An open letter to all Scientologists

SEPT 29 1983

All of you have witnessed a time of much enturbulation and pain. Some more than others, but the last two years have been very difficult ones for all of us, not only in Spain, but throughout the whole world.

The occurrences of these last years are now clear to us, and we know the reason for this enturbulation. Although there are a few points which are not completely clear, what is totally clear is that the Founder of Scientology is not on the lines of the old Church of Scientology, and that the directors have been acting in a very suppressive manner in their use of the tech and the policy.

Lately, the top management of that organization has surpassed itself in its slanderous tactics used against those Execs, Scientologists and OT's who are-loyal to LRH and to his family, reaching the extreme of vomiting out an issue of Black PR and lies ,across the entire world slandering the Senior C/S International, David Mayo, who not only was Ron's NOTs auditor, but was also chosen by Ron to wear his tech hats for the next 20 to 25 years. This occurred after a group of executives from the CMO begged David to return to the old church, asking him what they would have to do in order that he return to their lines. As an answer, David told them that they would have to mend their ways. Apparently, they were not ready to do this. The really amusing part in this little story is the reason behind their desire to make peace with David Mayo. But this will be dealt with a little later.

During the last two years or more, the top management of the old church has written many pages of Black PR with the sole purpose of slandering those persons who had been trained directly by LRH, or who have worked hand in hand with LRH and who are faithful to the purpose of maintaining the tech pure and to the purposes of Scientology. They have excommunicated hundreds of persons who could have posed a danger to them in their power push and ultimately, to their suppressive takeover of the control of the church.

During this time, investigations have been made to obtain the data about the true sequence of events, since it is not possible for OT's to take action if they are in doubt as to the reason for or origin of the enturbulation within the church.

These investigations have revealed that apparently the old church of Scientology is being controlled by three persons, whose names are Pat Broker, Ann Broker, and David Miscavige (although it is quite clear that the malice comes from a source of great malign power which is behind them, covertly directing the operation of the destruction of the church). These persons are guilty of the dissemination of entheta reports and out tech to Scientologists across the planet, using the established Issue Authority line to do so and signing their literary creations with the name of LRH, whose name and signature have been copyrighted through RTC, giving the appearance of legality to their emissions.

This made most Scientologists unsure whether or not Ron could be behind the corruption of the tech, and behind the suppressive actions of the top management. And, with the creation of this doubt came the confusion and inaction of the staff of the various organizations throughout the world. Clearly, the application of force which was used against those who gave voice to their doubts also helped in precipitating the fall of the church. But the doubt created by the use of the name and signature of the Founder stopped many possible actions which could have been taken to prevent this great loss of which we all now partake. This diabolical tactic prevented those who were already falsely declared as well as those who, upon seeing the insanity in the orgs, left of their own volition, from taking any corrective action against the cancer which had invaded Scientology.

Naturally, when a Scientologist sees that the organization to which he belongs no longer deserves his support, he is going to consider that he has no other alternatives than to either contiue under protest, or to leave Scientology forever. If he is a tech person, he might possibly seek refuge in the tech division, because of course, the tech was always sane, even though the management wasn't. Now we can say that this is no longer the case. The tech has been deliberately altered, and it is no longer possible to hide oneself from this fact. It is very similar to the Black Panther mechanism. Closing your eyes and saying that it is not there is just no longer possible.

In fact, the majority of the staff of organizations are not at all happy with the way they have been forced to act without ARC or loyalties. And they are not at all in agreement with the new bulletins and policies emitted by RTC during the last two years in LRH's name and which are a perversion of Ron's intentions and of Ron's tech. But, up until now they didn't believe that there was any alternative. They are worried about the loss of their bridge. They are threatened with this loss daily. They are afraid of being declared and of being expelled for all of their future lives (a new tactic used by RTC).

Unfortunately, no one ever reached the state of OT in an environment in the tone level of fear. An OT cannot be OT and be in a tone level of fear either. Therefore, these poor people will never reach OT. One becomes OT by becoming more and more self-determined. I don't recall of any OT level in which one learns to obey as an end phenomenon of that level. And today, if one does not obey completely, he doesn't last as staff, or as a public.

There exists inherent in the structure and concept of the organization of Scientology the ability to correct itself. This is due to the nature of the product of Scientology. And it is the last qual point of the organization. During the years when all was well (when Ron was really on the lines), a good quantity of ethical OTs were produced. Their purpose is to bring about the clearing of the planet. And more. But recently the old church has committed its last and most devastating error. This error was the expulsion of its own Div 5. And they have replaced it with someone who follows RTC's orders without Q & A, and thereby they have inverted the scale of importances within the church. They have put their desire for power ABOVE the INTEGRITY OF THE TECH. A fatal error! Without qual, it is no longer possible that the old church regain its sanity, nor that it regain its life. The quantity of Theta which has been lost and enturbulated has been too excessive, and the body dies. This is made clearer each day, with more and more use of hate, lies, the violation of the rights of the church members, and the robbery of those few who still continue on lines.

