Body Org Basics

Lecture by

Captain William B. Robertson

8.12.90 (France; translation into German, Doro Richter)

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Welcome to the Lecture. Erich did a little survey in his area. And - tell them what you found on the survey that people would be interested in hearing about! ("People were interested in finding out about how to manage a body from an OT viewpoint and how to deal with aging.") Okay. How to manage a body from an OT viewpoint and how to deal with aging. We call it in general, the lecture is going to be: "Body Org Basics".

Now, you may think I'm not the best person to talk about this, because I'm not a doctor, and I have missing teeth, I have some missing hair, and I got a lump under my ear, and I got a steel pen in my ankle. But that's the very reason that I'm also trying to research that. Because I've really done a lot of things with my body during this lifetime. So, if it works on me, it works on anybody. It's sort of like - if you can handle people on this planet, because of its history, you can handle any case in the universe. And it was only because I had got some auditing that I was able to stay out of more dangerous things, like really getting pieces cut off, and killed, and everything like that.

I just want you to hear this one piece, before we go on, because it's right here now on the tape. This is the "Ethica - Aesthetica" -tape. (Music starts playing) (Music ends - applause). That is a tape that was made - actually a part for the lecture I just did in Switzerland, and it's called "Ethica - Aesthetica", which means it's the different flows of Ethics and Aesthetics on the Ninth and Tenth Dynamic. To measure those frequencies in music. I can take orders only of one tape left for sale. They bought them all in Switzerland. Now, this has an important thing to do, Aesthetics and Ethics and Tech and Admin, in handling bodies. In fact, if you look at any handling thing you do with the body, it is a combination of those; many women know the value of Aesthetics. You know, making things look more beautiful and more pleasant. And anybody who has played in a football game or any kind of a team activity knows of the heavy Ethics on training and getting yourself ready and no drinking while you are working out and all that. And everybody knows this technology to handle bodies, or people couldn't really play pianos better than others, they have more tech, you see, violins... And there's all kind of abilities, you see these gymnastic people do, you know, it's incredible, how do they do their bodies like this - flip it all around, you know... 

And there is administration of a body, it's how you schedule it, program it, how many meals do you need to eat during a day, what should be in those, how long should you sleep, how do you operate it in cold or hot areas; you have to plan these things out, as you know, if you go on a vacation to Hawaii, you don't need to take your fir coat. And if you go on a vacation to Norway, you don't need to take your bathing suit. Unless the planet warms up, you may have to do that in future. So there are some administrative things to know so you could plan, because a big part of your day as a thetan is spent in planning out and handling things with your body. Just take a look at that - how much of your day or normal day through the average of days is spent in actually doing something with the body or planning out how to do it, or getting things for it, clothes and all that. It's a lot. Now, the thing is, that you as a being can have a plan, but unless all the other people that are going to participate in that plan, unless they are all telepathic and they don't have any interference and they can just get it straight across, then you have to write it down or tell them. And for that you need a via. So you need a controllable body with a hand and a pen and paper and a mail-posting system to get it to them. And that's part of the game. Thetans seem to like, in fact they seem to enjoy having these fifth dynamic, sixth dynamic vias in the game. Unless it goes wrong. When it goes wrong - lots of problems. Since you've all done, I'm sure, some of the bridge or read some of the things about the bridge at least, I mean, you know what these problems can be! And since there are so many doctors and so many lawyers and people to get you out of trouble, insurance companies and all that, you know there can be problems in this game! So as you improve your ability as a being on the bridge, of course you are going to have less and less of these problems. But unless you also improve the ability of the body, you will still have some of them, maybe a lot. All right, just to put in its proper perspective in the game on this planet, because on other planets there may be other types of bodies or doll bodies that don't need so much maintenance; but they are not made by Sony or Toyota yet. They're working on it. Yes, they have mechanical, computer-controlled robots, and they put a skin on them that looks just like a person. They're working on it. But unless they hear this lecture they will never perfect it. And some of the other lectures and do the bridge and read LRH's books and all that - that's the missing technology.

So, before we start talking about these things I want to point out one other thing. That if you have an area of real truth that is thrust aside, not-ised and not looked at, no matter what you do, there will always be something that you can't handle, because you never looked at those truths. And these is very apparent in the field of the mind, LRH has talked about it many times in the field of psychiatry and psychology. And I just had a success story from a C/S the other day, where the PC had been analyzed as schizophrenic, and he did about twelve hours of review sessions, and the person went totally sane, he didn't have that anymore. These psychiatrists and the government clinics have been trying to handle for three years. But they never look at a certain technology on the seventh dynamic. Which means: things to do with spiritual and creative things of beings in the game. And this is a very neglected area of research. And even if they started to do it, they would find out that LRH has done it all anyway. So, we know that as a suppressed area of knowledge and a suppressed area of truth, and therefore those sciences depend on it to be successful, like psychiatry, psychology and medicine even. They can never be totally successful. It's like if you in the kitchen as lady or a housewife, you're making an Apfelstrudel. And one of the things you have to put in an Apfelstrudel is apples. But you have some engram saying, or some consideration about apples; you hate them. Because you found a worm in one. By the way, we have a joke in America about that: What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Half a worm. Works in German. Means you ate the other half. By the way, I've tried to tell jokes that have to do with words, and I quit doing that, because when they're translated, nobody laughs, you know, because it's not the same words, it doesn't work. But I figured that one will work in both languages. Okay. Now, so if the lady is making Apfelstrudel, and she says, "Pears taste a bit like apples. And bananas add a little flavor." So she makes her Apfelstrudel with pears and bananas. And everybody thinks she's nuts! And she doesn't many of them. Tastes funny, something's wrong with the apple, you know. You understand. So she doesn't apply all of the technology of making the Apfelstrudel. But mainly she eliminates a whole major important part. And - no product. So - today you're going to find out what has been missing in all of this incredible amount of literature and intention on how to take care of your body, how to make it live longer, how to prevent it from aging. (The clock strikes) Aha, it's interested, hah? - And how to handle it actually much better. Okay? - (Clock is still striking) Everybody better acknowledge that clock. Thank you. That's good. Now - Before to start off with this, we are going to go into a special land, a special area, like in a science fiction movie, you know, those ones where they shrink the guy down and inject them into the blood stream and so on. And from the Dianetic Axioms we can call it "Lambda land" and "Phi land". Now I better define those for you to make the lecture complete, because maybe you know it, but the guys who see the video later, they haven't ever read the Dianetic Axioms. So, there's actually another part of this two, because you are the other part: Theta land! That's the symbol for theta, greek letter theta. And it equals thought, or the thinker. In other words, we are looking here at what manages, what runs, who is playing the game, we call it the player himself. The player in the game. In the game. Outside we call him Static or whatever. We don't have to get into that, we're just talking about the game now. With all these dynamics and bodies and communication lines and all that. 

So for these purposes you can say, if you're playing in the game, this is yourself. Now, it could be, you are or are not or have a gradient in between there of operating. So this (q) is also a symbol for - in our technology - the thetan. Usually when they put a little n by it - theta-n (qn). Now, whether he is operating or not, you can call him an operating thetan or partly operating thetan or half-operating thetan or semi-operating thetan. So that's an important thing, because you are guy that has to do the operating. 

Now, this (l) is the symbol for lambda: it would be an "L" in english or german, but in lower case letters in Greek it is like this: lambda. Now, lambda, LRH talks about, is the life animating force, in the Dianetic Axioms. Life animation force, and he also says, it is the... well, we could call it "interface", it's between the theta universe and the phi (f) universe down here, but it's the life animation force, or the "how to bring order to MEST", the solid part of the universe, or in modern computer language we could call it the interface between the theta and, which we're going to define now, the phi. And theta uses lambda for his conquest of the MEST universe. He says that. It tries to conquest it via, tries to handle it, operate with it via lambda. And down at the bottom - that's phi (f), the Greek letter phi, and that refers to as matter, energy, space and time. The physical - as differentiated from spiritual - universe. Any questions on that? Good. 

Now I want to point out to you, just from this, you can already see, why scientists and doctors are not going to give any answer to those questions we asked about bodies. Unless it's Dr. Prinz or somebody on our lines. So now we take this as meaning not-is - black. (Takes his black scarf.) The scientific teachings and the universities and the doctors and the accepted sciences, they not- is all this and they don't even now sometimes that they are the player. (Puts the scarf over Theta and Phi on his drawing.) So they only deal with this, the physical universe. You understand. So it's like making the Apfelstrudel. They can't make one. If it is physical, they can handle it. If you break your finger, they can see: "Aha! The bone is like that, it's not together, we put it together!" But then comes the mystery. They can't really explain, why - they don't heal it, they just put it together, and put a little thing on it, and somehow it gets fixed. You see, when you break your leg and they put a cast on it, the doctor is saying, "Okay, I'm finished, all I can do. Now, you take it easy, and it should, well, from what we know, it should heal in - time, you see, time - six weeks, then we take the cast and you can walk easier." So they cover up their ignorance of how this happens with just saying, "Well, it takes some time." They don't really know. Oh, they can look through the microscopes. And now they can find the cells start working to get back together. But now they just got a smaller problem - no, a larger problem, because it's so many cells, and they don't know why they get back together, how do they know how to get back together? So now in the Nineties you have this great stuff: genetics! This guy has a code in here, and this guy has a code in here, and they sort of know they're part of a leg bone, and so they...leg bone goes to the leg bone... But how do they know that? And do they know when to do it? They still haven't got the answer to that one. So they just have reduced the problem from the whole bone down to all the little guys in the bone that are doing it. Well, what they're looking for is this, lambda. They've never found it. They can't see it with the microscope, because this is as spiritual as that. (Theta) Lambda is just as invisible, because it's not matter, energy, space and time, it is, shall we say, a created bit of theta. To do a specific thing. Now, how many...well, let's give an example, so you don't get confused about who the player is and who the lambda is. If you are the guy that is playing the game on all dynamics, and you have a...let's use an easy example to start off with, let's use automobile. Now, that's a piece of physical thing. But to drive it, let's use the comparison now, that you plus the body are the player, the car doesn't drive unless you or someone is sitting there making it move and moves the levers. So the same analogy is that first of all you direct the body which directs the car. Now, let's take it a little bit to the theta-lambda-phi and say you don't want to direct the car. But you want to amaze all your friends by having it go by itself. So you set up a radio- controlled servo-mechanism in the car, like a little robot that makes it move. With radio control. You've seen this many times, you can them for your kids, in a store, a little control box, and down there you have the little racing car or even have a model airplane. There is nobody in that plane! And there is nobody in that car! And there's no thetan necessarily in either one either. And you can look at it and you say, "Well, how does it go?" Nothing visible. The radio waves are invisible. The guy is doing it all back here, with his little box, and it's going beep-bee- bee-beep, sending signals back and forth. Now, you would see the MEST moving with no apparent source of this. So that's an analogy, because, of course, the scientists would say, "Yes, but radio waves are real, we can measure them." But if you look into the history of sciences, you will see they're always discovering new ones. That when they made that statement before, they weren't really saying all the truth, because now, the next year, they discover a new one. Now, pure theta communication, which we call telepathy, band three, is almost immeasurable by scientific instruments. I said almost, because there are instruments on the track and that we know of, kept very secret, that can sort of detect it. But not band three, that takes even more sophisticated instruments. Band two and band one, where there's the emotional telepathy and effort telepathy, you can detect this with instruments available on earth today. I hope you have the "Teegeeack" book and you've read that, a bit about telepathy, you know what I'm talking about. In other words, there's more mass and more emotional effort at the lower bands of telepathy unless at the top. And, as you would imagine, people on this planet with all their case problem and all can't really do much telepathy, because it's too much noise around from all this other things, pictures and masses and engrams and other people's cases and all that. And you find that out on a gradient on the telepathy course to distinguish or differentiate between all the noise and everything and the actual telepathy. And it tells you in there if the guy can't do it so well even after he does the course, well, then you can always tell him he can improve it by going up the bridge. And what do we remove in auditing on the lower parts of the bridge? Mental image pictures, the little more heavy masses, and ridges, masses, energy fields that are caught or ridged up or flowing in too much or flowing out too much, the contamination from other cases, and usually these are downtoned or usually things the guy doesn't want around him. And as we go through to the upper levels, we actually use more and more telepathy to handle this. Until the case is a little bit further away and you can start using telepathy to handle the rest. Without saying anything. Now, the funny thing is: you're always using a combination of telepathy with...maybe verbal commands or maybe intention or something; which you always use is telepathy. See. If you put from A to B a comm-line with solid words going along it, if you read the communication formula in the Axioms, you see, there's also an intention going through that, but it doesn't do much unless this guy has attention over here. Now, that means, he's pushing through all of the intervening masses and spaces. And the case around both. But basically, what's on the intention line once he gets it through, if it gets duplicated here, is also telepathy. That's in the intention. I want you to get this. This is the message. And the other stuff is put in, the words and letters and so on, so he doesn't confuse it with any other intention. Ron calls it: "Making it more solid." And you can get down to the solid communication lines of shooting a bullet on the other guy. So it goes all the way from very solid in phi universe, goes all the way up to theta telepathy. You can imagine that before the game started and there were just players around, or potential players, how did they agree on the game? They had to communicate with telepathy or agree via telepathic conference. All right now. We get back to this now, to the subject of the lecture. Guess how the body is actually operated. Remember we had the lambda guys - lambda land. And I can prove to you that that's there. Let's say this is the body that the doctors see, with the microscopes even, and can measure with the energy things and so on. Okay. And this is the guy who's operating. But there's something missing. Because, I ask you this questions: Do you command your heart to beat everytime it beats? Do you actually, when a wound is healing or the finger broken, do you say to every little cell in there: "Join up, join up, join up, join up, join up...?" You don't, do you? You may put an overall intention there and just say, "Hey I like...I feel it should get healed. I want to get well again, I want to get active again. I want to operate again." When you sleep at night, when you put the body to sleep, do you do a sort of a somnambulistic, which means, doing something while you're asleep, to tell every particle of food you ate whether it can be used in the body or whether it should go out in the morning? You don't, do you? Do you, when you move your arm, do you order all the little intervening muscle cells and nerve cells and all that to do the right thing so it does come up like you want? You don't. So, I put this question to you: What or who is doing it? You may order it. You may say, "I'm going to raise my arm. Boom, raise arm." But who's doing all those small, little bits and pieces of every piece in the inside, because this is MEST? It's MEST. And the sciences well know, that if you take the actual MEST composition, you know, 88% water, some other minerals, some other oxygen and hydrogen, carbon; and you take all these elements that compose the body and you put them in jars and test tubes on the table, and you mix them even all together, and you tell them to do something, it doesn't do nothing. And that's put a real puzzle for these guys. You start to see what we're talking about. There is an entire organization. It has to be organized, because it all works coordinately together. It has to be there.

