The Young Rulers of Scientology

4 Dec 83

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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 12:17:47 UTC
Subject: Young Rulers of Scn - Long

I quoted a section from the following in a message several weeks ago. Some people expressed interest in seeing the full document, which apparently has never been on A.R.S. The full text of 'The Young Rulers of Scientology' follows. The material is anonymous, but clearly from a person with access to very confidential information, apparently especially including financial information. It was written around the beginning of 1984, so it is currently rather dated but still interesting. I have occasionally inserted explanations or comments - anything within [ ] is my addition.

[If you made it all the way through that one, here's another (shorter) document from the same collection. It's attributed to David Miscavige, although the leaker is anonymous. While the authenticity can't be guaranteed, those who have worked with him say it is very characteristic of his style. The numerous spelling and grammatical errors are all from the original. The obscenities have also been retained to keep it accurate.

The forged video described here was never released. On New Year's Day, 1984, an audio tape called 'Ron's Journal 38' was released. It was a rather poor forgery. The actor didn't much sound like LRH, and the obviously scripted dialogue with an unidentified announcer sounded nothing like the rambling, extemporaneous monologue of Hubbard's authentic tapes. A Mr R. Addison, of Carson Investigations in Vancouver, did scientific tests and confirmed the subjective likelihood that the speaker on the tape, and on the prior year's tape referred to below was not L. Ron Hubbard.]



CO CMO INT 4 Dec 83





Godammit listen to me, you psyche indoctrimated fucking pea brain mental midget, the RTC msns went NOWHERE on handling the squirrels (marlowe is paying for that) and the longer you guys Q&A the more people are getting on Mayos lines by the minute. If we don't get something hot out this month everyone will be at the fucking AAC. Knock off the bullshit about doing an LRH cassette, NOBODY falls for them since xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I don't care how good the actor is or how much horwhich worked it over with the Fairlite - a cassette just won't cut it. First far too many people said last year's didn't sound like the old man and if they SAID it how many do you suppose THOUGHT it wasn't him? Too goddam many. Second I don't care how good the actor is, some asshole gets the idea of a voice print and were fucked. It's got to be a VIDEO and I don't care how long these guys have been up they work arounf the fucking clock until its DONE. Third too many public think he's dead or ill or of the lines and ONLY A VIDEO WILL convince them otherwise. Four, public are going to the Fucking AAC in droves and that bastard Prices magazine with mission stats is all over the world.

  1. Get the old video clips of the old man - use ones where he's lips aren't facing the screen, looking away or looking down or you'l never PLS it. Thrown in some footage of him yelling.
  2. Pat says not to edit the pix to the sound - edit the sound to the pix - makes it more authentic that way. Dub the SMASH THE SQUIRRELS onto the video clips (NOT the New Year message) its got to look like R's personally denouncing them.
  3. Get tht video done and to me and Pat IMMEDIATELY and it had better be good and convincing, if anyone so much as suspects its not the old man i's your neck.
  4. The Xmas/New Year message goes out on cassettee not video cos the suckers will believe it if they've already seen a video of him and thinks it is a PT one.
  5. The botton line is if Mayo or any of the fucking squirrels are still in operation your ass is grass and everyone who worked on this pjt will be out for eternity and I mean for goddam EVER...Get it? (There's tapes where R says "David Mayo" - Horwich knows some so you can get all text in his voice.)


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