This is a piece of my track in the Sea Org. I was in it for 9 years. I had big wins from Lrh's tech and policy and I want to thank him for what he gave us as well as I want to thank all the hard working and dedicated staff in the Sea Org for what they are doing. I also want to thank those Scientologists who are true Scientologists, and accept only 100% standard application of the tech and policy of LRH and stand up for it, like the people in the FZ, as an example.

However, I have to admit that there are those in the Sea Org, as you are going to see in this write up, that alter Lrh's tech and policy, apply force and harsh ethics, harass staff members who dare speak about it, and make sure that a covert operation of infiltration of Scientology and perversion of its principles, as laid out by the Founder, is going on.

I hope this write up contributes to putting ethics in and shedding more light in an area that some chose to not look at, saying nothing is wrong, and on the other hand others are trying like mad to get YOU not to look. Well, my answer is: keep looking; the process is continued. Here is some data and thoughts for you to help you evaluate a situation, by providing some material for you to look closer:

Well, back in 1995 the "Golden Age of Tech" came out. There was an event by COB (Chairman of the Board - David Miscavige) who, examining an international situation, came up with the Why being the fact that "the blind had been leading the blind". In other words, that the tech of LRH was not full or complete for auditors to be sufficiently trained.

I am giving here some personal opinions not to try to impress upon others my opinions but to give them a way of thinking which is logical.

Question 1: If "the blind have been leading the blind" does this mean that LRH has been training blind auditors and coaches?

The answer to this question couldn't be other than "no". LRH has been making real auditors and true coaches. I do not think that anybody else in Management or anywhere else in Scientology could say or allege otherwise.

So, if this was the Why then "the blind" should get some correction, let's say, on their word clearing tech as obviously, we all know that, they must have had overts on their Study Tech and overts come from misunderstoods.

Question 2: Why then did the Scientologists and the Sea Org accept this Why?

First of all many haven't, as I am finding out since I have left the Sea Org or even when I was in it, since I have started talking with people more openly. They never accepted it full heartedly. But it seems that Int Mgmt is pushing this and this is still a question in my universe and from that day I started being suspicious as to what is going on and why are we adding things to Lrh's tech and more importantly why COB attempts to invalidate what LRH did by speaking like that when a last resort is always word clearing and we know that word clearing is very weak in many Academies as there are not enough word clearers.

In any case the Golden Age of Tech was introduced and enforced full blast ever since and I have seen many people getting very upset with having to memorize things and having to tell them to the wall. By the way COB mentioned that this is a piece of Tech from the Class VIII course but I never saw any such bulletin and even if there was a reasonable question is raised which is the following:

Question 3: How come a piece of Tech from a Class VIII course is being used in lower grade courses without any explicit bulletin allowing that by LRH? And when LRH in the Student Hat explains it very clearly that an auditor doesn't have to remember commands but all he has to do is to move his pencil each time on the command to be asked etc. You can have a look in the Student Hat tapes.

There has been no answer to this question either.

From that point on as I said I started looking at the actions of COB with a careful eye and trying to see if there were other areas where such things could happen.

Shortly before the Golden Age of Tech the New Era of Management had come out with a lot of LRH 3rd dynamic tech (policy) being re-written. LRH is very explicit about re-writing the work of an author or of an inventor, again in the Student Hat tapes. The FOLO and the CLOs, FB (Flag Bureau) and FCB were changed and Sea Org members changed posts overnight. "This was the most massive musical chairs that I ever saw in my Sea Org career", my wife told me who was at FB at that time. People were staying up for 2-3 nights in a row, and they would be involved in various cycles to keep them busy. The New Era of Management study packs were issued and enforced on the staff though they were not written by LRH. Though people were not openly expressing their disagreements against them and against the fact that they had not been written by LRH, they would not really read them and soon the packs were being neglected and avoided, just filling up the course admin spaces of ITO and when I came in Europe in 1997 the admin spaces of the CLO. Programs were being pushed by Int Mgmt for the Sea Org members to study the New Era of Management but they would find a lot of opposition, from the staff though, I believe, this was always covert on behalf of staff members as they were afraid to openly decry these packs as not being LRH.

