This is some thoughts of mine and an attempt to draw some conclusions from situations that I have seen happening in the Sea Org. I was in it for 9 years. I had big wins from Lrh's tech and policy and I want to thank him for what he gave us as well as I want to thank all the hard working and dedicated staff in the Sea Org for what they are doing. I also want to thank those Scientologists who are true Scientologists, and accept only 100% standard application of the tech and policy of LRH and stand up for it, like the people in the FZ, as an example.

However, I have to admit that there are those in the Sea Org, as you are going to see in this write up, that alter Lrh's tech and policy, apply force and harsh ethics, harass staff members who dare speak about it, and make sure that a covert operation of infiltration of Scientology and perversion of its principles, as laid out by the Founder, is going on.

I hope this write up contributes to putting ethics in and shedding more light in an area that some chose to not look at, saying nothing is wrong, and on the other hand others are trying like mad to get YOU not to look. Well, my answer is: keep looking; the process is continued. Here is some data and thoughts for you to help you evaluate a situation, by providing some material for you to look closer:

How could it happen that a Sea Org member with a 9 years service finds himself out of the Sea Org?

Well, it wouldn't happen unless the following was true:

"Scientology Clear Procedure", and the CO CLO EU forwarded this interpretation in the summer of 1999 to the staff of the CLO EU ordering them to forward it to the public Scientologists: The phrase included in this reference (which can be found in the Red Volumes) "The work was free; keep it so", meant according to the line that was coming down from COB that "LRH was not paid for his work and so, Scientologists who translated or helped in translations should do the same thing and not ask for money". Thus, all the call-in to Scientologists from the Translations Unit Europe telling them that they are no longer going to be paid when they do translations as "the work was free; keep it so". And when you are the Translations Unit Director, as I happened to be at that time (summer of 1999) and you know the message LRH wants to convey in the above reference you get furious and you know you have no other choice but to whisper to your sons and grandsons: the work was free; keep it so". And so I am writing and publishing all this for the Scientologist's info.

Following this line I consider it my duty towards LRH to scream out as loud as possible that specific people, probably very few but also very high on the Org Board of Scientology, who have formed a secret network of some kind within the upper strata of the Sea Org, are openly and blatantly, not following or even altering Lrh's tech and are trying to enforce with any possible brutal and fascistic means ideas and policies which are not per LRH, down the org board. These same people are assisting dark powers in this sector of the Universe to turn the Sea Org members and the OT Organization of the Sea Org into blind, non-thinking entities, who would accept anything even if that would be against the Founder's policies and technology just to be nice and pleasant to their seniors. Such an atmosphere is being cultivated within the Sea Org and such intentions are very suspicious as they resemble actions of a totalitarian regime, and they have nothing to do with discipline and what LRH intended for the Sea Org, acting as the basis for third party actions between LRH and his dedicated staff members and scientologists who try to do something to protect the tech and all the church principles and credos and the humanitarianism stemming from them.

I am not the first one who reports such things on the Internet and this can be two-sided: on one hand the fact that there are many others who claim similar things and persecutions and High Crimes on the part of RTC and their accessories within the Sea Org is a proof that this is not just a single report and this is a plus-point. I am not just one person who might, after all, have gone crazy or something.

On the other hand, most of the people who dared speak up and dared oppose such atrocities loudly have been labeled "SPs" and now whoever speaks up will join the club. I am just waiting for my turn now, with the "proper" PR type of publication, justifying why I am declared SP. I am ready for it in full conscience and I am proud that they are going to declare me. If I am declared by such people, who perform such High Crimes, and stay unpunished, let me laugh. This is a cult. It is not pure and just Scientology. Force will never beat reason. Declare me all you want.

But Scientologists have to overcome this filter and mental pressure that the network of those who alter-is LRH tech within the church are putting there on such "revolutionaries" and Scientologists have to be able to see through this filter with no bias and prejudices exactly as LRH states it in the first step of the Doubt formula and judge for themselves. Don't see the labels, see behind them, and see for yourself and think for yourself. See the data. Take the data and have at look at them only. Do not go into any HE&R stuff.

And, again, any "SP declare" on me by such people whose intentions are to do and get others to do otherwise than what LRH says and persecute those who dare speak up against this, and whose intentions are openly now to not abide to LRH rules of tech and policy and who are not putting ethics in within the very organization that LRH founded to do just that, that is, to protect the tech, if SUCH PEOPLE declare me, being who they are, when they fall (and fall they will) from their positions of obviously usurped power, the true Scientologists will know me and the many others who dared speak up for what we really are, without false labels.

So, I am not afraid of their labels, they can put as many as they want on me. I am a free man, I'm a spirit and I owe it to LRH and his giving to me this knowledge again and my power. So my neck is worth no more than Lrh's , and allow me to say yours isn't either, so why don't you take a closer look and look for yourself this time, not what someone else is telling you before it's too late.

So, I want to thank LRH for what he has given us, the beautiful game of Scientology. it's not easy when you approach the truth, it's not easy to go through all this mist and PR screens that you are being fed and believe your own eyes. I know the bank is there to invalidate just this: you and your observations. But beware, my friends, if you can see something, there must be something there. Do not invalidate this. Pull the strings, ask around, look for answers, communicate. And collect the data so that you draw correct conclusions. I hope I gave you some hints with all the above. If you need more specifics you can read also Issue 1 and 2 of mine or write to me directly to my e-mail address, which you can get via the FZ. I will keep doing what I am doing as this is a hat that is not worn at this time and this is what creates the utmost enturbulation in Scientology: just a hint that one piece of the tech or policy is not being applied and furthermore its application is being resisted should raise a whole revolution within Scientology and it should be dealt severely and with the utmost of disciplinary means within the church as this is the biggest danger of all, our inability to apply the tech and lose control over its protection. KSW series # 1 is our reference. It doesn't say to be pleasant or social. This is implanting stuff. When you see your family and friends being butchered you are not pleasant or social. So, it is much worse when we are talking about the eternity of our families and friends. Don't hold back and don't be reasonable. This is your planet, this is your Scientology, too. You can observe things. You are not "the blind who are leading the blind". You are a Scientologist. A higher order of a being, of a man, thanks to the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology given to us by L. Ron Hubbard.

His work was free; keep it so.

Much Love

Theo Sismanides

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