Because you know you're not doing all of that little tiny work. But somebody can command you, and if you agree you do it, or if you are hypnotic, you do it anyway. But still, even if another guy under hypnosis commands you, he's trying to actual command the body without you being there. And certainly he isn't even connected with it, so how could he make it doing anything? Anyhow he can! Well, again let's show the missing thing, which all the scientists and all the doctors have failed to recognize except LRH, the greatest of all times to us. Because there are people like theologians and Buddhists and people who do believe in a spirit, that they are a spirit. But they haven't read the Dianetic Axioms, or haven't understood them. And so the not-ised area here, or area of non-confront...we now strip away the blackness, and we call it the body org. An organization of lambda designed and hatted to run a body. Now, that solved the old question of whether even flowers and bees and other animals are thetans. They don't have to be thetans. They can just have a body org operating them or a smaller version with a different specialty. And that's what they call the natural environment, they operate "on instinct". They can never understand how animals and flowers and plants will know what to do every generation, they sort of have this natural ability to do what the other generations had, they don't need to have any paper or comm lines apparently. What they missed is that all those fifth dynamic life forms - the big thing there is lambda - they have a little lambda organization. Not-ised organization - this is what people can't confront about. And by the way, this is part of the spiritual dynamic as well, because they can't see it, it is a spiritual thing. But it is more specialized. It does one thing, it does it well - or maybe: each part of it does one thing, and the whole thing does a part or a job of running something. E.g. in the example of the guy running the little radio-controlled car: one could say that the little control box represents the lambda. Here is the operator. Operates lambda, and the MEST moves. But when you run one of those you are not telling all the little electrons in there to go through here and then make a radio wave and go over there - you aren't. But it does say "Off-On-Forward-Reverse", you know. And the funny thing is, you can put that one down, pick up another one and run an airplane with it. So a lambda org, say, if that was representing the lambda org, because you can't really see the lambda org, one could run an airplane, one could run a car, a little model car. You see? And you could even get very clever and make a little computer program that it just ran it automatically and kept it going around and stop and so on. That's what we got here. Now, it is closer to theta, but it's more unrecognized than MEST. And when you know that, you can say, "Wow, now we can start to do something." Because it responds much better to telepathy, communication, affinity, reality, knowledge, responsibility, control. And you say, why does it respond better than MEST, because isn't this created particles also? Yes, they are, because of Axiom 1 and 2 in Scientology. But they were created to be exactly what they are. And they, you know, if you look at a piece of MEST with a microscope or electron microscope, it may have a little atom in there with some things going around it, in a certain space, if it gets too close to another one, they will sort of link up automatically. It's like a field of energy around it. So it's matter, energy, space; and it is persisting through time, it does things during time. But it's basically, like the hypnotic subject, it's just the effect of every other particle and every other intention put on. You bump it with another one, and it moves that way, you bump it with another one this way, and it moves over there. You compress it together from both sides, it gets hot. Goes "Bsss!", such as moving faster or something, and they call it "temperature". Or there's added heat to it, you add energy to it, and it starts moving fast. See, there is a heat of compression, and there is a heat of adding energy to something. And the sciences know all about that. I studied physics, I suppose, most of you have. And chemistry, how do you release heat and how do you do this, how does snow come down and then become water, all of that. And how does water become ice, or evaporate and become a cloud. Sciences know everything about that, because they can measure it, the can see. But that again is phi. You can actually telepathically communicate with it, too. But it doesn't have that extra ability to organize itself, see, I have this thing here: "organized". It has an accidental capability, like joining up with another one when it hits it, but just as easily it will fall apart, if you lower or raise the temperature. Now, we get this organization going in here - now, you start having some different qualities coming in here. Because, one of the main things of an organization, when it's working right, is: it is hatted. It means, it knows its job. And you might say that it's therefore to some degree analytical. Meaning that it can differentiate between the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do. And this stuff down here, the phi - not the body phi, because that's under control here, but the regular MEST universe - you might say, it's unhatted, has some function, but it's unhatted, it's more reactive. Now we're looking at a whole area what LRH talks about in policy: an unhatted org will do a lot of crazy things, lose you a lot of money and go crazy. And a hatted org, on the right things to do and all, will be successful, make you a lot of money, gets a good product. Now, it's not only scientist, it's not only doctors, not only psychiatrists that have the black area where they don't look. I'm sorry to say that many technical people and many scientologist see no importance at all in the green on white policy that LRH wrote. They're making the same mistake that scientists are making - about lambda. And they have the same problem: when they make that mistake, they will never be able to handle their bodies. Never. Sorry. I'm talking about positive handling, correcting. They may be able to do, say, a touch assist, which is a bit of telepathy plus communication. But again the body org, the lambda is getting better and it starts feeling better and it repairs whatever the injury is. But that scientologist doing the touch assist says, "Oh, great, the tech works!" It does. But don't for a minute believe that he is also making sure that when they fix it they fix it right, totally right. It's just like the doctor, he leaves it up to the body. You come back in comm, so they feel back in the game, "Okay, now we do our job." Now, do you start to see the door opening here? How do we get real handling the body as an OT? And handling or preventing aging and decay? On number one, handling the body, just handling the body as anyone does. You see these guys training for the Olympics? Amazing what they can do. Even the little girls. You know, they do all these things with hoops and everything. And circus performers, and they're doing it for years. They train their body to do it. They didn't actually go in and tell every cell in the body what to do. So it is obviously some kind of executive structure or seniors to this organization that they do communicate with in the body. You see what I mean? Every organization, to work well, has to have command lines so it coordinates itself. This is variously seen when you are running a ship e.g., with a large crew, and they all have to do the right thing at the right time. Who's telling them what to do? The captain. So you have to have coordination. Same with a football team. Now we take the analogy down, and we say, the player must have somebody, a captain of the body, or an executive structure in the body, that he communicates via, so that all these things get handled at the right time in the right place. But look at the time the take in training, I mean, you know, hours a day. They put a lot of attention on the diet. Special training programs, exercise programs, dietary programs, sleep programs. They show the body pictures of other bodies doing it so it can learn by duplication. Or they show the football team the pictures of the other football team so they know how they work, so they can beat them. But so far they haven't had a program where they actually get anything that is the commanding, the communication lines of the body organization. Of the lambda body org actually analyzed and handled and evaluated and perfected. They only do it physically. The guy says, "Oh, I got a bad arm, I can't play today." So they come and they give him massage, all physical, physical, physical. Or the put some mixture there, some preperate. Physical, physical, physical, physical. Nothing to do with running an organization by telepathy or even written orders or telephone orders, I mean... Now, we can say the same about this big problem, aging and decay of a body. This has puzzled mankind for centuries. Right? Wow! They have sought all kinds of magic things, magic fountains, magic water, magic stones, everything. That isn't just in the ancient, they're still doing it today. The whole cosmetic industries are based on this. The magic lotion that takes away the wrinkles. It's right there on your television, they are still doing it! Slow down the aging process, eat this good diet. The doctor says, "Stop smoking, you live a few more years." But in spite of all this, of the centuries they have been doing it, in spite of the enormous technological progress of the twentieth century, by actual records of churches of births and deaths and everything they have only increased the average life span in two thousand years, they have only brought it up from around 45 years old to 65. And then the last half century, they've only brought it from 65 to 70. Or seventy-five. Average. That's a lot of effort, man! Lot of money, lot of time, lot of people spent in doing this research. And yet the doctors of the twentieth century admit to you, if the body can heal itself, and many athletes have had broken this and that, and they have gone on to become even better, and it can replace to a degree, at least on a gradient, missing things in the body it needs by giving it a right diet and so on. And since the physical cells are always dividing, getting rid of all the bad, or supposedly getting rid of the bad ones and putting new ones there, they can't understand why the body goes on the decline, it ages and finally it dies. They can't understand it. You ask a doctor, he says, "Well, actually, from what we know what the body does, it seems it could carry on as long as it could, much longer. Much longer. But somehow it doesn't." And they don't understand it. That's what I want to point out to you: Even in the avaricious spanish days, after they discovered the new world - avaricious means greedy - there were only two buttons you could get the Spaniards to really put out a lot of money in an expedition for: One, of course, was gold. "The Indians got gold...Let's go and get a whole army, better go and get the gold, man..." And the other was the fountain of youth. If you read the history of America, not the history of Europe, but the history of America, what the Spaniards did in it: The guys who went searching for gold, of course they discovered things as well. You know, the pacific ocean, and this country and that area and so on. The guys who went searching - and they even used to go searching for cities of gold, underground and all kinds. The Indians soon found out that's a good way to get rid of the Spaniards, just tell them that's way over there, you go three months march to the north, and you find the city of gold. To get rid of the Spaniards, I mean, they took all their gold, they took all their women, you know, everything. A real prose period of civilization. And Columbus didn't start out to do that, and he didn't like it what they did, but they just, you know, it's Spanish, let's get the gold. He just knew that they liked that stuff, but he didn't want to kill the Indians and take over their women and all that shit. Anyway, they did it. And Spain got rich, it was the most powerful nation between 1500 and 1600. Now that they had money they wanted to get eternal youth. And man, the guys who went after those "fountain of youth" stories, they explored more countries than anybody! There was one, Bonfidelion, he discovered, looking for the fountain of youth, "the whole of the middle and south of the United States". It was an amazing trip in those days, and he started somewhere down in Mexico. He discovered and explored an area which was bigger than Europe! With a lot of soldiers, and bad times, and in the desert no food...and they weren't even looking for gold! So they used to put out a lot of organization and finance on that. Of course, the funny story is, when he got to Florida - there weren't many scientist in those days - Florida is a very low country, and it has salt water all around it in the Oceans, and it has a lime stone structure in the ground, which is very porous, and all the fresh water (it comes down a lot of rain, too), it will collect up in this in this porous material and flow on top of the salt water underneath. And since it was all not moving very fast, it was all in the rocks, so to speak, it will show up in pools and things like that with very clean, clear, cool water. You have seen the stories, they always do the underwater filming there and everything, it's so clean and so clear, it's fresh. I've been in it, it's beautiful water, no doubt about it. But they didn't understand that. Because it was coming out of the ground, and no mountains around for rain to come down. I mean, the Suisse obviously understood the snow melts and it comes down and it comes out in a spring and it's pretty clean. But here was a flat land and all this fresh water coming up! And they thought they really had the fountain of youth when they discovered the first one of those. Well, there was soon proof it was just water. Clean water. But it didn't make you live any longer. And it didn't have magical healing powers or stopped aging and decay. Believe me, they tested it out thoroughly. Because they were already in aging and decay, see, from doing this enormously long expedition, it took years. And it didn't take away their wrinkles and all that stuff. But it did make them feel, you know, like a nice refresh, but that's about it. And now you got Coca Cola, so you don't need that. Okay, I just want to show you, that a lot of attention and money and all that is gone on that problem. In fact, even in Switzerland, where they were so smart about the water, they now have clinics up there today, where you can go and get injections of monkey glands and all kind of stuff to keep you young. Oh yes. Has lots of drug companies up there researching, yes, I'm sure about that. It's all true. And of course, in the monkey gland example, they're just taking one lambda, the physical part of one lambda org, but it happens to be from another species. I really think they do that because they found out e.g. that old monkeys don't go bald or something. The monkey keeps all his hair until the day he dies, so they say, "Hey, we put the monkey stuff into the human, and maybe he will look better and have more hair and won't go white." These guys are really desperate. And we know some secret data Arnold and I found out from investigation: Some of the richest guys in the world - they don't need money, they have everything they want, power, money, houses, everything - they have secret projects, personally, where they hire specific and well- trusted people. And doctors. They totally work for them. They try to keep them from dying. And they set up missionaires all over the world to discover anything that could keep this guy from going down the final decline. They do that. So as you can see: they are really looking for the answer. But you can see it in your husband or wife in everyday life. The husband notices that there's a certain new row of bottles in the bathroom when she is about twenty-nine maybe, thirty-five. He says, "What's all that new stuff?" These are special crèmes for the face, things to wash the hair in, it's all to keep them looking young. And the women may come in one day in the bedroom, and there's all this chrome and stretchy stuff in the corner: exercising equipment. And she says, "Hey, what's all this?" And the guy says, "Well, you know, I was out playing with the kids the other day, just for fun, and I can't move like I used to. I need to get back in shape." His worry is getting old. So this problem is with everybody. Interesting, eh? We really got a button here. And now we have...shall we say...the door comes open. And now you will see even more why I say, "the door comes open". To a possible handling. By understanding LRH very thoroughly. What he says in the Dianetic Axioms. What he says in the Scientology Axioms. And what he says in the Tech.

And what he says in the Policy. Because this is the missing thing.