I believe now that many S.O. members openly decried both the Golden Age of Tech and the New Era of Management and were sent to the RPF, but this was not being known of course, amongst the rest of the team.

In 1996 I moved from ASHO Day to FLO (Flag Liaison Office, renamed and re-organized per New Era of Management).

I was put on the translations project, which had started a year ago with the translations of the Golden Age of Tech drills in 14 languages. Many of these languages didn't even have the Academy available in their language but they were translating the golden age of tech drills anyway. This was a huge project and a lot of money was put into it and thus the success of the project. But the translations of purely LRH materials, being LRH, did attract a lot of people who started demanding that the Bridge be translated in more than 14 languages. I became part of the Greek team of which my wife was a translator and there was also a 3rd member in the Greek team. Together with a fourth Greek translator who was up at Gold level (we were at FLO level in Los Angeles), we would be the Greek team. But our materials would not be published due to delays experienced at the level of approval of the translations, which was done by AVC at that time (AVC is a section of RTC).

We were desperate as our translations were being returned to us by AVC in many instances labeled "not a good translation, retranslate" and they had to be reviewed. But this was just an excuse as the real reason was that AVC had more than 16 languages to check and the translations were bottlenecking, of course, at their level. So, in that way they would get away with their responsibilities as to why the translations were not moving fast enough, since "it was all our fault, the translations were not good".

And this is a false datum as I found out that is being pushed by Management to delay the translations: "The LRH translations have to be perfect". I advise you to ask for CBO 918 (Central Bureau Orders refer mainly to a specific Bureau in the Sea Org) and see for yourselves what LRH has to say about the "perfectionism" of Int Management in regards to the translations. No further comment, please ask for this CBO, it is not confidential and it should be made available if needed.

After about one year of persistence on behalf of all four of us, some Greek booklets from the Scientology Handbook started to be approved but then we had to face another barrier: The typesetting and mostly the printing of the materials so they could be published. New Era, the publications organization of the Church in Europe was not printing Greek materials for reasons they know better and which I believe were financial primarily.

One day, my wife and I, came across an HCOB while reading the red volumes. This was HCOB 21 Nov 1971, Dianetics and Scientology in other languages. It was talking about translations. Being desperate about the fact that the approval and publication of our translations were moving too slow, we saw with great surprise that the production line that LRH describes in the above HCOB was not at all the production line we had been following. What we were doing was:

  1. We had to Method 9 the text before translating it
  2. Same for the side-checker who would side-check it after the translation
    (Side-checking is a procedure where another translator checks the translation together with the translator who reads his translation to the side checker and they decide on how the translation should be).
  3. Then an editor, approved to do such a job, should edit the text
  4. Then a tech-checker should tech-check it (this is per an HCO PL so it is a valid point)
  5. Then the whole thing should be back translated into English (meaning translated from Greek, in our case, again into English by another person) so that AVC could check it for approval (nowhere in any HCOB does LRH say such a thing).
 After approval we had to get onto typesetting
Then proofreading
Published (if New Era would ever publish it, as in regards to the Greek materials they hardly ever published anything. At least they were way behind what we were producing as translations).

Now, in the above HCOB all that LRH says is that you find a high caliber translator (a professional) and you retain them, retaining meaning that you pay them in advance as you would pay a lawyer.

And then he, with the help of a Tech or Admin expert (depending on the kind of text you are translating) records the translation onto tape, nothing to do with any written form.

So, from step 1 above one moves to step 8 above. You skip 6 steps in between and save yourself (and the planet) all this time. One can have tremendous amount of gain of production time and this speeds up the process of getting the tech out in other languages tremendously.

Seeing that, and seeing that this would open the door to a handling for the bugs we had in the Greek translations and not only (we had Russian and Hungarian and Czech and other small languages at that time that were not being approved fast enough either) the 3 of us decided to write to RTC Reports Officer pointing out this HCOB.

So we did. But the answer we got left us speechless. It is true that we had written before to some other terminals in regards to the M9 being out-tech as a method to learn how to translate as many translators knew how to study which is the purpose of the M9 and we never got any answer why the M9 was being enforced on translators who didn't need it. But it was the answer from RTC Reports Officer that made us almost spin.

