(from Veritas Web Site)

 Below is a scan of the "Fictitious Business Name Statement" that was  filed for the Church of Spiritual Technology, doing business as the "L. Ron  Hubbard Library." We've added a numbered legend in red: 

  1. The person recording the statement is Sherman  D. Lenske, of the law firm Lenske, Lenske & Abramson. Their address  is listed as being 6400 Canoga Avenue #315, Woodland Hills, California  91367. 
  2. The Fictitious Business Name Statement was filed at 21 minutes past 8:00  a.m. on December 27, 1993. 
  3. It cost $10.00 to file. 
  4. The Fictitious Business Name being filed is "L. Ron Hubbard  Library." 
  5. The STREET ADDRESS, CITY AND STATE OF PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS IN  CALIFORNIA is listed as being "419 N. Larchmont, #162 Los Angeles,  California 90004." But that address is a P.O. Box, and the form  specifically says: P.O. BOX ALONE NOT ACCEPTABLE. 
  6. FULL NAME OF REGISTRANT is given as "Church of Spiritual  Technology"  (CST). 
  7. Then CST's address is also listed as "419 N. Larchmont, #162 Los  Angeles, California 90004," the same P.O. box given for the fictitious  business name.  
  8. CST commenced doing business as the L. Ron Hubbard Library on November 29,  1993--the same day that Norman F. Starkey transferred all 7,731 copyrights  to CST (see "How CST Grabbed the  Copyrights"). 
  9. The name of the corporation is given as "Church of Spiritual  Technology." 
  10. Signature of the President of CST. It is believed to be the signature of a  Russel Bellin. 
  11. The fictitious business name expires 5 years from the date of  filing.  


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