And all of this money and research that was spent on the planet is understanding the body organization, or the lambda organization that animates life. That is the missing, omitted, non-confronted, not-ised, heretical even data. You know, the church used to excommunicate or even inquisition people who had weird ideas about life. And who were playing around with that stuff. They called them witches. Or alchemists. "They are fooling around with the natural laws of life." And quite for a while the church didn't like sciences either. Now they have to live with them. Because the pope likes to travel with an airplane.

Okay. We're going to concentrate now on what is going on with this, this neglected area. We have already seen how doctors and scientists can miss it totally in their concentration on this, phi. We have already seen how scientologists can miss it. Who do believe in a seventh dynamic, have even audited a lot of it.

Especially on the OT levels. But yet they are so: have this missing (points toward the lambda on his drawing). They don't want to do anything with policy. So, I came to the conclusion, the reason for all of that is it's unconfrontable. And again referring to policy, LRH talks about on the third dynamic, how a person feels up against a big organization. He talks about the power differential, that one guy maybe can handle a situation with another guy. Maybe in his family also. Maybe in his town also. But here you have a gradient of confront and cause. And maybe he even has the confront to move up to sort of a...he can write to his state or his area, province officials. But when he comes to the entire government of the country, it's a big country, he usually feels overwhelmed. And he never protests or anything, he just submits. You have an example of that of course during the Third Reich. Big organization, man, you used to better keep your mouth shut up. And stay away from the synagogues. And in America it's the same thing today. People mutter and complain personally about their taxes a lot. And they even do something about the state tax or the local tax. They never do anything about the federal tax.

They have a huge organization and they can come in and take you and put you in jail and take all your assets. They have their own rules and regulations, they can bypass the constitution, the law, everything. In other words, LRH ended up in that policy describing it as a grasshopper up against a billion horsepower motor. You know, and this motor goes whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo, the grasshopper goes up against it, he just goes pph! That's it.

But when you really understand policy, you know there are ways you can change the whole cycle of government. Which is one person or a small organization. Apparently terrorists know about this, too, they do it with violence, of course. Take out that guy, and the government will go into confusion. You see, it's a rather blunt approach. But that's how they handle an organization. Doctors the same way. Something wrong in a body? Ah, great, we'll cut it and take it out! Some doctors, and there are some doctors who are very cool, and they just fix the bone and let you heal it. Or they think you are healing, but you know, you are not healing and he is not healing it, who the hell is healing it? You see what I mean.

So, we have that phenomena, that when the organization is too large, it becomes unconfrontable, unhandleable. Now, that doesn't mean it has to be powerful in terms of force. But I give you an example of one that is unconfrontable to people in terms of force.

Well, in your country it was the Third Reich. In the East block it was the communist party. Right, nobody stood up against that. It had to come from the top, the change, with Gorbatchev. But I tell you that everybody don't confront, and that is the possible invasion from outer space. Because they know they must have the power to get here through outer space, and we can't even get a permanent satellite put up there or a telescope without something going wrong. So they are really scared of that, "Oh, those guys must be powerful, and there are lot of them..." So that's an example of unconfrontable organization. Because the organization is using force. But don't let your attention just stick on that.

Because the main non-confront is not on the force, I guarantee.

You know why? I can give you several examples proving that that is not the reason. Go down to Italy and visit Pompeii. Now, everybody that lives in that area and still lives in that area, regging money of the tourists - I think it's Vesuvius - they know that Vesuvius is still active. And the hell of a lot of force can come out of that sucker, and bury them all, everything they have. But they confront it. They stand it every day: "Hey, come see, the whole Pompeii was buried under this enormous stuff." And in New Orleans, where I am from, they have hurricanes, you know, 120 miles an hour winds, Whooooooo! coming through the city, tearing roofs off of houses, blowing down big trees. I mean, really worse than like being two miles from an atomic explosion. People say, "Well, a hurricane is coming, let's have a party!", you know, "or let's go up and look." They understand that's a reactive force. It doesn't have any analytical intent. So they can confront that. You see what I mean? But they can't confront the idea of somebody deliberately coming and putting an atomic bomb in the sea! Whoom! And the people that live two miles away get house roof blown off and the trees fall down. And if they took all the precautions they did in the hurricane, they might survive it. But that scares them.

Why? Because, they can confront the force, but they can't confront the analytical intention of an organization that's big enough to do that! That made the bomb, that made the planes, that trained the pilots, that had the whole thing played out that they could get through their defenses and do it. So we can reduce it down to a simple statement: Above a certain size of organization, to most people it becomes unconfrontable. And it doesn't matter whether it has a lot of force or not. But it does matter that it has analytical intention and hats and an organized intention. You see? So it's not the MEST they don't confront. The intention of the opposing force, the invaders from outer space, and the Russians if they bomb America or whoever does - one, two (points toward theta and lambda) - they have their thoughts and their intentions and their orders and so on like that, in a very light MEST or very invisible. But they feel the intention to destruct. And, on the other hand, it's the size of the organization that has that, can organize, coordinate that and can make that happen. See? Because they can confront Joe coming out and saying "I'm gonna kill you, if you bump my car again!" Joe is just one guy, so they say, "Oh, piss off." But if he had 500 space ships coming down and there was ugly looking guys and they were going, "Kill all the humans! Kill all the humans!", oh, shall he be scared, man! The same intention.

But it's organized. You see? All right. Guys can't handle it, they can't confront it. I want you to get that real straight, because the missing part that has never been confronted and a lot of Scientologists never even confronted it, and aligned of course all the others that keep spending millions to look for the eternal youth, they have never confronted the size of the organization of the body org. Not the number of MEST particles that are in it. But the size of the organization that animates it.

Now, again, or following LRH, in Dianetics theory he says that apparently you can carry Dianetics down and it does something on a cellular level. And so I extended my confront of the organization of body at least to the cellular level. And I have a quote here from - called "Natural Hygiene" - which says, "and to think: there are over 75 trillions of these astounding cells working with pinpoint perfection for some 60, 70, 80 years, or more. Now, remember, this guy is not confronting it either, he's just saying how many cells there are in the body, that's the phi! That's the phi part. Now, let's write that out, so you just see how many zeroes there are: 75,000,000,000,000. Okay? That's how big it is.

In mathematical terms 75 x 1012.

And from LRH's statement - oh, by the way, there's only five billions human beings on the planet. Not trillions. And people can't confront them either. They look at all that starving, dying, and they don't want to be in that country, because they're downstat or a different color or whatever. So we have far exceeded the number of individual hats or positions or beings than anybody has ever confronted on this planet so far. As soon as we assign one lambda hatted staff member, minimum. Probably more, but we just it on a gradient. Ideally 75 trillions hatted staff, one to run each cell. Now, I can tell you there is more, because not all of them are running a cell. Because that wouldn't be an organization. But if that's the lowest monitoring level you need to make the MEST move and do what you want, then you need a structure of organization above that to coordinate it. And correct it. And to relay the orders and all that. Now, I'm sure that the scientists that are now getting puzzled, because when they do very small experiments with a small number of cells or an atom...they tend to try to predict what they are going to do, you know, it's "We have this theory here, and it says it so should divide at this rate and it should go that way and that way." And it all sounds reasonable, but sometimes they do exactly the opposite. And they can't understand that. A lot of scientists are critical and skeptical. Especially of other scientists' work. So the first guy does the experiments, he says, "Oh yes, this is the theory, and I made it, so it should work", and it does work. Now he writes it up and puts it in a journal, because the other guys now have to have it happen in their lab just like that or it isn't really a scientific fact. Can't be a fact unless it can be duplicated in any lab that does the same experiment. Now, the next guy who does read it, he says, "I don't believe that, man", and he works, and he says, "didn't happen that way." Now, they didn't run across that when they were just dropping apples and saying "that's gravity". But they are running across it now that they are doing it with these little tiny units and cells down at that level.

What's the reason for that? Obvious - the guy's own intention is influencing that. The observers intention is influencing what he sees in the microscope. This guy thinks it will work that way, and it does, and this guy thinks it won't work that way, and it doesn't. Now, whether they know it or not, those failed experiments and things they have thrown out of science are the proof that theta can influence MEST at some level. You see, on a gradient. Those guys aren't OTs. But apparently they have enough intention to overcome the intention or change the intention of the lambda that may be connected to those cells. So a gradient of OT would be: how many cells can you tell what to do? Well, probably a long time ago on the track it was already found out that MEST itself was so reactive, if you didn't want a lot of trouble, you'd better assign one lambda, one lambda hatted staff to each cell.

Yes, they are created, too, they are created particles, but - more theta. Not MEST. They have the ability of telepathy, ARC. See? Rather than solidity, or energy or something.

So we also have to have plus 75 x 1012 - and really, that's a bit of an arbitrary, but it seems to work, that if you assign one lambda org hatted staff to each cell, you can effect a change if you discover the rules of the organization - so you have to have in addition to that a coordination, communication, correction and command staff. At least. So you would have e.g. - LRH talks again in org policy, which a lot of people don't confront that the most efficient org boards are run by function. And the body can be divided into separate functions - the function of the nervous system, function of bones, functions of blood flow, each organ, you have the skin, or even a division with sub-juniors running skin of one part of the body, skin of another part of the body...

You know what I mean? Because you can't count money with your elbows, but you can with your fingers. So there may be a different function down here around the fingers. Very sensitive. And you notice that the dogs have big long noses - there's one in here I think - and they terrific function of smell. Lots of little cells in there and lots of little lambda which analyses smell. And they must have coordination, communication lines, correction possibilities and command staff. You see? So there is some more you have to confront, when you just put that - one for every cell; now we got to organize them in function and got to have seniors and echelons of command and comm lines and coordination lines. So it could add another..whatever..another three zeroes, it could be 75 x 1015. Minimum. And funnily enough these guys make a statement in here...this guy fairly confronted the MEST part of it..."Your body is performing quadrillion of processes 24 hours a day."

You can watch to it on Dailymotion (Part 2)

Interesting. He doesn't know how they do it, but he says it is doing it. This is sort of a New Age health book. Always to do with getting the right diet and everything of course. But they did get the scientific data about the body and at least put it in the book. The physical data. But they also say it is performing quadrillions of functions 24 hours a day. But he didn't have the cog. You have to have a hell of an organization to do that! It's got to be - you know, to put it on a smaller gradient - it's got to be bigger than Sony and IBM together. It's got to be bigger than the biggest computer they put together so far. I mean, they are lucky if they can form a million functions on a computer at one time. I mean, they are lucky, that's it, that's a global war computer. You see what I'm talking about here. It's unconfrontable. And that's why nobody has ever discovered it. And you say, "Well, why can you confront?" Because I did the bridge.

That's the only reason. And I had to confront some other very unconfrontable things on the way. And then I really started looking at: "How can we bring the body fully up the bridge?" And many of you may have heard that tape called "Omitted bridges" It said there can be bridges for these guys and for the phi. For lambda and phi. And we don't have thought about that. That's why I started confronting it. You see?

So, now, here we got some idea of the size of the org and the number of functions going on. Now we go back to this: How would be a better way to handle your bodies as an OT and how do you handle this preventing of aging and decay? Well, I'm sure now that opened the door to the handling, you can start to get some ideas. Right? One of the first things that you can see or be aware of, if you're Scientologists, you aren't going to handle any org of that size unless you get in comm with it. I mean, you can't even handle getting your car repaired unless you get in comm with the guy down at the garage. See? So it's pretty obvious. Communication.

So the first thing you had to put in is: how do you communicate with it? Funnily enough you are communicating with it all the time, but you don't realize it. You're sort of assuming it's a natural thing, you know. You want to raise your arm and you raise it. But we also realize that when somebody in a stage or in the television...when the hypnotize somebody, then another person can communicate with it and also make it do something. So: eliminate interference out of that communication. So, if you want to handle it better, well, then you don't let somebody else handle it. In other words, put you in a danger condition right away.

Now, if we say, this is the lambda org here, this big org, trillions of cells and all have functions, and the executives up here, all we're saying right now is, you can put a comm line into it from you as a thetan. And that any other people's comm lines to it should be eliminated. Very simple to start with. But yet, look around: how many people do this? "I feel sick." - "Well, go to the doctor. He will tell you what to do." Or in the new age, "You know, I feel overweighed." "Well, go to the New Age diet place, they tell you what to do." It's his body, he's right there. But here they have all these other guys they allow to take control and give it its instructions. Or even in some places they go, "Ah, I feel something is controlling my's an evil spirit." "Ah, go to the priest, get it exorcized!" So you've got religion in there, right..."I feel tired." - "Well, go to the physical therapy studio and build up your fitness." Physical education or training.

Now, whenever the guy's doing it other-determinatedly, in other words, he just steps out of this possibility of communication, and lets other thetans do the job for him, what do you think is going to happen? He's giving up his control, he's giving up his operation of the body line, he's giving up his command and control org. So it's not going to improve operation of the body as an OT.

Overall. Now, I'm not saying that all the advices from others is good, all of it is bad. I'm not saying that. Some may be good. You know, the doctor says, "Hey, don't eat this kind of fish, because, you know, they're bringing in poison, and a lot of people got sick because of that." Now, so what are we saying here? If this guy has analyzed and agreed for the reasons for this change, from the doctor, and he says, "Hey, that stuff's poison.", and he has agreed, then he can put it in as his intention. And he has not really been bypassed, because he analyzed it. He duplicated it, he owned it, he says, "Yeah, okay. I won't eat fish anymore", to the body org. Well, at the same time, if you believe everything the guy says - remembering that's a doctor and he had this, he had the black area over the whole lambda area. The next time he goes, "Oh, it's a good doctor, he knows what to do, he saved me from eating that fish." And the next time he tells - it's a lady - "Oh, you've got a lump on your breast, we are going to operate, take off your breast." And then after that they analyze it and, "Oh, sorry about that, wasn't malignant." So people are continually bouncing back and forth between other- determinism, self-determinism, harming the body, helping the body.

