Here an extract of some feedback to our web pages we initially received when we went online in 1995. Names and personal data deleted. 

Thank you enormously. I have downloaded virtually everything on your homepage; it will clear up a lot. I've been hearing bits and snips about this for a year; now I'll KNOW.
Your supporter,

This is a great home page! Full of mind-blowing/charge-blowing documents.

My warmest congrats to the GFZ for their gutsy and definite stand.
Hats off, say I!!

Congratulations to the Free Zone Association (Freie Zone E.V.) for their public unveiling and well done, very informative web page.
I think that the overloading of the term 'Free Zone' with multiple and different groups, associations, and communicating individuals is unfortunate from the perspective of clarity but I'm sure we'll manage...

After seeing a brief mention of your site in the clear-l mailing list, I decided to check out your web pages. What I found interests me greatly- even though I've never been a member of the Church I've been exposed to some of its technology over the years, but of course reluctant to hook up with an organization with as nefarious a reputation. ... From what I've seen I'd definitely like an opportunity to learn firsthand what right now I can only read about on the net. Anyway, at least thanks for publishing some interesting (!) bulletins...

I find your group very interesting. I have read the stories by Capt. Robertson. I have been reading about scientology for years . As you know there is a lot of data about sci. I feel the stories at this site are more truthful and it really comes across to the reader .

......... I just recently got connected up to the Internet and downloaded your files. I have explored the internet as much as I could on the subject of Scientology and the Free Zone is the only positive non-entheta material that I have been able to find. I take full responsibility for my being in Scientology and the Sea Org and I have no charge on this. I am therefore not interested in accusations and recriminations, and I am not interested in getting in comm with anyone who only wants to accuse, attack and destroy. However since I left the Sea Org I have been in a great quandary in trying to reconcile all the out tech and out policy that I saw and experienced at Flag with my knowingness that the tech itself, when not altered, was good and that Ron's discovery of the Bridge was something quite wonderful and unique. Consequently I have been quite frustrated by the fact that my access to it was cut off. The data that I downloaded from your site has resolved most of this and has provided me with some stable data that permits me to understand what has been going on and why I felt so oppressed and confused most of the time when I was in the Sea Org. The data from your site has also given me the hope that maybe I could somehow continue what I started and complete the cycle of going up the Bridge.

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours truly in friendship,

Hi: I somehow got connected one day while surfing and found this site. I have read some since then and wanted to thank you for your excellent organization of the data stored there AND its availability to others. Continue on with your efforts.

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