Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 00:39:07 +0200
From: (Julie Mayo)
Subject: Letter to D. Miscavige

Letter to D. Miscavige

On September 1, 1982 David Miscavige, Special Project Ops for  the Church of Scientology International, issued a CMO INT  CONDITIONS ORDER 852 concerning myself and Vic Ueckerman. The  first paragraph read: "Both Vic and Julie have been assigned  to the RPF for Suppressive Misapplication of tech."

It is my belief that this action, as well as many other  activities at this time, were to have a profound effect on not  just my life, but on many others -- possibly thousands of others.  Yet there are only a handful of people who really know the  details of what happened then. The events were grossly  mischaracterized in a suppressive person declare and expulsion  order concerning David Mayo that was issued by Scientology in  March of 1983. Because of that mischaracterization, I feel it is  my duty now to straighten the record. Until I found a.r.s., I did  not have the capability of telling my side of the story. And even  now the majority of people who were touched by first the CMO INT  CONDITIONS ORDER on myself, then the expulsion order on David  Mayo, in most likelihood do not read a.r.s.

I hope David Miscavige reads a.r.s. because this is as much a  message to him as it is to those many others who have read the  two issues.

The facts are this:

In the summer of 1983 something called S.R.A.s started up at  S.U. (Gilman Hot Springs). I don't know who started the practice,  but it is something that David Miscavige embraced and engaged in  on many occasions. A "S.R.A." was a "severe  reality adjustment" and it consisted of several people  ganging up on another person and interrogating and intimidating  that person. The victim was thereby virtually "shocked"  into a different reality -- that is why it was called a  "severe reality adjustment". In my opinion, and in the  opinion of David Mayo, this was a very "out tech"  (meaning: harmful) procedure. It was intended to change a  person's mind about something by "force" rather than by  reason or enlightenment. It is barbaric.

In the summer of 1983 David Mayo had some disagreements with  management over high prices, SRAs, and other things. He was given  an "SRA" by David Miscavige and a gang of other people.  I was Senior C/S INT Assistant at the time, this was before we  were married. When David was coming back from the "SRA"  he tripped and twisted his ankle. In the office he told me about  the SRA and how upset he was about it. I offered him some  auditing, to help relieve his distress.

Now I am going to try to explain what happened without  disclosing any "case" information or confidences of the  "pc". I wanted to do a process that would relieve the  "charge" of the invalidation, evaluation, wrong items,  wrong indications and so forth. I looked through my prepared  lists. The list that seemed to address this type of charge the  best was called "Effects of an R/Ser" list. So, I wrote  a C/S which called for assessing the terminals who had been  involved in the "SRA" and doing the "Effects of an  R/Ser" list on each that read. I didn't write the C/S  because I thought that David Miscavige, et al, were  "R/Sers" or "Suppressive Persons". I wrote  the C/S because I felt that it was the best list to help the pc.  Auditing is for pc gain, not political reasons.

I didn't expect anyone else except the C/S, Vic Ueckerman, to  read the folder. In fact, it would have been extremely out tech  for anyone else to read it. Well, you guessed it ... even though  I had the folder securely locked away, it was gotten at by  messengers and passed around. Sure enough, the folder went to the  names on the list, and my guess is that one person in particular  found it very threatening. Sorry Dave, I didn't mean that you  were an R/Ser, and you shouldn't have been reading the folder  anyway, nor should have you been doing "SRAs".

I know that my proposing a C/S for David Mayo of "Effects  of an R/S" checklist wasn't a major cause for the troubles  that started at that time. It was just one of the things that  happened. But I do think it was contributory to Miscavige's war  on myself and David. I think these things need to be cleared up.  This C/S was mischaracterized in the Expulsion Declare that was  issued in March of 1983 --which was sent out to a great many  people and I thought you'd like to know what actually happened.  In the expulsion order it was asserted that David Mayo ordered  the C/S -- not true. It was my idea and mine alone. I am taking  full responsibility for having done it. I am not blaming the idea  on anyone else. But it wasn't "Out tech" and I  shouldn't have been assigned to the RPF for it because it helped  the pc. (That was, it helped him, until his folder was spread  around when it shouldn't have been and contents used for  political purposes.)

I'd like Miscavige's war on myself, David Mayo, and so many  other people stopped. But I don't think information as to what  actually happened should be suppressed. Too many people have been  affected and scientology has meant a great deal to thousands of  people. They deserve to know the truth.

Julie Gillespie Mayo

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