And they don't even know what they're doing. Because they are never in communication with the body.

Do you realize for that body to operate at all with that size of an organization and to run that many MEST particles, or phi particles, when most people can't even come in a room without knocking over something - oh, that isn't know, drop something...if it is running that good, it must be a damned good organization. If it doesn't get interfered with. You notice, the most people always have the same complaint: "Well, I felt good until I was 28 years old" - or 30 or 40. But some babies are born defective even at birth. And now they trace that back and they find out that those instructions apparently were transmitted to it somehow from the genetic line. So- wow, we got a lot of problems here, we have to look at the comm lines that have been put into the body org, not only in present time, but in the past. And also possibly that was already aberrated in the generation or generations before, and just got relayed. By the sexual cells, the ones that give the sexual data, and the other chromosome data. You see? So if the data gets so bad in one generation, before the baby is born, and it got also aberrated on those cells which are going to reproduce, and remember, it's only one sperm and one ovum, they get together and that starts the nucleus of the new body.

Physically. You will find out something during this lecture that it's not just that. Body orgs do not have baby body orgs. But habit is that they start the physical duplication under their own command, they whistle up another body org that's hanging around without a body and they get him in there to take it over.

Apparently within the first three months. After conception. Why? Because the organization's already so big it can't take on another job of running a whole new body. It's already got its 75 trillion cells to run, it can't run another 75 trillions without another big org! It can assign some other functions to start the process.

But apparently body orgs are totally separate, they have the hat, and they can expand or reduce in size, in other words, some people...obviously a baby has less cells than an adult. And the guy who weighs 600 pound or 300 kilos has many more cells than a guy - or a girl, who is very thin and a model. We're talking about in terms of 75 trillions, we're talking about some expansion or reduction, depending on the size of the body, which them it would be minor. It's only multiplying know, taking the figure with the 75x1012, and say, well, instead of that, you want the guy twice as heavy, you need 150 of those. Or if it is a thin little girl, you only need 38. It doesn't even change the number of zeroes. And it can vary between, say, when the baby is first taken, it may be vary between 10 and 100, it's the maximum it can go, but still twelve zeroes behind. So it can create new staff members of its own. Or resolve or bring them back and become the same as another staff member or just wait. Since it's in the theta universe, they don't have to follow the rules of the MEST universe. And you know, in auditing sometimes you feel bigger or smaller, depending on the way the case is going. And, well, so can a body org, it can get bigger or smaller - within a certain limit.

But it can't run a whole new body. Apparently it's hat and organization is to run one. I have some amazing data before lunch I will just say. Well we can get really set up here about the size of the org and how a new one has to take over the new body; but remember the cells, the physical part, came from the mother. And, say, they were taking care or the mother is taking care of it during the first three months, you know, she has to have a special diet, more rest, all that. Morning sickness. Maybe that's because most of the guys that were handling the sickness function before now are all there concentrating running the embryo. So right away you start getting cognitions that might resolve a whole lot of problems. Because - who would it be better to take off the post to make sure the baby is okay? The guys who heal things. They're like the Qual Division. They're like the review auditor. They fix it.

So they know everything about it. You see? So if you take a few of those off post to keep this thing growing until another body org comes, then the body may get sick, and it doesn't immediately get handled, or it doesn't get noticed. Thus morning sickness. You see? See how everything starts to be explained by putting in the right data? Now the physical part, there was an error, a mistake somehow in the experience of the former, the mother, or the father. Which aberration was transmitted to the sexual cells. Started the physical pattern, that even these correction guys, they couldn't handle that. First they don't have time. Second they might not have the right materials. I mean, they're growing something here outside of the normal function of the body. And when a new body org comes to take it over - there are a lot of them floating around, by the way - not the thetan, he may take it over later, or may hang around and be there during pregnancy, but this is actually taking the growing of the body. You see, when this guy comes in, he's stuck with the same problem, too. It's already started that way. So there are some things that even a body org can't handle. And after lunch we will go into just how those things occur, it's all under the subject what I tell you: a change, an unwanted change. Because the biggest thing here, number three, is "Handling unwanted changes", that the body org doesn't want and can't handle. (Adds it to 1.Handling the body as an OT and 2. Prevent aging and decay) You know what word covers that as the final cognition you want to have? The word "mutation". Think about that. Unwanted change equals mutation. So after lunch we will talk about mutation.

Part Two, Body Org Basics. (Dorothy translated it, he points toward here:) This is my Deutsche Alter Ego (Laughter).

Okay, here we go. This is the big start-off of how to handle what we put in the first part of the lecture. So to speak, what you've learned before was the theory of it and how it came to be looked at in that way. There obviously had to be a way that noone had looked at before, because nobody handled it before. So we were looking at how to operate the body better, and how to handle the problems of aging and decay. Now, admittedly, there had been some progress in handling body sicknesses and body illnesses and also in the technical area of Scientology of course, spiritual technology and how to reduce engrams and locks and secondary out of the way. And how to do assists. But you will see very shortly, that that has only helped the repair time of the body and/or given it the materials it needs to do the repair. But this is the big reason that nobody has ever succeeded was first they couldn't confront the organizational size of the body, in lambda land, that is it, the lambda universe, that's totally divided.

Okay. So now, we came to the point that any unwanted change - which is what we are all talking about, those were all unwanted changes, decay, sickness, illness, all that, aging. And if this is our game and we agreed to play it, and if we don't like those things, then they shouldn't be in it. Or if they are, there should be a way to handle it. Right? So, unwanted changes, mutation. That's what that word means, "mutation" means actually "change by itself", but we're going to use it in the sense of "unwanted changes". And the wanted changes we'll call what we did back in the beginning, what you wanted to hear about in the lecture, the "handling". Handlings. So that means, that if you want to have a more useful body, you want it to last longer, you want to have it well, you can handle it.

Okay. All problem are solved by the use of gradient scales.

There's two groups of data that LRH gave, called the Prelogics and Logics, and that one is in there. And that just precedes, it's right before the Axioms and Dianetic Axioms. Or I should say, the Dianetic Axioms and the Scientology Axioms, because that's the order they came.

Okay, we know that somehow we have a problem here of solving by gradient scales and we have to know also that these things are in themselves gradient scales. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to notice them. Except that the mutation gradient scale is going down, in efficiency and organization, and the wanted changes would come up. Now you realize, when we say gradient scale, we also include time in there. Now I show you why we include time in there. If you were in your own universe and you created something out here like that, and you were the only player in the game, you could just as easily take an as-ising look at it and it disappears. All right? That's very simple. No gradient. However.

You may have heard the Dynamic lecture. This game is not that simple. This game is very complex. I mean, we got at least forty or something players in this room. And if we go to buy gasoline or go to a store or go to a football game you see a lot of others.

And if you go to the movies and if you watch the television news, you see a lot of others. A lot of them may have the same problems with their body. Some of them doing better. But...and if you go to other planets, I should say, you would have more and more players you will find. And there's estimates of billions of inhabitable planets in this galaxy alone. And there's many, many billions galaxies. Well, you have to see the Dynamic lecture, where more of this is stated, but 10x1040 - 40 zeroes after - is what we come up with as - again another big confront - but that's the number of players. Okay. So, if you look at the complexity which can be obtained by that number of players, and all of those players agreeing to a game and all of those players agreeing to the dynamics and all of those players creating things in it, then it's very hard to tell, e.g. if you took the points of these two pens (Bill holds to pens together with their points), they are very close in space and time right now, but the particle here and the particle there may come from entirely different players, and one of them may be on earth, and one of them may be trillions of light-years across the galaxy by now. Or in another galaxy. In the next particle over you have the same probability. So, unfortunately, it's very difficult to come to this little simple thing of "Who made the particle? Hey, come and take responsibility." You know, if it's not working right, you say, "Hey, get the owner of that particle here, and make him make it work right." Or if it's unwanted, have him as-is it. So there has to be another approach to get a lot of these guys or most of them on the bridge.

Okay. There is some good news in all this, one more thing I show you. If you look at the Thetan in a MEST body, in the body we have the same problem as the particles in the pens. They could have been made by anybody. So you do need this org board which has the function of the lambda part to actually run it, cell by cell, let's say. But the good news is, that each lambda org was apparently - well, you could have a mix-up in there maybe, but each lambda org normally is created just buy one guy, one player.

That's what we will call on OT 12 a "solo-creation". Not a multi- creation which was made by agreement of many, many terminals. Or co-creation, which was made by just like two people. So this is usually a solo-creation. Therefore all of its functions and everything was hatted into it by a single source. And therefore it is part of that guy. Because if he as-ised it, it would all be him again. Therefore it works well together. Very well. And therefore, when you communicate with it, it duplicates very well. Now, the fact, that there was a time during the game that people decided to make body orgs, and did do so, means, that they had pretty much of an agreement on how they were going to make them as well. And probably in the beginning they made a body org to run the type of body they wanted to run. Doll body, robot body, meat body, whatever kind. But they also made them very adaptable so they could run any kind. So anyway, they are very, very, very hatted on running bodies for a player in the game. I just wanted to show you though that the complexity..first, the simplicity is, you are a player or the guy running the body is a player. He normally is running a body via a body org that was made by probably one other player. And the body itself however is probably gotten from anywhere, one particle from...oh, that guy made that particle, and that guy made that - even though they're the same element, like oxygen or carbon or hydrogen. However, when they put together an organization called the cell, the force, or the animation force that put it together was this body org. And therefore it's pretty good at doing that, and he will use in those cells materials which he knows are compliant. That he can handle. Simply then he would make this to an ideal. The best he could out of all the particles in the area, like the food particles and the air particles and all that, water particles, he will use the ones that - "okay, that one works good, that one works good, I throw that one away, it's a bit slow, resistive", and make sort of an ideal out of each one. Just like when you're shelling peas into a pot, you know, the green, green, green, as soon as comes out brown, you throw it away. You understand, we're talking about thetans playing games. Now that's the ideal. That is the best that you can get without each player getting up the bridge and separating out his own particles, maybe putting his own particles there and making his own body so he can turn it on and off. Now, that was probably the simple form of how the game started with bodies, something like, there is some player, he wants something so he doesn't have to put attention on every cell all the time and tell the heart when to beat and all, so he creates an org to do it, and he picks up some and make one.

So a simple ideal scene would be. And then in the Dianetic Axioms LRH says this is the method the thetan is using to handle the MEST universe, he's conquering MEST via lambda. And there's the rest of the MEST down here, say, and you need a tool, this is the tool, to bring their order to the rest of the MEST. Now, what do know, most people love to work with their hands, and you like to go out and touch things, and make a garden look real nice and make a nice inside of a room. So they're bringing order to the MEST universe and making it more into communication. Right , so it eventually gets audited, when these guys go up the bridge. Everybody likes that, everybody's using that. If you look around...I mean, most of the, if you had a poll of all the different things being done, most of them are more orderly, more - shall we say, bringing order to something, trying to make it survive or more ARC to. Now that would have worked fine as nice gradient on them, getting the spiritual stuff handled and the creations handled, so that everything could resolve in the game or bring it back up to a point where everybody totally enjoyed it. However, there was something happening in this game, that didn't happen like this in others. Interference. Now, you know, I'm not going to go into that very much, just say it is there, and that's why we have such crazy politicians, you might say, and people's cases are so stuck and they can't really handle it very easily, and there is insanity and criminality, and there is obviously some guys interfering in the game and trying to take it over and make it no fun for anybody.

Now, we've called that "implanters" variously, or LRH's datum "merchants of chaos". Because they are just the opposite of bringing order. You are trying to bring order, and here comes some guy selling chaos. Well, that's the subject of another lecture and text study and everything else like that. And it really gets started to get handled on the early OT levels from OT 2 through to Excalibur. And it was prevalent over the whole game.

So, know we have the combinations of...this might have been more or less the ideal scene to play the game, and then we have this factor in it, and then we add millions and billions of years of game playing without this being handled, and what do you get? ("Stuck cases") You get present time.

All right. I'm not going to overwhelm you with what you get, because you probably have to do all the auditor training and C/Ses courses, to find out really how (...) it really is. But we do have a gradient scale out of that. And it's right there, it's called the bridge.

I want to show you what can be impinged on this body org operation cycle. And I do this in a very simple form. Familiar to those guys who've done this body org course, it's a simple drawing , but it explains it all. Just look at these at as three levels of...this is the theta level, and this the lambda level, and this is the phi level of the game. And remember, I told you before, that this was called lambda land and has all that complexity we talked about, all that org board with all these guys and everything, we just use this circle to represent that. And this level represents the phi, the whole MEST universe with all these particles mixed up and the creators of them all over the different places now. And this is the thetan, and a lot of people don't even know they are thetans, they think they are lambdas, or they think they are phi bodies. So this would be a sort of the current state of the seventh, eighth dynamic awareness levels. And it's pretty bad. So, I'm using that to represent the areas there: theta, lambda, phi.

Let's look at how it should operate in a very simplified form.