Her first name was Serena (I don't remember her last name) and she was saying that LRH had issued other confidential materials which were in Gold which we couldn't see and that these were being followed for the production of the translations.

This made us very suspicious for the following reasons:

We knew that LRH has written that there is no hidden data line in the tech of Scientology.
We had asked a staff member of the Translations Unit in Gold if there were really such materials from LRH and she had told us that she had never seen such materials.
Even if such materials existed it wouldn't make sense to not be able to see them as such materials should be part of our translator's hat.
Such an answer was adverse and contrary to HCOBs 20 Nov 1971 Course Tape Translation and HCOB 21 Nov 1971 Dianetics and Scientology in other languages which we had just read and which are very clear and can be found in the red volumes.
After a couple of years we saw that the very production line which had been, per the answer of RTC Reports Officer, "set up following "LRH confidential materials which existed only in Gold” and which we had been following", under the auspices of RTC was labeled a squirrel line and many arbitraries were taken off including the M9, the back translations and the AVC approval of the translations. This is very interesting as it shows that this line has been changing constantly.

However, me and my wife decided to not push further the issue at that time as such an answer not only didn't make sense but it was a very bad indicator as an RTC terminal was answering with a hidden data line and, supposedly, KSW was in her hands and bad hands they were to give such data to juniors. We didn't want to expose ourselves at that time any further as such an answer from an RTC terminal was at least alarming. I can tell you that at that moment we got scared to death. This was not supposed to be like that. I could not have it. After many years I wrote back to that terminal as you will see but I got no answer from her but from the RTC representative in Europe who, as you will see further on, just avoided the whole issue and condoned all the violations of the HCOBs I am mentioning above.

After about a year, in 1997, the translation project at SAG (Screen Actors Guild), which was the name of the building in Hollywood Boulevard where a massive translations project was happening since the golden age of tech, was dismantled and many Sea Org translators were sent to Europe. Nobody said anything, though the SAG building had been one of the best, if not the best, occasion for the translations to move at a somehow decent speed. Many books in many languages had been published thanks to the efforts of a lot of loyal Sea Org officers and missioners and many dedicated staff and public. A lot of recruitment was happening and about 150 people kept going in many languages despite the fact that there were a lot of logistics problems after the golden age of tech translations were finished (this was the golden age of tech drills translations project which was paid with enormous amounts of money to make the dead line for the Release in 1995) because the money started being reduced after the completion of the drills translations. But since the building belonged to ABLE International the Translations Unit had to leave.

We arrived in Europe, in the CLO where we had been transferred, in the late summer of 1997. There we started work and at a certain point of time, being far from LA now and thinking this was safer, I decided to write to ED Int about the HCOBs as the speed of publication of the translations was very slow, actually non-existent. I also wrote to him that I knew why the "old" translations on tape were "Overt Products" (This was the line that many people were promoting within the Sea Org about those tapes. These were the reel to reel tapes that used to be very much used in Academies throughout Europe and a lot of auditors were made out of them.). So, I wrote to him and I explained to him and kindly directed him to the above HCOB and the one previous to that, in the red Volume IX (HCOB 20 Nov 1971, Course Translation to Tape).

The answer I got from ED Int was an acknowledgment to the fact that LRH had already addressed the situation in the translations and now ED Int, having read in a new unit of time the above HCOBs, could see what the out-tech was and how the tapes were made into OPs because of the out-tech.

That satisfied me momentarily as finally there was agreement that the policy and the tech that existed on the matter was the right one (it was LRH, so it couldn't be otherwise) and that it had been squirreled and thus the "OPs". I felt quite more up-tone. Boy, someone up there would, at least agree, that this is the only piece of tech on the translations and thats it. But I was wrong to be that happy. Listen to this now. Few days later I got a letter from ED Int's communicator, Ray Muller, where she stated that at that time the Greek I/C TU Int at Gold had alerted her that I was planning to put in the tape translations line. She was R-factoring me that ED Int's answer was not by any means to be interpreted as an order and things like that. She finally was saying that she had forgotten, in typing up ED Int's answer, to add a paragraph from ED Int's answer (!!) and that she was sending me the complete answer from ED Int. In that second letter from ED Int a paragraph had been added in which he was stating that since the time that LRH wrote the HCOBs he had issued other orders and references on the translations and that was what was followed by the Sea Org as a production line for the translations. Then he was signing the new "corrected" letter. Let me point out here that since that letter of ED Int's the translation line has changed again last year, which shows that what was being followed at that time was not Lrh's tech as it couldn't have been changed again in 1999. So, this line was never standard and the HCOBs have never been applied exactly as LRH has written them up. And ED Int gave me the hidden data line and verbal data exactly like the RTC Reports Officer. Except he didn't do it "right" the first time. He had to be "corrected" obviously and redo it correctly.

