Sector Operations Bulletin No. 12

Models and Scenarios


180682-01 1800 GMT

Since the advent of computers a new and effective method of overt and covert intelligence operations has been developed. You may have heard the word "scenario" used in the press and media, but probably have not heard the term "model".

A "model" is a composite of several "scenarios" with a definite objective or purpose to be achieved.

The models in use today (in politics, economics, attacks on countries, groups, and religions, etc.) are composed of SEVEN scenarios each. The basic datum underlying them is "The Principle of Confusion and the Stable Datum". Reference: PROBLEMS OF WORK by L. Ron Hubbard.

"To gain control of an area - observe it. If it's confused, put in a stable datum. If it's stable, put in confusion."

The Attacks on Scientology

The attacks on the Church of Scientology over the last 30 years have become less and less overt and more and more covert. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The overt ones failed by being too obvious and thus united the Church members in opposition.
  2. The Church has become more and more of a stable datum, thus can only be really threatened by confusion.

Therefore, in 1982, anyone who investigates thoroughly will find the latest computer technology of models and scenarios being used to gain control of Scientology. The organizations in the United States are the most vulnerable and their scenarios are the most developed.

The Model

The current model is called "OPERATION RAMROD". Its purpose is to invalidate and take over Scientology and its organizations in the United States, put it under the auspices and control of the "government" and use the technology for the few instead of the many. (The PDC lecture by LRH referring to the "Shades of Night" should be heard in relation to this. It is PDC No. 21.)

The above model and its scenarios given below were programmed on the computers at P. AG, a wholly owned subsidiary "think tank" of the S. B. Corporation in Basel, Switzerland. They were forwarded (copied for use) on the computers of Data Resources Incorporated, a US government "think tank" in Lexington, Massachusetts for use in the USA. The originator and issue authority for the model is a behind-the-scenes political and economic manipulator in Basel called Joseph Strasburg, Herr J., or Mr. J.. He has a criminal record in this Sector as a maker and user of implants. He is fully aware of the threat to his profession should Scientology become widely known and used. (For reference, listen to Ron's Journal '67 where he describes the source of attacks on the Church.)

The Scenarios

These are given in reverse order from S7 to S1 as the more obvious scenarios have the higher numbers and the secret, hidden-purpose-line scenarios lie underneath the confusion created by the upper ones. Normally, people's attention, just as in current political and economic scenarios, gets fixed on the first few - they are usually programmed to be reported on in news media - so that the lower ones can carry on below the level of awareness, hidden and often incredible to the normal person who believes what he reads in the papers and sees on TV.


This scenario consists of continuing news stories harmful to Scientology, deprogramming results on cults with a comparison to Scientology, a disinformation campaign on LRH and MSH (Disinformation is removal of creditable documents and records and replacing them with manufactured discreditable ones in files accessible to newspapers, etc.), reports and stories of Scientology splitting up families (carefully planned and often with parents manipulated by government agents), etc. The purpose of S7 is to set up negative "Public Opinion" for whatever may happen to Scientology so there will be no adverse reaction to the Scenario Makers. It also assists other scenarios by lessening resistance and spreading confusion, tying up resources to handle, etc.


Here are the actions which attempt to guarantee economic loss to supporters of Scientology and the Church itself. Included are the IRS suits on the tax picture of the Church, similar linked suits on wealthy Scientologists (a priority Scientology file is kept by every IRS agency for audit the minute a person declares "donation" to Church of Scientology), and such local actions as can be instigated such as the pressure on the Church in CW forcing them into a position of having to buy their own tax certificates for $220,730 to avoid loss of all their property by auction in two years if the tax case is not resolved.

Also the names of important Church members are listed on the Government and White House "enemies list" so any computer check by a prospective employer will result in a polite refusal to the Scientologist applying for a job - the employer being sure that the applicant is a "Communist" or worse.


This scenario consists of lawsuits, both civil and criminal, by the government and individuals. When evidence of crime does not exist or no private citizen is suing, S4 provides both by agent provocateur action. This scenario also assists S6 by using up funds in legal defense and counter suit, and relies on S7 to provide enough Black PR to convince anyone that Scientology is "bad" and therefore guilty.


Only slightly below the surface of the thin veneer of civilization are the agent provocateurs, offering money to Church members who have gotten in bad standing or are off lines to "sue the Church", getting parents to hire deprogrammers and sue the Church for "brainwashing" their children (often the "children" are in their 20's or 30's but this seems to make no difference). And then there are the more serious few who get jobs in the Guardian Office and suggest and take part in law-breaking actions which get all their seniors in trouble and escape by "turning state's evidence" to avoid prosecution. This is a despicable action, the most publicized of which got several senior execs, including the Founder's wife, jailed recently. (Incidentally, this could all have been avoided if S1 had been known and acted upon at the time, as the exposure of the agent provocateur (by two loyal Scientologists BEFORE the illegal act) was prevented by a planted senior in the GO who invalidated and blocked the reports, RPFed the writers, and thoroughly discredited them so the scenario could proceed.)