There should be a communication line here between theta and the lambda body org. Between the thetan, the player and the lambda body. Now, that would be what we call operation, the operation comm line. And it's theta to lambda. And there has to always be, remember, between the big org here and each cell in the body, should be another communication line, a lot of lines, but I'm just showing one. This would be the operation of the MEST body or the body, lambda to phi. And of course there should be the observation - just like any other comm line: your attention goes in, it gets duplicated, everything is okay at the other end, understood. And there is another one actually which is down here, operation to bring order. Which is probably..from all the way down the intention was in there, but in this we will go on down and do something in the MEST universe. Just like I'm writing with this pen to make a drawing in the MEST universe, you see? The body is holding the pen and writing the right things, of course. We don't have to tell you about the problems of operating in the MEST universe or this line here of using your body trying to get things done in the MEST. You already know that can be difficult. Remember the guy going to look for the fountain of youth, I mean this soldiers who were going through the desert, they were all tired and all that long as a purpose is there, they keep doing it. This is well covered in history, you can run into war if you like, Indians, or interference, or bad guys coming and trying to steal you things, or sudden thunderstorms, or volcanic eruptions, all that stuff. So this part between the bodies and the universe is well documented by books, historical novels, television series, movies, everything you could think of, so we don't have to go into that, it's pretty well known. And you notice a lot of effort and communication lag in it. They don't always get the thing done real quick.

But the part that people don't know is what is the comm lags and difficulties between lambda and phi, because they don't even recognize this. And most people don't recognize the theta-lambda or even theta-phi connection, because they don't even know they are thetans. But... this is where, shall we say, the unresolvable part of the problems we talked about, aging and decay and operation, this is where the unresolvable problems all are.

Do you understand? The doctor can tell you. No. When confronting the universe, he can say, don't go out in the cold. Without a muffler on, or you may get frozen something, you may catch a cold or something. And don't drink that water out of that well. It's polluted. It is well known, well known. Working on this all the time. Remember stats. They haven't really increased the life span of body very much.

Unless they're accidentally killed, people are normally sick before they die. So they haven't really handled everything by just handling this. Or telling innumerable stories about it and all that. Now we happen to know the interference guys also put organizations and scenarios and economic things and terrorist things and all that into this game at this level, and so there is effort and there is comm lag and there is conflict. But if you want to know more about that and all that read a lot of the histories and see the movies and go take a kung fu course.

That's not what we're talking about. Or take a dietary supplement. A very physical handling. Where is my little not-is? Normally all you're reading about and they are looking for the answers in there, you won't find them. Because all this is blanked out in the awareness of the guy who made the movie or wrote the book. Unless you happen to come across LRH's books. Then the door starts to open up, right? And when you're trained in all the technical things and when you've then gone up the bridge and start to see some of this game yourself, you can start seeing the missing bits.

OK. So let's start looking at some of these. Now. We know that every thetan is not an OT. That's a pretty safe statement. We know there is a gradient on that. Because we've got a bridge here which helps people regain those abilities. So let's say the first thing we can say about these ideal scenes here – comm-lines and handling – the first thing you could interfere with is the thetan's own case. OK? His own case of his time track in the game. We don't care what it came, where, when it came from, but he could have a case as you well know. And it consists of all the things handled on those levels up there. And it also is covered, let me... we know what that is. So that can't be the real problem with handling bodies. Because as you go up the bridge, if that was the only problem, then everything should go right. And yet we have heard of thetans, sorry, OT people going up the OT bridge, and they suddenly die of something they didn't know of and they didn't expect it, but they get sick and so on. So that isn't the whole story. I mean the body does. So it isn't the whole story. OK.

Let's go, before we take that one, let's take that one here. What can go wrong with the physical parts of the body, well, as any health nut or food specialist or new age guy will tell you, the quality of the materials coming into your body. And it's true. There's nothing wrong with that theory. You will improve operation if you improve quality. Of the hat of the staff members used, of materials used. And then, operation. So I write up here: "Case". And down here I write: "Poor Quality". Poor quality MEST. Remember, this represents the physical body. So, poor quality MEST in there can act as an interference. Now, what can act as an interference on lambda?
Well, as I said, this was a long time ago, that body orgs were made. So they also have a track in the game. I mean, not as long as the guys who began the game and played it. But they do have a long track. And this is what I referred to in "Omitted Bridges". They have a case, too. Not the same kind of case this guy has. This is a case based on interference. With them, with the lambda body org following its purpose it was created for. So it would be the lambda case. And why do I say purpose? Because it is an organization. And an organization is defined as a group of persons following the same purpose. Alright. So – that is just a general definition, so if you have a business to repair cars. Then everybody in that business has something to do with repairing cars. And if you start selling some of the repaired cars, then you have another business which is selling and repairing cars. But you see, every time you add a new purpose, you add maybe more organization, now you put sales – a glass front and sales people out in the front. So the organization gets bigger, and you have more than one purpose. And maybe when it gets big, you will sell new cars as well. And imported cars. And maybe you can start selling boats and trailers. And airplanes.

Now you can unite the whole thing again under – well, what business? The transportation business. Private, personal transportation. Because if you just said, my purpose is transportation, you'd also start only bus lines and airplanes – charter services and everything. So you can see that, as you could get a larger purpose, the organization could get bigger. You see, the purpose of all of you here was to hear the lecture, for instance, so it's a temporary organization, you're here today and gone tomorrow. But you are organized through this. You have a certain... you sit in a certain place, you listen, and so on, you put your ears this way rather than that way. You see what I mean? So you can define it loosely and heavily and so on. But purpose is the key thing. Now what's the general purpose these lambda orgs were created for? Operation.

The key factor in this is operation in the physical universe for the player. So that means operating the MEST and wholly making this tool for handling more MEST.

For this guy. And now another little door opens. Especially if you've been in the Sea Org. Because we used to push the bodies to limit. And used them 20 hours a day. And sometimes 24. Do all kinds of impossible things. And get very little rest. Very little time off. And, however, depending on where you were. But some places very little food, good food. But always, where LRH was, he made sure everybody was fed very well. And the quality, however, in some areas of the planet we were operating, I think I wrote that down here, yeah, poor quality MEST, that was bad. I mean. They had certain areas where you – you could just forget about having anything like milk or cheese or any kind of dairy products. Terrible stuff. It could make you sick. If you could eat it. OK. So there was operation. And we learned that one very well.

Now. What we're talking about here is – it's just like a computer. Or a robot with a prime directive. You know, it has the senior thing it does above all others. And in a computer it might be, it responds to orders from the keyboard. And it tries to do the operation from what is written in there. But if you'll ever operate a computer you find it's not quite the prime directive, the top one. The top purpose.

Because you run into this thing called its program which is in ROM – read only memory. I mean, you can't erase it. You can't erase it. That's the basic on what it works. And you didn't put it there. Unless you're a programmer. The programmer put that memory in there so it could do certain things. And in a normal computer it is the highest purpose it operates on. Much to your confusion and anger sometimes. You're just sort of using it and – hey, why won't it do this? It doesn't do it. It's not in the program. Or you're trying to order cross order the program. So, when you're playing with the computer you suddenly realize – hey! There is a senior purpose in this thing and I didn't put it there. It's sort of like the thetan who operates his body and doesn't realize that he didn't put it there, if he ever realizes that somebody else made that lambda org.

So, anyway, but it did have, it does have an operation in the physical universe for the player's purpose. And not just the player who made it, it would operate for any player. We know that because it happens. OK, so, however, it could operate better if all the line here was total ARC and understanding. Right?

So at all times your case around this guy and case around this guy, and he's also got a line back to his original player who created it. No matter how weak or unknown. It's still there. Because this is this guy. It's a creation of his. When it as-ises, where is it going to go? Where is the theta going to return to? It becomes part of him again. So it's very closely connected. Not knowing this. Because a case here and this track case of the body org, because being lambda, it is not MEST, it does not die. It also leaves the body at death.

Maybe a little later than the thetan. But certainly at the time that rigor mortis sets in. No more game, fellows!

OK, now. Therefore you can get another kind of interference here, which is just of the misunderstoods, ARC breaks and bad communication between this guy and this guy, right? And, remember, I told you also, this guy may go to his doctor for advice, he may go to his health yoga for advice, so you have other players' comm lines coming into here, which also makes a bit of confusion. And may or may not help. Alright? And family and friends, don't forget them: "I give you some good advice. Joe, you got to quit your job and divorce your wife!", and so on. That also affects the body. How do we know that? You have run Dianetics. But all these things called holders, bouncers, deniers. Things that were said while the body was unconscious, which, when the body wakes up, it tends to dramatize them.

So the body goes unconscious, and when it gets a severe shock, the lambda org interiorize to try and handle it, not getting any good direction from the thetan, all of a sudden words come in and so on, it's going: Oh, maybe I should do that, maybe I should do that, maybe I should do that. Actually it normally is interiorized in the body because it operates cell by cell. But I'm talking of focusing attention trying to repair the thing to get it back to operation.

So don't talk around unconscious people. LRH said it in Dianetics. Because the guy who is supposed to run it... Same goes for hypnosis. Same goes for drugs. Same goes for alcohol. And some severe medicines. And, of course, the same goes for implanting and bad auditing. Alright? Because these comm-lines come in whether the guy is unconscious, hypnotized, even sitting in session. If he gets a bad auditing session, restimulates them, he's liable to transmit that charge right to the body. Or the auditor, who has very good TRs is liable to transmit it right into there. OK? If it's wrong, wrong item, dramatization. Just like a holder, bouncer, denier, just standing around an unconscious person.

OK, so we have in between theta and lambda we have the possibility of this interference coming in. Oh. By the way, let's not forget all the whole track implants that have been impinged either on the thetan or the thetan plus body. Maybe not the same guy that's running it now. But he may have it and also the lambda had it when it was back in another body. Or maybe it remembered running an implanter's body one time and it remembered all the commands perfectly because the guy had to memorize it for his exam or something. See? That's the purpose, operation in the physical universe, and the players, they don't really differentiate what the player's purpose is. In actual fact they do, but they withhold it long time and since there is nobody else around that understands it, they keep looking for this guy to get straightened out or to get audited or something and get back on the game track, but if he doesn't, then they sort of go along with it and maybe make him sick and help him to die. Help the body do that. If they don't get help from a bad thetan, and they do something the lambda body org kind of knows is not right, we're killing people or something, now that isn't our purpose, we're not supposed to kill them. You know, we're supposed to have more people to help handle this. You are liable to see that this guy. The lambda body org is going into disagreement with the thetan. Not operate for him anymore but try to go against him and actually make the body sick.

As LRH said: SPs are normally very sick people. In their body. Why? Because all their purposes they're doing are being read by the lambda org to see if there's any operation required, and if it's not really on the purpose line to handle and bring order to the physical universe, then it's going to go sort of "Oh-oh, this guy's an asshole. Well, we'll just let the repair cycles drop and we won't handle his diet and if anything happens, we'll just let it get worse". Or they might actively, actively start to mess up the body. So it does have a case. The lambda org has a case. And you have this level of interference which can cut or change the comm-line between lambda and phi.

Now you have the phi org. And then down at the bottom you have every cell monitoring every cell. From lambda to phi. Sorry one lambda had its staff member monitoring its cell. And when you get down to this level, where are you going to get from all of this, you're going to get change in the cell. It's going to affect itself. But that isn't all that's going to affect the cell. You also have poor quality MEST coming in, but that was by choice, that was eating, breathing, get out of that area, it's bad air, and, OK, we'll get out. But you still breathe some bad air. But what about the ones you don't see? The interference you don't see? Like radiation. See? Like the continued slow gradient of pollution that you don't really notice. Especially fast moving energy particles that cross through here all the time, like radiation. So you get a barrier, sometime the comm gets changed and the comm-line gets cut between the lambda and the phi on a cellular level.

We also know that that happens during an engram. How do we know that? Well, we know that these arbitraries and efforts and things of the engram, say, crushes the physical cell. The lambda monitor for that cell goes, "Oh, shit, can I repair it. Must I build a new one?" I mean, he's not hurt, he's not a MEST particle, he's theta, a little theta particle. But he's got a job to do and man, now really his job's messed up, he's got to fix the cell or get it out of there and get a new one in. Meanwhile, this thetan is dramatizing earlier engrams and he's out cold, he's not aware of nothing. And when his holders come in with this great statement – "Oh my god, don't move!", it goes. Woop! right down to where this guy is working with this cell and he stops working. He doesn't move. And it damages there and it stays there.

Now, we're into magic. LRH discovered magic on this. I mean, you're as magic as doing a touch assist. Remember? To tell this guy: Let me know when you feel my finger. Touch the damaged cell area. Or around it, to start off on a gradient, where you can, and gradually all over you bring it closer. And... Says, oh. Ah, something blows off and he feels it. He goes: "Yeah, I feel it, do it a couple more times, now it's OK". What was he doing? He came in on a gradient with the finger, closer and closer to this area where the damaged cell is, the cells, a few millions of them actually, but basically restored this communication line. So he touched, he looks, he feels through here. Lambda goes, "Oh, shit! That's the cell that's damaged! We're supposed to be doing something about that!" So the first thing it does is the signals of all been stopped, the pain signals have all been stopped by this guy, when – don't move! So they stopped all motion here. And so. Now the first thing that comes off, is all the delayed communication about: This area hurts! And so this big pain comes off. Then the area gets back in communication and heals rapidly. And it may not still be well yet, it may be still sore or cut or whatever, but it heals rapidly once you blow that off.

If it doesn't, you have to take this guy in session and run him through the incident. With the body present, by the way. Because it's getting the session, too. And the same thing happens on a broader scale, affecting more of the organization while they stop the function, for instance, or slow down the function or why they went out of operation entirely in one area. Because this guy's case is now getting handled a little bit too. It went back to an earlier similar, you see, right? And they blow that. And then things get working real good. OK.