In the middle of all this verbal data and hidden data lines, while we and other languages were literally struggling to get our products out in the Greek unit as well as in the other units, I chose to forget the issue for a while as I couldn't have senior executives going against very clearly laid out LRH policy so openly and with such boldness and overtness. I was going crazy as I couldn't believe that such gross out-tech would come from the highest strata of the Sea Org: first the RTC Reports Officer and now ED Int. It was obvious that something wrong was going on and to say the least, these executives didn't want to put in these HCOBs but would rather give verbal data to a Sea Org member taking advantage of their high rank as obviously they were very high executives.

Under the circumstances I had to wait for a better chance to push these HCOBs. And this chance was given to me when in the summer of 1999 I was promoted by a CMO Int mission to the post of TU DIR EU and was posted after approval of my transfer CSW by senior Personnel Control Officer Int as per LRH policy.

Few days after my posting order as TU DIR all the TU staff, we were briefed by the CO CLO EU, Walter Kotric, that there will be a research in regards to the TU production line, which will be done at Int level and that COB was directly interested to sort out this line. A new computerized system would be introduced but all details would be finalized after the research would be complete.

This was good news for me and my hopes for the HCOBs to be applied finally rose again and while the CO CLO EU was at Int I decided to send a telex to MATEI (Materials Executive International) and sending info to several Sea Org executives on it, in regards to the existence of the HCOBs and that they should be put in now that a research was happening. I left out COB deliberately as I wanted to check what he was going to propose as the "On Source line". (This I did in full conscience as the HCOBs on the translations are just one area of alteration of the tech and I wanted to see how bold these guys were and if they would attempt again to deceive the whole Sea Org and the Scientologists).

I didn't want to write to anybody else also as I knew of another situation, which was non-optimum, which was that in AOSH Europe 3 years ago 10,000 of the tape translations had been destroyed by a mission run by CMO Int on the pretext that they were OPs. I did not trust after all this verbal data from the highest strata of Scientology that the HCOBs would be put in but under my authority as TU DIR EU I wanted and had to make it known that there was LRH policy on the subject of the translations which is not being applied. It was a short of knowledge report and also it would help me see how far these people could go. But I still believed there was again a chance to put those HCOBs in despite what had happened in the past. I still had hopes and still was checking to see things and trying to correct things in a polite, "civilized" and peaceful way. After all, a research is supposed to check primarily all LRH policy on the matter and put it in if found to be out. Let's see where this led to.

MATEI answered to me that the line would be "fully on Source". However, when the CO CLO EU came back to Europe from the US he announced the new strategy on the translations, which included nothing on the HCOBs. He even said that COB didn't know that many languages didn't have the Academy yet and that now we would focus on that. This was a big outpoint that COB wouldn't have such data. But at least now I knew who was stopping the HCOBs. Though it is unbelievable, COB, David Miscavige didn't want these HCOBs to be applied. The whole area of the translations was in his hands and he conducted a research for 3 months to leave out the main tech that LRH had left on translations, the HCOBs I mentioned above. I verified this when later I asked Walter Kotric, the CO CLO EU, about the HCOBs and he told me that when he was up-lines for the research, he had asked COB about the HCOBs and that COB had told him that "there is an advice from LRH that", in essence, "changes the line of the HCOBs". Although Walter Kotric recently completed studying OEC Volume 0 he could not think with policy. He could not duplicate a simple datum. I don't want to go into the reasons why the CO CLO EU could not see that per policy (HCO PL 12 August 1972, Seniority of Orders) an HCOB can only be canceled or revised by another HCOB. Simple datum. Very basic, too. This is called Standard Admin and there can be many reasons why a person would go off of it. Even a Staff Status II completion might understand this better than the CO CLO EU. I am sorry to say this, but I have checked it and it is true. Staff Status II completions know what is standard tech and what isn't. This is Scientology. It doesn't involve any magic to it. It works! But still the issue remained. The HCOBs should be applied. There were no other HCOBs canceling or revising them.

