to not interfere with a power status ploy in progress, but stand by and wait to choose the winning side at a decidedly apparent outcome, leaving only those threatened to defend their position. Honor, duty, and loyalty have no place in the Markabian moral structure as such, but are conceived actually as position (status), conformity, and control maintenance.

I postulate all the best for you all on this mission.

- from a briefing on Sector Nine Mission.

Mship re-issue by order of
Sector Commander
Elron Elray

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