But the touch assist works, because it restores the communication to the area and the normal function. Of the lambda org. Not of the physical body. That's what you don't know. See, we've been auditing the lambda org all the time with touch assists. You thought you restored the comm-line here, all the way between here and here, but actually this was the guy getting the touch assist. See? Because just touching the MEST isn't going to heal it. If you strip a piece of skin off and put it on the table, do a touch assist on it, it won't jump back over here and get on your body. Now the comm-line here they're going to get make it out of things around here, that every supply lines and everything, to make that little piece go here. The piece is gone. Maybe a couple of lambda guys got lost over there, but still, in all. As I said. They can vary, they can make a couple of new ones, but... To repair it.
Now there's some animals in the animal kingdom that you notice have the ability, like the star fish, who cut off all its legs and it makes a new star fish out of each one. And there is a certain level, which they can cut it down. But it can't do that after that. But obviously it has tiny little multiple lambda... And each one can operate totally on its own. Now maybe a plant or animal or something that was created for that purpose, you know. To be much more survival orientated. Spare lambda orgs. Like back-up computers and things.

But people don't have a spare. Not immediately available. There's a lot floating around, though. But not two in one body. If that happens, it's a very aberrative situation itself. It can happen, we know that. Well, it can happen, it can happen. But it's very confusing to the thetan. And it's very confusing for the body itself, because it's getting like two instructions all the time. Different orgs. And it's really a technique for an auditor to handle it. It's not the same as schizophrenic, either. Schizophrenic is where this guy maybe is having shift between one and two personalities. Or there is another, in the case somewhere there is another thetan that's trying to get his body and sometimes it takes over and sometimes he takes over and sometimes it takes over and sometimes he takes over, so it's back and forth between the two thetan's personalities. So don't confuse having two body orgs, it's very rare anyway, with schizophrenia. The body org only does operation.

However, it might appear in one of these cases we have these people who have chorea. It means they are apparently normal in any other way. Not split personalities, nothing psychotic, and they're very smart and intelligent usually, but they can't operate their bodies. Could be the answer. You see, they're not crazy or anything. But they go toward the chair and they go like this and fall down. And he has to pick up that and he knocks the papers off the table. But they're not crazy. Give them a test or something mentally and they're perfect. And they usually say. "The body won't do what I want it to do". See, they can't control the voice. And you think – that's an idiot. No, if you check them out. They're very smart. The thetan's alright, just probably something wrong with the body org.
OK. Now that could have been a genetic mutation. Alright? Remember these radiation particles coming through. Wow. Have you seen X-ray? You know. X-ray pictures? Yeah, usually they have this thing, the skeleton, there was one in "Total Recall", that movie, you know. Where he went through that checkpoint, and you could see the skeleton running through, they were checking for guns and things. Well, you notice that the radiation of the X-ray machine usually is turning the receiving end, which is on the other side of the body, black, the film is black. So it's really just the opposite, but the bones and everything come out white. Now there are two physical, scientific, already proven, already known about laws that we can adapt to this to show what's happening. And one is called the law of the absorption index, and the other one is just the photographic rule that if radiation strikes a photographic plate it will turn it black.

So you have the source of a ray here, X-ray, you have the people stand in the middle, and you have a screen over here. So the X-ray goes – woop-woop – like that. Alright. And on the other side you get black where the rays are coming through. So black equals rays through, and white equals rays absorbed or reflected. Now we do it the other way, and we take a camera, where, and it has a flashbulb here. Or a light, and you take the person's picture with light rays and it goes click, light comes on, shutter opens, image goes onto film, which is sensitive to light. So you get the picture of the guy because he is reflecting now the light. Now that means that some things will reflect totally, it means it bounces off and goes back, and some things absorb, it doesn't go through. OK.

Now how can this be harmful? The absorption index is the ratio of absorbed to reflected energy in any radiation band. So it's actually the ratio. Now let's say if that ratio is very a low number here, say one, and this is a hundred, only one out of a hundred particles is absorbed and the rest are reflected. But if it's fifty-fifty, that means half is absorbed and half is reflected. OK. Now, just take a look at the X-ray again, when you see that picture, you realize that first of all the black areas or dark areas up there, the ray went right through the body. And you think, well, that couldn't hurt anything. But as we said on that other picture here, in there something goes on. What the scientists don't know, and it's called communication lines. Now I'll show you an example, I will ask you, make you demonstrate an example of something trying to go right through and interfering. You two stand up here on this side, you two stand on this side. OK, and you tell him, say, the license number of your car, or a sequence of numbers. I don't care, and you try to tell him at the same time. Start.

OK, guys, I want to tell you this. That we're doing, alright. I want to tell you that we're doing a little experiment here, to show you how these communication lines can be interfered by other energy flows. (Two persons from the audience now talk at the same time as Capt. Bill.) Thank you. Do you see what I mean? Do you see the confusion there? Did you get it exactly, what he was saying? No. Did you all get what I was saying exactly? No. Sit down.

Do you see what I mean? Nothing stayed there. There's nothing, no effect there. But while this comm was trying to go through those two comms or those two comms were trying to go through this one, or whatever, whatever way you want to look at it, there was incredible interference there. None of them. None of those people, they're not heard, I'm not heard, but that comm lines. What do we say these comm lines were? In lambda orgs? Telepathic. Go back to your telepathic course. The interference, remember? Suppose this one's telling the cell, you know, now, it's very important that you make this right and you put that atom over there and you do it. Move over, move over, he'd be doing that with intention, not with English words. He's repairing this injury that happened earlier. And at that time these little guys down in the leg, they don't know it. But the thetan has gone to the doctor and he's standing in front of an X-ray machine. And at just the minute he's going to give the important instruction, which will totally start to repair the whole area, because – sss – X-rays going through them and destroy the whole communication.

How many of you give your body R-factors when you go to a doctor, to a dentist, to anything where it's just going to be perhaps interfered with its operation and tell it. You do more for your dog or your baby than you would for your body. "Don't worry, Poochy, we're just going to see the veterinarian, and he's going to take a look at you, you know". And you tell your child, you know, "Be nice to the dentist, now just relax, and he'll give you a candy after". But you don't go into the X-ray and tell your body and say, "Look, cool it on the big important operations right now, they're going to shoot some X-rays through the body. So just have everybody just take five. Let all that shit go through and into it".

See how much you're learning just by knowing? But LRH knew about this. He said, "Don't let people talk around an injured person." If you've had a bad experience with a doctor, you can always run it out. You go back, get the pictures or recreate the incident and so on, and bring the body org back through it. Oh, sorry, you thought it was the thetan going through? Though he does. But he's also telepathising that incident through to the body org and IT'S the one that's getting, "Oh yeah. I see, in the operation that thing was really this". And below Clear the thetan thinks he is the body anyway. Most of the time. And out there in the wog world most of the time, too. Except the few spiritualists and Buddhists. Well, maybe a billion Buddhists. There's a lot of Buddhists, but they're all most on the other side of the planet. OK. So.

Even the stuff that's going through can make a change in the communication between the lambda and the phi. And X-rays are very powerful. Remember what we said change was, unwanted change equals mutation. You don't have to actually mutate the cell, you can just change the comm-line to the cell and it gets a wrong instruction and it makes the cell wrong. Now what about this other radiation, though? Woo, look at this stuff! White – ray absorbed or reflected. Oh, boy. Now you have the ratio of how much is absorbed and how much is reflected. Now the stuff that's reflected will only go back out through the body the same way it came in, so it will give a double interference on that size. It'll be like I was showing you with these guys, one's talking this way, one's talking that way at the same time. I'm trying to talk to you. It's real confusing, because it's going in two directions at once of between the bone it's reflecting it and other cells that are letting it go through. So, and the guys in back of that bone, by the way, they're not getting any. The red X-ray is either absorbed or reflected, so in the back, just in the back of the bones, there's a little band of the lambda org there is not getting any radiation.

Now suppose you had reports from your soldiers out in the field, your organization of soldiers that planes five hundred meters apart were coming down and shooting through all the troops. Boy. And in between those five hundred meters nothing was happening. But they could hear or feel the interference from the others. You know, hear it. Hear the bullets coming. See. This whole wave of conflicting reports coming in. We're being wiped out. We can see the planes but they're not shooting us. And you get this total confusion going in the army. You have to analyze this, how much of my army is left? Some of them are OK, and some them are harmed. And that's the way the body org feels when it's getting radiation. Some of them are reflecting it. Some of them are passing it through, but it's interfering with the comm, and some of them are absorbing it.

Video Part 3

Now what happens where it gets absorbed? That means it actually impinges into physical bones, say, the bones of the body. Now we go to some more well-known physical laws. See how you can combine the two subjects? Lambda and phi. You can use a bit of physics, you can use a bit of tech, you can answer all the problems. You have a mass here, and it's just sitting there, and it has what is called an inertia. Mass, inert mass. That's great. It's just equal "M". Mass. Whatever value it is. One milligram, one gram, kilogram. However, if it's traveling at a rate of, say, one meter per second, still has a mass of M and a velocity of one meter per second. Now look at this. Two meters per second, and it's not proportional. It's by a square function. Inertia is MV2. In other words, a thing traveling at twice the speed hits you four times as hard. It has the effect, in this case we're using one and two meters per second, this would be a force of, when you finally got hit with it, you would have a force like this against your body, measured from that line. Or power, force. And the other one would be four times that much. It's not really good proportioned there, but... OK, 1:4. Just by making it travel twice as fast.

You notice it in automobiles. You know it. If you're a guy that's buying powerful cars, you know. That little Citroen 2CV, twenty horse powers dude, he maybe goes 80 miles an hour, the old ones, say it's got 25 horse powers. But to make something go 160 kilometers an hour, without any other consideration, to make that car go that fast, you'd need to put in about four times the horse power. You'd need about a hundred PS. Now there is some difference there. But you have to really look at this square law, to get power up to double the velocity of a car, especially when the wind resistance starts building up, then you need more power to get through that. But not just proportional to the speed, you need the square of that. Now that is eliminating in the effect of streamlining and all the other air reduction things and all that. That helps. And so you need something between two and four, maybe, to make it go twice as fast. And. You know, they tell you in the driver's handbooks, that if you crash two cars together at thirty miles an hour. It's this effect and if you crash them at sixty, though, it's much worse. It's not just twice as bad. It's four times as bad.

What we're trying to say here is what happens if the radiation is absorbed? Well. Whatever that particle is traveling at, it gets stopped totally by that thing it hits. And X-rays are usually traveling at 300 000 kilometers per second. Now, we all know that actually that X-rays are tiny small energy particles. Tiny, tiny. Tiny. But what happens when you square this? And added even to tiniest little particles, it's a hell of a lot of impact. So I will call it in a term, what you get is a bone engram. You get an effort, pressure on your bones. And X-ray specialists will tell you. Don't get too many X-rays or your bones will go weak. Now, how many people have ever run a chain of bone engrams? They don't recognize it. Why? Because it's totally in the lambda org. Totally the lambda org case. They're getting it. Every little cell is stopping some of that stuff and it's going through. OK? And the guy thinks – well, that didn't hurt, but the body org is going nuts, getting all these signals – hey, we got an engram here. Remember, the guy isn't in communication with the body org.

On the flag ship where there were OTs operating, or people were higher on the OT levels, we could feel the radar waves. And unaudited people would say. That's impossible, you can't feel it. Now there's a radar going on whew, whew. Like this. And radar waves are similar to X-rays, deep down in the microwave band. And anybody above Clear, usually, they could feel them, you know, impinging into the bones of the body. Like prickling. Billions tiny little needles hitting the skeleton of the body. OK? So it is perceivable by the thetan, but he's got to be pretty much in comm and up the bridge a bit, get some of that top case off of himself, then he could feel what the body feels. Then he gets the comm of the body that that's happened.

OK. We're going to go back to this picture now. And show you as we showed with the examples there of X-rays and radar and so on. You can have impingements into the cells themselves from the absorption of certain types of radiation, and you can have interference in the communication between lambda and phi, even with the radiation that apparently goes right through. But it breaks the communication. And if an organization is not in communication with itself or with what it's handling, it might drop the ball, so to speak. It makes an error. Makes a mistake. Wastes a particle. You know, like the rows of bottles coming along the machine and one of them is suddenly broken when interference happens.
So at the very minimum, when you subject yourself to these radiations, you are increasing the repair function, the necessity of repair, just like healing after a wound. And I just want to summarize this before we go to that cycle, the thetan, the player, the operator of the body, has his own case. He also has interference. From various track and implanter stuff, and PT stuff. And other thetans in his environment. And there is a level of interference there with his communication with his body. It doesn't hit him directly but interferes with his communication lines. Then you have the lambda org's own case, the body org's own case, its own track with its own incidents and some shared in this lifetime with this thetan. For auditors, that's one of the reasons why some people get confused when they go back track, especially on Dianetics. Sometimes they go back on the lambda org track and not theirs. And they don't feel like they're in the incident.

But we also have interference between the communication of the lambda organization and the cells it is monitoring. Which can be caused by physical radiations, which interfere with the telepathic command line, and that actually could be spiritual interference in there, too. With what LRH called mental image pictures. We know that sometimes they are in the body. Those people say they come flying out of a body, you know, hey, there's a picture of my broken arm coming out of my arm!

So you can have pictures in here which alter the comm-line. And we know that below Clear a guy can have pictures in between him and his body of other bodies and so on like that. And earlier similars.

Now, down at this level we have the well-known and researched interference with the actual body cells, which can be anything from bad intake or bad quality of things coming into the body. Like food, air, water, too much alcohol, too much drugs, whatever. And we have the quality of mutation which came into that cell from the parents of that cell. But that's just another change, you see.

All of this together is making the problems we announced in the beginning. Not just that. Sometimes that's quite obvious, and it's quite shocking but that's not the problem of aging and decay. That is just the problem of some big change that happened in the past generation that got transmitted to this one, and these guys in the lambda were so interfered with and have so much problems, anyway, they can't handle it. So they carried on the error. Even in the new body. And then you have the well-documented problems of the thetan plus the body handling the physical universe, and getting impingements from the physical universe called engrams and secondaries and locks. And then wars and all kinds of stuff back onto the body, back onto the thetan. Looks impossible, doesn't it?