By expelling David Mayo, whose knowledge of the tech was the last hope for the old church, they have not only expelled their qual division, but they have also lost the threat which they used against everyone as a method of control. They lost the bridge.

Yes, the great fools, in their lust for destruction, have declared the very person to whom LRH entrusted the complete bridge, the very person who worked together with Ron in the preparation of the bridge. And they lost with him the 15 levels of OT above OT VIII.



A few weeks ago the solution to this problem came to Spain in the form of a legendary bird. The Phoenix, which for centuries has been 'the symbol of resurrection, was figuratively reborn in a grand alternative for all Scientologists throughout the world. The Theta of the old church has exteriorized from the moribund body and has taken new form in OPERATION PHOENIX.


Originated and backed by the OT CENTRAL COMMITTEE WW, this world wide coordinated operation has brought to all Scientologists a new hope for their future and the future of the planet. With the technical leadership of David Mayo, Senior C/S International, the sanity and the true purposes of Scientology are once again obtainable by those persons who desire them.

The OT CENTRAL COMMITTEE WW was created by LRH and operates under policy governing OT's in accordance with the following policy letters:

  1. HCOPL 5 FEB 1958 New Charters and Contracts
  2. HCOPL 30 SEPT 1966 OT Regulations
  3. HCOPL 10 NOV 1966 OT Personnel
  4. HCOPL 7 DEC 1966 Office of LRH - OT Activities
  5. HCOPL 11 AUG 1967 OT Central Committee
  6. HCOPL 28 JAN 1968 OT WW Liaison Unit - OT Cent Comm
  7. HCOPL 30 NOV 1968 OT Central Committee
  8. The Code of Honor

The post of Chairman of the OT CENTRAL COMMITTEE WW is held by Captain Bill Robertson RA, Second Deputy Commodore, who, in the absence of the Founder, will hold this post for life.


With the issue of OPERATION PHOENIX a GENERAL AMNESTY is hereby extended to all Scientologists throughout the world who have been falsely declared as suppressive persons acting against the purposes of Scientology and the future of the planet. This AMNESTY is also extended to those who have been or are still being duped by the suppressive top management of the old church, with their lies that Ron is on their lines.

These lies have caused incalculable harm to the good people who form the body of the organizations of Dianetics and Scientology throughout the world. People whose sole purpose has been to help mankind achieve a better life and a brighter future. They have found themselves being utilized and degraded by a very few people who are in control of the command lines of their organizations, and they have been forced into committing grave injustices to their comrades.

This GENERAL AMNESTY will give them the opportunity to reevaluate their actions and their loyalties. It will give them the opportunity to reaffirm newly the CODE OF HONOR and the opportunity to put in their own ethics and to return to themselves their own integrity.


Many years ago, Ron wrote a poem which all of you can read in the first page of Volume I of the Tech Volumes. It makes a good contrast with the entheta which RTC puts out in his name. And it is quite to the point.

"I'll not always be here on guard.
The stars twinkle in the Milky Way
And the wind sighs for songs
Across the empty fields of a planet
A galaxy away.
You won't always be here. But before you go,
Whisper this to your sons And their sons "The work was free.
Keep it so."
L. Ron Hubbard

We invite all Scientologists to reflect on FREEDOM. That is what Scientology is all about. To reach TOTAL FREEDOM is the purpose of the tech, and the road to OT is that very same road to FREEDOM.

With this Executive Directive, we return to you the freedom to use Scientology towards the freeing of all humanity. The Tech is there to use. The worst thing you could do is to permit someone to convince you that you can't use, or shouldn't use the Tech.

You also have the freedom to use ARC and to communicate freely with others. The worst thing you could permit is that another cut your Theta lines under the pretext of following that Tech. This suppressive action in the name of the Tech is the most evil action that one could do.

Cut entheta lines. If you drop an entheta line, nothing will happen to you. If you cut Theta lines, you get an explosion. The explosion of Operation Phoenix is an example. An explosion of Theta that will be heard across the entire planet.

The OT CENTRAL COMMITTEE WW invites you to communicate to accept this amnesty whether you are a beginning Scientologist, or you are an OT and eligible for OT PROJECTS.

Send all communications to:

Capt. Bill Robertson RA
Planetary OT Projects Coordinator
Lista de Correos
Mostoles, Madrid

Deputy Chaiman

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