After a confrontation between me and the CO CLO EU on the issue, where he was trying to enforce on me the new program as the line that would go in despite any HCOBs saying differently, I ended up in Ethics, out of post, without a Comm Ev (this is a common practice for Walter Kotric when he doesn't like some staff member and there are other similar incidents of people being taken off post without a Comm Ev by him like any wog type of job where you do something wrong and the next thing you know is that you are fired). I was put on MEST work but since I didn't accept this condition assignment I started talking to people in the CLO about the HCOBs but most of the staff couldn't have it as they couldn't understand why there would be such a conflict when there is policy on the matter, much less why this policy was being not-ised by Management and why I was in ethics when I was talking about policy. They couldn't have this much of an outpoint, though they could see it as one.

While on the decks I happened to find some translations tapes of the older times (the ones which were "OPs", which had been stored in a basement of the CLO) and I found out from an old dispatch of 1978 from the then CO TU that he was sending to the Swedish orgs 8 tape courses that had been produced within 5 months of TU production. This was a very decent production, I thought, and with 8 courses delivered within 5 months an org not only could survive but it would flourish and prosper exactly as LRH intended with this translations line. And it is not a coincidence that Malmo Org in the beginning of the 80s was Number 1 in the Birthday Game. Today Malmo Org has maybe 8-10 staff members, which is pathetic. There are many orgs, which suffer because of the lack of this line and lack of LRH materials in a form duplicatable by their publics. Basically this line is being stopped constantly.

Walter Kotric started a black PR campaign against me to the Sea Org crew of the CLO EU, saying that I said that COB was a squirrel. He said that in one of the musters and with me being absent of course. I hadn't said such a thing as I knew that this would be my ticket to hell, given that the people around me were being made not to think using their observations, but would listen to black PR and witch-huntings. Walter Kotric, of course, didn't say all the rest and he was scared to death of me speaking about the HCOBs as he had committed many High Crimes in the area of translations, which had been left unpunished. Once, before removing me from my post I had told him about the HCOBs and his answer was: "I am not a decision point on this". I don't know which one is his MU on KSW #1 but KSW is not to be decided upon, this is true, it is to be acted upon and any HCOBs are to be followed exactly as LRH laid them out. Anyway, I don't think it was because of an MU that he didn't want the HCOBs to be put in. What I can see is that he was "just following orders" and this is what he could do. I can understand this. It is hard to die in the attempt. It is not easy to see things as they are and say what you see sometimes even if your body or your post is not as important as the truth.

His wife, Zara Kotric, D/CO Internal (like an HES in Class V Org) before sending me to ethics had told me that I was "fixated on the HCOBs". I have never heard before of anyone being "fixated on HCOBs". This was very funny, to see to what extremes two good otherwise executives would go to explain an incorrectly introduced datum, which was coming down from COB and RTC.