But unless you know the whole story and you're willing to confront the whole story, you can't handle it. And we have an angle on how to handle that whole thing. And we're going to that next on a new sheet, because I want to emphasize to you that all of this is occurring in this operation phase. When we talk about assists and everything, we're talking about assists, what things were happening while the player was using his body. So these are the – shall we say – the liabilities of operation in today's world. Oh, by the way, this includes in a big portion the fall-out from Chernobyl. Especially in Germany. You see? Because the physical body was – if it was present during that – it didn't matter if it was present or not, by the way, because the stuff is all over the fields and everything like that. And it's in the ground and so on. And it may get in the food supply, and it may resolve in more poor quality stuff coming into the body.

I found when running a special sort of processes on my body org and physical body stuff, see. I was there in Germany during the Chernobyl thing and for a couple of years after. And I found it had weakened my bones – I got in good comm with the body org – had weakened the bones, it had put some substitute particles in the cells. You know, they were radioactive and transmitting more interference around rather than just stable. And that stuff had to be filtered out of the body very carefully. I had also worked on atomic missile sites when I was younger, and I had visited some very new – at that time – atomic reactors when they didn't understand anything about shielding. So I had a lot of radiation stuff that had to get gradually, on a gradient, again, sorted out of the body. And it does it very interestingly in a method of surrounding it with iron particles, as shielding, and then surrounding it with sort of a gooey substance, so that it stays together, and filtering it out through the lymphatic gland system of the body sort of bypasses all other areas of full operation.

And the body org told me it would take eighteen months to do that. See? A little bit every day. Or, sorry, every night, when the body was asleep, so that it wouldn't interfere with operation. And that is what this is. That's my filtering system. There's another one under here. And it goes up and down, like this. And it goes out. Interesting. It started the minute that I realized that had to be done, I agreed with the body, it should start doing it. And it's an impossible thing for a normal body to do. Because, when you get your body org totally in comm, it can figure out new ways of doing things, just like in an org.

In fact, I checked with the body, and normally, in a body there are only two channels with which you can transmit the signal to make the heart beat. They have one, and if it gets, you know, a bullet through it or something like that, the second one works. That's the energy signal, it tells the heart muscle to go boom – boom, boom – boom. The body, when we got in good comm. I said, hey, man, what about that, is that enough? And it said. Well. Uh, no. Or it said to me, do you think that's enough? And I said, no. Not in this game. So now we got twelve. And it can create another one before all of these twelve are used up. Or more. So you see you can do a lot of things that are impossible.

OK. I just wanted to give you that overall picture, because we do have a handling for this called the bridge. And various review processes to handle this interference. And we have a lot of body org processes from Dianetics all the way up through Dianetics-Assists, various things in OT 3, and Excalibur. And all the way along the bridge. Don't forget Objectives. See? It helps the operation and to get more comm with the body. And don't forget the drug rundown, because that can put in false signals and cut the comm lines here by having drug pictures in between. Or even drug particles still around the cell or in the cell. And don't forget the Purif. So there are a lot of body processes, right? And you get around OT 40 where we do whole organization check on the lambda org and start enhancing it or improving, optimizing it. And getting all of its case keyed out. It's not totally handled, but we get it keyed out. And later on we even handle all of it. So it starts replacing all the bad stuff with good stuff in the phi area. And it makes much better decisions on quality energy.

I mean. It's amazing, you know. The summer before I did that. It was like, I used to eat a quarter of ice cream every week, a liter. And last summer I didn't want any. The body didn't want it, I didn't want it. I hardly ate except maybe as a dessert. I mean. I'm talking about buying a liter and bring it home and eating it up. I'm not talking about what you got as dessert, that was extra. See? And the body's also dropped forty kilograms, no, it was not forty, was it totally forty? Twenty-two so far. The target is forty. Forty-four pounds. But it dropped all of that without any effort and no particular diet. It was mostly storing up stuff for an emergency, but it was mostly bad quality stuff. And it was in the fat cells. And it's just gradually getting rid of all that without any particular diet.

So there are things that can happen with handling this cycle and getting rid of this interference with a special process to get to handle this interference, too. In between lambda and phi. Mostly on the upper OT levels, but even Dianetics will work on this. But the final handlings are quite interesting, and they involve the game. The experiences in the game. So there are auditing handlings for all of these, and then of course this handling of the quality of stuff coming in. You start getting more and more perceptive of whether you're getting good quality or not, just because of your communication. Now, that isn't, however, enough to handle the whole thing unless you know this. And this is the important last part. The sequence, the schedule, the, shall we say, the plan which allows you or allows the body to have the time it needs to handle this, and I want to show you now why a body, even though it operates on that purpose and it does fairly well most of the time, it will go into decay, and it will go into aging.

Its first priority is operation. The second priority is maintenance. Third priority – repair. Now, if we define maintenance as the minor corrections needed to put it back into operation, this includes digestion, making new cells for the next day's work, or the next day's operation, or healing minor injuries and aches and pains. And that would be like, you know, your car, you know, you want to use it tomorrow, so you remember, "ah, I got to put a new light bulb in. I better wash it off a little bit, and clean it out and put some oil in".

And then the third is repair. Now that means total renewal of a whole area. Now that would mean taking your car to the shop, leaving it there two weeks and they put in a new clutch and new tires and, you know what I mean. Renew. Now the body does some renewal during maintenance, on a minor basis. The problem is, as you know with your car, the repair takes longer than the maintenance.

And now comes the real problem with humans on this planet. And that is called what I call in the Games Basics Course, the "time of the sleep cycle". Or maintenance or repair cycle in sleep of the body. See, on that level we investigated what is a thetan doing while the body is asleep. Oh, we also found out by doing that what the body does while it's asleep. And that, in a way, is more interesting, well, not more, but it's also interesting. But it's nothing harmful a thetan does while he's asleep, don't worry about that. But it is important what the body does while it's asleep. If you want to keep it from aging, and you want to keep it in repair, the normal sleep cycle takes – now this is how long it would take you to maintain your car every day. With minor repairs. Replacing a spark plug or so. It is usually from two to three hours.

Now that means that during a night's sleep on this planet which is averaged six to sometimes – younger people or so on – nine hours, the average person equals 3 cycles. Per night. Three cycles a night. Now if you get less sleep, of course you, you know, you don't. Now the interesting thing is that the body normally needs – this is what we found out, I found out this research, other people have confirmed it when they did the level, that the body needs two to three cycles just to do this. If it needs two, it can maybe get in one repair cycle per night. Right? So instead of repairing a whole bone. It can do that much of it. Now you say, yeah, but can't the body repair during the operation? Yes. It can. But it's more difficult. And you will notice that it takes longer. Why, because most of the organization is concentrating on operation, not maintenance or repair. And due to various flows of blood and air and veins and nerves, this becomes second priority, so it has to give up whatever it's doing, if there's an operation command to use that area. And what happens basically is that whatever bad things are being – see, putting good things in a cell is one, but you have to a cycle, too, another function is taking out the bad stuff. Poor quality. You got to get it all the way out because you don't want it in another place in the body.

So, what happens when you're in an operation cycle and it's doing a maintenance cycle which has to do with putting in the good stuff and taking out the bad stuff?

Now let's put "plus Q" for good quality in, out bad quality, "minus Q". Now when you operate the body, you're using all these blood vessels and everything to pump blood and energy, sugars, blood sugars, proteins, whatever, to get this thing going. And if it's in potential operation, like you're sitting there waiting to get on the train, or still up and have attention and you might move it. To turn on the TV on a different channel or do something in the MEST universe, anyway, whatever it is. Bring the water or not, then, whenever that occurs, this is going to stop and the stop is going to be stopped and held off the lines and parked wherever it is. If you don't let it continue after that, it will now park the poisons in a different part of the body, or the bad quality stuff.

Now this is proven by simple testing, if you want to do it, and I guarantee you. You'll feel it. If you eat a piece of, say, rotten egg, or bad piece of meat and your stomach's upset, and you say, oh, I got to sit down for a minute, and you let it start the handling on that, and get up to go and do something in the middle of that, you might feel a little woolly at first, but then the stuff gets parked, and you feel OK for a while, and you say, "Wow, activity is the answer to all of this". No, the body just parked all that and it went back to operation. And now you got the bad quality stuff in some other places in the body. You work for a little while and you go on. And then you go, "Uh, god. I got to go to the bathroom", or something, you know. Next thing you know a fever's turning on, and you got to really go to bed. Now, sometimes, it will go on. If it's minor and just handle it by little stages as you rest. But I'm saying every time you interrupt the cycle of action, you make a problem. A new problem for the body.

So the answer was not for me to just operate through the cycle, but to find out how to increase the speed of the cycles. So that instead of taking four or five hours. If you add up all these little parts of when the body felt bad and when it was OK. To handle that bad food, that you could just sit down in a chair and handle it in twenty minutes. Maybe get up, go to the toilet, it's all done. Finished. You see? And I realized that the length of this cycle is such, because of all the interference. That as the interference came off, and as the auditing was done in these various parts, the handling cycle, the normal cycle, speeded up. And it can come down from two to three hours, down to three quarters to one and a quarter hours for one cycle. As you go through the aberration of all those bad comm-lines and aberrated areas of theta-lambda-phi. Now. You can actually measure that, there's a way on that level to measure that, I will tell it to you, it's nothing confidential about it. You can find it by a series of approximations.

The length of your maintenance or repair cycle by noting what time you go to sleep, and noting when you get up, what time it is. And whether you fell sort of woozy when you get up or you just feel well rested and get up. And take the times in between, you know, "At seven hours, I got up this morning, I had to go somewhere, and I got up at seven and I felt really tired for another hour. But when I slept seven and a half hours, two nights afterwards. I got up and was totally refreshed." Well. It's a pretty good bet that guy's – if he's at a lower area of the bridge, up to OT 3, say. He's probably a sleep cycle times two and a half hours. But he's still getting older. But he's actually got seven and a half. Now you check, if I only slept five hours, see? If the same effect occurs. And make an afternoon test, say, take a nap of two and a half hours, see, if I feel real rested. And he could try it even shorter, but he doesn't. Anywhere in between that, and now he knows it's two and a half. Five, seven and a half, those are his optimum cycles. And that was the point when I realized that the alarm clock could be the most dangerous thing in the environment for aging. You know, one of the greatest aging remedies would be, throw your alarm clock away and start getting in good comm with your body and just tell it, I want to wake up around this time, when you've finished the cycle.

Wow, what a change in people could have done that! The body org says, "Wow, you recognize what we're doing!" Yeah. Well. When you find out what your cycle is, you can even do it more precise, you can say, "Well. Let's see, I have got to get up at that time, that's six hours from now, my cycle is two and a half, OK, you got time for two cycles." Not three. So you go, OK, now wait, finally the body goes relaxed, goes into its cycle, and exactly five hours later after that – UH – you're totally awake. You look at the clock, you say, "Wow, I've got one hour before I have to get up!" So you can just enjoy it, but don't put the body back to sleep. Because then you'll have to get it up in the middle of the thing or you'll be late. Now you have a loss on operation. Try it out, and you'll find, it's this incredible thing, if you program the sleep cycles with your body org, you will always wake up refreshed. Because it has done as much as it can do in bringing in the good stuff, taking out the bad stuff when it's finished, and doesn't wait to see, "Do we have to go to operation? Okay, now we can do another cycle."

It would be like the same thing of the garbage trucks going through town at five o'clock picking up all the garbage, right. Picking up all the garbage and parking, as they usually do, right in the middle of the street. And all of a sudden there's a fire on the other end of the town, and the fire trucks have to get through. So the garbage men hear the sirens coming, and they, "Oh shit. Fire department, they have the priority, we got to move out of the way." So they stop picking up garbage, and they just park them around the corner and let the fire trucks go back and forth, police cars. The ambulances and all of that stuff. For maybe thirty, forty minutes. Now of course the people in the buildings under which these garbage trucks are now parked, are going, "What's that horrible smell?" They were also woken in the middle of a sleep cycle by the sirens. So everybody feels terrible, right, but that's how it is in the body org.

OK. Now, that's interesting, so the key was not to enforce operation over maintenance and repair necessarily, only when in emergency. I know I did that for sixteen years in working for the church and the Sea Org. I enforced that. And my body did start to go on a decline. Started to. Because I used to, you know, lift up heavy weights above my head, more than young people, and so on like that. But after that whole scene was over, the body wasn't in a good shape any more. And yet I was active every day, and doing things and exercising and everything you could imagine. But case-wise I was in great shape. But the body itself was not getting enough repair and maintenance. No manner of auditing is going to compensate for that. But auditing that will reduce the time of the cycles, will allow it to get more cycles done in a normal sleep.

At three quarters of an hour you can get eight cycles done in this six hours of sleep. And you get twelve done in nine hours. Now that is the same as having the rest of four days were used to operate. In one day. In one night. You get the same benefit as it used to do by going four days of sleep. But now you get it for one day operation. You see what I mean? Now you get it for one day of operation, you have four times as much repair and maintenance.

The ways to go toward it are two: One, continue the bridge, of course, to get rid of all the interference on the spiritual level and on the lambda level, right. And two, of course, improve the quality of your intake. We might say that number one is exactly where in this context, as improving the quality of the communication, of the spiritual comm and less interference. And here you want less pollution and improving the quality of the intake of MEST. Quality of intake. OK? Number three is reduce sleep cycle. Time. OK? Now, that doesn't mean you have to stop operating, no way, you operate just the same. Maybe not like the Sea Org, but you operate, but now you're getting rid of these bad interference communications and all this case stuff around it's communicating the wrong signals down through the body. And the interference with the correct operation of an enormous organization, remember. And you're improving the quality of the intake and you end up reducing the sleep cycle time.