This scenario uses the psychiatrist's favorite, the PDH (Pain, Drug, Hypnosis) operation. By pretending to be Scientology Doctors or Doctors for Scientologists these old implanter types made sure key senior execs who got sick stayed sick, blew, or were given a slow-kill injection if their patient got very perceptive and started exposing these lower level scenarios. This made convenient vacancies for S2 and S1 infiltrators to move in and mess up the area or move up the lines to higher positions. They also left their own agents alone or gave them standard medical treatment when sick. Operation Ramrod even got control of a franchise in the Midwest to use as a sort of PDHing center to forward S2 - and S1.


This operation, which can easily be prevented by judicious and no Q&A use of the E-Meter, uses the technique revealed in Walter Broward's book "Operation Mind Control" to make unsuspecting agents who enturbulate orgs, report on happenings, and generally stop and hinder expansion. These victims are given a complete 7-layer implant with "cover stories", and are protected by the S1 people and re-done if needed by the S3 people. They may appear very bright and scintillating on the surface and will elicit sympathy if caught in a destructive act but will go into a "blank daze" on asking if an "engram has been restimulated" or on trying to do upper OT levels.


Finally, the Key Scenario, the one which all the others cover, confuse, and make seem incredible. A rough quote from an FBI memorandum obtained through the Freedom of Information Act in 1978 will state it very well:

"To infiltrate the Church and move our agents up to Board of Director positions. We must also prevent the spread of Scientology to China and Japan as it is so similar to Bhuddism it would spread like wildfire".

The S1 agents and their outside operators are the professionals, long term and willing to stay inside and take over the show. They often will introduce each other in, cover for one another, protect S2, S3, and S4 people, and cut and covertly twist command intention so that S5 losses occur, S6 losses occur, and S7 counter-actions by loyal people are unsuccessful and even get the loyal person into ethics trouble for trying. The current purges in the Church of all the old-timer loyal Scientologists were started by these agents (so the overt takeover will be smooth and without resistance), and are carried out by PTS lower execs to "stay out of trouble".

These agents are very smooth, have influence, run a "fear of losing the Bridge" control operation to keep loyal Scientologists in line, and have taken part in Black PR, falsifying records and stats, and from fear of discovery and exposure will quickly and efficiently attempt to dispose of anyone who gets close to the truth by ordering them Comm-Eved, declared PTS Type III, declared SP, or if really persistent, assassinated by outside agents so it looks "accidental" or turned over to S5 Doctors for a slow-kill tumor or rare disease injection. The favorite way an S1 agent discredits any accusations is to say the accuser is "hallucinating" (using a real Scientology term like "dub-in" is considered bad form). Anyone can know these through study and application of 1.1 characteristics on the Chart of Attitudes and the Data Series. A true Scientologist if accused of being an agent would merely ask for the source of the data and consent to a Sec Check, along with one for the accuser, by an LRH trained auditor. (Has anyone noticed how many LRH trained auditors have been declared in the last year?)

S1 people will also alter or cut comm to LRH or MSH, give an incredible show of their own status and power, and usually forget their basics (like ARC). They cannot conceive of the Code of Honor at all.

End Phenomenon

The EP of the "Ramrod" Model and its 7 Scenarios is a giving over of the Church by the "Board of Directors" to the agency or group designated by the also-scenario-controlled-Government as a "Receiver". This is supposed to occur as a result of the pressure from "Public Opinion" (S7), economic insolvency (S6), legal opinion and judgement (S5), criminal actions (S5 helped by S4), and other "reasonable" reasons. No word will be said about S3, S2, and S1 or that they even exist.

To make VERY sure there is no reaction from other Churches in the USA (Violation of First Amendment rights used to be a treasonous crime, but as you may have read, "None dare call it...."), the latest Black PR line in S7 is: "It's all just Science Fiction, not really a Church".

We Came Back!

The data above is brought to you courtesy of your planetary OT Project teams. If there are any additions or corrections you have, please send them to your nearest OT Project Base where they will be investigated.

The Future

The future is up to all of us. Our postulates create it. Our postulates are much more powerful than computer models and scenarios. You can insist on LRH Policy, especially Justice Policy, being used in your area. It is your responsibility as well as ours to keep Scientology free, available to all, and totally nonpolitical.

Handling of the Model and Scenarios revealed in this issue and the Operators and Agents carrying them out will be the subject of subsequent BPI Sector Operations Bulletins and Sector Ethics Orders.

Whether we achieve the freedoms long sought - for so many millenia, or become the slaves of those who would pervert our dreams and future, depends on each of us. Individual responsibility and integrity is the key. In the past what was known to be right was forsaken, but at this point in the game we can now achieve our freedom for all eternity by following only the road to truth and justice. And the enemy will wither... - and blow away.

Astar Paramejgian
Deputy Sector Commander
Sector Nine

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