Under such craziness and suppression people spin and Scientology goes down the tubes. I knew I didn't have the right to do so, as this is "case on post". So, I wrote to the RTC representative in Europe, Antonella Tisi, however, she was avoiding the matter and just giving me no-answers as to why the HCOBs were not being applied. First, she asked me to read all the LRH issues on translations in chronological sequence and see for myself. I did it and since there was no HCOB after 1971 canceling or revising the ones I mentioned, I insisted that this is the tech laid out by LRH. Then she referred me to the Student Hat tapes #1 and 2 "to solve my problem". I then understood she was not on Lrh's side, either. No executive, loyal to LRH, no true Scientologist, could be giving such false and irrelevant data, much less not protect a staff member talking of policy. Soon I understood that she and the CO CLO EU didn't want me around and actually they pushed a Fitness Board on me, which stated that I had "to prove my worth to the Sea Org". I was in the Sea Org for 9 years and all these years never had any Fitness Boards and now that I insisted on the HCOBs I "had to prove my worth to the Sea Org". Up to that point, just a few months ago, I had been promoted to TU DIR, and after being on the decks I was slated to be the Port Captain of CLO EU which is an even higher post than TU DIR since it is a Division Head not just a Department Head as is the TU DIR post. (Someone thought that I would forget the translations and their pathetic speed by being tempted by a promotion.) And then suddenly I had "to prove my worth to the Sea Org. In the mean time I happened to meet in the street a person who had been declared suppressive, Robert Dale, but knowing that others had been declared SPs by the church, who were not really, like a Dutch guy by the name of Ralph Peter Kwiers who was rather standard but very persistent on standard tech, I was not trusting their declare and wanted to find out the real reasons this guy was declared and if he knew anything about Management as they were acting suppressively. I was found out talking to him and I was given the works in sec checks to uncover "my relations to Robert Dale". The CMO Int Mission In Charge (and high executive in the CMO EU), Tomazo Mauri, who interviewed me, didn't believe me that I had no relation to Robert Dale and kept asking me things to see what I had in mind. Well, I told him I had no relation to the guy and I told him that I was upset about the HCOBs and all the black PR that went on against me because I didn't want to stop talking about them and mostly that the HCOBs were still not being applied. I got no help from Mauri on the subject of the HCOBs, much less any protection from him though he was on an ethics mission and he had quite some power to do things on this. To the contrary I found myself betrayed once more when in a very 1.1 way in front of his second ("second" is called the subordinate missionaire of a mission) he uttered that magnanimous statement to me: "I wish there would be more staff like you speaking about KSW." And that was all he did about KSW. Of course it was a bunch of PR smoke to impress his second because he didn't care a damn about the HCOBs and wanted to avoid the issue like hell, and the proof is that I never got any KR from him reporting anything on this matter. He put me under watch by Security (I am not going to give details here as it is not theta at all to walk all day and sleep at night with a Security guard next to you and be locked in the Security room with the rest of the Security guards "to not blow"! Dedication in the Sea Org is dedication, but mental and corporal enslavement have no part in a free world, especially when you speak about KSW). I didn't tell him at that interview of course that I talked to Robert Dale as I was enough upset with the whole situation and I wanted to find more data from anyone about why Management was acting like that. Anyway, there was a campaign of black PR against me once more, now based on the fact that "I spoke to an SP" and the RTC Rep and the CO CLO EU were behind this full blast. The CO CLO EU even said it to one of the staff in the Greek Unit, the 3rd staff member of the Greek Unit and at that time Greek In Charge in the CLO EU, that they were sending me out because I was speaking about the HCOBs! Mauri knew of all this but did nothing to put in KSW series #1.

This is the condition that suppressives have brought the Church into. I found out after these adventures that we (me, my wife and the third member of the Greek translations team who "dared" write about the HCOBs and KRs on the CO CLO EU who was promoting to the TU staff that the tapes mentioned in the HCOBs were "old technology" and they were OPs, and both of them had problems later) were not alone.

To compound the suppression these two executives of the CLO EU have been accepting false stats in the TU to show that the stats "are going up". Whereas when I was the TU DIR EU in the summer of 1999, we produced about 2,500 of translated pages, the stats of TU as of last February- March show the incredible figure of 6,000 or 7,000 "translated" pages with the same amount of people producing. But all they do is count twice (or even three times) things that have been translated in the past, only they release them as mimeo issues or in a different form and so they count them as new translated pages which is not true. But the point is that these materials have already been translated and counted on the stats before. This is a false stat and when my wife and the Greek I/C TU EU dared talk about it Walter Kotric started his routine actions of black PR, harassment etc. against them.

Under this suppression the 3 of us decided to leave the Sea Org as this is not the team LRH wants to be there and "protect" the Tech. Some suppressives are controlling key posts within the Church. This is for me undoubtedly true after all my adventures and tests that I did. They ignore LRH policy as much as they can and, they alter it at will and secretly, that is in a gradient so that it is not easy to see, they harass staff members who dare speak against such atrocities and who say they disagree with out-KSW and out-ethics and they black PR everyone who dares speak, calling them "disaffected" with Int Management and they make them look like a pariah. The other staff members cannot react, out of fear of punishment and harassment and some out of blind trust to the senior executives who are pushing the off Source data and lies.