OK, now, when you can do that, this is what happens on a life graph. And this is the answer you've been looking for. If we take this as the viability axis up here, viability of the body. Meaning its ability to live and carry on and carry on and carry on and carry on. And this is time in – just time in years, whatever, you will see, this is, well, you could also say efficiency of the body, but viability is good, because it means living without decay. You might say, that when it's in the fetal stage it's not viable because you can't put it out, it won't live, it has to be gestated in the mother for at least nine months. Around that. So then it becomes to some degree viable. Born. Then you have got a period when it's very unviable, as a baby, you realize, your baby. If you put him out in the woods, there's not too much chance of survival, he isn't going to go and kill any, trap any animal, he's just aaah... So you have a growth period here, where it becomes, say, to puberty, say, twelve years, where it's improving its ability to survive and learning how to. But it still hasn't got real control of any other dynamic, except maybe a little bit on Dynamic 1, he knows how to open the icebox and steal the food out of there, you know. What I mean. Steal a little money here to buy lollipops and ice cream, go to school, he's learning some things, the body's getting better. Nobody's going to hire him for a job, he's only twelve years old, OK, but then he goes to the next schooling and training period and he gets about 18, 20, 21. And starts hitting a nice, real high here on. Hey, wow, look at all the things I can do, and all of this, and athletics and all this stuff, but sometimes it starts earlier, these little girls with the whoops you know, they just start right there, at eight, ten, whatever. Sometimes younger. All right?

But get this: All during this time the body org is relatively working, because it's under parental care usually and so on, and usually they're telling him, you know, "Eat that, don't eat that", the doctors say, "this is a good diet, that's not", you know, so he has guidance. But here between twelve and twenty there's the possibility of other influences coming in, remember, from the dynamics, where maybe kids start taking drugs at these ages and drinking and stuff like that. So we better draw a line below this, there's a possibility as well where it just sort of flattens out here, just coming up a little bit, maybe. There are some vectors pressing it down, in other words. And some of the real gung-ho athletic and not drinking and all of that. Not taking drugs, and getting very studious, and so on, they go up a little faster. So you get some kind of a flow here, it's getting more viable in some cases, but not very much more viable in others. Then usually the kids in this range, they usually get a lot of rest, or at least they sleep, maybe, they run around for three days and they sleep during school, you know.

But now, when they get above twenty and they have to get out and make their own money, and get into the full game of all dynamics, you start hitting a dynamic interference there. You know, the broken up marriages, the bad 2Ds, the firing from jobs, political scenarios, and other types of beliefs coming to them, and looking for answers, and truth, and all that. And again they have a chance of either leveling up, going into drugs and a decline or leveling off here or continuing it on up. And somewhere between thirty and forty, usually, or right before that, normally the doctors and everybody in athletics and so on agrees the guy has hit his peak, and that's it. Physical peak. I'm not talking about he still can't play the violin great, and all and then he carries on, that doesn't require much physical.

The body itself and all of its possibilities are functioning, and can only do one or two of them as good as it could or improve them, and the rest of them start declining. Now it goes, sometimes they hold it a little further, I mean, even, you know, up to fifty or something. Very rarely, and an average sort of goes this way and goes back down. Either they die at seventy or they slow down this curve a little bit by something and they die around a hundred. Usually, if they're in a non dynamic scenario area. And they have some kind of natural health diet or something and live a very simple life.

Now, we're looking at somewhere, it's not even fifty percent viability, right, because, between twenty and sixty, they're about the only productive years, really, of the person's life, as accepted in this society. So, that's poor, nothing much. And most of that is under decline. They usually value a guy for his mental knowledge rather than for his physical powers, when you have businessmen, people in offices. But the physical is finished.

See, an athlete is usually from here to here. Say. Twelve or fifteen, or somewhere like that. Fifteen, when he starts real young, training and all that, but didn't get famous, of course, yet, but he's still training. Fifteen, twenty-five, thirty-five. He hits his peak at thirty-five. Now that's a normal life curve of people on the planet today. With variations. I mean, areas in here where, of course, you live better, you are more healthy, you have healthier food, healthier climate, better water, or less better. Or you're living a real rough time in a dangerous environment, and you get drugs and medicines and all that stuff. You could also say it's the proportion between how much interference you are getting on your dynamics or an your life or – and the curve, when it slows down going up and starts going down, that means that now the other-determinism is overwhelming. Well, you can look at it many ways but it's a combination of all those things that we showed on the other diagram.

But the main thing is, now looked at from just the body areas of operation, maintenance and repair, that here on the up-curve side, it's doing that very well. But due to these influences coming in, it starts getting a backlog. See? It's not getting enough repair cycles to handle quite all of the pollution, quite all of the bad food, quite all of the drugs, not enough auditing to handle the other-determinism and the interference. So at the same time from, say, in the beginning here, if the body is not having a short enough sleep cycle and long enough sleep to get plenty of amends, it starts building up a backlog of unhandled repairs. And that could start as early as, like 12 years old. How many kids after 12, you know, they tell them, "Yeah, I'm going to bed", and then they sneak out the window and go out with the kids and drink beer. They don't consider it important to get enough sleep.

Alright, so, you build up this backlog, now, at some point it's going to interfere with the organization itself. In other words, if every day you got in a lot of letters, where there were bills for your company, but only one of those bills was going to end up in a lawsuit, the others could, sort of, you could put them off. But you threw them all in a drawer and didn't answer, and did the same the next day, the same the next day, the same the next day. After one month you'd have quite a pile of bills there and quite a lot of letters. Now that would be called a backlog. But it wouldn't start hurting you. Until the next month when the guy says, "Hey, you didn't pay my bill, and I threaten to go to court with you." So he sues you. And the next day another guy sues you. And the next day another guy. Because, see, there's a lot of them building up one month, you only got one month, and they've been coming every day. Pretty soon, by the end of the next month, you're almost out of business because you're in court all the time. And they're trying to get all your money out of you now. Not just the bill, but, you know, interest and all this other kind of stuff. So you can see a backlog can come against you at a certain time.

And that is apparently what happens in a body. You can go great for maybe, like I did, I don't know. Thirty, forty years, then you have three or four years of Chernobyl fall-out, and you have some added interference here and there, which you try to handle with auditing and so on like that, but you don't really get down and handle it all through the body, cause we didn't have the tech. The next thing you know, you feel your bones are getting weak and you slam an arm on the table and it hurts for three days. You see what I mean? Well. What happens there? Well, luckily we can handle all that because it's just this backlog building up and the way you can handle that, is by doing these three steps knowingly, continue the bridge, but now work a little bit more on the body.

I'm training the auditors and C/Ses now to, whenever you run a session, you find out, or if it's in where it has to do with items and things like that, that you check whether there was a wrong item given to the body in the session, because the body is sitting there. You don't want it to dramatize wrong items or these kinds of holders, bouncers, deniers. And you can improve the quality of your intake. But the real biggy to get this backlog handled, unless you want to go into a sleep for several days, by the way, you can, you know, the Spanish invented siesta, you can just have one after lunch and then do a normal sleep in the night. But the efficient way to do it is to reduce the sleep cycle time, so you can get four times as much repair done per night than you used to do.

So now we see this cycle, if this happens, if we have one, two, three, four, remember, we have only had two or three before, but now we get four times as much, let's say eight cycles during the night. Well. The first two, say, go for maintenance, and six for repair. Now we start handling the bones, the marrow in the bones, everything from inside. And by doing that you can reverse or even improve, we don't know yet how far you can go, but this decline thing you can now stop it and start bringing it up again. Theoretically you could bring it to 100 % viability, and hold it for as long as you want. Theoretically.

The answer to that is, "we will know that until a few years go by." Now, that is the good news: it can be handled. The still unsolved areas of this is, if a person has such bad problems that they can't even get audited. Physically. You see, they are in a hospital all the time or under a doctor's care. Have to take pills, drugs, things. And the other thing is, people's life styles and dynamics and everything like that, well, they just don't have time to actually do this handling. And they only wake up to it like the rich old man, after they made their millions, and now they say, "Hey, I'm gonna lose them, unless I keep going!" And it's too late. Their backlog is incredible. And they try use their money to find the answer before they die. Anyway, these guys are frantic, there's a lot of possibilities to be handled here, and we're also looking at how we can apply review processes to help out the guys that maybe need a little more help on the body at certain areas during the bridge. And this has been very succesful in the pilots we have used. But the whole thing depends on what we said long ago, in the beginning, and you can do that even outside of session. And that is: keep more in comm with your body. Body org. The lambda land org. You see. Don't audit it without a C/S.

Just talk to it, like you would to your child or to your dog. Get in comm with it. Tell it the R factors of what you are going to use it for, when you are going to rest and all that, and you'll find it operates much better. You know, "We've got to make it another hundred kilometers before we get warm." If it knows that, it's much more happy than "Gosh - I'm gonna freeze to dead first", or whatever. And the body wonders if the thetan is frozen, you know, it's just gonna keep going until it freezes solid. A lot of you do that, I know, you drive long hours, and you stay up long hours and so on, you don't get normal, regular sleep at the same time every night, that's very disturbing. That is disturbing to the body org because there is no prediction. And the prediction section of its org board is going, "What's happening? What's happening? We can't play on the bloody thing, this guy is always doing something all weird." You see?

So all we can do there, I mean you have animals, pets, which are essentially also run by lambda orgs. They are not as analytical and not as sophisticated as a body org. But they respond quite well to your talking to them and giving them R factors and so on like that, right? And they know you're the owner. They know who you are. They get the intention. They know when you're mad at them, they know when they did something bad. Well, if you don't give the same courtesy to your body org, oh, welcome to the downside of the curve! So, as I said, you can do this all by yourself, just get in comm. Work as a team. You see? You are using it to handle things of the physical universe, so work together with the lambda land org as a team. You find it's relieved, when you lay down and you say, "Okay, I want you to may enter repair cycles for about this long, as many as you can do in that period." Now it has got prediction. It knows now, "In that period I can do so many, all right, good", and there's no wondering about when the goddamned alarm-clock is gonna go on. You see what I mean? Much more better operation and better repair and better maintenance. And as you go up the bridge, you will find out that the cycles of repair and maintenance shorten down to a smaller time as all this interference comes off. And you can work out handling programs, improvement programs, repair programs with the body org.

There's only one more thing I want to mention on that. And that is, that when you do that, remember this: the lambda body org has been running bodies for a lot longer than medicine and science have existed on this planet. By a factor of millions. And it sometimes, and I want even say, most of the time, has much better information and ways to handle things than you would suppose. You know what I mean?

And women, I give you this as a special caution: from a man's point of view, he understands, that you build a car first with the frame. And the very last thing you do, after you tested it and everything in the mud, is you clean it off and wax it. And then you sell it to the customer. But a woman getting in comm with the body org may go first for handling the outside appearance on the repair cycles. And you will find disagreement on that. The right way is to let it work from the inside out. In its own sequence. Because it ain't no good having a wonderful complexion and a very nice looking skin if you never let any poisons come out of the body. While your bones are crumbling and you're shrinking down like that. You will get wrinkles just like this guy they show on the trucks, the Michelin Man. (Laughter) You start folding up. You won't have little tiny crow's feet wrinkles. And when they bury you, they are saying, "Well, she had a perfect skin." The body org will go, "What a nut, she didn't even let any poisons come out through the pores of the skin or any of the stuff that was in it, or didn't want us to work on the bones or anything." You see. So, believe me, it does take a long time to handle that backlog sometimes. I have estimated, it's about...well, when you get the sleep times like this and when you can do six repair cycles every night, it's somewhere around one year for every five or ten years you have lived. Oh, sorry, not five or ten, ten or twenty.

Depending on the way you lived. So if you lived fifty years, if you had this stage, it might take you five years to fully repair the body. The younger people - it's easier, it doesn't take as long. But if you only can get four repair cycles in per night, it will take twice as long. Now, that's handling that backlog which is causing the down curve. Which is called, right in the beginning we looked at that, aging or decay. Okay? Handling the body as an OT, the steps remain the same, get in comm with it, do the bridge, get in good quality stuff, handle this backlog by decreasing the sleep cycle time and you can find that you will be able to handle the body much better. In fact, you will find it doing some very amazing and very fast things that are faster than the reaction time of a normal athlete. And what they always talk about, concentration of attention on your sport, you can do that without effort. You can make a long trip, have concentration, it never comes out of PT. You see what I mean? All of these things can be handled. We do need some more medical input on this, because there are certain cases, blind people and all that kind of stuff, you know, and people with genetic defects. But that will come, too, with Dr. Prinz and his colleagues. What I'm saying, is, for the general public, we have some hope that the fountain of youth can be found in this lifetime. But we have a condition on that: they will also have to do the bridge. (Laughter) Well, they have to, to get to these processes that handle all this. It's not a one-shot thing. Remember how they explored the land of America when they were looking for the fountain of youth. Well, we might find a lot of people coming in the Free Zone, exploring it. Exploring the bridge.

So that was the thing of "Body Org Basics", I wanted to give you the basics here. So that you know that we are in possession of data that can make a handling on this for most or all people. And that we have several people on pilots on the final steps. And we will know some time in the future whether it all works right or not. But it seems to be doing okay. You see, I have little projects that I put in there that when it does handle all the things, and the last things you are coming to is the exterior bone structure, we will put some teeth back in here. Now, I haven't got to that part yet. Still working on the radiation and all this decay that was going on. That'll be going on for another few months. But who knows what will happen after that? I have already strengthened back up the bones - they never go weak anymore. And a lot of the internal functions, I just told you about the heart and everything has been much strengthened. And you actually get in a position where you don't worry about it anymore, you just work with it. So I wish you all success in applying the Body Org Basics and applying the technology of LRH where all of this came from.


Thank you very much.

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