Another thing that shows how viciously LRH policy is misinterpreted, on purpose, by the suppressives is the following:

When Walter Kotric (the CO CLO EU) came back from up-lines with the new strategy on the translations (which by the way has not been workable at all and has not speeded up the translations as expected but was a gimmick to regain control by the suppressives of RTC of the line of translations (which had gone out of their control after AVC went off the lines as approval terminal) and thus monitor again the speed and publication of the translations), he announced to us that COB had said that the volunteer translators would not be paid anymore. By the way it should be noted that these were mainly Scientologists who were paid for their work in translations as quite some of them could do a professional job and there were the only people who could deliver a product in the field of translations together with the few Sea Org staff of the Translations Unit. He showed us an LRH reference where LRH says that "the work was free, keep it so". This was the reference of "Scientology Clear Procedure" and one can read it in the Red Volumes and see for himself if the following is true or not.

Now anyone who can study applying study tech or even without that if he is somewhat bright and has some idea of what he is reading, when he would read this reference he would understand that the word "free" does not have the definition of "free of charge" but the definition of "free from any control or monitoring or suppression". LRH in essence refers to the suppressives in that reference and how he managed at all times to keep his work free from any special interests. It is sheer profanity to the Founder of Scientology to interpret this very reference for financial gain or economy. However, this reference and especially this quote was interpreted erroneously, on purpose, by COB to give him the grounds to cut any and all payments to any translators of LRH materials and contain the translations again stopping the expansion by stopping dissemination of the tech.

LRH is very clear in regards to paying translators: If you read HCOB 20 Nov 1971, Course Translation to Tape, you will see that there LRH has put a program which in its 1st Primary Target says the following:

"A person fully competent in both languages and their cultures is found and retained."

The word "retained", as I explained also before, means "hired and paid in advance, as a lawyer, for example, would be". So there is actually policy by LRH covering this point and LRH wanted professionals to be paid in order to have expansion with tape translations. These translations are 10 times faster as a professional, called a "sight translator" just records them on tape and then they are ready to be sent to the orgs Academies as tape courses. Fast expansion.

I was astonished by the boldness of COB to pass so overtly his own interpretations of LRH quotes. As a TU DIR EU I made it clear to my juniors that the word "free" had nothing to do with money. I was more disappointed to see that only the three of us from the Greek unit would stand up against that gross interpretation of Lrh's tech and did not accept it. (Possibly other staff members could see that but they wouldn't be talking easily to one another about such things as they were afraid they would be labeled as "disaffected".) Actually I was very relieved to go up against this suppression and to have said what I said to my juniors as TU DIR because I never gave them any interpretations of the tech, much less tried to enforce them on them. It is therapeutic to apply KSW 100%.

But this isn't all of the inside data. Concurrently with the enforcement of this line of non-payment of any translators, the line which operated very successfully at Flag, collecting donations from Scientologists for specific books to be translated was stopped. When I came to Athens where I live, I saw a promo from Planetary Dissemination Organization where now they are collecting again money and the promo says:

"The Planetary Dissemination Unit at Flag was formed as the major funding source for the GOING GLOBAL Campaign (my note: this is the campaign, Miscavige launched a year ago) in order to make LRH tech available to every being. Key to this campaign is translations of LRH materials”.

There are now even honorary titles according to the amounts donated by benevolent Scientologists. I do not know what they collecting the money for. All I know is that no professionals are paid for the fast dissemination of the tech through translations as LRH says, no tapes are made which is a very fast method to disseminate the tech and it has been laid out as policy on the translations by LRH, no new books are coming out in Greek at least as promised by COB almost half a year after the 3 of us left the church and the Greek translations. Of course, it takes time to train specialists such as translators and editors.

However, just because LRH is such an OT, the truth prevails and the suppressives ARE exposed. Those of you who still trust Miscavige as the entrusted leader of Scientology I can tell you to watch the Going Global event video (1999). There you will see Miscavige quoting the very HCOB that he didn't put in on the translations after his "research". He is quoting HCOB 21 Nov 1971, Dianetics and Scientology in other languages, an HCOB which he has secretly and covertly tried to not apply but he is using it for PR purposes for many years now. This is the very revelation of truth. How come he is quoting a paragraph out of it and then not applying the rest of it? How come his representative in Europe didn't do anything to protect a staff member who was screaming about this very HCOB not being applied? How come he said to the CO CLO EU that there is an advice from LRH that says that we should not apply the HCOBs? And how come an advice can cancel or revise an HCOB? This is not Standard Admin.

The answer is given by LRH in that very HCOB 21 Nov 1971, Dianetics and Scientology in other languages, when at the end of it there are few paragraphs titled "ON SOURCE", and he says something like that: all the successes of Scientology have been made when standard tech was used. The public distrusts those who would not apply it, or try to apply a part of it, and the public run away when they see that. You can find it in the Red Volumes and read it for yourself.

I had case gain just by reading LRH, since the main auditing I received in the Sea Org was sec checks and only sec checks. I acknowledge LRH as the Founder of Scientology. I refuse to acknowledge anyone else as a "Co-Founder" of it.

I wanted to give you hard facts exposing the "unbelievable" and that is what I have seen. No one in the Sea Org or outside of it could ever show me any HCOB canceling or revising the ones I am mentioning. As this planet struggles along for survival I consider it the biggest overt not to attack those who are trying to stop the dissemination of Scientology in any case and for whatever reasons. This does not mean that the whole Sea Org is suppressive but they are PTS now to suppressives because they are not handling them or disconnecting from them. And they need to see it the matter as-is if there is going to be any worth for them to be there. Because if they are there to follow and enforce illegal orders and neglect specific HCOBs then they are not serving the purpose LRH has put the Sea Org there for.

If you wish to go on having as management of the church people who alter and condone alterations of LRH tech, not-ising LRH technology and who throw away good staff who try to keep things on the right path of standard tech on all fronts, no matter how high the suppression comes from, then it is your decision but remember:

The work was free. Keep it so.

It is your track. It is you who would be the reasonable one that will be trying to explain away the falsehoods of the suppression. Not only you want to live with the truth but you want to stand up against the lies as you are a Scientologist, right?

This is a scandal and there are many others, too, which are being reported by many Scientologists as I see. Even in the wog world, governments fall when they rule in such a vicious and arrogant way. Well, in Scientology they don't have to be vicious to fall. They just have to go off the narrow path that is called standard tech. And the instances are many for us to still believe that all this is some mistake or a big misunderstanding. The suppressives ARE always exposed as the criminal leaves behind him the marks of his crime as he wants to be caught. And with such crimes, boy, they want to be caught. They are trying to usurp Scientology. Sorry to say this but we have allowed the church to be taken by criminals. Its time we did something. If you don't think that not-ising and altering Lrh's tech is criminal, have a look around you and see how many orgs are moving. How many people are getting out of the gut they are in. How many decent staff have been lost in the name of "suppression" and "criminal" attitude of those in authority within the church.

We are not here to be good boys and good girls. You know that. So, don't muff it now just because it seems unpleasant or unsocial to do 7, 8, 9 and 10 of KSW # 1.

When the criminal gang falls, you are going to be part of this if you knew about it and have condoned it. Don't think of your "neck". LRH didn't. Many others didn't. Why should you then? You are an immortal being. He says: "win or die in the attempt". Better die than live as a loser because Scientology is a winning team. It always has been. Do not accept any bias on your perceptions, regardless of where it comes from. Reasonableness is suppressive and not seeing outpoints for what they are is reasonableness. (check the definition of "Reasonableness" in the Admin Dictionary.) Had each Scientologist stood up against gross or little violations of policy, things would have been different. The Code of Honor and many others apply. I have a right to know who and why in the case of the HCOBs and any other case of alteration of the tech. This is many years now that we are struggling to get out some little pieces of the tech. I am not reasonable anymore with them.

The suppressives cannot have this much dedication, this is why they ARE always losing and they WILL BE losing forever in this game. We have the tech. We are ethical. We are not afraid. We have our Commodore. He is around. Do your part.

The work was free. Keep it so.

Theo Sismanides

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